Turning 37


“That Tracy needed to get her roots done”.

My Mum gave me this card yesterday and was in HYSTERICS as she gave it to me.Laughing till tears rolled down her cheeks relaying that she bought the card 12 months ago waiting desperately for my birthday a year later. It was worth the wait, I laughed too.

Yesterday I turned 37. I woke up, the girls came and sat on me in bed. Rob played bad Happy Birthday songs over and over again on his iPhone: from Steve Wonder, to Destinys Child, to 50 cent and Bey Bey. I was showered in lovely gifts: some note books from Rob and some lovely earrings and secateurs from the girls. I got to not go to hockey, some eggs and bacon cooked for me and I was all set for a lovely day at home when my Mum unexpectedly arrived at my door with an Anne under her belt, some wonderful presents (TWO new cast iron pots for me) and babysitting duties as she scooted Rob and I out the door for an overnight stay in Canberra.

We arrived home today and settled into a wet afternoon at home with some friends for a simple Sunday roast cooked by Rob with pinot a plenty.

It’s been the most wonderful birthday. Filled with love and good wishes, the odd surprise, bubbles, amazing food, time spent with my main man and then good friends and family and RAIN. So much rain! What more could a girl ask for?

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Have you had a great weekend too?


  1. Emily Furlong says

    I’m sorry, all I got from that was “I GOT NAUGHTS & CROSSES EARRINGS!!!!!”. So insanely jealous!!!! I love mismatched studs. They match me and my mismatched personality. All the other things were wonderful too (especially the rendezvous with Bert), but those earrings are a delight!

  2. Aawww I so want to hug all of you!
    I LOVE that birthday card LOL.

  3. Sounds like perfection! The happiest of birthdays to you. And yum! I love that Pinot, we drank it in Tassie when we were last there xx

  4. Katie clews says

    We have been away in Woodford and in Brisbane this weekend visiting my in laws and friends.. It’s been fab.. Even squeezed in a teeny bit of shopping.. Back home today to reality

  5. Happy Birthday to you. Looks like you had a lovely day. I love the family photo just perfect. V x

  6. Sounds like a perfect birthday weekend! I am loving those earrings, simply gorgeous.
    We also celebrated birthdays on the weekend. We had two parties, two daughters celebrating on Sunday (yes they share a birthday – very bad planning)! One turned 10 and the other turned 6. Very busy weekend as each party was shared with a friend. My house looks like a bomb has gone off. Two guesses as to what I am doing today?? We live in a rather small town and there were 9 birthdays celebrated yesterday.

  7. I was HANGING to see the card, and it’s worth every second of waiting, what a hoot, that is the funniest card I’ve seen in ages, your mum is a funny lady. So glad you had a lovely birthday and a night away. Have a great day!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So pleased you had a wonderful birthday weekend!! Jx

  9. ima LOVING those earrings! your mum sounds like a hoot, that’s so lovely x

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Love that card SO much and your earrings are fab what a wonderful Birthday you had and very well deserved too Beth xx

  11. Happy Birthday Beth! I am turning 38 next Wednesday and am going to make myself and Anne.
    Thanks for the recipe.

  12. Belated happy birthday ! 37 is the new 25 , or something like that anyway.
    What a great mum, looking after the girls for the weekend, can I hire her??

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