Gimme sheet: Oh Mabel sheet giveaway {on me}


Yesterday morning I went through some packages that were sitting on my hall table from the afternoon before and low and behold look what was inside! A lovely note and an even lovelier package of sheets from Sarah from Oh Mabel. Now THAT was a way to put a spring in my step on a Tuesday morn!


Immediately I got those pretties into the washing machine and on the line and a few hours later onto my bed. Topper!


Is there ANYTHING better than clean sheet day I ask you? Yes, clean Mabel sheet day.

IMG_3380 IMG_3383

Well that’s all very good and well Beth. Great, you got new sheets. Yay for you! Got me thinking, THAT WON’T DO. One of you need some sheets too! You do! So I thought I best put my hand in my handbag, get that wallet out and get spending for one of you (OK, I know my credit card number off by heart and I’lll probably just use Paypal to check out but….details!).


Lovely Sarah doesn’t need to be giving anything else away (as it is she is inundated with requests for free sheets for a mention somewhere – let it be known I didn’t ask no one for NUFFIN) so let me do this a thank you to you guys. Just leave a comment below telling me why you’d like a set of Oh Mabel sheets and the BabyMac offices (ha!) will determine a winner.

You can spend some time looking at the range of sheets here and leave me your answer in a comment in this post below (please leave it to one entry per person).

I’m not going to muck around with this – get your answers in by Friday 26th Septemeber 2014 5pm AEST and I’ll get that order to the winner sometime over the weekend. Open to Australian residents only (for shipping purposes…soz). This is not a sponsored post or giveaway or in any way associated with Oh Mabel, this is all my doing. You can read all about the T&C’s here.


  1. ffhousemouse says

    Oh! Clean sheet day is my favourite day too. Love it! I am currently in ‘Town’ and attempting to purchase a ‘TOPPER’, so new sheets too would be a very big treat!

    • Seeing those beautiful sheets makes me all fuzzy inside, just in that soring feeling of looking at new bed linen and trying to find a good mattress topper.

  2. I’d LOVE to win these amazing sheets because I’m pretty sure my husband would divorce me if I spent that much on a sheet set myself…..could be worth it though!? Ha, they are divine! X

  3. I would adore a set of these beautiful sheets as I’ve just had my second baby & with a toddler who still doesn’t sleep the days are long & the time spent in bed is short ! At least my bed will look amazing !!! ( and it’s my birthday on the 9th of Oct) what a wonderful birthday treat !

  4. Ooh me, pick me. Please?! Reason being. I simply can’t afford such luxuries right now. (Four kids, one wage, no give in the budget.)New lush sheets would be so lovely to climb into.

  5. I’m usually a plain white gal when it comes to sheets but holy batman balls I really need these pretties.

  6. I would love a new set of Oh Mable sheets because they are absolutely stunning & my sheets are all looking a little sad after my puppies decided things hanging on the line were toys πŸ™

  7. Rebecca Rands nee Kellner says

    Wellll we just bought a new bed after 16 years! The last bed had everything on it including my waters breaking and we are in LOVE. But we only bought one set of sheets. Of all the lovely things you take photos of Beth, your sheets always make me mental. Including the glorious yellow pinwheels from Oh Mabel.

  8. some girls want diamonds – I only want a set of Oh Mabel sheets !!

  9. Emily Furlong says

    Oh yes please!!! Those pin wheel sheets are to die for! The bright yellow…. In a queen size hehe…. Would look perfect on my warm timber bed, with a classic crisp white doona over the top. Those flashes of sunshine yellow would be so welcome. A beautiful way to brighten a bedroom and such a homely wondeful feel! I can’t love them any more… The Elizabeth Olive pattern is also so lovely! How do you choose!?!

  10. The best prize ever!!! Would love a set- love those yellow pin wheels!! I will be inviting lots of people for a sleep over with those bad boys! Please??? X

  11. ‘cos they’re f#$king fabulous!

  12. Ooh, so pretty! Nothing better than clean sheets on the bed πŸ˜€
    I’d like to win them because, they’re gorgeous (yellow pinwheels?!) and because instead of sharing my bed with my husband I’ve been sharing it with my 20 month old for the past few months, they’d sure make the persistent night wakings more pleasant πŸ˜‰

  13. So much beautiful linen. Have just lost 20 mins lusting after all of it!
    In particular, alexander clyde. But not for me, for my best friend. He has opened up his home for me to live in while I find my feet in this new land I’m navigating.
    Would be lovely to be able to give these to him.

  14. Oh Beth dear Beth how kind and amazing are you. After seeing you post a pic of these amazing sheets on facebook yesterday I went straight to the Oh Mabel website to buy a pair of my own as all my sheets have had their day. Only to think I will have to save up for them to get on my bed. Thank you for this amazing opportunity you awesome lady. V x

  15. Hiya Beth, I think it is so gorgeous that you are paying forward the generosity of O’Mabel ….. Abundance all the way attracts even more πŸ™‚
    Pinwheels are in my list … How can you not smile with that colour and knowing it is organic too!

  16. How am I only just seeing this beautiful range for the first time!?? Divine!
    After a pretty shabby few months this would sure brighten my Spring up! I wouldn’t try to twist your arm, but I sure would love them!!!

  17. Oh my mabel!!
    Ive been admiring your sheets for years Beth. And my exxy sheriton sheet just tore! I need some oh mabel in my life real bad. Xx

  18. I would love to win the pinwheel sheets they would go perfectly with my cover that is lemon and grey. As a working mum, I get huge satisfaction out of clean sheets, if the sheets are on we are all going well here!

  19. I need these sheets because….school holidays. SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. My house is a disaster zone, my purse is being emptied, my patience low & it’s only day three.
    I know ‘Oh Mabel’ sheets would fix everything! I just know it!

  20. I live in the US, but I would love to win a set of sheets for my son and DIL, who just moved from Darwin to Brisbane. One of the reasons is because our DIL is in the field of environmental protection, and they are both so proactive in this area. Organic sheets would please them mightily. The other reason is they are so frugal, this would be a great luxury to them. They have a king in one room and a queen in the other.

  21. If I were to win these gorgeous sheets it would inspire me to get my legs out of winter hibernation and de-forest them! There is no better feeling than freshly shaved legs in crispy fresh sheets!

  22. I would love some pretty pinwheel sheets, just like yours, cos they are so sunny and bright and just perfect for summer! I just had a baby girl 8 weeks ago, who is named Mabel! And we say oh Mabel quite a lot in our house lately!

  23. i would ADORE to have a queen size set of these sheets on my bed. I looked at the website and love the Elizabeth Olive set, in fact I love them all. As a pensioner these are a little out of my price range, I would have to save up for them. Winning a set would put me on top of the world and ensure sweet dreams for a long time to come! Pick me, oh please pick me!

  24. Oh my giddy aunt!!! Those pinwheel sheets are to die for, but my faves are the Elizabeth Olive ones, just gorgeous! Nothing better than something good for you, (beautiful clean cotton sheets) that’s good for the environment too!
    Good on you Beth for giving something back!

  25. These sheets are Devine, however I wouldn’t keep for myself I would give to my lovely mother-in-law for al her help she gives my family all the time. From minding my 4 children while I get an assessment done to cooking us a meal just because, to looking after our dog while we holiday. She would be very appreciative. Thanks for the opportunity Beth

  26. Ooooo I was so excited for you when I saw your IG post yesterday. I adore those sheets! Would love to win some. Thanks for your generosity. Good luck everyone

  27. You are so lovely! We have a family friend living with us to help him out so shuffled the kids bedrooms around and now having an extra bed to deal with. I’d love a new set of OH MABEL! sheets to help our family.

  28. Ohh love these sheets I can just imagine Elizabeth olive blowing gently in the breeze on my washing line then sleeping on them in my bed bliss! Absolutely dreamy.
    First time commenter here but have been reading and enjoying your blog for years.

  29. Clean sheet day is even more important when you are unwell… If I won, as much as I love them (and can’t afford them) I would give them to my mum who has bad artrithis and spends most afternoons resting in bed – and she has also just been diagnosed with a heart condition.

  30. Oh Mabel!!!

    My theory on new sheets, they’re practically medicinal! Slipping in between them, kinda like a hit of valium really. Which I could really use after this week to be honest, mastitis and a unfinished bathroom renovation – oh the horror.


  31. Oh I love these sheets – I need them so I can be just like you ! Ha ..
    They are just divine …

  32. Definitely the Elizabeth Olive…we share the same name so obviously I have to have those ones…plus they are unbelievably pretty ❀️❀️❀️

  33. Boring beige or blue sheets that are years old are on my bed as three kids later new sheets have not been in our budget. Have been trying to inject some colour into my home and Oh Mabel sheets appear to be just the thing. Lovely giveaway Beth.

  34. I’m a clean sheet tragic! I work full -time but have a flex today. I woke up excited cause sunny day! I’m washing all the sheets and airing out wool underlays and doona’s! This excites me very much…might even bleach the bathrooms!

  35. I think a set of Oh Mabel sheets would be perfect for me as I’m spending the next few months in bed pregnant with hyperemesis (I had it waaaay before Princess Kate!) Looking at these lovely sheets would make my day πŸ™‚

  36. Gemma Winter Harris says

    I’m new to this blog and am loving it more and more every day – not only are you funny (and a bit cheeky methinks), but generous too?! Bec STOP IT. Now. On to the sheets – they are amazing and I never knew such beauties existed. While so hard to choose, the pinwheels get the tick. We just took my two year old to the Royal Show and her favourite thing of the whole day was a little yellow pinwheel. That’s a winner for me!

  37. Great competition! I buy lottery tickets purely so I can dream of hiring a housekeeper who will change my sheets every day (every second day at a pinch!). Love, love, love the pinwheel pattern.

  38. Oh Beth, after seeing your post on receiving your Oh Mabel sheets I was sooooo jealous as I would honestly be KILLED if my hubby saw how much I paid for sheets! I, like you are totally obsessed with bed linen and would DIE for these babies.. The Pretty Pinwheels would go Perfect with my current Pineapple fetish.. Good luck to all the entrants and you’re a top chick for giving something back to your fans πŸ™‚

  39. Oh how I would love me some pinwheel sheets for my bed! The fact that my savings (and spendings account) just got emptied to pay for a new fence – snooze….means theres no dollars laying around for any comforts like gorge sheets!

  40. You are a GIVER! I love that you just decided to a giveaway. Bam! My problem (first world) in life is that I have a husband who is very opinionated about all things soft furnishing. Usually he is great and picks lovely stuff. Except when it comes to sheets. Which means we have grey jersey sheets. About 10 sets of them. Because they were on sale. I would cry tears of happiness to have a set of the pinwheels in king. So much pretty.

  41. Madonna Dunn says

    Oh. The beautiful yellow sheets made my heart nearly bust with happy. I think I neeeeeed them.

  42. Jane Templeton says

    Hi Baby Mac,
    I’m sure there are a lot more deserving Baby Mac followers than me, but gosh I would just LOVE those Oh Mabel sheets!!!
    My hubby has always joked that he doesn’t need to bring me home flowers, but instead have fresh sheets waiting for me to climb into after a night duty shif!!!! I love fresh sheets way more!!!

  43. Because I am shit at design and all things fancy. I need all the help I can get and these would rock my sock off.

  44. Birdzeyeview says

    How generous are you Beth?! That’s pretty dam nice of you. Just so you know that these babies would totally complete my bed linen obsession.

  45. So delish. Not sure I should win them, having just watched my beautiful 12 week old daughter Clara have a massive, mustard custard blowout on my white sheets, and husband’s (not mine, winner!) pillow… Lucky she’s cute… I do love the pinwheels though πŸ™‚

  46. Paula Norman says

    Oh how I need some brightening up, cheering up, good nights sleep on some Oh Mabel sheets! I am so over a dreary Adelaide winter with flannelette sheets – I need that spring feeling!!!

