A baby sister baby shower

Yesterday we had a baby shower for my little sister who is having her first baby in early December. It was a lovely afternoon filled with friends and family, so much food and pressies! Baby pressies! Is there anything better than presents for a new baby? Oh yes! A new born baby. And we had one of those in attendance…my sister in law’s little sister had her first baby just a few days ago.

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Did you have a baby shower with your first baby?
I just did a search and found a post when I had one for Daisy!


  1. My baby shower was 12 months ago today. It was such a special day celebrating with all the amazing women in my life!

  2. Looks like it was a lovely day. That cake is beautiful! I love baby showers. I keep nudging my friends to hurry up and get preggers so I can organise a shower, ‘cos that’s what it’s all about and all.
    I had a baby shower with my first. It was super fun and the little baby presents where just the best.

  3. Bev, did you make that cake? I could taste it from those photo’s!

  4. Wow how much family resemblance is there between your little sister and Harper! Gorgeous shower Beth.

  5. That cake is just gorgeous! I love it.

  6. Such gorgeous photos – what a beautiful day! And I love the pastel hues on that rainbow cake!

  7. I did have a baby shower for Lachie. That was almost 20 years ago!!! It was a great fun afternoon with lots of food, presents and games but baby showers are so much prettier today than they were back then. I need my baby brother and his soon-to-be wife to knock themselves up on the honeymoon so I can go to a pretty baby shower…

  8. Tanya_blogreader says

    No, no I didn’t and not for the second or third either. We are half way to meeting our surprise 4th and I am having one, even if I have to organise it entirely by myself. I’m thinking a “recycling, pass it on…” kinda theme as I gave every last thing away after our LAST baby. Most of my friends have finished adding to their family so there should be an abundance of goods available – thinking strollers, high chairs, port a cot etc I won’t buy anything…Oh except for towels and face washes, because every baby deserves those new.

  9. You certainly know how to throw a party. It looks just beautiful.

    I had one for my first & it was & full of my friends. I think everyone should have one.

  10. Wow!! That party looks incredible and that cake! I had a baby shower for both my boys. The first one was the full catastrophe with games et al and the second was a simpler affair. Neither was as gorgeous as your baby sister’s πŸ™‚

  11. Looks gorgeous Beth!:)

    Yes I was lucky enough to have my gorgeous bestie organise the whole thing & it was a beautiful celebration with lovely ladies in the sunshine.

  12. After my baby shower I had all these delicious leftover cakes and biscuits and it left me with a dessert habit which I still have today. I never ate dessert before then, now I have to have something sweet after dinner every single night.

    Looks like a gorgeous afternoon! Well done. xx

  13. Oh cute baby bumps galore… I had one organised by a workmate, she insisted, it was quite awkward as she made me open presents in front of everyone. ECK!

  14. All those delicious baby bumps. Such rich promise in those lovely curves….
    No baby shower here, but a leaving party at my work which was nice. Knowing looks from the ones already parents, and terrified looks from those too young or choosing to not become parents. Yours looks like a beautiful day, and a lovely party for your sister. Well done!

  15. I just want to eat the icing on that cake!! Yum!
    I didn’t have a shower with my first bub but friends are murmering about one this time around which is lovely.

  16. Looks like a lovely afternoon Beth. The photos are lovely, a great resource to look back on. It is so nice to be able to go back and read your post about your own baby shower.

  17. No baby showers for me. My first was born early and I was being monitored very closely for quite some time before so not really the right kind of scenario to celebrate. We were more crossing our fingers. It all turned out well so the first birthday was when we really celebrated. I don’t think I even gave it a thought for my second. She was early too (not so much as the first). I don’t do pregnancy well so the celebrating all happened once we were out of the woods with a healthy baby.

  18. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Your photos are gorgeous Beth,nothing better than a newborn or baby clothes so exciting and pretty,what a beautiful day for your little sister xx

  19. Looks beautiful and I especially love the “Ready to pop” bags of popcorn – cute and clever! I love going to baby showers, seeing all the beautiful gifts and even playing some of the daggy games like guessing the size of the belly. I can still proudly lay claim to spitting a dummy the furthest from my pregnant friend’s porch!

  20. Looks like it was a beautiful day. So stylish too πŸ™‚
    Mine was amazing. I had been feeling down because I’d had numerous issues with my pregnancy and it was all a little overwhelming. When all the amazing ladies in my life turned up with so much love and so many thoughtful, generous gifts, I was on a high afterwards for days. It was what I’d really needed without even realising it. I think that’s my favourite part of a baby shower. Feeling so much love in one place for a gorgeous, lucky little soul who hasn’t even arrived yet. So warm and fuzzy πŸ™‚

  21. What a beautiful day! There’s something so special about a gathering of women of all generations coming together to celebrate the impending arrival of a gorgeous little bub. x

  22. I recently attended a baby shower for a friend who surprisingly found herself pregnant at 45.
    Baby number 4, her youngest girl being 7 years old, oldest 15 and 13.
    It was a difficult pregnancy so it was great to have the shower a couple of weeks before baby arrived.

  23. Dirtgirl says

    My daughter in law had one planned for her first son, but as he came 9 weeks early, we still held the party even though little one was in NICU and several people attending the party weren’t even aware the baby had been born! Certainly was a Baby Shower with a difference.

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