#fucktober for Eden

Do you know my friend Eden? Even if you don’t “know” KNOW her, you may know her from her blog. Kind of like how you ‘know’ me even though we have never met. And you know what? You DO know someone from reading their blog. Especially when you pour everything into your blog. Your secrets. Your confessions. Your dirty shames. Your heart breaking grief. Your simple moments of joy and happiness. Your frustrations. And Eden does all that. When she writes, and you see a new post is up you put down everything and you READ it. You hold your breath and you keep it that way till you are done. You wipe the tears. You have to close it down to come back to it later because it’s too much. You laugh. You shake your head wondering how someone can so something SO silly. It’s a gift to us all.

She has had a REALLY shitty year. Since the 1st October last year, she has had a shit year. Actually, it would appear she has had more than just a year. A lifetime it seems. How is it that someone can endure so much? Dead dads and step dad’s. Husbands with cancer. Addiction. Depression. Dead brothers. Suicide. It reads like a bad autobiography.

But this isn’t about feeling sorry for “poor Eden”. Oh no. That bitch may well just be the strongest woman I have ever met in my life. I met her over 4 years ago now, at a Digital Parents meet up in Glebe in 2010. I had an 8 month old baby, was about to move to the country and was desperately seeking out my online friends and community to make the move to the unknown all the easier. She had spunk. And a certain edge. I KNEW I wanted to be her friend right there and then, and lucky for me, we still are all these years later.

This woman is the only person to make me laugh like this.


She gets me. We get each other. And our correspondence by text, or email, or comments on a blog or by video or mail are some of the best things that can happen in a normal mundane daily grindstone week. I’ll send her pictures when I am out and drunk like this, with something poetic and meaningful that I have come up with, and she politely listens to me and agrees.


I’ll send her toppers in the mail because toppers make EVERYTHING better, even the pit of grief and I’ll get pictures like this back. See? How can anyone’s Tuesday not be good with things like this in it?


Just last night I was texting her because I wanted to check in on her. Even though she is fine, she is not fine. How can you be fine when your beloved baby brother is STILL dead all these months later?! I tried to tell her that she WILL get through this, and she will. Like when you are in labour and it’s all SO SHITTY and everything is hurting and awful and never ending what she is going through now – some of the letting go of her grief, letting her brother finally go, it’s like a crowning head out of your vagina when you are giving birth. It’s raw and awful but SURELY it will get better. It must! My optimistic view of the world tells me it just MUST. She is dreading October. It’s stupid dates and it’s milestones. Birthdays. Deathdays.

Eden beats herself up about her addictions. She shouldn’t. She is no different to you or I except I might like to drink a crisp Sancerre or some socially “acceptable” drugs instead of shooting up. Every day we are all just getting on, doing our best trying to be adults in a sometimes shitty life. We may be the odd couple – how can someone who likes soft furnishings be friends with someone so REAL and how can she even STAND me? But we do. We stand each other. And it’s one of the best friendships that I have. A privilege.

So here’s the thing. I need your help. I need you to make October better for her because: FUCK OCTOBER EDEN. I keep saying this in messages to her. Fuck October! It’s just another date. Another month. Those days that she is dreading she has lived through them all 41 time before, she can do them again. She has already gone past the day that we ourselves will die, our parents, our loved ones, we just don’t know it yet. Thank goodness. They are just stupid dates.

If anyone is keen to participate, can you send Eden something in October? Doesn’t matter what it is – a card. A note. A story. Something funny. A gift! Something throughout the days of October that might just for 34 seconds distract her from the fact that it’s October?

Send them to:

Eden Riley #fucktober
PO Box 20
Katoomba NSW 2780

I’m not soΒ naive as to think that this will make things better for Eden, October will still be revolting and awful, and I am not making Eden a project that I can ‘fix’ but it might bring an unexpected smile on a bad day. A reminder that people, and this world we live in can be a great place. And that’s SOMETHING. It just is.

Do you have an unexpected friendship?
Someone that makes you laugh till you wet your pants?
And if someone knows Bono can you arrange for him to send her something? Thanks.


