Bigger than BabyMac

It’s funny, the one thing I have been told maybe 7 or 8 times over the past few days at this conference is about how TALL I am. Who knew I was tall? NOT ALL OF YOU IT SEEMS. Which is weird because I somehow feel like I have unintentionally tricked you guys. So I felt like if 8 or so people here were shocked, you might be to.

So here’s the thing. I am a bit tall.


Not anything outrageous in height I would think, but, you know, tallish. I am unsure of my exact height…I think it’s around the 5 10 mark (177 cm ish). Here is some examples of me with some other bloggers, you know, for a comparison.

Me and Eden.


And Bianca Wordley.


Nothing crazy, but apparently something that people didn’t expect from me. A lovely lady at morning tea just know said to ,me that if someone had asked her if I was tall, medium or short she would have said definitely short. DEFINITELY short. Ha! Once I throw on some heels though I suppose I can at time look like a baby deer just learning to walk.

I’m not sure why people thought I was small? Is it my photos? Do I look like a little pixie? I’m afraid I have nordic heritage and I am a big, tall, brassy bird. There it is!

Did you think I was short?
Have you ever been surprised when you met someone and they were different to what you expected?
Are you short, medium or tall?


  1. Yes I thought you were short!! I am short and so wish I could be taller and then I might be slimmer!!

  2. Yes I thought you would be shorter!! Now I know thanks πŸ˜‰ I have even sadly googled “how tall is babymac”. I am about a tall as you, but, er, wider…

  3. Lol! I thought you were medium to short-ish. Definitely not taller than Eden. I’m gonna say it’s because of the hair? Maybe? Pixie-ish cut, pixie build?

  4. I am a short arse. Obviously. : )

  5. Yes another person here who thought you weren’t tall, especially not that tall πŸ™‚

  6. Ha! How ’bout that? I would have definitely guessed that you were short but I have no idea why!

    I myself am short with a capital ‘S’. I think I am about 160cm and of my three siblings my Mum calls me the tall one! I also have an unusually tiny head. It is not something that I notice everyday or even something I get comments on but when I see a photo of myself in a group I am always struck by how my head is at least half the size of everyone else’s! I look like a child with wrinkles πŸ˜‰

  7. I really did think you were short, I’m not particularly sure why haha

  8. I would have picked you for short to medium. I don’t know why! As it turns out you’re 1cm shorter than me. How awesome is being tall?

  9. I thought you were tall, you can gauge it from photos and videos I have seen – I’m 5’8 so I live in a tall world too..!!

  10. I just imagined you’d be a medium height, I’m about 170 though. I wonder if it is a self identification thing. Blogs are so personal that it makes people feel like they know you so maybe if someone is short they might see you as short? Or you house has really high ceilings so in comparison to my house your camera point of view would change how tall you appear? Who knows? =D

  11. Not just short, petite. I’m shocked…

  12. yep – I had you pegged at sub 165cm

  13. You got 20cms on me, Babymac. Remind me to never pose next to you without phone books.

  14. I think it’s the baby in babymac… It sounds small πŸ™‚

  15. You’re perfect… just the way you are x

  16. Katie clews says

    I just assumed you were short!!! Who would’ve thought hey ????

  17. Weirdly I thought you were short too – you know 5ft 6 or less…and I have no idea why?????

  18. Definitely knew you weren’t a short arse. I’ve seen Instagram. And TV. I’m tallish too, people always say ‘you’re so tall!!’ If I had a dollar……

  19. I thought you were tall!

  20. Long time lurker here. Felt compelled to comment because I too thought you were short!! ❀️❀️ Also made Anne the other day – “world class” comment used to describe! Thanks, Bev πŸ˜‰

  21. I pegged you for medium height… but it turns out you’re just a bit taller than me. This makes me VERY happy as now I’m going to read your ‘fashion’ posts with me in mind… especially a I’m also of Nordic, big, tall, brassy, bird stock πŸ™‚

  22. I always guessed you were tall. You’re around the same as me so guessed by the way you wear your clothes. You however have the advantage of a normal looking bust. I’m weighed down in that area.

  23. I would have thought short!

  24. I would’ve assumed you’re tallish. But to me at 150cm everyone is tall!

  25. I don’t know why either, but I thought you were short. How bizarre. But it’s like books that you read and imagine the characters and then they make it into a film and cast totally different people to what you would have thought. I’m looking at you Tom Cruise. Jack Reacher, my arse.

  26. I also thought you were a shorty…. wonder why that is?

  27. I would have said medium but now I think you are actually quite tall! I’m only 5 foot 3.5 inches & by god I’m taking that .5 of an inch! I’ve got a 6 foot hubby & a 14 year old who isn’t far behind so I’ll always be the shortest in my fam.

  28. I will admit I thought you were short also! I guess that the photos I’ve seen of you are usually you on your own, no comparison, maybe.

  29. I have seen your legs in jeans on IG, guessed you were tall.

  30. Yes short! Long time reader here and definitely thought you were short! How funny. Maybe the title Baby mac subconsciously told us you were small?!

  31. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I’ve always known you were tall Beth and I’m jealous ,I’m 5ft 4 and my daughter is about your height and I think tall is better!

  32. Snap! Same height!
    Sometimes at work I stand up after mtgs and people say oh I forget how tall you are! I have slender wrists….must mislead them… πŸ™‚

  33. Gosh we are the same height!!! It’s so weird I just assumed you were short….

  34. Yep I would have thought you were shorter, but then your mum looks tall from what pics I’ve seen. You always look great x

  35. Totally thought you were short…… quite short! I am amazed (and jealous). x

  36. I never re

  37. I’ll try again!! I never really gave any thought to how tall you might be. I’m the same height as you and I’m also surprised when people say “you’re so tall” . I always have a chuckle to myself because I’m one of the shortest in my family, my grandmother was 6’3 “.

