What have you been watching?


Saturday night Rob and I (post football of course) decided to download a movie from Apple TV to watch. We had nowhere to be, a bottle of pinot that needed seeing to and there was NOTHING on TV. OITNB is also not delivering as we’d like it to be…so a movie it was. We NEVER watch movies…only ever on planes it seems and we had a decent overload on the plane from Europe last month (please bear with me while I can still say that) and we very rarely actually go to the movies. So anyway, we decided on Mystery Road, an Aussie film that looked great and we felt great because we were supporting our local film industry. And while it looked the part, it was SLOW and a little disappointing. And I eventually started to nod off around the 58 minute mark when NOTHING had happened. So we turned it off and tried again last night to finish it off but it was still a little, meh.

After a while I asked Rob to turn it off but I wanted to watch something FUNNY. And a comment from someone on Facebook had me downloading The Trip quicker than you could say “Gentlemen to bed, for tomorrow we leave at 9:30!” and we watched that beautiful Lake District countryside pass us by and I was happy.


But it’s hardly groundbreaking is it? I’d even seen it before. But honestly, before that I was looking up Google for Oscar winning films from 2011 onwards (because apparently I am 87 and the internets can tell me such things). I want to know what to download the very next time I want to watch a good movie.

What have you watched lately that’s GOOD?
Tell me everything!


  1. We just polished off two seasons of Orange is the New Black. Some great moments and few episodes where you can check your email and not miss anything!

  2. I hear you Beth, Zadada and I rarely watch movies either, nice when we do, especially when I manage to stay awake.
    Thanks to one of my lovely work colleagues the next home movie on my list is ‘The Railway Man’ with Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman. Here’s a link to the preview http://m.imdb.com/title/tt2058107/
    Have a great week!

  3. I found myself doing the same thing the other day when home sick, and came across Blended with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. It wasn’t ground breaking, but it was funny and it gave me a much needed laugh.

    Last night I watched Very Good Girls and after the first hour I was bored beyond bored. The characters were terrible.

  4. We watched Gravity a week or so ago. Only 2 actors – George and Sandra. Riveting.

  5. My latest good picks have been ‘Enough Said’ and ‘About Time’. Both managed to keep me awake throughout which is always a sign of a good movie I think ;). Next on my list is ‘Mud’. It looks really interesting. Now I just need to find time to watch it!

  6. Enough Said, Beth with Julia Loius Dreyfuss and James Gandofilni (last film before he dies.) Grea writing, so funny, sweet. Great watch. Also do you like a bit of Fronch? Did you see the Intouchables? Best French film I’ve seen in years, really good.

  7. Katie clews says

    Yes agree with Enough Said and About time both great films!! I have a list my arm long as both hubby and I are avid movie watchers.. Dallas Buyers Club another goodie, along with Railway Man (true story) and a funny one is Last Vegas… Oprah Winfrey in The Butler and Meryl Streep is bloody brilliant in August Osage County… If you want a great foreign film The Intouchables is awesome (French with subtitles)….

  8. Alex Hills says

    “Midnight in Paris” – if you haven’t seen this , – you must !!!! Its great. A Woody Allen Film, very clever and Paris looks stunning in it !!!. Definitely a great movie for a cosy night in. xx

  9. I watched ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ on the plane recently. I hadn’t heard good reviews and only watched it cause I’d pretty much watched everything else … But I loved it! Great, quirky film. ‘About Time’ is also great – Bill Nighy just lovely in it.

  10. how about continuing the fun trip with the same two guys – called the trip to italy…. same cast just different location, its not hilarious but its very watchable with some laughs! scenery is stunning off course!

  11. I rolled two old faves on the weekend. Julie and Julia (the film that started me blogging) and The Blind Side. Both awesome x

  12. I never watch movies anymore, can’t even remember the last one, but a friend have me The Time of Our Lives to watch. Have you seen it? ABC & FULL of really great Aussie actors. There’s only 2 seasons so far & I’m only 3 eps in but I’m hooked.

  13. One word SUITS! I’ve devoured season one and two and currently binge watching season 3! Gabriel Macht is gorgeous, his character Harvey Spektor is one of the best ever legal comedy/drama.

    Get to it… You will not regret it

  14. This is such a great post. I love watching movies. Never get to watch chick flicks when my husband is around. So Sat night watched The Other Woman when he was at the footy. NOT that good. Wouldn’t bother.

    All is lost with Robert Redford. One line of dialogue but surprisingly really good.

  15. Sam Leader says

    Beth I think you would really enjoy the HBO show ‘The Newsroom.’ Written by Aaron Sorkin (West Wing) and starring Jeff Daniels, it’s intelligent but accessible. You’ll know from episode 1 whether it’s a go-er.

  16. I am loving Veep. Very funny and l love a good swear. Shit-stack is a recent fave.

  17. Fantastic new tv series “Outlander” produced by Ron D Moore & based on Diana Gabaldon’s novels.

  18. So many great recommendations here! My two faves have been mentioned already but I think they’re worth mentioning again. ‘The Intouchables’ is a GREAT movie, our teenagers spent a Saturday night at home watching it with us and they loved it too! And I just love ‘About Time’, the father-son relationship in it is beautiful. At the risk of looking like a complete douche-bag here I’m just going to say it – ‘This is 40’ is fun. It’s crass, rude, silly and a bit gross in parts but the funny bits are funny. Happy watching!