  1. Beautiful Beth, you and your idea. Love it.

  2. You are a good egg Beth! Eden is a good egg too. Love this & will do. Thanks for giving me a way to help.. D xx

  3. I’m in. I’m so in. I’m crying on my sofa. And writing a list.

    Love love love this. I’m lucky to have met both of you kickarse women xx

  4. What a lovely friend you are and what a great idea x count me in x

  5. I have a special affinity to Eden because are stories, althought very, very different are very, very same. Same Same Different. I’m at the post office right now (not RIGHT now because its 7.30am but by the time you read this I will be). I have a load of cool shit to send that legend. #fucktober
    T xx

  6. You are effing brilliant and so is Eden. What a great idea. Nothing like being in wrapped in the warm hug of (hopefully) a few hundred people to make Fucktober suck a little bit less. You’re the best kind of friend. Will send something towards the end of the month in case it’s petering out by then. Love it.

  7. workingwomenaus says

    What a lovely idea Beth. We ALL need a friend who can make us laugh until we can’t catch our breath. I hope this makes her smile, even if it’s only for a few short seconds in this shitty month.

  8. This is a very kind thing to do. πŸ™‚ And not what I was expecting from Fucktober. (Having just put myself through Boregust – an entire month of not perving at men I may have a distorted perspective). Anyhow showing that you care is NEVER the wrong thing to do.

  9. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. You’re right, it won’t make everything better but hopefully it will add a smile or a laugh to an otherwise terrible time.

  10. Brilliant Beth! I’m in for sure #fucktober πŸ™‚

  11. Love this Beth. You’re a good egg.
    Will put my thinking cap on. x

  12. #fucktober indeed. xx

  13. Beth what an awesome friend you are – and I know you don’t think that. I had the pleasure of meeting Eden at PB for a mere 5 seconds but the smile she gave me made my heart soar. And I will tell her that in a card I’ll send her. Thank you for organising this. x

  14. β™‘β™‘β™‘ this idea, you are indeed “good people”

  15. Great idea Beth. I will totally be part of #fucktober for Eden. Her honest, raw blog posts are amazing and so inspiring. Strength of the gods that woman

  16. Oh you know I will!

  17. I’m so in! Eden gives so much through her writing. Wonderful idea from a great friend πŸ™‚

  18. Kate Chamberlain says

    #fucktober let’s do this xx
    You really are a good egg πŸ™‚

  19. What a great idea. And how fantastic to have such a kickarse friendship. #fucktober indeed!

  20. Yes yes yes Fuck October !!! What a great friend you are Beth, I am very privileged to have a few great friends myself who have seen me thru some awful shit ! Any hoo .. I will send Eden a treat in October and I hope at the end of October she can say “October .. What October!?! “

  21. Love this Beth. I’m in.

  22. Yeah I kind of feel like Bono & Apple should have snuck something extra special onto Eden’s iPhone for her. Love, love LOVE this idea. Xx (#fuckoctober and my fantasy about Apple & Bono giving Eden secret tracks). Maybe we should write to Bono & Eminem?

    • We should! How do you even DO that?

      • You find their agent. You send your blog post and a request for them to be involved. You get friends who know friends who know friends who know someone who works with them to mention it. You realise that we are all connected somehow. That it’s the connections that matter….the ones that are no longer here and the ones you havent made yet.

      • Recovering my Twitter password as we speak – maybe if enough of us tweet them we could get a bit of a hash tag and enough momentum going for them to at least tweet back or something?

    • Chelsea I love you for mentioning Bono and Apple! I keep waking up with a different new song in my head – yesterday was Song for Someone, today was Iris. You know Beth once told me she knew someone who knew someone who met someone who worked with Bono so she put a request in that Bono just ring me or email me, just like that. It hasn’t happened – YET – but, because of Beth, I now live in a world where there is a possibility that Bono may, at some point, email me. There’s like a 0.004 percent chance of that happening ISN’T THAT WONDERFUL! xxxx

  23. This is precious.

  24. I can’t tell you how much I love this idea! I’m in. So in.

  25. This is the best!!! I love it and I’m in. Thank you for sharing so honestly.

  26. You are one awesome bestie. I find Eden a fascinating human. I’m drawn in as I suspect you were/are. Let’s do this #fuckOctober

  27. Yes! Beth, what a fab idea! You are not only giving a great gift to your friend Eden, but also to us, the people who avidly read her words, her beautiful, raw and so well organised words. To give us a way to even think we might help is sooooo great. Thank you Beth, I will start looking for just the right thing. Love both your work xxoo.

