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This will take you 4 minutes to watch, but I’d love you to take a look. Rob put together a little movie montage of our holiday for the birthday boys and I have watched it approx 2378 times (it’s private because of the music copyright business and this was just a little film for our family but I love it and want to share it). Man what a thing it is to see things on film. A picture can do so much but there is something about moving pictures don’t you think? I need to figure out how to do it myself.


Go here for a look or click on the snap above. The password is: sc4040

It’s always a surprise when I get to my letterbox because I never know what is going to be in there. And today was a cracker! There was a pretty little package from my mate Gourmet Girlfriend with a sign that it contained nuts! Which is great because so am I! I opened it up and it was a little birthday pressie: a copy of her latest newsletter and cooking club package which just happened to be her own dukkah mix. How cool is that?

Look what she sends out in an adorable little pack? This was totally a special birthday treat and but I mean I HAD to share it with you guys because look…DUKKAH.

IMG_2578 IMG_2581

I immediately took out some cauliflower that was sent in our weekly organic delivery and I roasted the SHIZ out of it then sprinkled some dukkah on for the most delicious lunch ever. It’s just like she came over and hung out and cooked for me (man I would LOVE for that to happen one day).


So I have OBVIOUSLY signed up for 6 months of little treats in the mail because: DER, how great an idea is that? And what a great business idea! And shut up here is my money GG. You can check out the details of the 3, 6 or 12 month subscription on her blog here. I’ll let you know what I keep getting over the coming months…


Speaking of delicious I saw a very simple recipe on the Barefoot contessa’s Facebook page yesterday which took my fancy. It’s probably more of a late summer recipe than a late winter where we are here, but she just took a whole lot of cherry toms, basil, garlic, salt and peeps and let them marinate for the day then cooked some angel hair pasta, poured it over the back of the cooked pasta with some parmesan and BINGO! How simple and delicious does that sound? Imma make it! Recipe here.

I’m onto season 2 of Orange is the New Black and I have to say after such a cracking start I am feeling a little disappointed. I’m at about ep 4 I think. Anyone else feeling the same? What happened to Alex? So much to still learn I guess. It’s good to be in the depths of a good show isn’t it?


We have a new poster out for the DnA Festival this week with all of the details. Want to take a look? Well what do you know, here is one I prepared earlier. All details can be found on the website too or you can click on the image below.


I totally wagged life yesterday went to the movies with a friend instead and saw 100 foot journey. Have you seen it? Complete escapism with beautiful Indian men, food, French countryside and pretty girls in pretty frocks. Worth a look I think…


Roasted some cauliflower lately? How good is it?!
What episode are you up to in OITNB season 2? Does it get better?
Seen any good movies lately? I think I might wag again next week!


  1. Yep I’m about 4 eps in to S2 of Orange and I have to say it’s not gripping me like S1 did. Chapman has hardly made an appearance and what DID happen to Alex?

  2. That video is gorgeous Beth! What a beautiful memory to keep of your big trip- well done Rob πŸ™‚

  3. Wowzers Beth…that video is SENSATIONAL! You all look so happy. I love the bit of the girls dancing AND that sunset…no words. What a talented man your husband is to whip that up.
    On a side note, how good is Dukkah!

  4. Your children will cherish the video, as time goes by!

  5. Hi Beth, yeah I finished season 2 and have to say it wasn’t as riveting as season 1. But it does get better and has a great last ep to finish the season. Stick with it!

  6. Rob should get an Oscar for that movie! It’s as if it transports us right there and captures the magic of so many moments and memories. The music is awesome too! And how alike are you and your mum?! I’m surprised you ever wanted to get home. I think the local Tourism should use it for their next media campaign… It certainly makes me want to hop on the next plane and go!

  7. Beth. Watching that video made me feel so happy! What a beautiful family to be a part of. Thank you for sharing. x

  8. RE OINTB and what happened to Alex. From what I’ve read I think Laura Prepon’s agent dropped the ball somewhat, she is back for series 3.
    If you read interviews with the creator Jenji Kohan she talks about how Chapman was her Trojan horse, she wants to tell the stories of all of the women.
    I think the power play in series 2 and the story of Rosa and Morello in particular are heartbreaking.

  9. I don’t know you in the real world Beth, but I got goosebumps watching that video. Best thing I have watched in a long time. Xo

  10. Wow!! Absolutely loved your video! Will be so treasured in years to come!!

  11. What a wonderful video, Rob you are very talented. What an amazing keepsake!

  12. Love the movie, I felt like I was there. I love how much dancing there was, my family tends to just sit and be awkward

  13. The video, is absolutely wonderful Beth! I admit to having a tear in my eye at the end of it. It conveyed the love and passion of a family all set against a glorious backdrop. I was dreading today (work shit), but I am smiling now after watching this and am determined to keep this feeling all day – or at least until work grinds me down and I want to stab someone with a blunt object πŸ˜‰
    Thank you for sharing x

  14. Tamara Townsend says

    I couldn’t work out how to shazam the song ( am hopeless with music) but could you share the name of the song. thanks. and awesome, and I’m still trying to work out which one is your brother as they both kind of look alike…

  15. I agree with Sammie. That movie is the SHIZ! I felt like I was right there with you and think I could slot right in with your gorgeous family! Please take me on your next holiday! What a wonderful family holiday Beth! Don’t think it gets much better than that!

  16. BRAVO Rob. That video evoked emotion in me, I can only imagine the love and memories it will bring your family in the years to come. It will be treasured I’m sure.

  17. Fabulous record of your trip – no wonder you’ve watched it a bazillion times! How good is the Barefoot Contessa? Her tv show is like life porn – that house!, that garden! that kitchen!

