Things I like {The 4th August 2014 edition}

: A sunny winters day with a light breeze a blowin’…perfect for my washing that needed to be done today (all 5 loads of it…sheesh). It’s been FREEZING down here this weekend (down to almost -7 at night and heavy frosts)

IMG_2281 IMG_2277 IMG_2279

: A new book basket filled to the brim with library books (that are actually being read!). Harper chose that How the body works for Daisy and she has loved it. Harps got some very basic readers that she is attempting…oh those kids that are almost 5 are SO ready for School. Well this one anyway.


: The DAPHNE that has gone mad at home. I have picked approximately 87 bunches of the stuff that is sprinkled throughout the house with it’s heady scent hitting me each time I walk into a new room. It always reminds me of my late Grandmother Dot who had it in her garden…I always keep some in one of her vases too…just where it should be.

IMG_2275 IMG_2271 IMG_2269

: Left over baked goods given to us from a weekend of visitors that I can devour all to myself with everyone at School. Shhh I just rolled two of these bastards.


: The promise of clean sheet day tonight…


: These gorgeous TANDA candles filling my house with the most gorgeous scent (in this case fresh linen…could it BE more perfect?!) The Melbourne based company use wooden wicks which burn slower and cleaner (each candle lasts up to 50 hours). And they have a discount for BabyMac readers…15% off (until the 31st August)! Just enter the discount code LOVETANDA at checkout. You can shop online here….well worth it they are just gorgeous.


: This beautiful painting that Daisy did at School for last week’s Education Week. Her class sang a lovely little song about Children of the World – each of them choosing a line from it. Of course she grabbed the one about wearing a kilt and drew this. I LOVE IT so much. The Hairy Coo! The man’s cheeks blowing out. I think it needs a frame.


: Getting chores done. Washing up, pruning, watering, pottering Monday’s are my most productive day of the week by far. All hail the maintenance Monday! And that dog vase makes me laugh every time it’s sitting up drying after being washed.


: A posy of herbs gifted as a hostess present. I got this one yesterday and I just think they are gorgeous and something that I need to do more often. So chic and practical and pretty!


: Jonquils, jonquils, daffs and jonquils…the most wonderful time of the year!


What are you loving this Monday?


  1. I’m loving my kids are at school AND we didn’t have to have them there at 6.30 am this Monday for netball practiceI’m loving procrastinating and not doing any household chores , ( should be but can’t be assed) reading some blogs, googling and about to check out those candles.

  2. I’m soooo jealous of all the daphne!!I can smell it from here you lucky gal. I can’t grow it in northern NSW as it’s too warm. The photos bring back lovely memories of our old garden in Melb ahhh.

  3. Love that dog it makes me laugh too!

  4. A lot of gorgeousness in this post young Beth! As usual, kicking myself for not throwing absolute armfuls of bulbs in the ground in Autumn, now my neighbours have got all their daffs and jonquils out. I planted a heap here in the garden beds three years ago…which have since been covered in stupid weed mat and the bulbs are probably rotting underneath. Hmph. Must secure that tablecloth, I love it so. Four loads of washing on here today – although one is nappies, one is purely Eleanor clothes/blankets, so without a baby not too bad!

  5. Oh my goodness you have just transported me back to life on the farm. Daphne, such a flower that reminds me of my mum, she used to put it in the spare room for when visitors arrived. It’s not something we see much of us here in the almost tropics πŸ™ And she sure is quite the wee painter – very clever!

  6. Heidi Sewell says

    After a crazy hangover filled July, I had an alcohol free & very productive weekend, which has made my whole Monday at work very bearable! πŸ™‚

  7. ffhousemouse says

    I am particularly LOVING the gorgeous painting, THAT tablecloth, wouldn’t say no to the lovely jug of flowers either!

  8. cecily maher says

    im loving the Qld Sunshine and wind and the 3 loads of washing too after the vomitus maximus bug plus the flu all rolled into one ! Farewell oh Ye Germ day !! Cranking up the vaporiser and throwing open the windows. Happy to hear laughter from Miss 9 and 7 after being in lockdown for a week and weekend of germs !

    • There is nothing better than the sound of laughter after all that – as soon as I heard the girls fighting again I knew we were through it! Good luck πŸ™‚

  9. I am loving this post! Full of good things.

    It was clean sheet day here yesterday & as much as I love a fresh bed changing a king size bed on your own is a bitch of a job!

  10. I’m loving your Vegetable Soup idea. I just gave the leftovers in the crisper a good nudge and double bonus points for the kids both eating it too (with bread fingers). Winning.

  11. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Daphne is beautiful I love the smell,I had one but it died and apparantly they just do for no reason,I love that dog vase it is so quirky xx

  12. Bank holidays and a bonus day of hubby (and kids at school!) πŸ™‚

  13. The painting is great, definitely a frame or laminate.

    I’ve noticed that you hang your washing across the line. I always hang my sheets etc edge to edge. It is really easy to get them off and fold them without having to pull them back over the line. I throw the sheet over my shoulder and peg the edges. Does that make any sense? I know you are the best fitted sheet folder and I wouldn’t presume to give advice to someone who can fold a fitted sheet but just saying. (tongue in cheek for any of the haters out there who think we are just ‘superficial alcoholics who hate our children’)

  14. Can almost smell that daphne through your gorgeous pics. And that dog vase – almost too funny for words

  15. I ask you, how often do you wash your topper?? It is FAR too cold down here in the ‘berra to get it dry in one day, so I am loathe to wash it as I could not stand ONE NIGHT without my topper.

    • Deb I will say not as often as I should!I definitely wait for the right weather although it did get thrown into the dryer once and that worked OK. Good luck and stay warm!!

  16. Love your Daphne. That gorgeous picture defn needs a frame.
    I was loving the bank holiday yesterday as it meant we had a long weekend in your neck of the woods. Jx

  17. Damn. How did you know my weakness is scented candles. Have put an order in for the soy melts.

  18. Can you please come and do this to my house? Please? PS. How GOOD is clean sheet day?

  19. I’m loving sunny Winter days too! Not even complaining one bit about how fah-fah-freezing it is at night or first thing in the morning because the sunshine is just too damn GOOD!

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