  28. Too much awesome. You. Eden. The Idea. I’m in. #fucktober

  29. What a great idea. Will send something when I am in Syd.
    You are a good egg, Bev.

  30. Fuck Yes! I’m in. I know just what to send. You’re a good egg, Bethie. We all know that you’re more than soft furnishings and puppies.

  31. Love you both like crazy #fuckoctober

  32. Count me in ! Dead anyone sucks . Deathaversaries suck.
    Can we #fucktober bomb her Facebook and Instagram too ?

  33. I have a feeling she will be innundated. Nice thinking!

  34. What is it about October? It is shite for our family too with lots of deathdays. Yes I know they are only dates but still, doesn’t hurt any less some days. We have an ongoing family joke (that is a bit black) about only dying in October.

    That is a lovely thing to do Babymac. You’re a sweet girl.

  35. You lovely lovely friend x

  36. God love you Beth. My best mate and I always ask each other “how are we even friends” because we are the complete opposite to each other. You are just such a champ aren’t you. I am sure Eden needs people like you in her life…..there is a reason why people meet!

  37. Sharon Sweeny says

    What a lovely idea, I’m in. I read Eden but have never commented, her writing and her pain is so raw I just don’t know where to start. I’ll start here.

  38. She is quite something, I have written down the address and will definitely send her something in October. What a great mate you are.

  39. You know what, I kind go feel abit bad for the post office! There gunna be all WTF is this? Oh just another carton for #fucktober.

  40. I am so IN!!!

    Brilliant. Just brilliant.

  41. Hey Beth. I just looked over at the missus and she was all teary. I rolled my eyes and was like: ‘oh dear. What are you reading this time?’
    She told me and here I am a few minutes later telling you how inspired your post has made me feel. It’s so important to value great friendships – they don’t come along that often.

  42. Such a lovely idea Beth. I’m in!
    Eden, looks like you will need a bigger post box just for the month of #fucktober

  43. Fantastic idea, thank you for doing this.

    I know there are lots of people, like myself who have been reading Eden’s blog and wishing there was something we could do for her, but not knowing what.

    #fucktober sounds perfect!

  44. Oh my god. I just … cannot even. I’n floored AND SO FLAWED AND YOU KNOW THAT AND MAKE ME FEEL SO OK ABOUT IT.

    I woke up about ten minutes ago – 10am, by myself, after one of the hardest days in a lonnng time as you well know and then there’s this. That PHOTO.

    YOU. I remember thinking when I first met you at that very first bloggy get-together with other awesome bloggy weirdos – how sharp you were. Your wit! And intelligence! And I so badly wanted you too know I was cool too, you would totally like me too. And if you just had a blog about soft furnishings Beth – well then you would just have a blog about soft furnishings that’s ok even. But you don’t, you write real too, just blurt stuff out that a lot would hold back. And you make me want to buy flowers. I ALWAYS think of you when I put flowers in a vase, when I plump my cushions, when I’m at the stupid fucking park why, WHY do we hate the park so much? You’re as real as they come. You’re taller than we expect Beth you’re no shrinking violet though you can be sure you’d buy a potted violet on sale at some shop and slap it up on your windowsill and Instagram it. Your Instagram feed comforts me. I’ve even cooked your recipes – ok that hasn’t worked out so well but I TRIED.

    The thing with blogging is you only get to know the person on their blog but I have been so lucky enough to get to know you in real life where things are ALWAYS better and 3D and clearer. Your heart, hon. And your psychic abilities are out of this world I looked down at my phone to contemplate ringing you last night and right there was your text, two nights in a row that happened!