  19. Debs Sutton says

    Here I am “ferreting” around the d.v.d. shelving unit trying to remember the title of a lovely film with Martin Sheen……he undertakes the pilgrim walk from France-Spain in homage to his son. Found it…The Way!! X

  20. I’ve started a new thing where I watch whatever is the 99c rental of the week (unless it’s Judge Dredd like the other week).
    I’ve seen some stinkers and discovered some gems. My recent favourite was A Separation. An Iranian film that won best foreign film Oscar last year. Beautifull acted and shot and had me thinking until the end. Just loved it.

    • Someone else told me about the merits of the 99c rental…thanks for the reminder!

      • Just went to see what movie it is this week – Doubt! Have been wanting to see this for ages – bought it and will watch when the husband is away on the weekend.

        Also, they’re having an action movie rental sale on too (under $2), not my normal genre but they have The Departed which is a fantastic movie if you haven’t seen it. So many brilliant actors.

        And if you get the chance watch A Separation, really good.

  21. Like you we don’t often watch movies but recently watched and enjoyed This is 40. It’s quite light (generally all I can cope with by the evening) but with some telling moments (like the one where the 14 year old daughter is raging and slamming doors and screeching “I hate you” and I look at D and say “OMG that is what E is going to be like when she’s 14” and he says “14? She’s 4 and she’s already like that!” ….!)

  22. You guys need to get yourselves onto True Detective holy FUCK. I bought the first series from Big W and finished it the other day. I want it to win all of the Emmys. All of them.

  23. Apart from watching lots of action and thrillers with my son, the standout for me was The Grand Budapest Hotel. I want to watch it again.

  24. If you’re looking for movies (and a good laugh) I can thoroughly recommend the British version of ‘Death at a Funeral’. It’s quite a few years old now (with two small kids, I’ve seen approximately 4 new movies in the last 4 years), but timeless, in my humble opinion.
    If you’re game to try a series (and I know you enjoyed GoT), I thought ‘Vikings’ was amazing. It’s grim, and goes to some dark places, but it’s a brilliantly produced series, with great acting and plenty of eye-candy.
    On TV right now, I’ve been chuckling over Uptopia on ABC1 at 8:30 on wednesdays. Made by the Working Dog production team, it’s about a fictitious government infrastructure dept, and it’s bloody hilarious!

  25. Yes you must watch True Detective its amazing! I think you’ll LOVE Parks and Recreation too, it’s bloody hilarious, give it a few episodes and you’ll be hooked I guarantee. And if you like Game of Thrones you’ll love Vikings most excellent viewing. xx

  26. I totally want to see The Butler and will hopefully get round to it some time this decade!

  27. Suits. Get on it.

  28. Three words…HOUSE OF CARDS. Season 1 and 2. Do it.

  29. It may not be on Apple TV yet but “The Lunchbox” is a great movie. It is an Indian movie with subtitles but strangely some of the dialogue is in English. It is hilarious looking at the subtitles of the English dialogue. It is a romantic comedy but gives you a great insight into the lifestyle of the Indian middle class. It makes you appreciate everything about our Australian way of life.

  30. Lisa Mckenzie says

    No I don’t often watch movies either but when I do I prefer to do it at home.Ive watched The time of our lives on I view and also Josh Thomas’s new show on the abc called please like me,I quite liked it!

  31. Well, don’t know if I’ll be much help, but I’ll tell you anyway.
    Our local shop was throwing out the old VHS videos, so I grabbed a few. (We still keep our VHS in operation so daughter can watch the old disney ones we have)
    So I grabbed a few ‘horror’ movies. The best one was ‘Au Pair’ with the title, ‘they thought they found her, but she found them’ (der ner ner ner..sound of horror music)
    I can’t even tell you the actors in it because you would never know them, but it was so 80’s and hilarious!
    We are in the process of searching for an au pair to help look after our kids, so it was very topical and didn’t manage to put us off!! (Watch this space, I may rescind that one day)
    I’m an iview watcher too when not watching VHS from the 8o’s!

  32. Hey Beth, pop into Made By Others and speak to A and U. They know all the good movies/series. I’ve not had a bad recommendation yet! True Detective the best so far.

  33. A bit late, but I was sick when I first saw this post and filed it away to answer when I could! My husband and I love a good television series and find it the best way to wind down after a busy day. We both tend to clock off once the kids are in bed and can’t face anything more by then!

    We have loved: Nashville (fantastic soundtrack, listening to S1 V2 right now!), Friday Night Lights (Connie Britton in both, amazing!), Girls, The Newsroom, Time of our Lives, Rake, Orange is the New Black.

    Currently watching The Newsroom (S1) and Game of Thrones (S1)

    Just about to start Top of the Lake (set in NZ with Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men) and have ordered True Detective on Eden’s recommendation! Also, looking forward to Nashville S2 coming to Australia.

    We have finally bought Apple TV and look forward to getting through some new release movies.

    Seems like a lot of watching, but I’m actually writing my first book (fingers crossed) and I find it’s really helpful to have quality media to consume – nothing better than well written dialogue and brilliantly edited visuals. Love it!

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