  47. Vanessa Sheppard says

    Hi Beth. I would love a set of Oh Mabel sheets for my partner who has sheets on his bed that are so threadbare that we may as well be sleeping on tissues. I think the Alexander Clyde set would suit him to a tee. Thanks πŸ™‚

  48. oh they are lovely!!!
    I seriously have not bought new sheets for me and my darling since I moved out of home 15 years ago. I have bought sheets for little people but that is not quite the same is it? Since I have seen all your sheets over the last few years, I wander in and out of adairs and sheridan but always come out empty handed as I think money is better spent on other things. I think I will put sheets on my birthday wish list again, and hopefully action it. Thank you for the chance to enter! enjoy your good night sleep between those beautiful sheets

  49. Oh Mabel.
    I fear I am quite unstable.
    I’m writing a fable
    At the breakfast table
    The effort quite hurts my head.
    Your linen so sweet
    Like a cake is to eat
    Quite simply it belongs on my bed.

  50. Oh please miss pick me, pick me!! You can picture me doing my best ‘sitting in assembly’ pose – legs crossed, hands on knees and sitting up straight paying attention!

  51. Pops of yellow are just what I am after on my bed to bring some ‘spring’ life to the house. My one and only sanctuary that the kids can’t leave a mess in will look picture perfect. Dont know how it’ll look with the green cover but meh! Its Oh Mabel! How generous of you to give a set away as you are too.

  52. Emily psaila says

    this new mum would love to finally spend some time in her own bed, new beautiful sheets would be the icing on the cake…. When do they start sleeping again? Lol

  53. Boring beige or blue sheets have been on my bed for what seems like forever. With three young children unfortunately sheets have not been high on the spending priorities. Love the pinwheels and the colour it would inject into our bedroom. Living in Far North Queensland means cotton all the way. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity Beth.

  54. Meagan Steele says

    I am addicted to sheets and yes Nick (partner) I DO need more sheets!!! These are gorgeous and I have to have them πŸ™‚ The pinwheels are shouting out to go on a fresh bed with the bedroom window open letting all that spring air in. Bliss!

  55. I have a 2 year old so my sheets are clean for around 3 minutes. Enough said.

  56. What a great way to pretty up a room. My room is lacking anything pretty at the moment and I think these sheets are just what it needs.. maybe, just maybe I will forget all the sleep deprivation my two year old brings

  57. Pinar Krajcik says

    New baby means new things! For her…. can I just have something to myself this once?? Plus it helps that they are beeeeautiful!!

  58. Because they look like lemonetto gelati on a hot summers day…..because they remind me of gin and tonics in the afternoon surrounded by good company under the shade of a sensational river red gum….and they make my happy spot tingle xo

  59. Dianne Whittle says

    Wow they are gorgeous – but you already know that! I love those pinwheels but Elizabeth Olive is so pretty. Living in Goulburn I still have the olde flannelette sheets on the bed because it’s so cool at night but it’s spring and the days are gorgeous. I would love some Oh Mabel sheets to bring that spring feeling into my bed – you know the still warm-straight-of-the-line, sweet spring smell. Time for. Ratified cotton to replace that flan no feeling.

  60. How do I love sheets? Let me count the ways.
    I love sheets to the depth and breadth and height
    My queen sized bed can reach, when feeling out of sight
    For the ends of tv and ideal bedtime.
    I love sheets to the level of everyday’s
    Most quiet need, by sun and iPad light.
    I love sheets freely, as I strive for night;
    I love sheets purely, as I turn from my snoring husband.
    I love sheets with the passion put to use
    In my old briefs, and with my child’s body taking up too much room.
    I love sheets with a love I seemed to lose
    With my lost sleep – I love sheets with the breath,
    Smiles, tears, of all my life! – and, if Beth chooses,
    I shall but love Mabel sheets better after this.
    (with apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning.)

  61. I would love these sheets! Why? Because I’m boring! My sheet selections are white, beige or brown. I need some vibrant cour to wake up to instead of these horrible insipid
    Colours. I love colour but I’m afraid of it – I need to just get out there, be strong and buy the bright wonderful patterns that I Dmire instead of always taking the safe option. Break me out of this cycle Baby Mac and Oh Mabel!!

  62. I would love new sheets to celebrate having built Miss Eve her own bedroom, which means freeing our room of cots and little clothes. It would be so so nice to celebrate by prettying up our space!

  63. I spend a large portion of time lusting after all things pretty, watching reno shows like The Block sends me into a cold sweat of designer want and need, but apart from all that- (pause for effect, as this is truly devastating)- a few days ago I was laying in bed and just shuffled my foot slightly (I swear!) and RIIIIIIIIP, tore a massive hole in my last 1000 thread count fitted sheet. I don’t even know how that happens, so I think this competition is timely, and probably fate.

  64. If my husband puts his pokey toenails through another cotton sheet! Aaaaargh! He has worn through two in the last six months. Admittedly I bought a replacement on the cheap so it serves me right. But oh, some beautiful new linen would go a long way to helping me forget the hideous grossness of his scratchy toenails!

  65. Those Oh Mabel Sheets are not only gorgeous but I love that they are organic cotton too. Double win!!! My lovely Mumma has just built herself her dream bali house and I would love to be able to give her some Oh Mabel Pinwheels sheets to glam her bedroom up.

  66. They are amazing! We have boring white sheets and I have sheet envy.

    I probably don’t deserve a set of these as they’d just be covered in baby Panadol, snot and toddler shit but in my fantasy Pintrest life I own them and they are magnificent.

  67. Danielle McDonald says

    Love those yellow pinwheels.. First thoughts when I see them are “happy and fresh”.. But when I find out they’re called pinwheels now my thoughts have turned to “yum, pinwheels, in hungry.. Pinwheels in bed.. Surely it would be forgiven to eat pinwheels in pinwheels”.. Oh sheet, oh my pinwheel.. Love ’em! πŸ™‚

  68. Holly dooly! She has some gorgeous stuff! And organic! So many reasons why that’s fantastic. We have just transitioned the baby to his own room(so many mixed emotions!) and have been slowly trying to turn our room back to one fitting for two mums not a family room! The sheets we currently have are at LEAST 5 years old and that’s the newest set! We have slowly gathered new cushions and bed spread and I think those gorgeous pinwheels will be just the pop we are missing!

  69. Last night I managed 2 hours of sleep thanks to a teething 6 month old and a 3 year old with nightmares.. If I had these sheets the bed would look uhmazingly gorgeous, even if its not getting much use! Am imagining nestling into them for a few precious minutes before the next one starts to cry πŸ™‚

  70. Louise Taylor says

    Babymac, I adore these sheets! Clean sheet day is truly a day to behold in my household, well at Leary for me. My three kids, 2 dogs and the husband couldn’t care less. They just don’t get it. But this mumma needs her clean sheets and it just makes my day so much better. And aren’t these sheets just perfection. I just love them all, especially the yellow pinwheel. Can I also add, it’s my 40th birthday coming up soon and this would be the best birthday present ever.

  71. Wow Mabel! Your sheet sets make me grin like a monkey they are so pretty. The pinwheels are the most delicious summer delight and I could imagine slipping into them on a hot summers night and feeling their coolness.

  72. Oh my! Am I the only one that noticed Beth had unopened parcels on her hall table from the day before??? How on earth could that happen? To not know what lovelies lay waiting once the packaging has come off. And to think, you left these delightful sheets sitting there, unopened, feeling unwanted overnight.
    Anyway, at first look, I thought I’d like some of the Alexander Crompton ones for my son, who is coming back to live with us. Then on second glance, I thought why should he get the gorgeous new sheets, I want them all for myself (ok and hubby)! And now I can’t decide between the bright yellow pinwheels like you have or the beautiful orange fan style ones.
    In conclusion, if I win, send me a surprise. I promise it will be opened straight away, I will NOT leave it sitting on my table!!!

    • Argh, that should have read Alexander Clyde! Don’t know why it came up as Crompton. Maybe I was still confused by you leaving your parcels

  73. I would LOVE a set of these beautiful sheets as I live in a male dominated house ( hubby + teenage son + adult son when he’s home to visit). As much as I try to have girly things around me, it’s somewhat lacking. And bonus could possibly be hubby deciding to sleep in spare room ( he wouldn’t want it to be known that he slept in a bed with pretty sheets on it, now would he!!!).

  74. I live in a house of boys and the pack leader (my husband) makes comments about any linen that look like a ‘tampon box’ (his words)… you know the 90’s libra floral boxes. As a compromise for the last 14 years we have had white and white and white (oh and blue) linen. I would so love just to say screw it and put something nice and pretty on our bed for a change!!

  75. I spend my spare moments pinning sheets that I cannot afford, having those queasy moments from how beautiful they are but feeling so far away from the dream of them! For example….
    Oh Mabel sheets are so pretty and luxurious, I would really really appreciate some.

  76. My husband insists on calling our new bed his ‘new workstation’. I’m sure ‘girlying’ it up a little with the pinwheel yellow sheets will turn the tables as to what our gorgeous new bed is for….Sleep, sleep and errr more sleep! And in these luscious sheets it’ll feel fit for a queen.

  77. I am typing this from bed as I try to block out the sounds of my babies screaming at each other down the hall, begging me to get up. These sheets are divine. I would never want to sleep in them which works just fine as I can’t remember the last time I’ve slept anyway. I seriously can’t think of anything more opulent.

  78. Hi, I love all your sheets but the yellow ones are my fav. They look like little wattle.
    And I would love it!!! And I love clean sheet day!!!x

  79. I “LOLled” when I read the description accompanying “Alexander Clyde” – yes it is my man who complains about too many florals on the bed! He would love the manly stripes, thinking that he’s finally won an argument, and I would love that Alexander still matches sweetly with those florals.

  80. Oh my, oh Beth, Oh Mabel!!! How awesome does your sheets look with your covers!!! Love the look!!!
    How did you sleep last night?? Shower with washed hair, shaved legs and fresh new pj’s is a must on clean sheet day, dont you agree!!! Im not sure I know of anything better!!??? (Except maybe a shower had in peace but who knows what that is anymore as a busy mumma!)
    I would adore a set of my own Pinwheels please or a set of Elizabeth Olive! Totally stepping out the square to try something new here….. (typically a plain sheet & patterened doona kinda gal!) Go me, right!!
    Thankyou Beth, not only do you share the best of the best – giving us the opourtunity to have Anne at our place, you now generously offer these amazing sheets!!! Love love love!!! Xxx

  81. I would give anything just to have a piece of pretty such as the OH MABEL sheets, they would be just the thing to make me feel special.
    Linens can transform your whole day…they just do!

  82. Oh Beth, they are just so pretty. I love, love the colours. It is our 20th wedding anniversary this week ( I do not feel old enough!!) and it would be beautiful to have something so lovely to liven up our rather tired looking bedroom. What a sweetheart you are for paying it forward!! xxoo

  83. Hiya Beth,
    I’ve been on the hunt for new pretties (sheets) for months and if I have to see one more set of fucking beige sheets I will go postal on someone. Beige. Beige and white. White and Beige. Endless rows of boring. Thank the almighty for Oh Mabel and gorgeousness. The sight of those yellow pinwheels made me swoon. Don’t you love the word swoon? Swoooon, what a fabulous word to start the day with.
    Happy Wednesday, Anto nie xx

  84. These sheets are just divine! How could they not brighten up your day with their cheerfulness. I need a few early nights and I’m sure having such fabulous bed linen would entice me into bed just a little bit earlier than usual! Thanks for such a wonderful and generous give a way Beth.

