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It’s slowly getting closer to normal life rather than holiday life and me being OK with it. Vases have been filled with flowers, toys pulled out, cakes cooked and the fire on non stop. How bloody cold is it? Shock to the old system I must say.

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This weekend I have a stack of reading to get through. My holiday read (which I have almost finished):


Plus all these magazines AND Nikki’s book which I was lucky enough to get a copy of this week. It’s just 2 weeks until the book is available for purchase but head on over to her blog for a chance to win a copy PLUS the cutest UberKate necklace that has been custom-made for the launch of the book. Head on over to enter here. Also! Look at Sophie from Local is Lovely down there on the cover of Delicious! In between Jamie and Matt nonetheless…all these bloggers making the big time – I am SO proud of all of them!


Speaking of stuff to get through, you know what I managed to get through on the plane? MOVIES. A couple of them too!


SO shouldn’t have watched this on a plane.


Oh Wes. Just too good and a visual treat. I loved every single second even though it took me over 4 hours to watch being interrupted by my friend Harper.


I was not expecting to enjoy Saving Mr Banks (not sure why I didn’t think I would) but I thought it was just about Disney. I adored this and found myself weeping at the end of it. I just love Mary Poppins so this was a real surprise and treat.


My goodness August Osage County was good. Although it was very much like a play there were some unbelievably good scenes and acting here. The whole thing was heart wrenching and sad and again, I was a weeping. Adored it.

Speaking of planes, it is entirely NOT OK to fart on a plane. Over and over. Just because everyone has headphones on, and its dark does not make it OK.

Another plane observation: I was lucky enough to get my period on the very first day of our trip and the last day of travel. I know! And sharing a bathroom with a 4 year old who refused to go by her self-es was interesting. And that’s what I have to say about that.

Getting my hair done this week. THANK GOODNESS. There are roots and then there is this:


Finally downloaded from iTunes Season 4 of Game of Thrones last night. Gorged on 3 episodes. SO MUCH CROATIA! Ready to roll a few more tonight as well…perfect weather for it!


The slow cooked lamb shoulder is in the oven. The fire is roaring and I am about to pop a bottle of prosecco and get started on that reading pile before turning my attention to Jon Snow. That’s where I’ll be.

Read Signature of All things? What did you think?
Seen any of these movies?
Got any good plane experiences to share?
What are you up to tonight?


  1. Hello there – I have just discovered your blog (I know, what planet have I been living on?!) and am loving it – recipes, travel, flowers.. it’s all there.

    We are off to England and Italy in September and so I was interested to read about your packing tips – We (husband and 2 kids aged 10 and 12) have done a fair bit of travelling over the years as my family are still all in the UK – in fact, it’s almost my ’20 years since I left the Uk and met and married an Aussie’ anniversary. However, in all this time, I’ve always been a chronic over packer.. this time we have a week in London, 4 nights in Rome, 4 in Postiano and 4 in Ravello for a family wedding – so I need smart clothes too… Next June we are heading back again and are thinking of Scotland, Ireland and the North of England – love the look of the places you stayed on Skye and in Edinburgh!

    Your photo of your roots made me laugh – just wait until you have grey roots to cover up – I’ve starting resorting to packing a ‘root touch up’ kit to last me through the time we’re away!

    Loved Saving Mr Banks – made me cry too!

    Finally (sorry this is a long post!) great to hear GoT Season 4 is now on iTunes. We’re off to watch the Albury Bandits play basketball tonight so no TV for us…! xx

  2. Talking about farting on planes…we were flying home when the Olympics were in Sydney, and the plane was full as a goog with athletes, and we were sitting in front of some Polish (or Croatian..Yugoslav..) athletes. Well, did they fart or what. Smelt like Polish sausages so we thought they must be Polish…what a flight!
    And just to prove I am really cultured and smart, we are on to season 3 Walking Dead. Cant help it, I love it!!
    Seal your lips about season 4 GOT….

  3. NoKnifeSkills says

    Oh we watched The Grand Budapest Hotel only last night, another great Wes film. Such a treat!

  4. I had been checking iTunes for GOT 4 and given up!! Thank you!! Yay yay yay. I will how be unavailable this weekend.

  5. Managed to read an entire book on our fiji holiday for the first time since the kids started tagging along. Was most chuffed. Totally made it feel like a proper holiday. The lady of the rivers by Philippa Gregory. Am addicted to her war of the roses/Tudor novels.

    Said kids were fantastic on the plane thank goodness so I managed to watch the monuments men. Enjoyed it. Had to hide my headphones from the hosties to see the last 10 min though. Why do they collect the headphones half an hour before landing, but leave the entertainment system running?

    • Why indeed? I don’t get it! Good one on hiding them!

    • Am currently obsessed with Phillipa Gregory Tudor novels. Love them, feel like I need to go back and visit the Tower of London with fresh eyes!

      • I’m glad I’m not alone Something Gorgeous! I went to the Tower of London last year by myself and found it an incredibly powerful and moving place after reading the novels. Really made the old buildings come to life when you sat by the very spot Anne Boleyn was executed or climbed up the stairs of the tower where the little princes were kept. Such incredibly rich history over there.

      • I read Ken Follet’s books on cathedral building and I couldn’t help but think of them when we visited so many. Brings them to life!

  6. Tonight is mine and my husband’s then to host a four couple round of My Kitchen Rules. Been cooking all day, and can’t wait for that first drink!!

  7. We had a trip to Perth last week and I watched Saving Mr Banks and has the same reaction as you – I was trying to hide the sound of my blubbering! Was pleasantly surprised by that film and loved Emma Thompson. I attempted to watch Grand Budapest on the return journey but unfortunately my 2 year old voted for Peppa Pig by screaming!

  8. Saving Mr. Banks was wonderful. Gave me a different view of/attitude toward Walt Disney. We live an hour from Disney World but have no desire to go. Went once when our 40-year-old son was 12. That was enough!

    If you liked Saving Mr. Banks, you should like The Book Thief, from the same book. The book is actually written for teens, but the writing is so good that it took off as an adult novel. The movie gets praises for following the book so closely.

    It’s so hard for me to imagine being cold in Australia after our two weeks melting in Darwin last December. But… I do remember 40 degrees F. and needlepoint nasty rain in Melbourne in June of 2012. Yuck!

  9. Happy to hear you returned home safe and sound, Beth.

    GOT4 – best season yet and yes, John Snow. Oh, John Snow.

    Loved August Osage County – loved the way the creators captured the heat and the vast landscape…and that table scene – intense!

    As for Saving Mr Banks – lovely but a bit slow….thought Gitty looked like an older Poet (and I’ve had so many blog readers email me to tell me the same thing!).

    Once you’re finished with GOT download Orange is the New Black – I think you’ll like it x

  10. We went to NZ in the school holidays & managed to catch up on The Grand Budapest Hotel on the flight. What a fabulous ripping yarn. Loved it. Funnily enough I had seen Gravity at the cinema and loved it but my husband watched it on the NZ flight and hated it. Me thinks it’s more a movie for the cinema. Also finally caught up with 12 Years a Slave on Foxtel. Amazing. Just amazing.

    • I was going to watch 12 years as a slave on the plane but as I was being interrupted every 4 seconds I figured I would wait until I gave it my full attention.

  11. Thanks POOKS!!! X

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