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Hey guess what? Harper is sick again! The flu that she had, that she passed onto Rob, which flattened him for almost the whole week has made its way back to her again! SO giving. Poor bunny is flat out on the couch today unable to move. Turns out the cold really DOES bother me anyway. Bring on some spring and a change of seasons and sickness I say!


Any of you out there with daughters know about these cards?

IMG_2322 IMG_2321

Earlier this year when I wrote a post about the Christmas presents that worked for my kids I had a few people mention them to me and the girls were lucky enough to have some sent to them last week. I like them, I really like them. Forever Clover cards were created in 2011 with the aim “to create a wholesome girls’ brand that values healthy and active girls, friendship and age appropriate dress and behaviour.” And they do. I want my girls to see little girls that LOOK like little girls, doing the things that they like to do – gymnastics, playing outside etc. The illustrations are sweet and both of my girls are quite obsessed with their books filled with cards and adorable little tins too.

Forever clover have a special discount code for BabyMac readers too! Valid until the end of August – great birthday or Christmas idea to get onto early – I know I will be.

Just go online and enter the code U25ETVDMEWH2 for 25% OFF! 

IMG_2323 IMG_2324

You know what I have been doing a bit of lately? Unsubscribing from emails! Oh the liberation! I have pretty much been going through every unnecessary email and unsubscribing (taking all of 5 seconds to do so) and it’s been the BEST thing. No cluttered inbox…I highly recommend you get onto it!

Are you sick of the Daphne & hellebore spam coming from my blog? I’m so glad because look: I’ve got some more. Take a deep breath and just stop to look at the colours in those hellebores would you? LOOK AT IT!

IMG_2315 IMG_2314 IMG_2317 IMG_2316

All my bulbs are starting to pop up now too – thank goodness – I hope to see some tulips again this year. Remember them from last year? It’s still a few more months before they will be here but it’s nice to know that every though the ground is dry and frozen there is action under there.

I have started to plan for a special 40th birthday lunch that I am hosting down here in September and did some preliminary Pinterest searches for inspiration. So I entered in long lunch outside and look what popped up! MY TABLE. Ha! What a funny thing.


Are you ready to embrace the BabyMac Book club that I wrote about this week? You will notice from this picture that whilst I have the book, it’s yet to be opened. But it will, oh yes it will. I have a date with my couch tomorrow and that book. Make sure you join in – you have ages to go until we have to read it (2nd September) so get to it!


What do you have planned for the weekend? I have my Dad and step Mum down for the night tonight while Rob is off at a School reunion – 20 years the old bugger. I think Harps will be stuck on the couch getting better (PLEASE LET HER GET BETTER) and I have a date with my book. Nothing very exciting, but just what I need after a busy week.

Anyone else’s family been sick for 4 weeks straight now? Mine too!
Do you love these cute Forever Clover cards too?
Ever run into yourself on Pinterest?
Get better everyone!


  1. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I do hope Harper gets better very soon,poor petal and poor you cause everyone knows when your child is sick They only want Mum,never ever get sick of flower pics Beth and I love the idea of those clover forever cards just don’t have any little girls to buy them for:(
    I’m on to the unsubscribing emails so many I don’t even read ,just trash,have a lovely weekend with your Dada and stepmum xx

  2. Again – you’re inside my mind. This week I too tackled the unsubscribing from stupid emails I get and never bother to hit that unsubscribe button. Mission accomplished. Those Forever Clover cards look ace! When I saw the photo and hadn’t yet read your description I thought what age appropriate, sweet, REAL depictions of little girls, breath of fresh air amongst the barrage of CRAP! It’s my niece’s 12th birthday soon, do you think she’ll be a bit old? 12 is hard…I don’t want to give her teenager crap but want to acknowledge she’s not a little girl anymore! I’m loving your hellebores sick this year, I’ve grown them in my garden before but never thought to pick them?! They just didn’t seem to be the picking sort? But next year I will pick some for sure, I’m just about to plant one in the garden actually, they like the cool conditions down here. I have some jonquils almost blooming and tulip beginnings poking through in the garden – sweet promise of Spring! I tend to declare my love for Winter too, but there does come a point where it’s surely time for some sunshine. Seasons are clever like that, coming and going. Happy weekending, I’m off for a walk with the munchkin in the pram to ‘help’ cut some firewood (we’ll most likely spectate with the dogs).