  85. we are 3 days off finishing our Reno – how good would those sheets look in my 19yr olds tidy room (tidy for 5 mins I’m guessing !) thanks for the chance xox

  86. Hi Baby Mac Offices, my name is Karen and I have recently moved into a new house and have a million boxes to still unpack. Andddd in these boxes somewhere is my linen πŸ™ Can you please help a Sista out and maybe pick me for some brand new spankin Oh Mabel sheets so that 1. I can sleep on lovely sheets and 2. This would be a lovely start to my new house. P.S. This is the first house that I have ever lived in and owned by myself and I’m shhhh 47 years old!!!! It’s all a bit exciting πŸ™‚

  87. Kirstene Freidman says

    This has been my view for last 3 days. In bed with severe pneumonia. Boring white sheets. Would love some sunshine to sleep on. Xxx

  88. Because yellow is the new black…or in my case, a colour that I have ADORED for ever as its so positive, cheery and smiley! (BTW, these are fabulous..)

  89. SmittenKitten says

    I would love these new sheets, I save my gold coins in a jar until I have enough to buy a new set to put on our bed. My lovely white (grey) sheets from my engagement party 7 years ago finally bit the dust on the weekend and I had to sew the tear together! Right where my leg likes to lay every night, it is like a stitch caterpillar of shame!

  90. I would love to win the sheets because I have recently moved to Oz from the UK to live with my new husband and he (I moved into his house) prefers everything in greys and whites. I need some colour!

  91. I would love new sheets after several years of my husband and 3 yr old playing ‘horsey horsey’ on the bed – time for a fresh set before the new baby arrives and we have a rally of horses on the bed.

  92. I’m not sure what to say, I would just really love those sheets. I don’t have a good excuse or story so let these words become a picture — of me standing to the back and side a little bit, holding a metallic rainbow pinwheel and as I blow to make the pinwheel spin, nothing magical happens. The crowd doesn’t notice, the lady next to me gives me a sly grin that just says “nice try”.

  93. Whilst I absolutely covet these sheets (and just about every other one in the Oh Mabel range), I really don’t have an outstanding reason for why you should give them to me! But I do have an awesome reason for why you should give them to my friend whom I shall call Mrs S. In addition to having 4 children of her own (all on the autism spectrum), Mrs S is also a foster mum to a little 1 year old girl (they have had her since birth) who has had many health challenges due to drug impacts in utero. In the past 2 months alone, Mrs S has made 5 trips to the ICU with this bubba due to bronchiolitis, spending around 3 weeks away from her family and her bed!!! After being an SAHM for 16 years, she made some time for herself this year to study a diploma of community service and only 3 weeks ago was offered a part time job working with youth as a result of her study placement. Because of the hospital stays, Mrs S has not even been able to start her new job properly – she is always putting others first and sacrifices a lot. She’s amazing and given she hasn’t had a lot of time in her own bed lately, these sheets would be a lovely surprise…. and hopefully her kids will the bring her breakfast in bed so she can spend some time laying on them!!!
    PS. Sorry for the essay!

  94. Oh Mabel! Oh Beth! Pick me please. Just seeing those yellow pinwheels has brightened my day. Although I should be excited by my 4 years old’s birthday today, I’m feeling a bit flat because after 2 months living in a new place, boys still don’t have any close friends outside school & I’m worrying his party on he weekend will be a fizzer.

  95. posting this from bed. Stuck here with Influenza Type A and a chest infection. Sheets definitely not feeling crisp and clean after night sweats, fever dreams and tossing and turning trying to get some sleep amidst the hacking cough and fighting the Prednisone induced insomnia. What I wouldn’t do for some lovely clean sheets ( and if it’s not too much to ask a hot cup of tea and a good nights sleep)

  96. Nope nuffin better than clean sheet day. Oh wow organic cotton that’s kind to my skin AND gets softer with age – and a draw string bag for linen cupboard alignment – what more could a girl want! These Oh Mabel sheets look and sound divine Beth and I love how you can coordinate patterns anywhere in your home and they look absolutely gorgeous – I am not very good at that! πŸ™‚

  97. Just checked out the website and it’s just lovely! I love clean sheet night like anyone else, but coupled with shaved legs night…….AWESOME!
    You are always so thoughtful Beth, thanks for this opportunity, I would seriously love the Pinwheels. I have secretly had sheet envy seeing your sheets on your blog…not so secret now, is it?
    Have a great day. Xx

  98. Just what my heavenly bed ordered,
    This sort of luxury should be hoarded!
    There is but one name on the label,
    The organic cotton, beautiful Oh Mabel!

  99. Natalie Ware says

    Divine sheets that are out of my ‘at home on mat leave’ budget would make this cosleeping Mama of a 6 month old and 4 year old sleep just a little better!

  100. Having just nursed my husband through a bad bout of ‘man-flu’ (it exists apparently… Who knew?!) a fumigation of said marital bed is definitely on the cards! Some gorgeous Oh Mabel linen would certainly help us on the way to a hygienic, healthy (and very beautiful!) recovery!

  101. The only thing better than clean sheet day is… Clean sheet & shaved legs day. πŸ™‚
    In a few weeks I’m lucky enough to get away on my own and I’m looking forward to a long bath with a glass of wine, shaved legs and crisp sheets. *bliss! *

  102. Shannen Bielby says

    So, if I won these sheets, I’d have to kick my husband out of the bed. We have a perfectly good spare bed, and I’m sure he’d be happy in there, while I slip between luxury all by myself every night. I love clean sheet day, and I just don’t think he “gets it” so no Mabel for him!

  103. I would love a set of these pretties! My new babe is 5 weeks old today and my husband was made redundant in June…I’m dying to buy some lovelies for our home but couldn’t possibly justify anything but the essentials at the moment. Once he’s back in work I know which online shop I’ll be hitting up, Oh Mabel!!

  104. I would love love love these sheets as we are just about to start renovating our bedroom. These sheets will work perfectly with the upholstered paneling I am having made for the bedhead and well I just think they are great!
    x Luci

  105. Love clean sheet day ! It makes a bad day good again . What lovely sheets Oh Mabel ! Well done you !!

  106. Oh Mabel!! I was just yesterday lusting over these sheets, so so lovely, would love a set to call mine. Then I paid for the kids swimming lessons instead. Awesome giveaway!

  107. 2 bouts of tonsillitis in 3 weeks means i have spent a lot of time in my grotty old sheets lately… some sparkly new ones would have me happy to be jumping back in there!

  108. I love clean sheet day and I find with a new baby it can’t come often enough! Those yellow pinwheels are divine – yellow is my favourite colour!

  109. There is something magic about Oh Mabel’s sheets evoking such vivid memories of my Grandmother’s house dresses and embroidery. They are beautiful, nostalgic and something so pretty. I hope they create memories for my girls of climbing into bed in the morning for cuddles and toast. Thanks for such a special giveaway Beth.

  110. Something to cheer and inspire my HSC student slogging away at the mo. Put some spring in the step! Gorgeous!!!

  111. Faux Fuchsia says

    I say no to a top sheet.

    It’s just how I sheet roll x

  112. I would love a bit of Oh Mabel on my bed, the pin wheels are mighty cute, thanks Beth!

  113. My mattress is on the floor, my crappy old sheets r always covered in milk, vomit, wee…ect but the time is drawing near..(fingers crossed) and baby will be in her own bed…
    I want my bed back, I want the pretty! Oh please pick me!
    Ps – please share what they r like to sleep in?

  114. The sheets remind me going to the show as a little girl. After riding in all the horse events we were allowed a pin wheel or a dolly on a stick. Sweets dreams.

  115. Jasmine Cleary says

    Lets be honest, I won’t be able to lie in bed, up until all hours and study for my imminent university exam, if i don’t have these b.e.a.utiful Oh Mabel sheets. Clean, fresh sheets make life’s missions all the more easy to handle. Plus, they will look fantastic with my white wrought iron bed! Win! p.s. love the recipes you share

  116. Daisy Vogels says

    I would LOVE some new sheets because my cat has clawed holes in my current set, and I just love the pretty pinwheel design!

  117. Maddison Edwards says

    Who doesn’t love a good sheet? (No pun intended, just a happy accident).
    Those sheets are super cute Mrs Woog! Just what is needed to brighten up the bedroom in time for Summer! x

  118. Husband sheepishly admitted over the weekend that our bedlinen reminds his of a ‘nana’s bedroom’……feel it is definitely time to liven things up with fresh, bright , fun sheets . Whether I win or not, Mabel sheets will be on our bed soon!!! πŸ™‚

  119. Oh get out of town! My beautiful 3 year old daughters name is Mabel. She is about to go from a toddler bed to a ‘big girl’ bed. Some ‘Oh Mabel’ sheets would be perfection!
    My little dolly Mabel here –

  120. Even though this baby is still inside I am already dreaming about post newborn sleep.
    Whenever it is that this baby decides to sleep through the night, I am going to get myself a topper and some new sheets and sleep too!
    I know my current sheets will get trashed with post pregnancy sweats and breast milk and all of those glamourous things that come with being the mother of a newborn.
    I would love to have a set of Alexander Clyde sheets just sitting, waiting for me…can you imagine that glorious night when I put them on my bed, crawl in and sleep!

    Note to baby: Please be a sleeper! PLEEEEASE!

  121. Oh Mabel… You had me at yellow!

  122. ‘Toppered’ all of the beds in the house recently so a new set of Oh Mabel (Annie’s Fields in particular), would be a nice addition to the Topper on our bed. Oh Mabel out of my price range at the minute as saving for a new septic tank…..I know, how exciting.

  123. Oh Mabel absolutely!!
    I popped on over to the site to have a peek.. first think I see is that it’s ORGANIC cotton used.. go Sarah for leading the way!! We try to eat well grow our own veg so it makes sense to go the extra and use organic cotton sheets…

  124. Natasha Andrews says

    Thank you for introducing me to Oh Mabel – I cannot believe I hadn’t already found her. I am now stalking her on all the usual channels. Fresh sheet day is the best and even better with divine sheets.

    I am madly in love with the Pinwheels the perfect way to add a splash of sunshine to any day. Having them on my bed would make me smile and in October that can be hard – I love that it is now Fucktober – it has been that for me for 12 years because it is the month of my mums suicide I just never figured out how to put it into words. It devastated me last year when Eden lost her brother – thank you so much for giving me an address to post her something – she makes me FEEL so much – it is a privilege to be able to send her something.

  125. Washing machine broken for the last month despite multiple service calls. Upside a new washing machine is coming….eventually…..(under warranty YAY but delivery at the mercy of the washing machine company who shall remain nameless). Sick and tired of lugging washing to my in-laws (how can my daughters’ wear so many clothes????) so sheets have not seen the inside of the washing machine for some weeks – disgusting, no longer their original cream colour but now weirdly silver grey blah blah blah you get the picture non? To top it off I am sick with a head cold and quite fancy the soothing balm of clean sheets that no-one has coughed, spluttered or, in the case of the man of the house, farted over…please….

  126. They are all sooooo gorgeous. I must admit to a pang of envy when I saw you washing yours yesterday, but you’ve made my day today by giving us this competition. Thanks Beth.

  127. Fresh sheets!! Eeek!!! My all time favourite. Fresh sheets = fresh dreams and a fresh start. They seem to make everything in order. Everything feel better. I’m loving the Elizabeth Olive. Living in a house full if boys who wouldn’t. The husband can get in touch with his feminine side and suck it up!! Love love love.

  128. Beverley O'Brien says

    Oh Beth – you are an amazing woman to treat someone to a set of these divine sheets. I hadn’t heard of “Oh Mabel” but an now enlightened. Really don’t think our budget would stretch but have loved looking at them. They look amazing! I might start saving my pennies. Thanks for the opportunity to join your giveway Beth Xx

  129. Oh Beth, oh Mabel, oh new sheets please, says our bed! The well used hand me down sheets are happy to take a back seat for oh Mabel’s beauty!!

