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I don’t want to alarm anyone, but yesterday I was putting dates into the diary, and they were all fast booking up before…CHRISTMAS. It’s coming. The odd shop is also telling me so, with window displays going up and the threat of x many weeks for shopping beginning. Although I really don’t pay any attention to anything before Dec 1st, especially when it comes to decorations, I must say this week I have started to think about it all. It’s my family year this year – comes around every 2 years – last time we had it down here so I have been thinking about the kids, where we will be, what we will be doing and of course of the wee little baby of my sister and brother in law who will be with us then!! And I have to say, I’m excited. I’ve been thinking about the holidays after as well – time at the farm, time at the beach then – yes I may well be getting ahead of myself!

IMG_4709 IMG_4651 IMG_4657 c2 c1

Been tackling some retro food with gusto this week. Ever since I tapped back into my Dad’s 1980’s nightly routine of a martini and half an avocado with vinaigrette and lashings of salt and pepper. And you know what I added in as well? Bacon bits of course! Because I made them (of course I made them). And it was good.


Have you guys seen Eden’s lip synching competition she has running in honour of her baby brother Cam? Oh man, it’s worth the read, worth the watch and worth seeing some of the comments come through.

Lip synching is one of my FAVOUIRTE things to do, but I do struggle with the not being able to actually sing, you know. I have quite a bit of gusto when it comes to singing other people’s music. I love this one from Reservoir Dad.

And this one from Mrs Woog’s son Jack.

I wonder which direction I should go? Hearfelt emotion with matching liturgical dance? Back to my spiritual home of the early nineties? Tricky sometimes with all those words. A duet with Rob? Islands in the Stream?  Something to think about, that’s for sure.


Frank had has final vaccination yesterday so is FINALLY off home arrest. We can go for walks! I can tire that puppy out so he will be a good boy when he is at home (snort). The biggest challenge has been keeping doors shut. If not, then shoes, clothes, ANYTHING will be chewed and tackled. While he does tend to rip things, his chewing isn’t really that effective. He does find it easy with toilet paper, as you will see from exhibit A and B below.

IMG_6144 IMG_6145

Oh my goodness the toilet paper that has been chewed, the paper towel used in the time we have had this dog. I can only apologise to the environment. It’s going to get easier isn’t it? IT’S GOING TO GET EASIER ISN’T IT?!


I put up a link to Julia’s blog on my Facebook page, but have been meaning to do it on here as well. Jules is a reader of this blog, mother of 4 beautiful girls and is currently fighting a battle with bowel cancer that she was diagnosed with in December last year. Her blog isn’t just about cancer though. You should have a read.


Don’t forget that BabyMac Reader discount for these gorgeous cushions…ends today…and a good 20% off.

What are you guys up to this weekend? Weather is meant to be good! I plan on some domestic duties and floor mopping (DEAR LORD THE FLOOR IS DOG FILTHY). I plan on wearing that dog out, taking him on many a walk, getting stuck into the garden and spending some time in a horizontal position on the couch. Have a great weekend friends!

Anyone else been thinking about Christmas?
Got any ideas or directions I should be heading in for my lip synch selection?
Been actioning any retro food?


  1. Emily Furlong says

    Christmas is a dirty word in my house. I ignore its arrival for as long as humanly possible. But I have a kid so the shops win out eventually. This year my husband is working a night shift so we only get the morning together as a family which sucks. But peeps need saving on Christmas too so I’ll share. And if I had to choose a paramedic to be there for someone in serious trouble in Christmas Day it would be him. He’s a good man and a fricking fantastic paramedic. I want to try something different for Christmas this year. So I’m going to stuff a whole pumpkin. Sick of it all being about meat on the table. I’m going to stuff a pumpkin full of cheese and bacon and onion and then I’m going to bake it. And that bitch is gonna sit right in the middle of the table in all its magnificent glory! Yum. I’m hungry already.

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Yes Christmas is coming!!it will be hard this year without Mum I fear.
    Frank will get better yes he will and close the doors Beth if you can confine him to one part of the house and take him for walks and puppy preschool if you can find one near you.Please do a duet with Rob for Eden I love jacks and Mrs Woogs.have a lovely weekend Beth Xx

  3. We are having Christmas at our house too this year. The first time ever!! So excited. I’ve been planning since June. Your food is
    bound to be better then mine though. I struggle to scrabble eggs so i may of over extended myself having to cater for 45

  4. I refuse to think about Christmas yet. My birthday is still a couple of weeks away & I will not even begin to entertain thoughts of Christmas until I get to have my birthday. Earlier this week I had a sudden need to travel back in food time with half an avocado but mine was filled with a little puddle of thousand island dressing……..classy 😉

  5. Jack Woog is a winner!!!! Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What to sing? What to sing? Building my courage to get my sync on.