    Thank you for making me cry as soon as I woke up – and I cried from something GOOD for a change. I’m blown away and feel really lucky and special and if only everybody had such beautiful people in their lives you make me feel ok about being me and I cannot thank you enough for that.

    The comments above, from such really lovely and caring people who give a shit. Thank you. My GP is saying I am having an abnormal grief reaction. He didn’t mean it meanly. I loved Cam so much, unconditionally, all the way to the morgue and it has burnt me on fire every day since he has gone how could I let him go why won’t people let me go he should have stayed how can I possibly stay I love my boys I love my boys I will get through this first year if it kills me IT IS KILLING ME.

    I’m expecting, nay, DEMANDING to feel a bit different after October 15. The first year will be done and Davey Gravey is up for four Business Awards in a special gala on October 17th – he will wear a tuxedo for the first time in his life! But before that I hope to stomp some new boots on the Opera House stage on October the 12th for the poetry slam. it’s a big week. We’re gonna need a bigger boat like the one you just sailed on and I LOVE seeing your photos and especially that video of the whales. You telling me it’s all just dates, they’re just numbers and dates – just, so comforting. Like a #topper.

    I love that you see me AND accept me. I hate being so “dark.” Thank you for letting the light in Beth.

    And lastly, I love that you have accidentally written the wrong postcode – Katoomba is 2780 not 2783. Lawson post office will be a bit confused and all, “What the hell is #fucktober?” But they’ll get there in the end, my Bethaniel. All parcels sent, all the love, all that’s meant to be, will get there in the end. They always do.


  45. Wow. What a beautiful thing for a friend to do. I just can’t imagine the pain Eden must have had to endure, losing her brother… and the rest. The cracks in her heart that will never heal. But what a beautiful thing you are doing and setting a shining example to everyone in this little cosmos to give two shits about the people around us. To be kind and loving and good. Thank you Beth.

  46. Love this idea sooo much! Thinking hat on, I love sending heart felt mail. #fucktober indeed!!!! xx

  47. beautiful idea…

    Can I please have a “Frank” update…Honey wants to know how he is going!


  48. All kinds of awesome…
    I’m in and have an idea that might be a tad inappropriate but I’ll do it anyway!

  49. I’ll send her something! October is as shitty month for a lot of people in the blue mtns, as last October the fires took out 200 houses, so I’ll be sending a lot of people gifts, letters, thoughts and love.. I’ll add Eden into my list πŸ™‚ you’re a fab friend that anyone could hope for Beth xx

  50. I am SO in.
    I just screenshotted that address (which is the only real way to remember something, yeah?).

    I see so many things that literally I think “I reckon Eden would LOVE this”.

    And now I can.


    You stay awesome, Eden xxxxx
    And Beth, you guys are like awesome and awesomer.
    K x

    • Kathryn I think I got the address wrong (well the postcode at least) I have just changed the address in the post now though so you may need to take another spreadsheet – sorry! And thank you!

  51. Love it! I’m in too.
    Send now or wait till next month?

  52. Consider it done. I have actually wanted to send something to Eden for quite some time, but didn’t want to ask her for her address. So thank you πŸ™‚ Now – to fossick through my ridiculous fabric stash and work out what to make…… xx

  53. thepixoechick says

    Don’t forget to ask Eminem #fucktober

  54. Gosh I love the Internet. People are awesome. I’m so in. I’m sending a fuckload of Mint Slice your way Eden. Well done Beth. I am in tears at just how incredible your readers are.

  55. Oh bless your heart Beth. I’ll be joining in for sure.

  56. FARKING BRILLIANT! Love this. Doing this.

  57. You, Beth MacDonald are an angel. ANd Eden in right, you write real too. I’m in for Fucktober!! xx

  58. Beth that is gorgeous. I will send something for Fucktober for beautiful Eden.

  59. Beautiful just beautiful Beth. I am in. I read Eden’s blog often and although we have not ever met I just want to hug both of you and let you know that I really would love to meet you both one day. I am kicking myself I missed pro-blogger. You are both awesome. Hugs V xoxo

