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Last night I was honoured to be asked to introduce my good friend and work colleague Nikki at the Sydney launch of her first book Unlock your Style. I was NERFOUS!

It was about 4 or 5 years ago now that I stumbled across Nikki’s blog – I had a toddler and was either preggers or just had a baby and was feeling particularly unfresh and a bit shit about myself. Over the years I have read and followed Nikki’s no fuss and REAL approach to fashion. I sit there nodding and duly nothing when she tells me I need some ponte pants, nay WHAT a ponte pant was! Discovered what BB cream was, the importance of getting a statement necklace or scarf, a certain bag or boots. Her model and me series and #everydaystyle that came about at the start of this year is testament to her success. Hundreds of REAL PEOPLE want to know how to make themselves feel better by dressing better.

I think that fashion labels sometimes forget about the REAL women that are actually out there buying their clothes in their stores. We get presented with skinny girls modelling clothes and then told to buy them. Women in their 30’s right through to their 70’s are the ones with the money buying their stuff that they should be targeting. We are the ones that they should be focused on…but I guess Mum’s with low self esteem and sagging boobs or middle aged women with hot flushes and cash to burn aren’t quite glamorous enough for that though are we? The magic with blogs and the online word is the REAL advice that you can get. If I like a pair of Country Road pants, I’ll tell you. You can tell me if you have something that works. I know that this is why blogs are so popular for people to get their information from. It can be trusted, its real.

While we have all known this for some time I am excited that the rest of the world can work this out through Nikki’s book and we are happy to watch her leave the nest and spread her wings and fly!

I am so proud of what she has achieved with this book. A book! A real life BOOK! Anyone who does that deserves a medal in my opinion. Nikki is one of the hardest working bloggers out there. She is also the most generous – with her time, her knowledge – no one does it better than her. I wish her every success with this book – she bloody well deserves it.

Here are some of the snaps from last night. I had my Mum with me who was officially loving herself sick there! Chatting away to all the bloggers – throwing advice around left right and centre and trying very hard to make sure she got all the hashtags correct!

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I have Nikki to thank for my ponte pants and a new found sense of style that I now have all these years later. But above all that I have a true and kind friend – that’s worth the world!

You can buy Nikki’s book from Kmart, Big W, Target and any good book store or you can order online from a variety of online stores. Click here for a link of online retailers.

Do you read blogs for fashion advice?


  1. Oh my lordy Beth you look about 22 in those pics. Is it the BB cream or the ponte pants. Righto. Off to google ponte pants.

  2. Yep three cheers for Nikki – I’m a more recent finder of her wisdom and yes I am forever changed and grateful … And slightly annoyed that my work schedule has me in Rockhampton the days she is “coming home” to the Sunny Coast” to celebrate her book πŸ™

  3. I want ponte pants now! Do they hide lumps? Haha. Already loving the book, got it yesterday online! Go Nikki!

    Ps – how glam does you Mum look!

  4. I am stoked that a friend got to intro Nikki last night! Go you.
    I love her blog for all the same reasons you do sans pregnancy and toddlers.
    I love watching people shine, especially as stylishly as you and Niki do.

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  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    You are indeed lucky to call Nikki your friend Beth I love her blog and she is beautiful inside and out.Great wrap up and your Mum looks beautiful she should be loving herself sick,very chic woman is your Mum Xx

  7. So good to meet you last night, and your Mum too. Indeed it was quite fun to introduce myself to your Mum, and explain how I recognised her! Then of course a delight to be recognised as Mary from Rockdale by you!!

  8. I just love that photo of you and Nikki, two of my favourite bloggers, looking gorgeous as ever. I think I discovered both yours and Nikki’s blogs around the same time about 4 years ago. I was living overseas and in desperate need of some down to earth aussie-ness and homegrown style. Thank goodness for you 2!!

  9. Just bought Nikki’s book this morning, can’t wait until I have a moment to myself to read it! I love her blog, she helped me out one with a fashion question which I really appreciated. She is generous with her time and seems like a genuine down to earth person. How wonderful that the world of blogging has steered you in her direction and now you are friends!

  10. I love Nikki. She is one of the nicest people I’ve “met” online. When I told her I started a blog she said if I needed help to just ask- how bloody nice is that?! Not like she’s busy or anything! She is just the best πŸ™‚

  11. What a nice post! You and your mom look so happy and glamorous!

    Your friend Nikki just gave me a “penny dropped’ moment. I’m talking about ponte pants! Of course they’re the right thing when you’re so darn long in the crotch that no darn jeans, pants, whatever, ever look or feel right. I’m liberated!!!

  12. Faux Fuchsia says

    N’s hair always looks so perfect.


  13. Oh Beth, thanks so much for your VERY kind words here and last night. It was amazing. I’m completely in love with your mum and I think she should come to every event. xx

  14. You all look gorgeous. Love your boots Beth and your smile. Your mum is very sweet and she cooks a mean poached egg! Lucky you!
    Lovely xx

  15. Love that Nikki’s stuff is all about finding stuff YOU feel good in that helps you look it for yourself as a real gal- rather than the oft touted looking good for others thing that many people seem to push where your sposed to wear “the latest” just to follow the season trend with no regard to comfort or if it makes you look ridiculous.

    I wish her every success with her book:)

  16. Love your jacket, Beth. Where did you get it? You all look fantastic. Congratulations Nikki.

  17. I’m a bit late with my comment but I bought the book yesterday on your recommendation Beth and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Thank-you so much, I feel that this book is going to be a big part of some fabulous life changes that are happening for me right now.

  18. So much awesomeness in one post, one book, one event. I am literally counting the seconds until Nikki announces her Adelaide date. I will be there will bells on. Well probably not bells, more like leopard print and/or sequins…
    PS: you look HAWT! x

  19. Bless you, you were a wee bit shy and nerbus (as we say in this house). Even you get nervous!

    You did a bloody good job and I think I was almost as proud of you as I was of Nikki – and she wrote a book!

    Love your work x


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