The Magic Mix

A sponsored post for Palmolive Divine Blends

There are things in this world that, while beautiful on their own, can become unbelievable when combined with something else. The blend of the two makes something unique and special…a little like Rob and I, or me and a good nights sleep.

Spicy hot thai food and an ice cold beer.

IMG_9001 IMG_8930

Butter and sugar and vanilla essence – the holy trinity of baking.


Pimms and lemonade.


Coriander and lime.


A warm summers day and roses blooming.


Basil, tomatoes and olives.


Vodka and lime and mint.


Sunshine and clean sheets.


A sensory overload of goodness!

Palmolive have launched a range of dishwashing liquids with two multi-layered fragrances (Violet & Apple blossom and Vanilla & Berries) and are excited to introduce an Instagram competition that you guys will want to be a part of!

All you guys have to do is upload a photo of your own divine blend which could be of anything. Get creative! For me, food comes to mind but there are so many other great blends out there: scent, touch, taste, sounds, sight. Just upload your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #palmolivedivineblends and you’ll be in the running to win a $1000 Freedom voucher or one of 30 Palmolive Divine Blends Prize Packs. Um hello!!

Competition runs from the 14th September to the 25th October. For more information and T’s&C’s visit Good luck!


Not only do these smell good they work too – managing to get the grease out of my roasting pan after pork belly REALLY well. Hmmmm pork belly and fennel…

What’s some of your favourite blends?
Why is it that mine are all focused around food and booze I wonder?


  1. What about just plain ol’ salt and vinegar. What a combination.

  2. Freshly mowed grass and early morning dew.
    Cinnamon tea cake in the oven and freshly brewed coffee
    Just bathed children in clean PJs
    Crunchy pine needles underfoot on the sea breeze
    Wood fire oven and homemade pizza
    OK I’ll stop now.

  3. Yum pork belly and vodka and lime! I am drooling. Great giveaway and competition!

  4. Champange and Strawberries.. Best combination ever.

  5. cheese and onion (as in sandwiches)

  6. tea and toast or cheese and wine

    or cheese and cheese.

  7. Coffee and chocolate……match made in heaven!

  8. choc chip cookies and milk
    sweet chilli sauce and sour cream

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