  130. Oh Beth those sheets are GORGEOUS! If I miss out I might crack the sheets! x

  131. Sigh, Holy Mother of Crap ! My gawjuss Staffie puppy just made my sheets look very fashionable (if your wearing jeans!)………he’s created the distressed look !!! Horror holes everywhere. Please new ones without my toes peering through the holes on the bed would be delightful !

  132. This is such a fun competition! Love these sheets. I would LOVE to win them. It’s our 5th wedding anniversary tomorrow and they would be the perfect thing to pop on top of our much needed new mattress that we shouted ourselves!!!

  133. Those sheets are just divine! I do particularly love the yellow pinwheels as they are so bright and fresh.

    You just reminded me to go and change my sheets. Can’t wait to hop into bed tonight!

  134. Who would love a pair of bright summery yellow pin wheel sheets to brighten their bedroom ( especially on an overcast day like today)

    PS Your bed looks so lovely and fresh and summery

  135. Leeanne Boyson says

    OMG – i have two children (4 and 7), two step children (9 and 12), a mad Jack Russell dog, a more mature older lady cat and a very handsome partner, I work full time AND we are moving house in two weeks (I found out YESTERDAY!!!)

    HELP ME – a magical treat such as new pinwheel sheets would be a dream – if pure exhaustion of each day doesn’t get me asleep then the beauty, comfort and luxurious nature of these funky king size sheets surely will!!!



    P.S Love your blogs – your house is as mas as mine !!

  136. Leeanne Boyson says

    OMG – i have two children (4 and 7), two step children (9 and 12), a mad Jack Russell dog, a more mature older lady cat and a very handsome partner, I work full time AND we are moving house in two weeks (I found out YESTERDAY!!!)

    HELP ME – a magical treat such as new pinwheel sheets would be a dream – if pure exhaustion of each day doesn’t get me asleep then the beauty, comfort and luxurious nature of these funky king size sheets surely will!!!



    P.S Love your blogs – your house is as mad as mine !!

  137. Oh my stars, those Annie’s Field sheets are perfect! Just the right amount of floral print for my liking and a complete lack of pink to please the fellow occupying the other half of the bed. I’m picturing a late spring morning, windows open, birdsong, clean sheets and a vase of wattle on the bedside table.

  138. This is so freakish in timing. I have had my eye on anything from this label for ages, they go live with their new website and I get set to buy and hubby and I have a huge argument how I should be buying sheets elsewhere for a more reasonable price. Obviously he doesn’t understand the beauty in these items !!!! And NOW you are giving me a chance to win a set!!!!!

  139. Oh Beth! I totally have linen envy of your bedlinen!! Unfortunately the last time I got a decent set was for our wedding 10 yrs ago. Since getting married, mortgage and kids, my ‘linen’ is now the kmart variety and by no means anywhere near the Oh Mabel quality.

    A set of Oh Mabel sheets would be heaven!!! πŸ™‚

  140. I am surrounded by testosterone. The newest being 13 days old. I don’t get much “pretty” or “girlie” or lovely luxuries. The pinwheel sheets would be FABULOUS! I am mad on yellow at the moment.

  141. How’s the timing??! Just got off the phone to confirm order for new mattress. The old gal is so lumpy and bumpy (the bed not me!), that we just has to get a new one, after saving a bit, rest on credit it’s due to arrive next week….. Then I read this! Be loving myself sick with new bedding for the new bed !!!

  142. Stevie McLay says

    I would faint over a delivery of Oh Mabel dreamy sheets. Just last night, I lay in my bead thinking oh dear lordy I am so hot and uncomfortable and there is sand in my bed and this morning I ripped my old fluffy sheets off in a frenzy and state of frustration. Oh Mabel’s cute as a button ‘Pinwheels’ sheets would make my day, literally – because I just got called a “f#&*King c#%&’ by a client. Fab.

  143. I’ve been using the same plain white doona cover for longer than I’d care to admit…. Lol Would looove some new bright colour in my bedroom!

  144. I love the yellow pinwheel sheets I’m so over grey sheets and over white as well I’m sure they would and a bounce to my step in the morning

  145. My bed is the place I go to when I’m feeling sad or I when I want to hide from the kids. Those sheets would make it a pretty happy awesome place to be.

  146. Beautiful sheets , love them all and would love you forever if I get picked πŸ˜‰

  147. Oh Mable, OH LORDY! My baby bump could do with a set of these to rest on. I say rest coz I’m not sleeping much. Between bathroom trips, strange dreams about Timothy Oliphant and smoked cheese and my 15month old waking at random times. At least my bed will look like the shiz when I’m tossing and turning!

  148. Clean sheet day is the best!! Only surpassed when it coincides with clean PJ and shaved legs day!
    Thanks Beth!

  149. workingwomenaus says

    Aren’t you a generous lady?! Those pinwheels would be just what my boring, single lady bed needs. Maybe if I had gorgeous sheets, a gorgeous man would appear too? πŸ˜‰

  150. Hi Beth!
    These sheets are gorgeous! Just perfect for spring and for my newly painted light grey bedroom! When I wake up in the morning there would be no excuse not to be bright, happy and ready to go for the day! I’m also sure they would encourage me on my infertility path… But that’s probably too much information! Thanks for te opportunity to win these!!!!

  151. I currently spend a good deal of every night awake in bed with my nearly 7 month old girl, Estella Mae (the Mae was to honour her great nan, Nancy Mabel in part – reason enough alone?)…if I’m going to be awake all night, how glorious would it be to be at least snuggled up in these divine Oh Mabel sheets? Too divine.

  152. I’d love to win a set for my sister – the sleepless mother of a newborn. If she can’t sleep, at least she can lie awake on those heaven-like sheets. Oh, and the retro designs would suit her to a tee. My sister is pretty cute!

  153. I love new sheets and would simply love some organic sheets, thank you πŸ™‚

  154. Holy FUCK are you serious?! I was already going to tell you how ridiculously kind and generous this is and then I saw the price tag. Note to self: Go to work more often haha

    God. I’d just about sell my soul for the Elizabeth Olive sheets. I mean, have you SEEN THEM? I only have one sheet due to a series of unfortunate events (though nowhere near as entertaining as Lemony Snickett’s) so they’d go a treat. I even have a topper to put under them!

  155. Leanne Murch says

    Oh sweet sheetsets!!! Oh how I love these! Oh how my husband would never speak to me again if I bought these! Oh how good they would look on my bed! Oh Mabel!!

    Great giveaway Beth – thank you!!

  156. michelle Dods says

    I would LOVE a pair of Oh Mabel sheets, ever since discovering Oh Mabel through your blog I have been in lust. Our bed is crying out for a pop of colour and pattern, my pick would be the Yellow Pinwheels or the Elizabeth Olive. I feel a little ripped off as the children have beautiful sheets and quilts and our bed needs some funk.

  157. I’m a last place mum, always putting the kids first and rarely ever making it to the end of the queue for myself and with a broken budget beautiful sheets isn’t going to make it into my cart any time soon. sob sob! Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  158. My Grandma Jeanette, who passed away 6 months ago, aged 97 years, would have told me this is how sheets should be made. Great quality, pretty and a lovely wide panel on the fold-over. They would be washed on a Monday morning, dried in the sunshine, ironed (!) and back on the bed, just so in the afternoon each week. What a wise woman. What a beautiful giveaway Beth & Oh Mabel. Thank you, I would love these on my bed.

  159. Yo! The Oh Mabel sheets are gorgeous! I don’t necessarily need bedsheets right now, but when the time comes, I know where I’ll be heading.
    I’ll not put my hat into the ring for this giveaway, but just wanted to send some snaps your way – it’s a nice thing you’re doing here πŸ˜‰

  160. Who wouldn’t want a roll in the hay on some fresh crisp Mabel sheets!

  161. A wise friend told me that an important step in preparing yourself to finding someone special is new bed linen. Well, I feel my time has arrived and I’ve been taking good care of myself inside and out so these sheets could be the icing on the cake.

  162. Clean sheet day is THE best!:)

  163. OMG whilst I would LOVE and i mean LOVE to win these for me, I am going to throw my hat in the ring for a chance to win for Jane from Nourish from the Inside out who is as we speaking going under for yet more surgery. this gorgeous brave single mum of one is going to be spending a lot of time in bed recovering so I am thinking those beautiful yellow pinwheels will put a smile on her dial whilst she is resting in bed. xx

  164. You have no idea how much I squeeeee over the photos of your bed on insty! And um YELLOW.

  165. I’d love to win those Mabel sheets. After two kids and 7 years our best sheets are getting threadbare. Had a guest last week whose feet went straight through. Embarrassing much :/ Not enough in the kitty to replace at the moment πŸ™

  166. I haven’t had the luxury of indulging in Oh Mabel sheets and man do I have sheet envy!

    What perfection! Beautiful, new sunkissed crisp sheets would be a dream come true. That, morning sunshine, quiet house and a good book…

    Let’s face it there is always something that gets in the way of indulging in new sheets.

  167. Oh sheet! just pick me!

  168. I love them all, they r so gorgeous. They remind me of the sheets we had as kids. If I win Babymac can u please send them to Edenland for fuctober. x

  169. Oh yes, new sheets, clean sheets, fresh crisp bed sheets! There really is nothing like it, slipping into a freshly made bed at the end of the day…joy oh joy!
    I would absolutely love some Oh Mabel bed sheets in Elizabeth Olive print as they would go smashing with the Spring duvet cover I just pulled out and put on my bed, and I haven’t bought myself any new sheets since…forever, i’m always buying the kids new linen..

  170. O is for the Oversized fitted sheet that was gifted.
    H is for the Husband who has left yellow sweat stains.
    M is for the Money that has been used for other spending
    A is for All the times I have l needed something bright and cheery.
    B is for the Baby stains which still can be seen.
    E is for the Electrolux that is ready for a washin’
    L is for the Lovin’ that these new sheets would give me!

  171. Those yellow pinwheel sheets makes my inner martha stewart shiver in delight. On clean sheet day, I like to get into the middle of the bed and do sheet angels!

  172. Can I not pick a set, yet ask to win a set so I can give them to Eden? That way it is an incredible win situation for all. We get to give Eden a gift for Fucktober and I get to do a pay it forward.

  173. My sheets are terrible. TRULY terrible. Because I’m all about the doona cover. On entering my bedroom you might say, ‘Gee that Rachel knows a thing or two about dressing a bed!’ and then you would turn down the cover and run screaming from the house. TRUE.

  174. How ironic. I was changing the sheets on my bed last yesterday afternoon and thinking how much I would love to buy myself a new set of sheets. It’s been 7 years since I have brought any new linen for my bed. I actually added “new sheets” to my every growing wish list. I’m moving into my own place shortly with my son (after living with parents, at the age of 41, for far too many years not a good thing), and have a list a mile long of things that I NEED to buy to be able to live, like a toaster. And I have a list of things I would LOVE to be able to afford just because I can.

  175. Oh how lovely it would be to win these ! I have just bought my daughter a new double bed, she could have my sheets and my bed could have these !!!

  176. I love clean sheet day, especially when I get the bed to myself, as I will this weekend as the boys are going camping!!!!

  177. Hi Beth
    My name is Kylie and I’m a brownaholic! I have terrible sheets they are brown FFS! BROWN! Because of this everything in my room, no wait house is brown, how bloody boring πŸ™ I need bright yellow pinwheel, queen-size colour in my life. Oh Mabel Its time for a change.

  178. My bed does not see a sleep action due to my two non sleeping babies nor does it see a lot of action action ( you know what action I’m talking about right ?) due to that FIFO husband of mine so if the bed isn’t for sleeping & it isn’t for sexing then it should at least look pretty right?!

