These holidays why don’t you…

: Go for a drive in the countryside. There’s a very pretty one round here.


: Eat some chocolates. How do you eat your Quality Streets?


: Read some books. No matter the age it’s just so good.


: Bake a cake. I like this Lemon sour one.


: Eat some prawns. You can whack them into pasta too.


: Take the kids to a museum. We loved the National Museum in Canberra.

IMG_6171 IMG_6259

: Make some pickles. These ones are like the gherkins you have in a Maccas burger…just so bloody good with a crumbly sharp cheddar.


: Stay a night in a hotel. I LOVE the QT in Sydney.


: Watch some movies. This list is always good to go back to.


: Do a puzzle. Just don’t take the last piece away from me.


: Go for a hike, find a mountain to climb!


How’s week one going for you guys? Got anything else to add in…I’m getting desperate.


  1. Watch a movie at home?
    Were a bit plague riddled here so Mr 4 & I will be having a pj & movies day:)

  2. I am long past having to entertain children during school holidays but I was more in line with the thinking of Mrs Goodman who generously shares her wisdom in the Woogsworld Weekly newsletter. She discusses this very issue of school holiday entertainment today. I urge everyone to have a read. Just let kids “be”. It is amazing what they can discover about themselves and their environment.

  3. Timely stuff re the movie list…

    Another one for you to add: ‘Hugo’, it’s brilliant!

  4. Max is on a sleepover and he just rang for extra time today so I made him pinky-swear over the phone that we will go to Bingo together down Westytown Central Coast with the ladies I adore. HE PROMISED.


  5. Give them an iPhone/ipod/some kind of recording device and tell them to make a movie! Guaranteed hilarity!

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Go for a picnic that would be nice.Train Frank? Love pickles mmmm!

  7. A trip to the city on the bus is a school holiday winner here. We have a double decker bus in these parts so I will be trying to find out how we can make sure we catch that one for bonus entertainment factor. Also thinking of going to high tea at the Stamford while in the city. Mostly for my benefit!

  8. We are a family obsessed with cucumbers! Thinking of getting the kids to help me make those pickles, win, win!

  9. Quality Street Chocolates!!! I haven’t had one of those in years!!

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