  18. Love the video it really takes you right there.

  19. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  20. Barb Fisher says

    What a gorgeous, gorgeous video! And what a super clever hubby you have. I just loved it.

    I haven’t seen any eps of OITNB Season 2 yet. Hope it’s not too disappointing! I LOVED season one, and highly suggest you read the book if you haven’t already.

    • I’ll have to check out the book – thanks Barb!

      • Am a bit stuck in Season 2 as well. Not so great. However, I have ready the book and wouldn’t really recommend it. They have used it to loosely base the story on, but they don’t align and you just get confused about what was in the book v what’s on the telly! I didn’t really find the book to be much of a page-turner TBH.

  21. Ella Spurling says

    WOW!!! Brilliant movie montage. So much happiness! And I LOVE all the dancing! Thanks for sharing Beth. Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. Lisa Aherne says

    What a great movie Beth, so much enjoyed it. Thank you so much for sharing the happiness. I loved the music too, can you please give me the name of the band. cheers, Lisa

  23. The dancing in the kitchen, the dive off the dock into the underwater shot, the sunsets behind smiling children dancing, the gorgeous men at the BBQ and on boats. Your Mum is just awesome. Wow I have just been to Croatia right there with you.

  24. Peta musingsofamartin says

    Loved the vid, Beth. That husband of yours is very talented. Wish I could wangle a camera in such a way! Can I ask the title and artist of the song please?

  25. Holy crap that was good! I had tears the second I saw your mum dancing and they kept rolling down my cheeks until the very end (with a smile on my face too). I don’t know your family but I could feel the love and joy. You are all so very lucky to have had that trip and now to have it on film to cherish and remember. LOVE IT! x x

  26. I loved that video!
    I had tears in my eyes and it isn’t even my family! Then again being preggers, I cry pretty much all the time. Or laugh. Or laugh until I cry. But hormones aside, it was beautiful. I can see why you didn’t want to come home!

  27. That movie was so moving it really transported me to a wonderful place for a wonderful occasion

  28. I came SOOOOO close to writing a disclaimer that said ” CAUTION: Made by a nut ”
    Thankyou so much for sharing.
    Glad you enjoyed.

    And….Rob nails it AGAIN. Does that man ever fail?

    • He is SO good at this stuff…a real talent. I want the world to know! And thaw again – can’t wait to see what’s in store over the next 6 months x

  29. Sesaon 2 is really slow to get moving – I thought oh, OK, didn’t sustain through a second season…it all seemed a bit cheeseball and self-conscious. I couldn’t work out why all the US reviewers were raving about it. But then…it got better, better, better and by the end I shouted at the television in shock and excitement. Keep watching Beth- report back if you agree.

  30. Wonderful video. What did he use to take it? And does he do wedding videos at a more reasonable rate than the suppliers out there…..?

  31. That was the best video ever!! Well done to Rob!! Hvala puno for sharing. p.s Δ‡evapi on the BBQ looked the business!!

  32. Debs Sutton says

    Wowzers Beth, the video is just gorgeous…..Well Done Rob!!! We have a house in Carcassone, S.W.France that has been the setting for many happy family moments so I wish I had” a Rob” to capture those times!!!!
    I LOVE The Barefoot Contessa too!!!

  33. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Your Rob is so clever ,what a beautiful film Beth Xx

  34. Annie Maurer says

    Beautiful keepsake Beth of a wonderful family holiday……and clever, clever Rob….love his work as I have said before! Annie M

  35. As I told you, that video brought tears to my eyes (in a good way) and I’ve since downloaded that Jos Gonzalez song and listen to it each morning on the bus on the way to work. Thank you so much for sharing it. x

  36. LOVE the video, very beautiful!

  37. Sarah-Jane says

    Fantastic video – very clever hubby and very inspiring to make a trip to Croatia during our current posting in Russia. I went to the movies with mum while visiting Oz in July and loved the 100 foot journey – Indian & French – fabulous combination!

  38. That video is simply beautiful.

  39. Ok, so it could be the pregnancy hormones talking here… but I am sobbing.. that video is SENSATIONAL! (and we so need him to do some guest blogging soon and teach us how to do those videos!)

  40. Leanne Murch says

    I think we all need more dancing and Croation sunsets in our lives – just beautiful!!! And the song is perfect – loved it in Walter Mitty – so uplifting.

  41. Beth I adore how much your people smile & dance & hug & kiss! Gosh that was good to see.
    And let’s just take a minute to bask in the goodness that is Ruth Bruten…………………………………….she’s bloody good isn’t she?

  42. Sue Palmer says

    What a beautiful & sensitively captured film of a momentous occasion!

  43. That video is so amazing! What a beautiful thing for your family to cherish. Love it.

  44. Wow!! Great video. Bravo! Inspired me to try my hand at it. What program does he use to put the video together?

  45. Gosh, I a bit behind in my blog reading! That movie is magic, no wonder you’ve watched it so many times. I can feel the sun on my skin just watching it.
    That GG is such a clever clogs, I’ve put her club on my wish list – to give or to receive.
    Yep, I was a tad disappointed with S2 of OITNB too, but it does get better. Lots better, I think. But not as good as the first season.
    I got to see the 100 Foot Journey with a friend too – did you get bubbly and croissants and curry puffs with yours? That was a lovely escape from reality on an otherwise dull weeknight.

  46. Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you for sharing with us – it was just beautiful. The song, your family, the dancing. πŸ˜€ What were you all dancing to in the kitchen?
    It’s the simple things that matter in life – family, food, friends and sunsets.


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