Bad hair day solution: Head scarf


This snap was taken when we were OS and I was having a particularly bad hair day. Our luggage was lost, I was wearing the same clothes for the second or maybe third day in a row and delirium (as you can see) had set in. There was only one thing for it. Two actually: an ugly selfie AND a head scarf.

Daisy does NOT like the head scarf. One bit. She is actually mortified by the head scarf whenever I wear it. I will admit that there are about 2 minutes where all you can think about is the head scarf. People are looking at me wearing the headscarf. I look weird with the headscarf. That person is staring at the headscarf. What was I THINKING with the headscarf. But once that passes and the confidence soars you wear that headscarf. YOU OWN IT.

I checked my friend Smaggle’s blog for tips because this lady can WERK a headscarf like it’s nobodies business. You can check out her video here. And because I haven’t done one in FOREVER I made a video to show you how I do it!

You’re welcome! (note that I accidentally dropped the F-bomb towards the end of because I swear a LOT in real life and this is me! In real life! Apologies to the little people around).

Do you ever dabble in some headscarf action?
It’s fun right?
What else can you do on a bad hair day? Beanie? Hat? Cap?


  1. I freakin’ LOVE a headscarf. You’re rocking it lady! x

  2. Love it!!
    Oh and love the F bomb too! lol

  3. YEY – a VLOG!!!!!!!!!! Have missed them so!!!! You look RAD. x

  4. Ha rad! I love it! I’m rocking my turban scarf today too! It’s all about the hair on top. The goal is to look glam, not bald. Scarf forth and prosper my friend.

  5. Love it! Cracked me up. You rock it Bev.

  6. You crack me up: “A bit of too’ing and fro’ing” – ROCKING IT!
    I’m way too daggy to even try this look, people would probably think I had misplaced my cleaning cloth!

  7. Thanks for the laugh! You totally rock that headscarf! Looks awesome and even on your bad hair day you make me want to chop my locks off to have short hair again!

  8. Khali Whatley says

    Best. Video. Ever.

  9. Kate Chamberlain says

    I love that you’ve done this with SHORT HAIR! My hair is about your length and I struggle with what to do on bad hair days. I’m soooo gonna have a crack πŸ™‚

  10. Rach aka stinkb0mb says

    That video made me laugh, which in turn, unfortunately, led to a coughing fit but hey ho most things do at the minute LOL

    What I found even MORE interesting than this vid you posted, is that if you leave it running, it continues onto another video and then another and then another and I’ve just watched about 10 of your old videos going back to when Harper was 2!

    • Sorry about that…hope you are on the mend! I tried to stop the video from doing that because I thought that would be annoying…sorry! But HOW CUTE WAS SHE? We watched it today too.

  11. Love a headscarf. But always unsure about wearing one. V x

  12. Excellent! I was so in need of a good chuckle! I’ll have to give it a bash !

  13. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I have never ever worn one probably cause of your case of people looking at me but you do OWN IT Beth …love!

  14. DO ANOTHER ONE!!! That was the highlight of my day. Yes you look gorgeous but far out- the dialogue is the real star. PS: Did you and Kitty Flannigan go the same school of comic timing… Awesome.

  15. Love the video, thanks for the giggle!

  16. You just crack me up! The other day, I had a day off and was having a serious bad hair day and was going for breakfast with my son. We went to a lovely place which is frequented by “yummy mummies” who congregate after dropping their children off at their private schools, dressed immaculately and NO bad hair. I decided to be ahead of the trend and rock the beanie. “What, haven’t you heard? This is the latest trend in Milan, you girls all need to get with the programme.” *said with a snazzy click of the fingers*

  17. No, I gave up on head scarf action sometime ago, despite being the parent of a child who goes to a Steiner school (head scarf city babe) but I do dabble in some swearing, quite a bit actually and I was caught out today at a school excursion by the mother who never swears! Damn!

  18. You funny, funny bitch! More videos, yes please.
    Daisy, what the F is wrong with you?!

  19. You crack me up! Do more vlogs, they are fun πŸ™‚

  20. hilarious! I never know how to wear these kind of scarves with glasses- do I put the scarf over or behind my specs?!

  21. You’re awesome, your post always make me smile and you’ve just inspired me to try out a head scarf tomorrow. I need all the bulk I can get, I have flat, straight, barely there, post 3 kidlet hair. Can’t wait to hear the kids reaction when I walk out with it on!

  22. You look adorable with the headscarf! Love the vlog…you’re too funny!!!

  23. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks for the laugh, more vlogs please!

  24. what can I say …… but I love it and you rock Beth

  25. ‘Anyway, that’s not ideal. That’s not supposed to happen. ‘
    God you make me laugh! I like the scarf. I like it.

  26. You’re ahead of me in the headscarf stakes (see what I did there?!) – I haven’t given it a go. Yet. Fuck it, I should.

  27. I think you have just inspired me to have a crack at the headscarf. And like your mate Smaggle, I have a whole lot of crazy curls to wrestle under that headscarf.
    And what do you know…I seem to be having a bad hair day today, and was tossing up as to whether i should wash it, the answer would be NO, just grab a scarf and say f*k it! πŸ˜‰


  28. I love this video – hilair! I also love that first pic of you and your girls, your hair looks HOT in a scarf! I’m having a mid life crisis about my hair lately – its just so SHIT all of the time, am thinking of doing somthing crazy like going Meg Ryan short and blonder – like a LOT! But I’m scared………

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