  179. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I would love some oh Mabel sheets because we just gutted our ensuite and put a brand spanking new one in and updated the bedroom with a new bed,quilt,blinds and new carpet ,the only thing missing is new sheets,I would be very happy to change the bed linen for those gorgeous sheets!

  180. Oh Mabel, Oh My! I would love to win these sheets and I’ll tell you why! I’ve swooned over pics of your bed linen Beth, the Pinwheels and Ziggy Zaggy’s I love the best! Our drabby sheets are just falling apart, hanging on by a thread hubby’s too scared to fart ;-). Eternally grateful I would be to you, if I won these stunning sheets our bed would look brand new πŸ™‚

  181. You converted me to patterned sheets years ago, I am in LOVE with Oh Mabel, sadly just cant afford a new set at the moment so would be more that sooper dooper Stoked to receive a set on offer. Thanks x

  182. I want the sheets (yellow pinwheels, yo!) because this happened last night:

    (no idea if that will work but going to risk it).


  183. Wow, just had a look at the web site. They just look like such beautiful quality. Unfortunately the
    sheets on my bed at the moment were chosen to match our budget rather than for loveliness so are kmart red light special. I would love to put something so special on my bed.

  184. this would be cool. I am tentatively entering the world of HAVING PATTERNS ON SHEETS! It’s crazy. I usually am a monochrome girl but I am entering a brand new world!!!!!

  185. Oh BabyMac! Aren’t these divine?! I would love to win these because I must confess my bedroom needs them, like NEEDS them… My kids bedrooms – divine, living areas – lovely, even the laundry isn’t too bad… But my room – neglected… I would totally make my bed upside down and leave the door open to show off these masterpieces! Please ch ch choooose me!

  186. What my big preggas body would do if it was to lay in those sheets…… Leg cramp- hell yeah, heartburn- tick, leave them 7 times a night to pee- yes (but that means hopping back into them 7 times too – oohhhh Mabel), snore – yes (but hell no problems there I can’t hear that!), farting- what me never! (well NEVER in Oh Mabel sheets anyway πŸ™‚
    Yours warmly (whilst munching on a pickle) Bec x

  187. What a nice thing to do. You’re going to have such a hard time deciding who to choose to receive these lovely sheets. Good luck! I’ll be looking forward to hearing who was the lucky one.

  188. Love those yellow pinwheels! I would love these. Let’s face it – newborn, toddler adjustment, parenting 2 kids (who knew how hard that was?!?!?), means my bed is a sacred space right now! I would LOVE to have these to climb into on the rare occasions I’m actually in bed, sleeping!

  189. Elizabeth Delfs says

    I don’t need to win lotto….give me new sheets any day over a million bucks. And what awesome sheets they are. I might even have to move to the spare-room with these sheets to protect them from my husbands man-stink!!

  190. These sheets just made me cry a little they are so beautiful! And they are organic which means they might not cover me in rashes and hives like every other thing in the universe seems to be doing as of 18 months ago. At the age of 33 I have suddenly developed food allergies to everything except chicken, potato, pears and green beans – I haven’t been able to eat cake for over a year, please give me something to smile about in the mornings! πŸ˜€

  191. LOOK at them! Pattern clashing your sheets like a boss. Oh Mabel sheets are divine! Will you wash + fold them for the winner too Beth? Ha. You are such a kind, generous lady. Thank you.

  192. Annie’s fields and Pinwheels, the yellow of my bedlinen as a young girl in the 70s…

  193. Sunshine. Hills hoist. Pretty sheets with matching pegs. Dry clean sheets, smelling like sunshine. Crisply made beds. The smell of sunshine. Heaven.

    Beth, you are too generous.

  194. My brilliant mum has kept my Holly Hobbie sheets from when I was a little girl – they now adorn my 4 year old’s bed. There is NOTHING like a quality sheet – an heirloom indeed. I am pretty sure that if I was lucky enough to win these fabulous sheets, they would also become a legacy to pass on.

  195. Hubby and I have just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and our sheets were given to us for our wedding! Although we get the clean sheet feeling every week we haven’t felt that ‘new sheet’ feeling for 10 years…I would feel very spoilt to receive a new set from Oh Mabel!

  196. Well all those op shoppers out there that like to find beautiful vintage sheets and take photos of them and tell everyone about it on instagram inspire me (to be polite) but my local opshop is NOT delivering. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that i will have to buy something new that looks vintage and deal with the slight price difference! I’ve been checking out oh mabel sheets the past few weeks and Annies Fields is just perfect! I love it!

  197. I am embarrassed to admit but we end up with one sheet set per season (winter/summer) that gets washed and than put straight back on the old bed so you can only imagine how uninspiring they are! Being a SAH Mum to 3 its one of those things that I was never overly inspired by and would spend my money on other important things, but lately my obsession with everything linen (Instagram is to blame!) has had me oodling over linen, especially oh Mabel, they’re devine!

  198. I’d love Mabel to join us and I think she would love it here as well. No pets to sleep on her, no food crumbs to make her itchy, only waxed legs touching her…what more could she ask for? She knows she will only be washed on the delicate cycle and will have so much fun flapping in the wind, before being pressed and placed ever so tightly on our bed. Sheets are a big deal and she knows it. Any design is delightful, but I think Annie’s fields would have the best time with us.

  199. Wilma McKenna says

    Commented on your Facebook page
    I would love to win Elizabeth olive single size for my beautiful one and only granddaughter Ashley Pearl Elizabeth. Good luck to all entrants, Beth you are very kind to offer this amazing prize.

  200. Kym McCarthy says

    You are a ray of sunshine Beth! I’m desperately in need of a new sheet set as my beautiful big rotti boy has destroyed my beloved wool quilt, my mink blanket and now my sheets so the Elizabeth Olive sheets in queen size would be just splendid. thank you baby mac xxx

  201. Megan Marshall says

    Ooohhh gotta love fresh sheets on the bed!!! Especially in those gorgeous citrus colours!!!

  202. OMG!! These are gorgeous! Like sunshine on your bed. They look fabulous all mixed up with the other prints too. I just popped online to see how much….. EEK!! Unfortunately, I think I’d be divorced if I spent this much on sheets! But i love them so. The only chance i’ll ever get of having them is to win them, from you! I have only ever had white sheets, how boring! I do get adventurous with pillow cases though. I love that you are paying this forward, and I love that they came to you without asking. Good things happen to good people.

  203. I do love a jazzy king size sheet!! Especially pretty yellow pinwheels. We always celebrate clean sheet day in our house with cuddles (cough cough)!

  204. Well… those Elizabeth Olive sheets someone manage to remind me of both my grandmothers. I can smell talc and 4711 perfume just looking at them…

  205. Angela Davutovic says

    So many lovely, clever comments.
    All I have is that its my birthday on Monday 29th and I would love new sheets….don’t think the 4 children or hubby will be organised to get me anything! Hate having to organise my own presents. Much love

  206. Babymac, Babymac
    Always first read on my Facebook stack

    We share a love of linen and toppers,
    My husband he says the spending must stoppers!

    Dreaming of Oh Mabel sheets and a Highland vista,
    Win me that prize for a happy siesta, sista!

  207. Holy sheet I need these! They are lovely xx And would surely make the little time I get in bed that much more enjoyable xx

  208. I am NOT allowed to buy patterned sheets! OH says they are too busy. He is crazy, the kids bed have patterned sheets. If I am gifted then though then that’s different πŸ˜‰ he has no choice then. I need me some oh Mabel sheets in my boring plain sheeted life!

  209. Victoria Ashcroft says

    I have always been a plain sheet girl (mainly because they’re cheap!) but you’ve totally turned me on to patterned sheets recently and these are oh so pretty! So bright & cheery and perfect for spring. I would love the chance to dress my bed with them (pretty please). xx

  210. I’m a co-sleepin’, hard workin’ mumma of 3 (7, 5 & 7mths) and all my bed linen is stained in a rainbow technicolor display of breastmilk, baby spew, kid spew, kiddy wee, nosebleeds and the odd coffee and tea spill.

    Geez I sound pretty filthy…

    Some brand spanking new linens won’t get the kids out of my bed but it sure will make us all happier to get on in there!

  211. Oh these answers are fantastic! How ARE you going to choose? Sarah & Mabel xo

  212. My beautiful niece’s name is Mabelle and she lives in the Highlands.
    My son’s favourite colour is yellow like your beautiful triangle sheets.
    I love the way that when you sleep on sheets fresh off the line they smell like sunshine.
    It’s meant to be!!

  213. My husband and I are currently sharing our bed with a 3 year old, sometimes a 4 year old and a little annoying dog that attacks our feet if we move in bed. The beautiful sheets would benefit our entire household. Thanks Beth.

  214. Oh my effing Mabel god!!! I can’t look at all the pretties because I would seriously be sad every time I go to bed without Mabel sheets. If I won I would let you pick as it would be too much for me, I’m happy just looking at your lovely set πŸ™‚ you are too generous lovely lady x

  215. And I thought I was the only one who knew their credit card number by heart. I don’t know how you’ll pick a winner from all those lovely comments. All I can say is I’d love to be the lucky winner but good luck to whoever wins. And I admit I’m loving myself sick with yellow at the moment. Good on you for sharing the love x

  216. I’m sick of not having any pretty sheets for our bed – when we moved in together my husband and I went sheet shopping and I’m stuck with boring colours and stripes. Help!

  217. Well Beth let me say, whilst I thought I was prrreeeety fancy shmancy with my top of the line 250 thread count sheets from the old Target, these beauties by Oh Mabel would take me up a notch or 50 (thousand) in the bed linen stakes. And I might stand a chance next chat with my lady friends when they pull out a bit of Sheraton action on me. Sheraton smeraton, Oh Mabel is where it’s at

  218. Oh Mabel! Why not!
    I’d love to snooze under organic cotton bed linen. Be kind too me Baby Mac (pretty please) – just like Oh Mabel is kind to your skin and supportive of the sustainable farming and manufacturing. Pick me πŸ™‚

  219. Loving the Old World Charm of these beautiful Oh Mabel sheet sets…the patterns remind me of sheets my Mum used to have…and bring back happy memories and a feeling of home. They would look right at home in my country bedroom….also loving that they are organic ! Something very special indeed πŸ™‚

  220. Kristy Mostyn says

    Omg.. just looking at these fabulous sheets has given me heart palpitations and I am fairly certain the only way to make it stop is to make them mine.. and make my bed shine rays of yellow through spring and summer πŸ™‚
    Best of luck to everyone xx

  221. Oh yes please! We co sleep with our Mr Precious 18 month old & with all the cough vomits we’ve had this winter an extra set of sheets would be so so good

  222. Kellie Douglas says

    I guess you need to pick me as we share the same love for ‘Clean sheet day’. I felt excited for you when I saw your instagram shot…now you could only imagine how excited I am that your giving away a little bundle of spring away. It will help lighten up my little room. It needs a spring makeover. Nothing like a little yellow Mabel to lift the spirit πŸ™‚

  223. I think it’s pinwheel oh Mabel sheets all the way. The perfect bedlinen for my bed to celebrate the warmer months

  224. Would love a fresh set of sheets to go with the new house we’re moving into over the weekend. Nothing beats climbing into fresh sheets after a day of work and wrangling 2 little ones

  225. I adore these pinwheel sheets, I haven’t bought myself new sheets in years – seems the kids always needs new ones whenever I get to go shopping! Waking up to these every morning would make me HAPPY!

  226. The smell of freshly washed new sheets and the feel of them on your body, there’s nothing better to go to bed for is there? These are super pretty!