    Did you think Beth that Eden might have been sending you a message after your rap snippets you sent her with a “lip-sync” comp?? Maybe the preference of watching your gusto and leaving the audio to the professionals. LOL. It’s all great entertainment. I think you should bust out a bit of ‘Hey ya!’ or ‘Teach me how to Dougie’. The second one could be fitting with Frank. They are talking about furry little pups, yeah?? I’m so fly. 🙂

  7. Not meaning to sound all smug and fancy in any way, but we live far, far away from all our family (ie on the other side of the world to Australia, where all our family be) so in the absence of any visitors from Oz we are packing the bags for Chrissie and heading to France to ski! Someone else does the cooking, we get to bend ze knees for the entire Christmas week and my goodness I am anticipating the delight of the odd champagne or three (even better if that occurs in the ski gear to make the bending of ze knees that much better). Cos you always ski better with a champagne under your belt (or under your thermals, more likely).

    Love your work Beth, keep it up. (bravely de-lurking to add a comment)

  8. Christmas is too close for my liking. I just love Jacks entry, he is a little super star. Have a fabulous weekend. V x

  9. I’ve been hearing the ‘C’ word for a few weeks now, plus my son turns 2 on the 27th Dec, so I did what any rational lady with a toddler and a newborn does…got clicking and have now got a box of goodies stashed under the cot…yep, I started my Christmas shopping in September! Still a way to go, but conversations are being had, lists made, I’m getting it sorted…November is going to be my month to hopefully get it finished!!! And yes, dogs get easier….just line children (dear lord tell me it gets easier with children!!)

  10. Four kids & a Jack Russell means my floors are never clean. Never.

    I’m not ready to start thinking about Christmas. This year there’s no family & no holiday. It’s going to be weird.

  11. I am starting to panic a bit..I always do! I don’t know why, because it always seems to come together in the end. Your puppy is just adorable, what a cheeky bugger.. 🙂

  12. Snuck off to the movies by myself in the middle of the day last week(guilty pleasure) and saw “skeleton twins” which has the most glorious lip-sync scene to Starship’s “nothing’s gonna stop us”. Still smile when I think about it , and it’s a worthy contender for you and Rob to belt out together!

  13. Kirsty Michalzik says

    We’re going to Canada for Christmas this year!
    I can hardly contain myself! I want to decorate now because we won’t be here for most of December.

    I think you should do a duet with the husband for your lip sync thing!

  14. I think I love your christmas posts and getting ready for christmas posts most of all! Your house looks amazing at christmas time. Puppies!! Harder than babies I think. Ours is 10 so it’s been a while. A new baby at christmas!!!! So exciting!!!

  15. Thanks, Beth for opening my eyes! I recently threw out a Bowel Cancel Screening Kit, posted to me by the Australian Government. I thought – hey, I’m a regular type of pooper, no need for me to do that test! Then my daughter said that the Government had sent a reminder about doing the test or replacing the kit if it had been misplaced etc. I am getting another kit and I am doing that test! For Julia! Oh, and how gorgeous are her 4 fairy girls! Delicious!

  16. Reservoir Dad you rock! Loved it.

    Christmas for us will be at home. I’ve put my hand up to host Christmas with the masses, so there will be approximately 30 for lunch. Slow cooked pulled pork will be on the menu. I’m not a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas fare, not a fan of turkey, however I do love pudding with lashings of custard.

    Islands in the Stream, lip sync – yes, go for it!

    V x

  17. Oh my goodness. My family used to enjoy half an avo with dressing too! I didn’t even know it was a ‘thing’! I just thought it was a weird thing my family did. Learn something new every day 🙂

  18. Trish symons says

    Love the moo cushion – just ordered one for a friend for Christmas – thanks for the inspiration

  19. We are coming home for Christmas this year and with lots of people to see we’ve pretty much got Christmas all organised.

  20. Go Jack – my bets on him – that boy can lip sync!
    Shit, FRANK! Just as I’m thinking I could do the whole ‘puppy thing’ – I get reminded that they chew everything!! At least he’s cute!!!
    CHRISTMAS!! My fave time of year, but I’m sooo not ready yet. How can it be almost November?? Seriously!!!
    C x

  21. I love Christmas!! These photos got me Officially Excited. I think since we did away with gifts (except for kids) it makes the whole thing even more enjoyable, although it has always been a highly anticipated event in our family. My 72 year old dad gets the most excited out of everyone, singing Christmas carols down the phone from about mid-November.

    And my vote is for Islands in the Stream, but you’ll be needing a white sparkly jumper with big… shoulder pads.

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