    • I struggle with picking them – they ALWAYS droop terribly. But this year I had the idea to use daphne as a frame at the bottom of the vase that holds them up. It’s working! I reckon those cards might be OK – so hard to tell though!

  3. I’m packing the girls up to make an appearance at a 21st tonight. I’d much rather stay inside, close to the fire that I lit at 11am (because it does occasionally get cold up here), but I’ve promised to make some apple crumbles for dessert.
    Poor little Harper, hope she’s on the mend soon. If she’s been sick for a while, she might need zinc to help her body’s immune response. xx

  4. I just unsubscribed to lots of emails it was great, too many deals that I can’t afford to do. I might have to look into those cards for my 6yo, she is growing up WAY to fast and these look very wholesome. Hubby has taken oldest to rugby game and the youngest is sick with an ear infection so he’s sleeping and I have the house to myself!!!!!!!! WINNING. I hope sickness leaves your abode soon. x

  5. I think your miscellaneous posts are my favorite! Poor Harper, what a bastard cold to come back to her!! I must unsubscribe from some emails, I’m sick of delete delete delete every month or so – on the phone, the iPad and the desktop computer! I’m still loving my Stocard app as recommended by one of your ace readers yesterday, we’re hooking my husband up with it tonight!!

  6. I finally I subscribed to Temple & Webster. I bloody love that stuff but I don’t need taunting from my inbox about stuff I can’t afford to buy!

    And don’t stop with the daphne & hellebores. I can’t grow pretty things like that over here so I’m living vicariously 🙂

  7. I have downloaded your book club book and read a few pages and look forward to reading it. Love your blogs Beth xx

  8. I can tell you I am SO over the sickness, I really am. I have my boy at home today, just when I though we were all done and dusted! Hope Harper gets better soon. Poor love.

    We love those forever clover cards too, lots of swapping going on at school these days.

  9. oh yes…we had three weeks of illness which rather unkindly didn’t start until the very end of our three week winter school holidays – so that is many weeks, including one with hubby overseas, with children needing to be entertained and me unable to pursue anything outside of the house – breaking point.

    but now it all ok, and I have just had a new garden planted which happens to include lots of daphne and hellebores so your photos just encourage me with thoughts of the lovely bunches I will have this time next year – wish there was Smello-blog!!

    And I love the look of those cards – just in time for my 8 year olds birthday!! She needs to set off a new trend among her little friends I think!!

    so all in all, I love every inch of your post! hope everyone gets well soon 🙂

  10. Ugh to pressing UNSUBSCRIBE constantly, and then having to click through to the website to answer the ‘are you SURE you want to unsubscribe’? Duh. Give Unroll Me – https://unroll.me/rollup a shot. It is AWESOME and will help you clear your inbox in a flash.
    My four girls love the Forever Clover cards – my 9yo especially loves to order them by colour, type, amount of sparkles etc…. I have not shelled out for a folder, but the cards rattle around in the tin. Happily.
    Ahh- Book club- have never been in one. Would like to. A nice change from reading text books. 🙂 Looks like a good ‘un – hopefully I get a chance to read along…..
    Hoping you all feel better soon!
    (umm- have read your blog for a while, and have finally come out of hiding to say “hello”!)

    • That unsubscribing business is SO annoying. I think that’s why I stopped doing it. Occasionally I get one of those but lots of them have been easy. Go glad I’ve done it.

  11. Just ordered my 4 and 7 year old girls some Forever Clover cards!!! Hopefully they’ll love them.

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