  227. Why would I like some Oh Mabel sheets?
    Wellllllll, I have a recurring conversation with my friends about sheets. Actually, I listen to the conversation, because I have never owned reallly good quality sheets. Because I have 5 beds to sheet in this house, which means I can’t afford to spend a crap load of money on Egyptian super thread count sheets! lol. Anyway, I’d love some realllllly good quality sheets cos dammit, I deserve them! πŸ™‚

  228. Ah! Cos id love to sleep with some ohmabel’s!! And pretty sure my husband would have a heart attack if I asked him to buy be some!

  229. Dear lord! These sheets are the business! I having been lusting over Mabel sheets since they launched recently. Thank you for being so generous and sharing the ohmabel love. Such an awesome thing to do Beth xx

  230. im salivating at the thought of these gorgeous sheets. It’s something I can only dream of at the moment. We have a small person who has an issue with bed wetting. I would LOVE some sheets (any) that did not have a pungent odour and that had some thread left in them!

  231. Ohh the feel of clean sheets fresh off the line. They just smell so good. Would love some oh Mabel sheets, I think the organic cotton and fairtrade label is worth supporting. Thanks!

  232. Mabel was the name of the first owner of my house (along with her husband Ramsey). They built this old girl and rained love on the interior and the garden.We are the second only owners of their much loved and cherished house. I feel I owe it to the original Mabel to honour her name with a set of Mabel sheets. Sleeping easy just like Mabel would have for all those years.

  233. I would love to win these. As I am so addicted to ‘linen’ these would go perfectly on my bed. I will be turning 50 in November and I know I won’t get these sheets as I have one hubby and two boys (21 and 17) and sheets are something to go on the bed and who cares if they match. So please pick me.

  234. Oh Mabel, get onto my bed. Pronto.

  235. Elizabeth Raymond says

    My greatest ambition in life is to have clean sheets every night!

    I love sheets and bed linen. My dream job is to be a mattress tester.

    The Elizabeth Olive sheet set is just gorgeous. I would love to win a lovely set of organic cotton sheets.

  236. Other than the fact that they are GORGEOUS!! I seriously have 1 set of sheets for my bed (king size sheets are expensive and I NEVER get to the shops to shop for things for me due to 2 whiney littles!) After number 1 son spewed all over my side of the bed yesterday, due to a nasty gastro bug, I had to do a quick wash and dryer dry of both my fitted sheet and mattress protector and when I put it back on I noticed the fitted sheet is so worn that I CAN SEE THE WHITE OF THE MATTRESS PROTECTOR THROUGH THE SHEET! That! is how badly I need a new set of lovely Oh Mabel! sheets πŸ˜‰ Haha!

  237. Danielle Craig says

    I would love love, love, to win these sheets… Just because it’s nice to have something nice for yourself sometimes. If the house is looking good & under control, then I am feeling happy & in control… a well ordered house, and fancy clean sheets for clean sheet day is my idea of heaven!

  238. Susan Butterworth says

    Oh Lordy what stunning sheets!
    Why do I need them?
    Because my baby won’t sleep.
    Cheerful sheets would brighten my mood
    With the cheerful yellow joy they exude
    All our other sheets are white dreary
    What a joy it would be to have sheets so cheery!
    Not to mention their matching bag
    To keep one’s linen closet looking tidy and glad πŸ™‚

    Thanks Beth, awesome giveaway x

  239. L O V E clean sheet gimme
    Oh marvellous Mabel
    Who wouldn’t want a set of these
    I’d dream bigger, better & brighter

  240. Like everyone else I’m in it to win it! I feel like a total slack ass, as I have read your blog for about 2 years & not said ‘boop’ to you – as my grandma used to say. And now here I am throwing my hands up for a sheet freebie – well that’s the power of a decent sheet! Love what you do, rock on lady!

  241. Oh thankyou Beth! I would love to own some oh mabel sheets and promise that I would fold them “properly” as you showed me,
    on the telly. Not that these beautiful sheets would spend anytime folded in a cupboard! xxx

  242. jovena watson says

    I’d love some to pretty up my bed because it currently resembles a hospital bed. Stiff, boring and white! No further comment. πŸ˜‰

  243. Loved Oh Mabel since her beautiful black and white print, she just keeps getting better! I’d love to win this as my husband sees new bed linen as a once every 10 years occurrence and whenever I purchase anything new its always “didn’t we just buy that last year”, no hun, it was 5 years ago. If I win this I avoid that face! πŸ™‚

  244. Cathy Harding says

    I need new sheets because my puppy has chewed holes in all of my sheets! I have finally cured him of this so now is time to replace my sheets!!!!! They look so pretty and would be just the thing to pick me up as I deal with a chronic liver condition that has me in bed lots of the time.

  245. ooooh divine, pick me and I’ll snuggle those babies real good

  246. Wendy Bartleman says

    Oh Beth! These look so beautiful! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a gorgeous set of pinwheel sheets, the colour and pattern is just divine! We have finally up graded to a king bed here and I have 2 rather crappy sets of sheets that fit! Whoever wins is going to think of you every time they go to bed! LOL! xxxxx

  247. Heather cole says

    I’d so love to have these sheets on my bed when my two beautiful girls come into my bed for ‘Sunday snuggle time’. My favourite day of the week and my little ladies love beautiful things πŸ™‚

  248. Oh I love the Alexander Brady sheets! They are so gorgeous! I’d love them as they remind me of my dear old Dad who at the ripe old age of 84 wears PJs and carries hankies with this coloured pattern. He is always willing to let me have his hankie when I need it and these sheets with such good quality would be lovely to remember him by when he has passed and the sheets are still being used for many years to come in the future.

  249. Ever since you showed your top recommendations for online linen shopping, I have been lusting over Oh Mabel sheets. It’s been on the ‘one day’ list for ages!
    Also- I put sheets straight on the bed new- I don’t wash them- is that naughty?

  250. I need them that’s it! πŸ˜‰

  251. Mabel sheets are devine! I guess that after using hand me down sheets from my Mum for the last 10 years it’s time we grew up and felt the pleasure of real sheets, brand new real sheets!! I think this will steer me in the right direction to really glam up our bed space. Instead of it always being last on that loooong list of ‘to do’s’! Thanks for the chance β™₯

  252. Oh! Oh! Oh! New sheets!
    We are about to move to a new old house, with red carpet. RED carpet! New sheets would help me not notice any such red carpet, because I would be busy looking at new sheets! And they must be good, if you are going to such lengths to help someone else enjoy new sheets.
    Thank you Beth!

  253. Elita Hooper says

    Ohhh clean and new sheets can not beat them. I love the zigzag ones they are amazing to add some zest to my bed….might even improve the love life.


    ^^ As you can see I’m just getting adventurous with the whole print clashing thing in the lounge room and I think it’s high time I painted my whole house with prints and colour and clashes that compliment. Please don’t fall off your chair but I have latte coloured pillow cases on the bottom and a lilac fitted sheet – that’s just lazy not classy clashing! xx

  255. Because MY CHILDREN have gorgeous matching sheets and doona covers and WE have scuzzy old ones that havent been replaced for years. Nuff said.

  256. Oh!!! I would love a set of those pinwheel sheets. We are down to one set – damn puppy had fun playing tug of war with our spare set while they were on the clothes line this week. (Lucky he’s cute!!)

    Thanks for the chance to win and for being so generous!!

  257. Al Callaghan says

    Oh, clean sheet nights, toasted sandwiches, showers, hot chocolate – the people who invented these are among my heros. Oh Mabel, what beautiful sheets.

  258. Connie Rockliff says

    I would love, love, love to win some Oh Mabel sheets, they look amazing and I bet they also feel amazing.

  259. Ok so your Anne cake# has made my “bones” weigh a little more so now I need to rest my weary bones In oh Mabel’s Annie’s Fields.

    # full disclosure it may have been more than the cake that added some comfort to my rear!

  260. My husband just ripped a hole in a set of sheets we own and we are gonna have our 2nd child in Jan so I’m need of something that’s industrial strength with a nice pattern that would camouflage baby vomit…… No offense target but I’d prefer if the next set of sheets were not from there as per usual.

  261. Belinda Baines says

    How to choose, so many lovely comments! I would love to win them for my sister who is going through a shitty IVF struggle and not many things are making her smile as much as they used too. We love reading your blog and calling you our ‘highlands friend!’. I know sheets like these would make her smile and lift her spirits xxxx

  262. Ooh, I so need an excuse to clean out that linen cupboard and make way for some quality linens! I love the way you make a mish mash of patterns look so good, I’m visualising a mood board as we speak!

  263. Puh-lease pick me! These sheets are not worthy of boy germs – I’m a single mum so these Oh Mabel beauties will remain pristine as they should be!!!!

  264. Ahhhh-mazing linen! Love love love these πŸ™‚
    Currently have our 9mth old bunking in with me as she’s decided that sleeping in her cot is not the done thing so poor hubby has been relegated to the spare bed πŸ™ so these would be an extra motivation to get bub back in her cot and hubby back in my bed πŸ˜‰

  265. Oh Mabel…you sexy sheets!
    Take me to bed or lose me forever…
    Show them the way to my home BabyMac!!!

  266. Yay! What an awesome giveaway πŸ™‚

    I’d love to win because my husband (after 13 years in a crap job that made him miserable) got a new job today. Yay! We will have less money to get by with but he will be happy so all will be fabulous! Yellow happy pinwheel celebration sheets sound like a perfect congrats to me. Help me say congrats?
    Fingers crossed xx

  267. Oh Mabel, oh Beth! I could have a mini sanctuary to escape my soon to be building site house. No kitchen, laundry, or living area for 10 weeks. 3 kids, I’ll need an escape πŸ™‚ Such a generous giveaway, love that “pay it forward” attitude, great philosophy.

  268. Dear Beth/Gifter of sheets,
    In the last few weeks I have discarded two sets of sheets that became thread BARE and went to holes. With two kids in the house (and my bed most mornings) new sheets are a luxury! I would be a very lucky duck to score some new sheets πŸ™‚

  269. In the last 3 years we have had twins, renovated two houses and I have gone back to work 4 days a week. I will do these sheets justice by spending as much time as possible in them. Preferably with a topper!! Great competition, thanks.

  270. Michelle Sequeira says

    You are a kind, generous woman! A sign of my growing maturity is that I now drool over (figuratively speaking) glorious manchester like Oh Mabel sheets rather than a pair of shoes! I can imagine my babes and I curled up in those sunshiny pinwheels!

  271. Kate chamberlain says

    Oh my those sheets are delightful! I would love to win the “pinwheels”. Yellow is my most favourite colour of all and waking up with them on the bed would most definitely mean starting the day with a smile

  272. Still using my old Holly Hobbie Sheets, help!

  273. I really NEED these Oh Mabel sheets!!!! Like really, really, REALLY need them!!!!

  274. Danya Breman says

    Beth Beth Beth how much do I NEED those beauties?? We recently, after 20 or so years upgraded to the big King and oh it’s dreamy. I may love it more than chocolate. But alack alas the budget has stretched to one set of new sheets and one doona cover and I’m over them! These sheets are divine and I want them! That’s all there is – pure want want want πŸ™‚

  275. My sheets are so old and sandpapery they exfoliate when you roll over. Whilst its a time saver, would love new sheets.

  276. HOLY SHEET!!!!
    I have been dreaming of Oh Mabel sheets since I first laid eyes on them…love at first sight!
    Trying to work out how to fit them into my nursing budget…I soften the blow of working night duty by sliding into clean sheets. These would settle my weary head and legs after caring for other peoples loved ones during the night.

  277. Sophie Brettell says

    My sister and I have spent the last six years trying to find a set of sheets as perfect as the minty apple green with pink pin stripe set she had for years. The Elizabeth Olive sheets might almost cut it as a replacement for her next birthday.

