BabyMac reader survey 2014

Given that the blog has just turned 8 what better time to look forward to where we are headed! And that’s where YOU can get involved. I want you to tell me ALL OF THE THINGS. What stuff you like on BabyMac, what stuff you don’t like so much, what you’d like to see more (or less) of. Point me in right direction oh smart ones!

IMG_9761 IMG_9762 IMG_9763 IMG_9764 IMG_9765 IMG_9766

And for your time (should take you about 4 mins or so…well that’s what it took me when I did it…which incidentally was WEIRD because I was me talking about ME) you can be in the draw to win a $150 Westfield card. No personal info is shared with anyone else, I just need an email address to let the lucky winner know.

So, here you go! The link to the survey is just one click away. Here!

Thanks so much for taking the time, time to get those legs stretched and warmed up as we headΒ into another 8 years!


  1. OK done

  2. Done, hope it helps! x

  3. Done too!

  4. All done. Hope it helps in some way πŸ™‚

  5. Doneski. I do love a survey.

  6. Have done the survey! Happy to help.

  7. Done and dusted.

  8. katie clews says

    Would love to meet you in person some day Beth.. Yes come to QLD please πŸ™‚ Kt πŸ™‚

  9. Done

  10. Happy Blogiversary! Survey done. Ticked many alcohol boxes. Hope you like my BabyMac specific answers…!

  11. done – ticked far too many alcohol boxes!

  12. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Happy bloggerversary and done Beth x

  13. Done!:)

  14. Done!! Doing so reminded me I made Anne for my fam last week!!!! Delicious! Gone in a day!!!! X

  15. Done and dusted.

  16. Annie Maurer says

    Done and dusted!

  17. Done! Great series of pics Beth! x

  18. Done! Better late that never right?

  19. All done. Actually jumped onto your website to look up the Anne cake recipe and then saw and remembered the survey….xx

  20. Done πŸ™‚

  21. done πŸ™‚ x

  22. Great survey Beth! It will give you so much material – well done.

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