Cake monster

Got my costume sorted for tonight. It’s really scary! All I have to do is cut a slice of cake, start eating it and then someone has to try and take that cake away from me.


I think it will work perfectly no? I mean REALLY, how awful can one photo be?! Taken on the weekend I just had to share it with you. I’ll be back later tonight with something a little more substantial, but right now I have LOTS to do.

Are you into Halloween?
Dressing up?
Like cake as much as me?


  1. You’re a classic! And yes I love cake as much as you, life would be sooooo boring without sweet treats. Have a great day and weekend ahead.

  2. I’m in the bah humbug camp of Halloween, but it seems I’m in the minority. It was never a thing growing up and it is just stores trying to get more dollars out of us. I dunno, maybe im just old and grumpy. And don’t touch my cake!

  3. Another excuse for my kids to dress up? I’m all for it. There’s a few streets near us that get right into it, big decorations, everyone out on the street, it’s like a big street party. I think it’s great for community spirits. I am not a cake person, but I am a cadbury’s chocolate woman and I will not share my stash, not even with my kids!!

  4. Haha love it! Bet that’s just how I’d look if someone tried to score my cake:)

  5. In principle I am NOT into Halloween, have been on the ‘American bullshit’ band wagon for many a year. BUT…my nieces go trick or treating and freaking love it, so I’m wondering if I will wane by the time Eleanor’s into it (and by then it will probably be quick mainstream here in Aus). I do really love the dressing up part, Pinterest has most definitely added to my enthusiasm with all the awesome costume ideas, especially whole family ones – I want to be that family! My husband DOES NOT.
    Today I am in a zombie state, funnily enough. Lots to do but somebody doesn’t want to sleep for more than an hour at a time, quite often 40 minutes actually. Nice of her, huh?! Sheesh.

  6. Love that photo, it’s the face I pull when someone picks at what I’m cooking.
    Love halloween great community building stuff.

  7. hahahaha…funnneeee…. thanks for sharing

  8. I love that photo. That’s the face I pull 24/7. About everything.


  9. I hope you growled too!

  10. Not really into Halloween but totes into cake. In a big way. Probably too big actually. That photo is a corker – thanks for sharing. Happy Halloween, I hope you have your cake and eat it!

  11. LOL I love this pic. Looks like me if someone tries to steal my chocolate

  12. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I like cake but not HalloweenXx

  13. Hahaha love it! I am not really into Halloween but I’ll get into the spirit of it if I’m called upon. I still can’t get on board with trick or treating, though. Each to their own – just be considerate when you knock on my door and we’re all good in the ‘hood 😉

    • Exactly! In our small town we do a letterbox drop with a balloon for anyone that wants to participate…that way we don’t bug anyone that doesn’t want to be bugged!

  14. My cake face is probably like my orgasm face cause they are pretty much the same thing right? TMI????

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