  60. Tomorrow is the birthday of my beautiful deceased niece! She should be 23 but 3 years ago a severe Asthma attack took her away from us! Tomorrow we should be celebrating her life and the wonderful journey of life she should be on but instead her mum (my only sibling – she was my only niece & surrogate daughter as I can’t have children!) will be miles apart and trying our best not to cry on the outside all day for missing her! I have dreaded this day in September since the calender changed so Eden I know your pain! You will get thru fucktober because you are a funny, honest and above all strong woman! Time doesn’t heal all wounds it just helps ease the tears everyday less and less – until one morning (& I pray it’s soon for you) you will wake and there will be a slight smile on your lips coz instead of missing your brother and being sad, you will remember him with love and joy, then when the tears flow it will be less than yesterday!

    I will try to find something to send to Eden in fuctober & hopefully a small gift of love and support from a total stranger will ease her grief and pain for a short time! xxx

    • To dear Monique,

      Tomorrow is Cams birthday too, on the same day as your beautiful niece. Please know that I will be thinking of you. I am so, so sorry that she is not here anymore. So sorry. And I get it. I am fully qualified to share your pain.

      Thank you for such beautiful words xxxx

    • Oh Monique, thinking of you today. It’s Eden’s brother’s birthday today too. Sending you love on a tough day xx

    • Monique
      You sum up this horrid life experience so well. My brother died suddenly from unexpected heart failure just over 9 years ago. Mum called him for dinner and he didn’t come down. He was 3 weeks past his 30th birthday. My sister and I were both pregnant at the time and my nephew was born the day after our brother died. Monique you are so right about the one day waking up with a smile on your lips. Eden, I hope it happens for you soon too. One day you will wake up and after the brief moment of oblivion that happens after you wake sadness from this terrible loss won’t be the first thing you feel – I promise – if you aren’t there yet it will come. For our family birthdays are probably the hardest day. My brother was a very simple soul and loved birthdays and Christmas with a childlike wonder.They are hard days to be gotten through one step at a time. Monique I hope the 19th wasn’t too unbelievably horrid for you and your family and that you are feeling a little lighter in spirit now the day has passed. Eden, you are in my thoughts and Monique has given me an idea for an excellent gift for the fabulously named #Fucktober. Thank you Beth for such a wonderful opportunity for people to share a random act of kindess. Blessings to all. x

  61. This is the best idea and I am definitely going to participate even though Eden wouldn’t know me from a bar of soap. You are a beautiful friend and she is lucky to have you even though you like soft furnishings. Xxoo

  62. Brilliant. Well done. I’m IN!

  63. You are wonderful!!!
    Knowing someone cares helps so much xxxxx

  64. This is a lovely idea Beth. I’ll send something sweet πŸ™‚

  65. Bec Learwood says

    I just love this idea, I have copied Eden’s address and will pick a date in #fucktober to send her something to make her smile. I follow he blog regularly since the sudden death of my Mum four months ago. I get so much comfort from her raw, honest words and I don’t feel so alone in this crappy grief process. Much love xx

  66. Brilliant idea! October sucks some major balls #fucktober

  67. I love this idea! I’m in.

    My wish is that everyone, who has felt the hideous ache of being left behind by suicide, has someone to lift them, champion them and generally remind them that life is still awesome even though there is a fucking gaping hole in it. I like to remind myself of this everyday… my sister killed herself 7 years ago, feels like 7 minutes ago.

    • Mardi. Mardi. It has been seven minutes ago. The bible says a hundred years is one day and one day is a hundred years.

      I’m quoting the bible in a comments section – that’s how entirely fucked up I am.

      I am so, so SO sorry about your sister. I can actually say that I feel your pain. So much love xxxxx

    • Oh Mardi, thank you. I hope you have many around you too. I’m sorry to hear about your sister x

  68. What a beautiful gesture of PURE LOVE! You have the most darling heart, Beth. It would be an honour & a pleasure to send something to someone who has given (me & so mamy others) so much. Beautiful Eden, you are truly an inspiration. HURRAH FOR #FUCKTOBER!!!!!

