Simple joy

I often think about the joy children have in their lives. Nothing to worry about. Safety around them. Surrounded by people that they love and trust. Not a worry in the world.

I can say that the past few days have had me feeling like a child. The most I have ever felt like on holidays without a worry in the world. No where to be. Things to explore that are new and different. All the people I love I around me. Beauty and fun. It’s been pure joy.

IMG_0260 IMG_0276 IMG_0285 IMG_0413 IMG_0420 IMG_0425 IMG_0426 IMG_0427 IMG_0432 IMG_0447 IMG_0459 IMG_0466 IMG_0470 IMG_0510 IMG_0516


  1. You look undeniably at peace and happy!

  2. That photo of you and your Mum looking out on the water –

    I have absolutely loved following your travels Beth. Thank you so much for sharing a little snapshot of those magical memories you are creating. We have a 2016 European adventure planned and these posts are getting me even more excited (is that possible?!).

    Enjoy those lazy Croatian days in the sun. xx

  3. everyone probably says this but you look so much like your mum!! Have fun, really great photos.x

  4. How special!

  5. Deb Brady says

    To experience pure joy , as you say like a child, with carefree abandonment – what a blessing. Enjoy this treasured time & a big thank you again for sharing so generously with us. Xxx Deb

  6. That post made me smile big-time 🙂 Thank you (again!) for sharing your world with us all.

  7. Pure magic! The stuff that makes life wonderful. X

  8. Amanda G says

    Just amazing. Memories for a Lifetime. AMAZEBALLS!!! Do people still say that??????

  9. Looks so fabulous Beth! xxx Soak in the sun and all your family. Special times…

  10. what special photosxxx you are definitely making memories of a lifetime there and that photo of you and your mum is so special, you need to frame that one. enjoy!

  11. Your photos just transported me somewhere magical for a moment or two. x

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