Things I like {The School holiday edition}

:The clematis is starting to bud up. For about a month the entire house is covered in pink blooms. My very favourite time of the year.


: Going out for a daily treat or visit somewhere with the girls. We have been to the movies (Box Trolls), had visitors for morning tea, emptied piggy banks and been to the toy shop, created shops, out to lunch and the odd coffee and hot chocolate.

IMG_3388 IMG_3390 IMG_3392

: We’ve got some rain today. Perfect excuse to stay home and do nothing. Not so good in puppy toilet training.


: A new spot of colour by the front door that is making me smile every time I walk in.


: Frank the tank. Adorable.

IMG_3406 IMG_3415

: Seeing the beauty when you least expect it.


: Pencils and paper. I would be lost without them…especially in the holidays.


What are you liking today?


  1. Your photos. As always. And holidays start for us here on Friday afternoon. CAN NOT WAIT!

  2. Liking that I only have one more night of doing four(!) lunchboxes before holidays start. Liking this milder weather. Liking getting fit & sticking at it, even if the results are slow. Liking that the wallabies have stopped eating my garden & things look green again. Liking that I married a school teacher, which always makes hols great for family time & staying sane! Lastly loving that my sister & her family will arrive from interstate on Sunday for 8 nights πŸ™‚

  3. Ooooh yum! Those little passionfruit cakes. Love them!! I know the man who makes them really well. Love getting some freebies here and there! Have you tried the caramel shortbread ones? I’m sure you’d be able to find them wherever the passionfruit cakes are..
    Enjoy πŸ™‚

  4. Today I’m liking you! Wednesday blog catch up πŸ™‚

  5. Liking gratuitous puppy shots. Thank you. Soooooo cute & good pics

  6. Frank is the CUTEST!

  7. Love your photos, that beautiful china plate, and I am remembering the huge clematis at my house, when I was a chiild. Bet yours smells divine. Last day of school tomorrow, then two weeks holiday, so looking forward to not rushing

  8. I am loving that for the very first time in my whole life I had a person come and clean our house today. Just vac, mop and bathrooms. I have never done it. Guilt. I should do it. I love cleaning. All that. Then this week I got gastro. Had lots of work on. And had to plan a spontaneous trip away for five to Avoca for a wedding and I thought – that is one thing I CAN’T do this week. So the lovely Daniela came. She cleaned. She left. And I thought – why have I never done that before??

    I am also loving Frank. Is he a poodle crossed with something?

    • You NEED to embrace a cleaner regularly. For me I work SO I can get a cleaner. Best $70 I spend a fortnight. Frank is a Schnoodle – schnauzer cross poodle x

  9. I’m liking finally getting my blog design sorted, loving my two little people, not liking being stuck at home today with them climbing the walls but as a result am loving the gas plumber who came and moved a gas bayonet so we finally have our BBQ hooked up! BRING ON SUMMER!!!

    P.S… am seriously loving Frank and could defn stand to see more of him… I loves me some Puppies… keep him coming!!

    Happy Holidays… Jx

  10. Frank is gorgeous!

  11. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Your pretty flowers and Frank he is gorgeous and the pics of your girls ,toilet training is Harder when it’s raining Beth xx

  12. Frank is just too cute-sorry for the training woes though. We’re back into the grind here so I’ll live vicariously through you for awhile.

  13. Well I have no grandbabies for the next 4 days. They pups are at the groomers ( that’s an all day event). I decided to weed the herb garden off the kitchen. Picked up a few pumpkins for the porch. Tossed a roast/potatoes in the oven. Making cookies. Then tomorrow is floor cleaning and windows before winter shows its nasty face. Shit, I’m ready for a nap. Love to the girls, Frank & Rob.

  14. Nawww Frank – I’m getting puppy-clucky πŸ˜‰
    We too have been busy with daily holiday outings. And as I type this – Miss 6 is busily drawing next to me on paper. She could seriously fill all day everyday with pencil and paper πŸ™‚
    Off to look at house rentals this afternoon {trying to find a rental to live in for 6-9 months while we build} and it’s become quite the stressful process….ugh!!
    Happy holidaying Beth.
    C x

  15. Loving that plate (3rd photo down)! I have a cup, saucer and plate in that pattern, it was my grand mother’s. Frank is just adorable, I think you chose very well!

  16. Oh god this post make me cry. You make me want to be in the holidays, Beth. Really BE in the holidays. Thank you xxxxxx

  17. We have Frankie our black toy poodle (and Sasha who is the boss toy poodle) and they are divine. If your frank is anything like ours he will be the most cuddliest delicious thing you’ll ever know. He is a bit of a scaredy cat though! When we leave for the day my 2 year old will say bye sash bye Frankie man I dub you! Pets are SO IMPORTANT!

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