  38. Actually yeah I would have said short- without any valid reason for assuming that- silly me really! maybe it’s your super cute pixie haircut?!:)

    As for ppl being different than you’d assume- my hubby’s twin brother! They aren’t identical but I thought they would be similar looking…you know brotherish. Uh uh they are so different that I seriously thought I was being punked when I first met him & walked off on the pair of them haha!:)

    I’m tall too- I’m 6’3″ish

  39. Yes I thought you were short too.

  40. I always think that every blogger is the same height as me. Not logical I know. I guess when their voice sounds like mine in my head, I naturally think they are similar height/ shape too.

  41. I didn’t think you were tall either..can’t say why. I am 5’4″ but didn’t know I was short until I was about 26 (14 yrs ago). When I was growing up and a young adult, every one was around the same height as me..weird.!

  42. Sometimes I forget there are tall people! Until I go to a gig that is….

  43. Never for a moment did I think you were short – not with those legs. From my short statured world anyone with amazing legs is obviously tall.

  44. I’m 5 10 ish too! Nup. Knew you were tall. Can tell sitting next to kayte on the tele. Your personality is tall as well. Not sure why. Just is.

  45. Ok, I gotta admit….your height was a slight surprise when I briefly met you on Friday morning. I’m a shorty {162cm}, but was wearing chunky heeled boots and you were still a little taller than me. And I did think “Oh Wow, Beth is taller than I expected” and then “Wow, she has gorgeous eyes!!” No idea why I thought you were shorter.
    It was lovely to quickly say hi amongst the craziness of the event. Whatever your height I think you ROCK!
    Claire x

  46. I totally thought you were short. You got like 25cm on me!

  47. Really weird, but I defs thought you were short. This oddly blows my mind LOL.

  48. Well Gulliver, I just love our matching lanyards and stances is what. XXXXX

  49. I thought mediumish. Maybe cos you are in neat proportion in your photos. I’m 174cm but have long limbs and long torso so I think I kind of look tall in photos. No wonder Daisy is so tall. Get her into netball, stat!

  50. I thought you were short too!
    I once saw Madonna in London. In my mind I pictured her very tall and powerful looking. In real life she is short and tiny.

  51. All weekend all I heard was “Oh I didnt realise you were so short”! Totally should have got a photo next to you – that would make you look 7 foot tall πŸ˜‰ xx

  52. Strange isn’t it.. Not that I ever really thought about it but definitely didn’t picture you as above average height. Maybe it is your photos – I think usually you take facial close ups so we probably never see the full perspective.

    Funny the way we make assumptions. I should have listened to my Grade 11 teacher who told us that “to assume is to make an ass out of u and me”..

    Half your luck though – I’d love to be taller.

  53. Ha ha…I think I always thought you were tall?
    It is funny what you think other bloggers will be like in real life…you kind of know what they look like from their blog…but social media doesn’t tell the whole picture!
    Tall or short, it was lovely to see you again!

  54. Bingo! I thought you would be short.
    You look like someone I knew years ago and she was short, so I just slotted you in the short category.
    Me, I’m medium height, no idea what it is, but I have some friends taller and some shorter so I figure I’m medium (and obviously a scientist..).

  55. I thought you would be average height, but now that I know you’re tall, I’m excited! I’m also tall (178cm) so knowing which pants you recommend and seeing how long they are on you gives me more ideas for shopping! I don’t know about you but I seem to live in pants at 7/8 length.

  56. Haha a friend asked if I had a chance to meet you at the Problogger conference to send a photo of the two of us back to her! I would love to meet you next year, though at 5’3″ I might need a step ladder to reach you!

  57. I have always been on the short side. I think I would much rather be taller, Makes it so much easier to buy long pants!! Hopefully I will get to Problogger next year!! Looked fantastic!

  58. I was the one who said short. Definitely short. Ha πŸ™‚ Still, one is never insulted for being 5’10. It’s tall enough to look stately, but not so tall to have a complex! So fascinating that us readers had created a height for you in their minds…

  59. Well you know I thought you were taller, (because I might have mentioned it a few times), and yes, I thought you were a tiny little Kylie Minogue-y type thing. Maybe 5ft2″ max.
    Sweet, I like you tall.

  60. I’ve never noticed your height. Just how freakin’ awesome you are. x

  61. Ebony Roberts says

    I thought you were much taller than me, turns out we are the same height! It’s funny though, I wouldn’t describe myself as tall, just average. Living in NY I was surrounded by tall, beautiful women of all shapes, so I actually felt a bit short!
    It’s nice to know that the awesome jeans you recommend should work for me too – thanks πŸ™‚

  62. Yep, I thought you were a little on the ‘vertically challenged’ side, much like myself.
    But now it explains your amazing pins!

    Maybe if I was 5’10 I would have amazing pins too…instead of what I refer to as my ‘stumps’


  63. Have been reading for about 4 years and I always thought you were short!

  64. I assumed you were short/average, although i did notice that Daisy looks tall on your recent video. I’m 5’10 and i get told ALL the time how tall i am, like it’s something i wasn’t aware of. I generally feel BIG around people (although i’m a lanky tall), it’s refreshing to read how most people consider 5’10 to be average, makes me feel less like a freak or something.


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