  69. Such a great idea Beth. Count me in. x

  70. Friendships with online folk are awesome. I recently got back from a trip to the states with people I’d been best friends with for years but never met in person. We laughed until we cried. And we cried some more when I had to leave for home. My best friends are now people who left a random comments on my blog years and years ago. I’ve watched them marry, have kids, return to uni, quit uni, divorce, get sick, get well, etc, etc, and they’ve given me the privilege of being part of their lives.

    And I would be more than happy to send something to Eden in October. Thank you for taking care of “our” girl.

  71. What an excellent idea. Three cheers for giving and full-heartedness.

  72. T.O.T.A.L.L.Y.

    It is my B Day in October and had I not bought myself a new tattoo for my b day I would have sent her my present, actually my tattoo would have been perfect – a beautiful phoenix. Instead I will send a gift with it’s sentiments that whatever comes we can rise up above it and create a new us..

    Wish I had found more time to chat to Eden at Pro Blogger. I find her strength intoxicating. #fuckoctober

  73. Such a lovely idea Beth. You are a beautiful friend xx

  74. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before (sorry, bit crap like that), but this is magnificent.

    Onya, Beth. I don’t think a day has gone by since last October when I haven’t thought about Eden and checked on her blog. I’ve often thought about sending Eden something, but I’ve been preoccupied by the idea that it had to be PROFOUND, or hilariously funny or in some way helpful. (I did send an email! And blogged for the first time EVER but suicide, depression and The Black Dog Institute.)

    In short, I have a bucketload of admiration for your friend, combined with a shitload of worry, concern and feelings of helplessness. But I will send something. I can’t guarantee it will be profound, hilariously funny or remotely helpful. But it will hashtag the fuck out of #fucktober on the parcel as a message of solidarity, support and compassion. XXXX

  75. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Beth consider it done ,Eden has been so kind to about my Mum passing away of course I will #fucktober her something lovely!Youre a gem Beth Xx

  76. In like Flynn.

    What a lovely idea.


  77. Beautiful idea Beth:)

  78. Great idea. Eden writes so beautifully. It will be nice to thank her and show I care.
    I am putting a reminder in my phone right now to send her a card and pic on a random Oct date so I dont forget.
    Everyone should flow suit and check in on their friends doing it tough. That is so important in life.

  79. Everyone needs a friend like you. Now what will put a smile on her face, even if it is just for one second, thinking cap is on! xx N

  80. Hey Beth,

    I’ve shared this on my blog’s Facebook page too.



  81. Eden..i hope you enjoy the goodies on the way! YOU ROCK! SENDING YOU LOTS OF LOVE…

  82. I thought Eden loves Eminem more than Bono. Let’s get her Eminem

  83. This post made me laugh and cry and then want to hug my girlfriends a little closer. Friendships like that are rare and special. And I am going to send a random present too because some people get all the shit and it sucks.

  84. Beth,

    I love it when people do something that disproves all the haters. Your blog is full of many things and lots of them are pretty and decorative and fluffy. But you Lady are REAL and you are KIND. While I enjoy my five minutes of escapism when I visit into the pretty, I LOVE that behind your pictures and words is a genuine character with a big heart. Count me in. I think Eden is a truth teller and the world needs her.

  85. Great idea. I’m in!

  86. SO IN.

    I think you both are two of the best chicks around. I feel blessed that you let us into your lives, we share and it matters. #fucktober


  87. Beth, I love you and Eden and I love this idea. I am going to be all over Fuktober. Thank you for organising – everyone needs a friend like you! PS I LOVE these photos. They capture all the feels!

  88. This is beautiful. I cry and I say yes! Wonderful idea. I love Eden.

  89. Holy mother of FUCK I LOVE EDEN.

    It’s so funny, the timing of this and you providing her address so I could send her something. I’ve been trying to find the courage to ask her for it, and now I don’t have to.

  90. You are an awesome friend. I’m gonna memba this next year too πŸ˜‰
    Eden’s going to know her postal people on a first name basis after this!

