Oh Mabel giveaway winner…


You guys REALLY like nice sheets. And I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! Because I LOVE GOOD SHEETS. Man was this hard to choose…so many to choose from! So many good stories. Over 376 of them. But we have a winner! Agreed by separately by two members of the BabyMac offices.

The winner is…


There is something magic about Oh Mabel’s sheets evoking such vivid memories of my Grandmother’s house dresses and embroidery. They are beautiful, nostalgic and something so pretty. I hope they create memories for my girls of climbing into bed in the morning for cuddles and toast. Thanks for such a special giveaway Beth.

I just loved this comment, it sums up the spirit of Oh Mabel, I loved the imagery and the kindness in it. Congrats Brooke – I will shoot you an email, please send me your bed size, sheets of choice and address and I’ll ADD TO CART. Lucky duck!

Thanks everyone for joining in…if only I could have given away 376….I would have! Have a great weekend x


  1. Brooke Harvey says

    Holy shitballs that got my heart racing for a minute when I saw the name! Oh well – next time. Ha! Congrats Brooke!

  2. Congrats Brooke. Thanks for running such a lovely giveaway Beth. I’m sure about 325 of us will be adding to cart tonight too!

  3. Wilma McKenna says

    Thank you for considering everyone. I am very happy for the lucky winner
    congratulations Brooke.

  4. Congrats Brooke. Sweet dreams!

  5. Congrats Brooke & thanks Beth πŸ™‚

  6. Congratulations Brooke! Enjoy the loveliness.

  7. Congratulations Brooke! What beautiful imagery and memories, exactly what Oh Mabel is all about. I hope your new Mabel brings you and your girls many special memories for years to come. And thank you to Beth for such a special giveaway, I really enjoyed reading all the responses. I also see I have to apologise to the couples arguing over the virtue of patterned sheets vs brown. Patterned…always! xxoo

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Congratulations Brooke enjoy !

  9. That definitely deserved to win. What beautiful imagery. Well Done Brooke and thanks again Beth. Have a wonderful week.

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