  278. My sheets are so old and sandpapery they exfoliate as you roll over. Whilst a time saver timer could do with some new ones.

  279. Marriage breakup. Need. A. Fresh. Start. Sleeping on new sheets, that are all mine is a step in the right direction.

    That, and I’m surrounded by penises (3 sons) so not a whole lot of pretty in my home. Need. Pretty.

    x C

  280. I would love a set of sheets because my dull and dark bedroom could really use a bit of brightening up

  281. Beth these sheets are divine! I do admire your bed making skills and bright colored printed linen choices, what a fab giveaway to our readers. I would love to update my plain white sheets, to a bright set. How pretty would they look on the bed and hanging out to dry too?

  282. These sheets are absolutely gorgeous! I’d love a set to spruce up my room and get it all “springy”!

  283. I would like to enter for my friend A. She and her little girl went overseas to see family and when she returned, her husband had left with another woman and took all of their belongings which have not been recovered. She has no money, no family in Australia and has only just received a centrelink payment. Yesterday, she finally got some community housing but has only one set of sheets my mum bought her. I think it would be nice for her to win some posh sheets for she and her little girl. ☺️

  284. As much as I would LOVE to have a set of these little rays of pinwheel sunshine on my bed, I’d send them on to Eden as a #fucktober gift. If anyone deserves to wake up to a little comfort and sunshine she does…

  285. Renee Samoluk says

    We have an 8 month old daughter named Mabel. Cutest.Bubba.Ever. We think her name is awesome, our family and friends are only just coming around! Our darling Mabel will be one of those kids who’ll NEVER find her name on any personalised items. It would be pretty cool to win a set of Oh Mabel sheets, not only cause they’re great quality, but because they share the same name as our cutie, giving her more street cred in the name stakes πŸ™‚

  286. My goodness those Pinwheels are pretty!

    I’m a huge fan of Fresh Sheet Friday, the only thing better than sliding into the fresh sheets first, before a husband or a restless toddler can experience it first, is when the sheets are NEW and PRETTY!

    I’m also fond of Fresh Sheet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but I do especially like the alliterative effect of Friday Sheet Friday.

  287. oh to be wrapped in such finery! surely to find all woes melted away…

  288. Oh how nice! I like the alexander clyde sheets! Thanks for the opportunity.

    [email protected]

  289. Hi Beth,
    Very generous offer from you for one lucky person. I would love a set of sheets although I have a king bed so you may want to choose someone with a queen

  290. Spine tingling beautiful sheets. They really do,bring a smile to your face. Oh Mabel is so talented. Dreaming here…..

  291. I’m typing my entry in bed and, i kid you not, i just put my foot through the top sheet. I’m taking it as a sign …

  292. Because I own two sets . One is white flanno one is white cotton. I’m not even joking …. sad I know.

  293. I need me some o dem Oh Mabel sheets !!!!!! Pretty please!!!!!!

  294. Billie Willis says

    Dear lovely generous Beth,

    My bed is never made
    These sheets would get my husband laid
    You are way to kind
    Oh Mabel is such a FIND!

    Xx Billie Willis

  295. Ok I’m not going to lie…. Hanging washing on the line is my most hated chore of all times and I’m a little time poor and really don’t wash my sheets as often as I should or would like. It’s kind of an ‘Ok the sheets smell so time to change them’ kind of relationship. I spent a ridiculous amount of money on the most amazing mattress and my husband nearly fell over until he slept on the magic cloud! Of course it’s even more amazing where there are fresh crisp sheets on there…. I’m thinking these gorgeous sheets are what I need to be so excited to wash them every week cause they look just so pretty;)

  296. Nicole Roberts says

    Clean sheets (organic cotton no less), clean shaven legs, clean hair and clean pyjamas, all in one day. Nothing quite like it! Oh Mabel!!!

  297. Oh dear Maaabbellll! These soft, crisp luscious sheets are beautiful! My favourites are def the yellow pin wheels. Love to brighten our room with these x

  298. Kellie Collett says

    Ok….well, I JUST WANT THEM. Keeping it plain and simple I know but I do. I would adore, cherish a Queen pinwheel set in a soft blue or even black or red or what the hell, I’d take any.

    I’m a newly single mum of 3 precious poppet little girls and I want something for me. I am a clean freak (aka cleaning nazi) and no matter what life throws at me I continue to take pride in my home, my cleaning routine (!!!) and ensuring clean sheet day happens every single week for me and my girls in our new little home together.

    Good luck BabyMac Beth picking a winner…just saying I want them won’t take me across the line but I’m honest at least. Love your style xxx

  299. Currently camping in Kakadu sleeping in a swag. Break from the fam (lucky me!) and five months of Reno hell. Painting awaits on my return in two days, no kitchen (still) and only respite is the bedroom. Oh Mabel give me strength to finish! Gorgeous clean sheets at night one luxury that can be had!

  300. Oh so pretty but oh so out of my price range! Beautiful sheets, Annie’s Fields would have to be my favourite. Need new sheets desperately and know these would be just what I need on my dodgy old bed. Thanks for the opportunity to own these beauties.

  301. Just read Mrs Woog’s piece about paying it forward, your gift to Eden and now this…. It is like a perfect circle in my head and heart. I would love to win those sheets for a dear friend who is doing it tough (like really tough – taking it day by day tough). She seriously thinks she is not worthy of good things. I’ve been inspired by your fucktober plan for Eden and I am doing my own version for this special girl so the gift of some really special sheets fits my plan perfectly. Thanks for the inspiration and for the chance to advance my cause.

  302. Oh Beth…

    Here is what I would like you to do.

    Take those perfect sheets out of the packet. Wash them and hang them happily in the sun to dry… stay with me.

    Then I would like you to get in the car and drive to Eden’s house and make her bed like only you can (on the TOPPER).

    Tell her to wrap herself in these gorgeous sheets and know that ALL OF THE PEOPLE are sending her love. Oh and while you are there can you squish her for me please?


    Belinda xx

  303. I must have these sheets!! They are the most divine pieces of fabric I have ever seen.

  304. My sheets are 50 Shades of Beige.

    Like their owner, some are beginning to fray at the edges, and others have wrinkles I can’t iron out.

    The Mabel sheets are so colourful and fun. Plus if they wrinkle, it just adds to their charm.

  305. Oh, swoon. Double swoon. When we got a golden retriever, we knew that the breed were prone to ‘chewiness’. Two years on, I’ve gotten to the point of just tucking in the bits the dog has chewed and pretending they don’t exist He’s growing out of his puppy-ness though, which means less chewing, which means nicer sheets for me! Woohoo!

  306. For 14 years I have had to sleep on only white sheets as he who owns remote control also seems to determine sheet colour. Now if I won some sheets as beautiful as these how could I not use them! Perfect solution.

  307. Oh so pretty but oh so out of my price range! Beautiful sheets, Annie’s Fields would have to be my favourite. Need new sheets desperately and know these would be just what I need on my dodgy old bed. Thanks for the opportunity to own these beauties.

  308. Debbie Englefield says

    Im on a quest for.the worlds comfiest sheets. So far im voting Sheridan.. I.would love toebe proven wrong tho. .. fuck did I just say that I wanted to be proven wrong? That in itself is oh so wrong!!! I never feel that I have had enough time between my sheets so when I am there it needs to be soft and full of clean sheet crispness… I want to roll around proclaiming OH MABEL x

  309. Nicky McInnes says

    Beth, we’ve been renovating our house since January. In my world of renovating yucky-ness it would be lovely to climb into bed with a bit of lovely-ness at the end of the day.

  310. I thought I was jealous of your Whitsunday trip with Styling You…… Well I was! But these beautiful sheets seem far more ‘achievable’ for me to have – especially when you are giving them to me πŸ˜‰

  311. HOLY SHEET!
    When I first came across Oh Mabel Sheets it was love at first sight!
    As a nurse I love sliding into clean sheets after working night shifts. These would be gorgeous to relax into with my weary head and body after caring for others peoples loved ones.
    Thank you Beth!

  312. If I win, I’ll be giving my prize to a fantastic couple, my Mum and Dad. Dad’s now in remission from Hodgkinsons Lymphoma and my parent bought a new bed to celebrate ( and get rid of the chemo smell I think!). They can’t afford to buy beautiful Oh Mabel sheets, and either can I at the moment, but I know they would appreciate the soft organic cotton and sleep peaceful, cancer free dreams. πŸ™‚ Thanks for this opportunity Beth.

  313. I’ve finally reclaimed my bed with the eviction of my son who has slept with us for 8 years! 8 years! I thought that midnight lurking, flailing, sweaty little body would be there forever! But, just like other parenting nightmares it ended…just like that. I’d love these sheets to put on my bed as a symbol of moving forward in the fun game that is parenting!

  314. Lucretia Stewart says


    Alexander Clyde
    Blue mint
    Elizabeth Olive

  315. Brooke Harvey says

    My 11 week old likes for my sheets to be covered in poo and spew. I’m thinking she will see the value in a pretty pinwheel instead if I’m lucky enough to have you gift these beauties to me!

  316. Dear Beth,
    Those sheets are just divine! I would love a set of these to be gifted to Eden.
    Thank you for your kindness and generosity Beth, you have a beautiful soul!

  317. I worked for a linen store for many years and absolutely love good linen. When I met my hubby he did not have good linen…..yucky pilling sheets made af pure polyester…..bloody hideous. My clean sheet day is Mondays and I love nothing more than crawling in after a hot shower. My beloved mum used to say….when I’m rich I’m going to have clean sheets everyday!!!!
    Whilst I would love some Oh Mabel sheets I would love more for my best friend to win them. She is a hardworking solo mum, she never complains, is a fantastic woman, friend and mum. She is an inspiration to me as a mum. And I think she would jump for joy if she won these.
    Thanks Beth for your generosity πŸ™‚

  318. Oh Beth! Oh Mabel! Oh Joy!

  319. “Oh Mabel!” This has been said more times in my house in the last (nearly) 8 years than I care to imagine! Yes, my older daughter’s name is Mabel and believe me she is the child that incites me to utter this many times a day…. that said she is – like these sheets! – amazing, quirky, soft, divine and beautiful. She also often asks why we called her a name that she can never find anywhere on anything…I can only imagine the joy in her face when she sees that these sheets are by “Oh Mabel”!

  320. I’m not sure I can compete with anyone else so just going to say thanks for bringing them to my attention and start saving for a pair. My room is a blank beige canvas right now and screaming out for colour, I kinda want you to come and style it for me I love your bedding. Thanks.

  321. Julie Hollis says

    I am soon to be a mother of 4! Due to have twins (babies #3 & #4) within the next 6 weeks. Clean oh Mabel sheet day would brighten up any lack of sleep or energy challenges I will be confronted with and make me rest. I love these sheets I have one pair and if I could I would have more!

  322. CHEERS to clean sheet day! And a big cheers to you for your generosity Beth!
    I love the Pinwheels ones like yours or the Elizabeth Olive collection. Such beautiful sheets. And with our house-build underway, new sheets will be a MUST πŸ˜‰

  323. Erin Gardiner says

    I adore oh Mabel linen. I already own 2 x sets from a few seasons ago but since the arrival of our gorgeous daughter funds have been tight I haven’t been able to satisfy my oh Mabel addiction. They make you feel like one small part of your life is beautiful, luxurious and perfect even if everything else is falling down around your ears. I would be over the moon to have a new set of oh Mabel in my life.

  324. I always say the height of luxury would be clean linen everyday with the smell of basil in the air all year round and piles of square fresh white bread to wipe my bum on. Well, let’s face it, it’s not much good for anything else! The bread I mean!
    Oh my goodness!! Can you imagine!?