  91. LOVE this. Thank you for giving us a real way to feel like we can help just a little. x

  92. You are an awesome friend Beth to such an incredibly inspiring soul Eden. I cannot tell you how much my hearts sings seeing friendships, true deep real friendships like this. I truly hope Eden knows her pain is not in vain, the way she helps so many of us deal with our own demons and grief is so fucking generous. I have actually got some for Eden, I bought it the other day after I read one of her posts and I was feeling awkward as to whether I could ask her for her address so thankyou soooooo much for doing this Hun. The world needs more Beths and Edens and may everybody be as lucky as Eden to have a friend like you in their corner xxx

  93. Oh my god I had to scroll so far to get to the comments. So many…
    It’s on my list of things to do in October….I’m thinking…

  94. I have only just found Eden and through Eden I found you!
    During the last week I have read and read and read Edens blog……and I have cried and cried and cried and laughed too. What an amazing, inspirational lady your Eden is and all I can say is HELL YES I am more than happy and more than willing to send Eden something that may give her a moment of distraction from the fucked up month of fucktober!
    You are obviously just as an amazing lady as Eden and you may consider yourself on my blog stalk list πŸ™‚

  95. What a beautiful thing to do and what a beautiful friend you are. A few years ago I emailed Eden for advice as I was having a hard time understanding my Sister and her addiction. Eden emailed me back within a day or so and was so kind and caring and giving. FUCK OCTOBER Eden xoxo

  96. Pretty sure just by writing this post you’ve already proven that there are still good people in this world. This is the best post I’ve read all week. Everyone should have a friend like Beth x

  97. Here’s what I have wanted to get Eden ever since I started following her blog. And this year most recently of all. I want to give her Eminem. At her house. To visit. To talk. Let’s twitter bomb Eminem @Eminem using #fuckoctober and ask him to get in on the action here. I don’t think he will fit in Eden’s post box but I’m sure he will think if something. WHO IS IN?

  98. Beth, you are beautiful.

    Eden & you are so lucky to have each other. Everyone needs at least 1 good solid friend like you. At times, we all need that extra mile that only good friends can put in.

    I bought Eden a cup ages ago with a vegetable soup recipe on it… Once Eden shared this great youtube (a short movie called vegetable soup) I really loved it. A day or so later her brother died. Then I couldn’t post it. I was so sad for the living hell she was going through.

    Have kept it in my top drawer where my tea cups are. Keep her in my thoughts & prayers whenever I make a tea. Will bubble wrap it tomorrow and box it up.

    Eden’s session at Problogger was hands down 1 of my favourites. Seeing what she saw on the World Vision trip… That is not easy when you have a big heart. Sending a big hug to both of you.

    Lou xo

  99. This is such a fabulous and loving, caring idea. I am all over it.

  100. Awesome. You are awesome. πŸ™‚

  101. Brilliant idea Beth! Will do. You are both amazing ladies and so inspiring. Having experienced suicide in my family, I feel some of her pain and would be honoured to help ease it just for a moment. Well done for a beautiful, caring idea Angel Beth! Annie M

  102. Holy crap! I thought you were going to say have a fuck for Eden for October. Or get sponsored to have several. Sending a present may be easier …

  103. Everyone needs a fucking brilliant friend like you, Beth! Such a beautiful thing to do for Eden x

  104. I love that you two are such good friends and such different artists. I am probably a little too excited to have a mailing address for Eden!! Thank you x

  105. What a fantastic idea and I am definitely in!!!! I read Eden’s blog and often wish that I could do something, anything, to make her pain a little more bearable so this is wonderful. Everyone needs a friend like you and sometimes everyone needs a Fuck October month. Now to re read Eden’s blog and come up with a wacky thing to do that will make her belly laugh!

  106. You’re right, I DO know Eden, she doesn’t know me and I don’t think I’ve ever commented on her blog but I do know her. She makes me laugh and cry in equal measures with her raw honesty, humour and passion.

    I love your idea of Fucktober and I’ll happily send her something from the other side of the world which will hopefully make her smile.

