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School holidays are here! The sun is shining, the washing is on the line, we have been to the library, then out for morning tea and potentially peaked a wee bit early on. So many days ahead. With nothing at all planned I am feeling like we need to either do something in the morning, or the afternoon, even if it’s just a  drive into town to do the shopping, it’s something right? Lucky for me we have a puppy who is VERY easily distracted and is keeping the girls busy.


Did you see the lovely lunch we hosted  on the weekend? Best bit about it was getting the garden in ship shape condition before all the guests arrived. My brother in law (ex chef turned landscape gardener) managed to spend all Friday afternoon planting some trees that we bought an AGE ago and transplanting others for us. We had been meaning to do it for months and months but life kept getting in the way. Trees are in now and looking BRILLIANT. I keep gazing out the windows at freshly mulched trees and mowed lawns and feeling very happy indeed.

IMG_3373 IMG_3378

Speaking of the celebration, I got him a cool birthday pressie (chosen by Harps actually) which could be something to keep in mind for the festive season which is actually fast approaching. It comes in a case with one side of the case like a speaker. It was just like this one here.


Any of you guys know of blogger Miss Chardy? God love her – she is a CLASSIC! I first got to know her earlier this year with an email and then I actually got to meet her at Pro Blogger last month. She lives on a cattle property in the NT and I just love reading her posts that are so far from the world I live in. This one last week was a favourite – go on over and say hello!


Hey you know what someone told me last week which was bloody marvellous? You can freeze lemons! Whole! Or limes. Just whack them in a freezer bag in the freezer and then defrost and use in cooking. Great tip thanks you Facebook reader Ruth for letting me know!


Anyone still looking for something to do October long weekend? The Burrawang DnA Festival we have been working on all year is fast approaching and we want to have as many people there as possible!  There is also a great night at our local on the Saturday night with live music and food stalls and a live painting on the night which will be raffled off (worth a cool $10k). Even if you can’t make it spread the word for me would you? Thanks!


You know what else I have re-planted? Some daff bulbs. Hoping to get some flowers from them…also my tulips are a coming! I know, I can hardly wait either.


I was reading this article the other week? Month? now which I found really interesting…what French kids eat at School. Puts those potato gems to shame…so sophisticated! I suppose if you don’t know anything different you eat it right?

I was so excited with all the feedback and enthusiasm for #fucktober for Eden. Make sure you write down a date in October and get something sent out to the old girl. From the looks of the messages and ideas I have been reading she is going to be in for a TREAT! Thank you all so much x


So what do YOU have planned for the school holidays? Going away? Staying put? Coming to DnA?!
Anyone spent much time out in the garden?
How’s the washing pile looking?


  1. Those trees look damn fine. Damn fine indeed.

    I did NOT know that about freezing lemons! HELLO GAME CHANGER. Though must resist the urge to throw them at people who piss me off. That could be a bad kind of game changer haha

  2. We’re now in week 4 of the school year. In fact, next week is a long weekend for us too as it’s Eid al Adha. We were hoping go away but it looks like we’ll be staying put. Instead we will go to the cricket and watch Australia play Pakistan, with some Pakistani friends which will be fun.

    Good luck with the school hols!

  3. Your garden looks stunning! We’re staying at home and enjoying some peace and quiet before exams start for the kids next term. I really should have made a big dent in that washing today but I was distracted…by the sun and the garden!

  4. Love the lemon tip! Ta!

  5. We are doing something that has been a long time in the planning. We are riding the rail trail from Beechworth to Bright in Victoris. Getting my kids on bikes has been a mammoth event these past two years (they both have special needs and riding is not easy) but we are now bike riders and we are doing it! Its a ‘slow holiday’ that we will be checking out all the good food and wine in the area too. Wish us luck!

  6. That was meant to read Victoria…

  7. Linda Jenkins says

    Beth – could you please elaborate on those deserts in the jars??

  8. I WISH I was coming to DNA but alas I have a wedding to go to in western Victoria. I am trying really hard to be positive and excited about it because the girls are going to be flower girls and they are going to look damn cute but i know its going to be craptacular. Bogan bride and groom, good god fearing non drinking farm folk, and a bloody long way to go to get there. Thankfully a little sojourn to Echuca on the way for a week of family time and with some friends and paddle boat action. I can re-inact All the Rivers Run.

    Then it will be a mad rush back to the ‘berra, back to work for a few weeks and then 3 weeks off to get my knee done. No rest for the wicked. Well until I am laid up on the couch unable to move.

  9. Where do you source all of your beautiful linen? I want some! Also Beth, you have inspired me to start my own blog. First post is a mummy one called Baby Goes To Adelaide. At breeellen.com

  10. Happy Holidays! I love school holidays – being a teacher it means two whole weeks I get to spend with my own kids, and lovely lazy mornings. We’ve got lots planned with friends, and lots of Spring cleaning. Enjoy the puppy, and thank you for the freezing lemon tip!

  11. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Your gardens look beautiful Beth ,we have a landscape gardener for a son so have very fancy grass and nice edges and a pretty Japanese maple in the garden ,supposed to be building me a veggie garden but I gave not seen it yet!!!Though he is very busy.How is frank going Beth is he good?Yes he will keep the girls busy that’s for sure.
    I can’t wait to send Eden something I’m not sure yet what I want her to love it and it miss school holidays……a bit enjoy Xx

  12. I am not a tidy person like you Beth but I have just made it known on Facebook ( because I needed someone beside me to give a shit) that right now there is no washing sitting on my lounge waiting to be folded. That is a miracle & makes me very happy indeed.

  13. Hi Beth, you are such a champ, thanks for the little plug for me, your life is so far removed from mine too and that is why I LOVE your posts with gorgeous green grass and beautiful gardens, I am a terrible gardener, I do grass and hedges and that is about it. That DnA festival sounds like so much fun, wish I could pop down the the gorgeous Southern Highlands for the night. Thanks for the tip with freezing lemons. You can also freeze capsicums, they probably come out a little soggy but you can certainly use them in curry or stir fry’s. PS: loving the gingham sheets (or what ever they are) on your line!

  14. The library!!! Thanks for the reminder Beth.
    That lemon tip is brilliant.
    Wish we lived closer so I could check out your gorgeous festival.
    I have recently discovered Miss Chardy she is just lovely and I’m very much enjoying following her outback adventures, things get put in perspective when you realise not everyones neighbour’s are a short drive or walk away!
    The kids and I did a spot of gardening yesterday with the help of one Zagrandma (great to get outside in the fresh air, when the kids argue it sounds a little less overwhelming in open air!!), the picture you posted last week of your entry with the plants your Mum had potted inspired me to start doing something with mine, it was looking very nothing! Just have to find a cool door mat now!
    Thanks for making me smile as always and the amazing Edenland has a date on my calander!
    Have a great day!

  15. cecily maher says

    well all well intended plans to give up coffee went out the window with the start of school holidays !!! Yes a trip to the library down at Caloundra by the sea today, yesterday pottering around the shops, Miss 7 wants to visit the Buderim waterfall which lucky for her should be running with the recent showers here on the Sunshine Coast. Hmmmm what else, I myself have only this week off so planning the movies and EEEEEEKKKK a dentist trip for all to finish off the week. Lucky for me the kids love the dentist ! New chooks are laying so plenty of eggs to collect and friends to catch up with . Love the holidays

  16. I love you.

  17. What a nice place you have. I love your garden and I am thinking of planting more flowers in my garden too.

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