    Mabel sheets are Devine, especially the yellow patterned ones. It’s so hard to find yellow sheets. Believe me, I’ve tried for ages.
    Think I’ll pop over to Mabel now and crack out the credit card.

  325. Lovely gesture Beth, very generous.
    I would love a set of ‘oh mabel’ sheets as I am updating my girls rooms and if I had one free set I could then justify buying a second set so they both get new sheets. They are pricey, but great quality and oh so pretty and two for the price of one would make it totally justifiable, right? πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for the chance.

  326. Remember those sunny mornings when mum would hang out the sheets? The smell of freshly laundered cotton dancing in the breeze on the old clothesline. I can remember running through the sheets and letting the fresh fabric stroke my face ever so slowly as I ran through them. Soft, fresh, still slightly damp but refreshing on your warm cheeks. Mabel sheets give me that feeling, vision and memory again. The memory of simple days and no expectations of your day. Just breathing in the moment of freshly washed sheets and having mum right beside you, nothing else needed.

    Annie’s Fields design take me right back to that moment…xx

  327. Look, I’m going to throw my hat into the ring here, because you’ve got to be in it to win it, right? But my chances are between buckleys and none I’d say.

    Nevertheless, Annie’s Field would be my choice. Just gorgeous!

    Thanks for a wonderful opportunity, Beth! You’re top(per)s!!

  328. Ah this is the only way I’m ever going to own Mabel Ave sheets. So lovely!!! The yellow pinwheels are my favourites.

  329. Wow, a lot of people really like sheets!
    There is nothing like climbing into a freshly made bed (and pretty sheets don’t hurt either!)

  330. Shazziebazzie says

    I would love some Beth. Because pretty and organic. Am in love with Annie’s Fields. Reminiscent of childhood, something special about them πŸ™‚

  331. Tea Queen (Sarita) says

    Macdonnydoo, I am fond of a roll around in the sheets and have just started a divine new relationship… So this little treat would go nicely during this honeymoon period where every moment (waking or otherwise) is spent in bed soaking up the mutual appreciation we have for each other.

  332. I would love to win these beautiful sheets…as I am exhausted…I just found your blog this month…and have just finished reading all your posts…all 8 years of them! …I feel I know you pretty well now πŸ˜‰

  333. After nearly three years of sleeping on a single bed mattrress on the floor, we are just about to move into a new home and I am just about to buy a new queen size bed! When thinking of all the things to look forward to in our new home for me and my two youngest children, it is a big comfortable bed with the prettiest of Mabel linen……..

  334. I love that feeling of crisp clean spankin’ new sheets on the bed!

  335. My husband has the best nights sleep, when I change the sheets.. He loves cool and crisp. He works so hard, 7 days…just so I can be what I want “A stay at home Mom” If I could… I would change the sheets every day.

  336. Wow, I had to do a lot of scrolling just now! Aren’t you a generous and happy soul? πŸ™‚

    Why do I some Oh Mabel sheets? Because I have three sets of sheets for my bed.
    One cream.
    One blue-green.
    One cream flannel.

    Clearly I need all the help I can get in the linen department! Please, bring some charm and beauty to my bedroom.

  337. Wow for the trip down memory lane, the colours and patters remind me of the sheets, pillow and quilt covers my now late Gran used to make on her machine when I was little.

  338. To put the ‘Oh Wow’ factor back into our boring boudoir, they say a change is as good as a holiday and goodness knows we need that here.

  339. My friend just bought a set of Oh Mabel Yellow Pinwheels and they are divine! I am now lusting after a set for myself! GORGEOUS. ☺

  340. Alix Kennedy says

    Such a lovely opportunity to share the love for an amazing little business that brings love and sunshine to beautiful bedrooms everywhere. I would absolutely love to receive a surprise package of Oh Mabel linen goodness in the post simply because they all look so delicious. I have a little Oh Mabel savings plan going on for that special “Christmas present for myself” thing and it would be so exciting to get an early Christmas gift. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Mmmmm that fresh sheet feeling – so good!!!

  341. My grandma would be looking down and smiling at me now! Oh Mabel being her name and she was a home made kinda gal who made her own sheets for us as bubs!

  342. Oh Mabel, you’re so fine
    You’re so fine, you blow my mind
    Oh Mabel

  343. With 3 boys and a hubby I need some pretty girly stuff for me! Would love a set of these sheets.

  344. My choice is Ziggy Zaggy
    Super cool
    And far from daggy
    So if I won
    I could totes be braggy!

  345. As a single chick the only way I’m getting spoilt in bed is by Marvellous Amazing Beautiful Excellent Lovely new sheets!!!

  346. I love reading your blog but must be honest rarely comment (some crap within me that fears social media rejection but I’m endevouring to change πŸ™‚ but the chance of free sheets I have to give it a go. Pregnant with bub # 4 & would love to come home from hospital with bub & these gorgeous new girls on my bed ! They look AMAZING !!

  347. Yes, I drink too much wine
    Yes, I’m a bitch most of the time
    And yes, I feel, those sheets should be mine πŸ˜‰

    Ha!! xx

  348. Beth! These sheets are so beautiful and mine are so ugly!

  349. ‘Cause on maintenance Monday, I washed the sheets and looked out to see my 4yo & 2yo little treasures PAINTING them whilst they hung on the line. YES! Painting my much anticipated freakin’ fresh sheets. Gahhhhhhhh! (Insert beserk thrashing about as I ripped them off the line to re-wash them) so I would treasure lovely, new, sparkly pinwheel sheets thank you!

  350. Love the Elizabeth Olive sheet set.
    I would feel like I was living in Little House on the Praire and my husband would get more sex ’cause the sheets would feel smooth and swishy like hotel sheets (was that too much information?)

  351. Sophie demeere says

    Those sheets are gorgeous and I hope you pick me!!!!

  352. Pick me, pick me!!!! My two kiddies are now 4 & 6 and for the most part have EVACUATED mine and hubbies bed. That means that after 6 YEARS worth of child poo, spew and wee on the bed the likelihood is, that the sheets will stay AWESOME for some time.

  353. This. Is. The. Best. How great are you? Giving away little bits of fabulousness, so generous! I love linen but have not yet gone the patterned stuff (I know, boring), but I’m ready!!

  354. Wonderful crisp sheets what better way to end the day. I would love a set of these to enjoy all night… And all day.

  355. On the side of a hill, deep in a forested valley in Canada, lives my dear friend Maggie. She is weeks away from giving birth to her first child and beginning to nestle into expectation, even though she and her husband will be welcoming their wee one into a caravan. The house that they have been building on the side of this hill, has roof and walls but is not quite ready to be moved into. Soon, but not yet. And so they nest into their caravan and dream of their baby and their house and the home that they will create in this next chapter of life.

    They’re good folk. Making choices with intention and heart. From choosing what kind of materials to use in their house, to employment that feels more meaningful despite being lower paid. Fiscal matters become less important than life values.

    I envy them. I admire them. I would love to send them a gift of enduring quality and beauty to bless this new phase of life.

  356. Would desperatley love some sheets to go with my super awesome oh mabel cowper street doona!

  357. Amanda Gorton says

    What an arty, tasteful collection! I love the Elizabeth Olive design, the French vintage theme fits ideally with my dream bedroom decor and this would provide the perfect start to beginning a spring bedroom makeover. (Currently my design theme is like oil and water – nothing mixes!)

  358. They are pretty special sheets by the looks. We sleep on a rotation of plain white or grey in cotton. Love the yellow pinwheel print. The ziggy zaggy black chevron quilt looks very comfy too.

  359. Tamsin Busby says

    O is for Original
    H is for Happy

    M is for Modern
    A is for Awesome
    B is for Beautiful
    E is for Exciting
    L is for Love

    Best. Sheets. Ever.!
    Thankyou xt

  360. Oh Mabel! I’m I’m love! Yellow pinwheels, sunshine on my bed. Thanks Beth for such an amazing giveaway : )

  361. Oh my, how generous! I just love these patterned sheets – everytime I see them, everything in me screams I must have them. The bright, happy, sunny and smiling colour is just too hard to resist. They would fit perfectly with my quilted patterned spread, which is one of my prized possessions.
    Our nearly 1 year old daughter is having issues sleeping at the moment, so all the snooze time I can get is so treasured! It would feel like luxury between these gorgeous peices of soft cushioning.
    Just divine!

  362. I need cheerful new sheets to match the cheer of Spring after a very long, snotty filled, naughty winter! With my husband back studying we’re living on zilch budget, and I don’t wanna have to resort to buying sheets from the likes of Kmart (no offense die hard Kmart-ers). They’re just not the heavenly luxury of these beauties!

  363. Nothing screams stay in bed than new sheets! These are so bright and cheerful they would change the whole feel of my bedroom, love them!

  364. I would so love some soft, sunny new sheets, my 15 yr old bed is falling apart, it has a $9 Woollies sheet, dont sleep much due to a chronic pain condition but spend lots of time in bed. 8 kids, 2 dogs and a crap income I love the decor on Babymac and with these sheets I could have my own tiny peace of heaven. Xx

  365. Eliza Whalley says

    These sheets are heavenly. Currently sleeping with some very, very old sheets and doona cover (oh, and with lovely husband) and we have been saying for months that we need to rectify the awful sheet situation. With a toddler and pre-schooler, we just don’t get to it with all the other stuff that we need to spend money on (nothing important, just food, water, electricity etc, etc). These would be divine Babymac and give us just the pep up that we need at the moment x.

  366. Oh Beth, I would love these gorgeous sheets. I believe it would make sharing my bed with my nocturnal four year old so much more comfortable!

  367. Hi Beth, I love those sheets and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the sheets as I my divorce can through last month :(( and I’m trying to make my new home comfy and girly for my daughter and I. These sheets would be a nice luxury for my bed. Thanks for running this comp Beth, very generous of you xx

  368. Divine sheets like these might help me lift my game when it comes to changing the sheets. And my game obviously needs lifting considering my 3 year old recently asked me, upon finding me stripping our bed, “What are you doing Mummy? Did Daddy do a wee in your bed?”

  369. Michelle Ryan says

    Just because they’re gorgeous? And I’d love them? There is nothing better than clean sheet day. x

  370. Oh Mable i’m in with a chance of winning something for the first time in my life!? I’m pregnant and spend the night a tossing and a turning – anything to make my bed and sleep time more inviting would be awesome – these sheets ooze Springtime – I’d never want to leave my bed and i’d hang them out on the line to get that fresh Spring smell on them πŸ™‚

  371. Ohh…these looks divine…DIVINE I tell you. Because right now, I am bed ridden with a cold/flu from hell, two children under 4 and a husband who left for a business trip overseas for four weeks…AND because I’m dosed up on cold flu tablets there is nooooo G&Ts for me. You know the pleasure and joy of new sheets…hmmm….new sheets. This would put a much needed smile on my dial.

  372. Sarah Byrnes says

    Living with hand me down sheets from my parents, I would love to have a new set.

  373. Gorgeous! I would love these sheets as we only have two queen size sheets on rotation and with recent rains, and a 4yo, midnight waker/bed wetter, we have resorted to two kids single bed sheets on our bed! My husband gets the vintage cars, I get the bmx rally! I figure, at the very least, they keep me in touch with my childhood Nicole Kidman “Powder Puff” BMX Bandits obsession.

  374. Life’s too short to read all of these messages. Why don’t we just send them to Eden!

  375. I don’t remember the last time I went out to buy new sheets. I’d love to win new one’s as my partners side of the bed now has a icky sweat stain, just looking at it drives me insane. Please new sheets would be oh so sweet πŸ˜€

  376. I love that these sheets are not gender specific and would look great in any type of room. So bright and crisp.

  377. Oh Mabel sheets have a warmth that goes beyond their thread count. With an aesthetic charm and homely designs, I’d do anything to make these sheets mine.

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