Things I like {The Birthday edition}

Birthday pressies can be a tricky business can they not? Whilst I love choosing them for others I am TERRIBLE at offering useful and meaningful birthday suggestions for myself. So I don’t. Which and potentially lead to disappointment because I usually expect people to read my mind. What’s with that? But this year I got the loveliest selection of gifts that were just so perfect that I had to share. In my loot was:

: This gorgeous tea towel from my brother (well his wife who has impeccable taste) and a very good sense go humour. Look at the bag that it came in! Also not shown was a pair of pi’s of the softest loveliest fabric that will be flogged come summer.

IMG_2508 IMG_2511

: Actually I lied! I did ask for a pair of secateurs and I was delivered: a pair of secateurs. YES!


: My mother in law got me these GORGEOUS place cards for my next dinner party. Kate Spade nonetheless. Sch-wing!

IMG_2518 IMG_2519

: Notebooks are essential for creative people and Rob nailed it with this hot one. It’s going in my handbag and it’s going to be filled with amazing ideas. Just try and stop me.


: And this one (GET SHIT DONE) so I can get my shit, um, done.


: Can we talk about this vase/jar/hot display item from my sister. It doesn’t know what it is all I know is that I FREAKING LOVE IT.


: Mum and Step dad got me a new cast iron cooking pot. Actually…TWO. Beside myself with joy because there ain’t nothing better than cooking in one of these.


Aren’t I luckiest duckiest? Loved the entire lot and feel very spoilt…because I was!

Had a birthday lately? Did you get a GREAT pressie? What was it?
Or alternatively, did you give something that was the BEST? What was it?


  1. Fabulous gifts. you are a very lucky lady. V x

  2. You really need to start asking for stuff, ask you shall receive as my mum would say. Although, looks like your family is all over it! Well done them. Make sure you look after your secateurs and they’ll last you forever. It’s Matt’s birthday this weekend, SO HARD yo buy for! Ugh. But I’ve already presented him with his gift last weekend (because it was too big to smuggle home without him realising) I got him a bike seat for Eleanor to go in, after much research. Everyone always asks me what to get him and I always have no suggestions, boys are haaaarrrd! My sisters have been known to peruse my pinterest boards to get an idea of what to get me, clever.

  3. You really did score well this year. Happy birthday x

  4. I pin everything that takes my fancy, then my daughter shows those who need to know. I think I felt when I was growing up that it was rude to ask for things and this scoots around that issue. It works too, I scored a Michael Kors watch last year!

  5. Linda Jenkins says

    Great pressies Beth – I am the same – love to buy for others but can never suggest for myself.
    Can I ask what brand are the notebooks please – love stationary ?

    • Sure thing – the Black and white one is Olive & the Volcano and the Get shit done one is Migoals (Both Aussie I think) and LOVELY 🙂

  6. Looks like your family can read your mind Beth – what fab presents. LOVE the get shit done notebook – seriously need one of those.

  7. Ha ha haaaa you got beautiful things and I got a FitBit!

    PS you had me at Handcrafted. Letterpress. Notebook.

  8. I once had a great pair of secateurs that hubby gave me for a birthday.
    However, we were having a garage sale when we were leaving the Blue Mountains, and I happened to have a very bad back that day, so I dosed myself on panadeine forte.
    I was managing the sale while hubby was gardening. Hubby decided to nip inside for a moment, and placed the secateurs on the ground outside.
    A man walked in to the sale and picked up the secatuers, and asked if they were for sale. I said of course, give me $2, thinking they were my old rusty secateurs.
    I’ll never forget the look on that mans face as he quickly paid me and disappeared.
    Meanwhile, hubby walks outside and asks where are the secateurs.
    I said I just sold them.
    “What, for $2 bucks?'” said hubby jokingly.
    “yes” said I seriously.
    Anyway, in that moment I realised I had sold my beautiful $50 secateurs for $2.
    Moral of the story – don’t do a garage sale while taking panadeine forte!!
    They look like good secateurs Beth!! Enjoy them!

    • Oh no! These are very good…I had a pair just like them but they recently were lost – thrown out in the green bin by mistake I think!

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Great presents Beth I always get asked so I’m going to really try hard this year and find good stuff for my family to buy me ,I did gets avert cool Michael kors watch for Mother’s Day though x

  10. Happy birthday! Drooling over the cooking pot.

  11. Glad you had a great bday Beth!:)

    Those pots look fab- that bright red is just the best colour on cold winter nights for yummy warming soul foods!

  12. What awesome gifts! Your loved ones certainly know how to choose fantastic presents. Funnily enough, I’ll be sharing my 30th birthday gift wish list on the blog tonight. A milestone birthday calls for big(ger) ticket items, I feel…

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