Carry each other


Today I had to drive up to Sydney for an afternoon meeting. I spent all morning, running around home making sure the shopping got done, the dinner got cooked, and lining up things to run while I was out. I got to the meeting early and decided to grab some lunch from a pub nearby. I ordered my food and sat waiting by myself reading my phone while I waited. I saw that Eden had a new post up…one about #fucktober a bit of thanks to all you guys for everything sent to her.

My lunch came, I inhaled it with my phone leaning up against my mineral water, listening to her video like a crazy woman. I had a woman come and say hello to me…she loved my blog…that never fails to make me smile when someone stops me and says hello and that they love my blog. Huh. I went to my meeting, drove home, lit the fire.

Kept thinking about Eden’s video though. The end bit…the bit where she talks about how we are all connected online these days, and in yet so disconnected.

Did you see this video from a little while ago doing the rounds? Worth the 3 minutes 27 seconds if you’ve got it.

The thing with #fucktober was it was just an idea. To help out a mate in a shitty time, to stop the pain sometimes for 20 seconds, with a smile, a reminder of the good that people are. I truly believe that people are indeed good. They want to help each other out. People are GOOD. This has been a way for people to feel like they CAN help, even if it’s just some words, or a picture, or a cake, a something. Giving to others makes US feel good about ourselves, it’s what makes the world go round.

Like Eden said, like the Beatles said, like so many others have said, and like what I say, all you need is love. Love is all you need. It’s what makes us humans. We connect with people, we give a little of our hearts and we get back so much more. We may have all the money, all the possessions, all the success, all of the THINGS in the world, but all that really matters at the end of the day, is that we love. That we are loved. That’s it! Huh.

Love may be what has broken my friends heart. The love for her baby brother. Love is the very thing that keeps her going…for her family, her kids.

While this strange online world can seemingly make us all disconnected and selfish, at times it can be an amazing platform to bring us together. A stupid blog post from me can make that woman I met today happy while she works away in the office of the Bella Vista. The words from my friend Eden’s post can clean break my heart in two, make me laugh hysterically and make me feel things I would never otherwise even think about. I can have my eyes opened up to things in the world I would never know, see things I would never have seen years ago and now there it is a few sentences typed into a browser.

This #fucktober business has been something hasn’t it? A chance for people to show that they are good, we really ARE good. A chance to help out a mate. A reminder to me of love. Kindness of strangers. Of the goodness of this online world that can sometimes make us all more disconnected from each other than we ever have been before.

I’m reminded of the words from Eden’s beloved U2.

We’re one. But we’re not the same.
We get to carry each other. Carry each other.

I hope we all continue to do that, now in Fucktober. And all the months after that too.


  1. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Yes you said it all Beth Xx

  2. Yes… yes!

    We get to carry each other.

    And it opens our eyes to the other Edens in our lives – work mates, blog pals, neighbours, friends. Remembering that suffering isn’t a sliding scale… it is inevitable, it’s human. We can carry each other, even if it is just with “I’m so sorry” or “Hey, that’s bullshit, here’s a cake”.

    I love that I sent a #fucktober card to Eden, and to someone else I know who needs carrying.

    Thanks Beth. Thank you for reminding us to be our best selves.

  3. Mhorag griffin says

    Big ideas start with very small steps, you started the journey

  4. Eden’s video made me cry today, because the world is fucked up, because we are so disconnected, because I am so lonely and I wish someone would send me something to let me know that I exist. Because sometimes I think I don’t. If it wasn’t for my children, I don’t think I’d know that I was alive. Because who would care then?

    And it made me sad because I know that despite everything we are all doing to help Eden, she remains inconsolable and there is really nothing that we can actually do to help. It all needs to come from her. All we can do is hold her up and make sure she can get up again when she falls.

  5. Yep, a little bit of love goes a long way. I hope that the carry-ness lasts long past Fucktober. xx

  6. BOOM.
    Exactly what you said and perfectly articulated.
    Sometimes we all need reminding that we are humans and love does make the world go around. It doesn’t matter how hardened someone is, everyone needs it.
    I went to a Michael Buble concert where he sang all you need is love and I almost cried because I love that saying, love that song, it inspires me to be honest about the things and people I care about rather than being embarrassed about who I am and what I feel.
    It was nice of Eden to acknowledge the fucktober love with a thanks but it honestly ain’t necessary because you do things like that without expecting anything in return.

  7. i love you both.

  8. So beautiful. So much love. And thank you for prompting us. We should show more love. I really believe that the world is good. There is more good than bad, maybe I’m not right. But my world is good, there is more good people in my world than bad people because of the choices I have made.I love this video, and geez, seriously that onion chopper! Big love


  10. That gave me the shivers BabyMac.

    I love it when you write the heart stuff.

  11. I agree that we should all just post off random stuff to people we love or who are going through rough stuff just because. I know when we were in NZ my daughter and I handpicked some special things for Eden and Maddi wrote her a nice wee note, from the heart without prompting. We HAVE to teach our children to children to think of others otherwise the whole world will be disconnected and life will suck! Rant over. x

  12. First, thank you again for helping me with the cake. Or as Eden said today ” when is a cake not really a cake? When it’s this cake” and she’s right because even though it’s a cake it was more about saying I hear you, I see your pain & I hope this makes you smile. And it did- thank fuck!

    And you’ve done a great thing with #fucktober. I think sometimes people don’t know how to be kind, not because they are unkind but because they don’t know how others will react to their kindness or they aren’t sure how to put it into actions. You’ve given people an avenue to do that. That’s pretty bloody awesome. I think you’re pretty bloody awesome Beth xx

  13. I was just about to go to bed, dicking around on Facebook when I saw this update in your feed and thought, huh, Carry Each Other is a U2 lyric. And those red hearts in that red truck look SUSPICIOUSLY like the ones I held in my hands today.

    Words can’t tell you, BabyMac. I wish you were here, to open a few with me. They are so genuine and heartfelt and from real real people who GIVE a shit, completely humbling and awe-struck.

    Soon #fucktober will be finished. I will be so relieved. I will never forget what you did for me.


    PS The mental image of you propping your phone up to your mineral water waiting on your meal – GOLDEN xxxxxx

  14. Love. Thank you Beth 🙂

  15. You are a beautiful lady Beth…..

  16. Beautiful stuff, and while I think the sentiment in the second video is important,
    as someone with ADD and living rurally though I find the connection of technology really helps me find connections.
    I do think with all things it’s balance, and trying to make sure that balance maybe leans more to humanity than isolation.

    • I agree that it can help those in isolation make meaningful connections. I would never have moved to the country without the internet that’s for sure.

  17. Another song and clip that speaks so eloquently to this:

  18. You are beautiful dear Beth x

  19. There’s a lot of good in the world, and good people… and care and love… and it’s so bloody good to slow down and feel it. Thanks Beth xxxx

  20. I think we all need to think a little less and act a little more. Shut down the brain a bit and engage the heart a bit.
    I’m constantly guilty of blurting out “I love you” and texting or emailing random shit to let someone know I’m thinking of them. I’m sure it comes across a bit crazy, but I don’t care.
    Beth – thank you. Your generosity of spirit is so greatly appreciated not just by me, but many. You’re a gem. x

  21. YES!! Bingo to all of this, you’ve nailed it Beth!

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