  107. What a lovely idea, I lost my twin brother to suicide 7 years ago in July and I know how bloody hard it is. Even today, years away in a foreign country, questions like ‘do you have in brothers and sisters’ hit me like a punch in the stomach as I remember. I will send something fab from Deutschland as we are both in the bloody fecking massive club of women who have lost their brothers to suicide…

  108. Beth, you are an amazing friend and this is such a brilliant idea! I’m in.

  109. You are an amazing friend Beth and this is a brilliant idea! I’m in.


    1) That extraordinary photo of us – apart from all of its beauty, you know what’s smack-bang in the middle of you and me? A CUSHION. A (beautiful) soft furnishing, literally bridging the gap between us. A cushion bridge.

    2) You wrote that a gift from somebody might make me feel better for 34 seconds and Cam would, should have turned 34 this year. You prolly didn’t do that maths consciously but still, still.

    3) The sheer volume of people. I’m already humbled and embarrassed and … GRATEFUL. And I know that people go through hard, hard things every day the human world man she is HARD but Beth I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done in this post. And for me, for making me feel “part of” when I always feel so fucking separate. Thank you thank you thank you xxxxx

    • JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE. I cannot wait for daily text message photos and calls with what you got. If they are ANYTHING like the emails I am getting asking if I think you’ll like this or this or this then you are in for a REAL treat!


  112. Consider it done xxx

  113. How wonderful, and that, that, this is what friends are for. Eden did me a big favour a couple of years ago at PB in Melbourne and she didn’t even know it… to do with my own issues with addictive substances and I have been meaning tot hank her for a long, long time… and shall… Thank you Beth, so many people can share their love, you’ve opened a gate.

  114. What a lovely thing to do, Beth. The strength Eden shows through all of her adversities is amazing and I think that is why she is loved so much xx

  115. It’s my fucktober coming up too, one year since Ryan died. It fucking sucks balls. Big time. Sending me love and more to Eden. And to you, for being such an awesome friend.

  116. Thank you for doing this. Finally there is something
    I can do to help.

  117. Count me in! I wanted to send Eden some seeds for her Cam garden when she blogged about it but didn’t know how to get an address, now I do. I did a care pack for a friend going through a horrible depression and there’s some stuff from that I’ll put together for Eden and mail off. Her blog floors me and I’d feel privileged to do something, however small, to pay her back for her rawness and honesty. And you Beth, are just awesomesauce for doing this for her.

  118. Mayor Brando says

    ANYTHING for our girl Eden! I JUST ordered something to send to Eden & I didn’t even know about #fucktober so this is perfect!
    Loving you always Eedz x

  119. the first bit of mail has been created here for #fucktober
    So chuffed that its school holidays and the Little Miss got in on it too. God how I love these two babes Eden and Beth, big love. Both changing the world. Last October was a special one for me. I turned 38 on 11 October 2013, and it took that long for me to realise I finally loved myself, I really liked the girl I had become. After years, and years of self loathing. Breaks my heart to think I reached such an important milestone, full of love and your October was so fucked Eden. First mail going out to you today, and I have a pile of cards and letters to post out for the remaining days of Fucktober. I hope you keep a tally, I’d love to know how many parcels and letters you receive this #fucktober

  120. The lady at the post office gave me an arched eyebrow when I presented my parcel addressed #fucktober but then put it with the rest of the outgoing mail so hopefully it’s now winging its way to Katoomba. Eden’s writing really resonated with me so thank you for this opportunity to give a little something back

  121. Just found you and your post through Ms Midge. What an awesome friend you are. I really hope she receives a whole pile of happiness through the mail πŸ™‚

  122. Hello Beth, just wanted to say a big thank you to you… I had been thinking that I needed to thank Eden since she helped flick a switch in my head at PBEvent, in Melbourne 2012. And you gave me this kick in the bottom to actually get the letter written… will be posted this evening. Isn’t it marvellous to write a real bloody letter? Thank you Beth, you’ve helped me and loads of other open up our hearts and be kinder people.

  123. I’m trying desperately to get my gift finished for Eden before October ends. Hope I’m not too late. My brother once worked with Bono – maybe I should have a word. xx

  124. Love it! Such a good read. Thanks for posting:)


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  5. […] when you actually do} 10. Pick up rubbish that you see laying around 11. Send a gift to Eden for #f*cktober 12. Buy flowers for someone you care about 13. Make a cake for a friend/neighbour 14. Tell someone […]

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