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Can’t stop thinking about our holiday.


In fact, much of this week I have been a little like this:

Click here:Β Post by BabyMac.

I’ve been making things better by making a photo book and ordering some fridge magnets of some of my instagram shots. I didn’t even know this was a thing – but it is! I asked the smart people of Facebook who to do it through and they suggested these guys:


I went online on Tuesday, ordered them and YESTERDAY they arrived! Not bad service is it? I love them. You can find out more about them on their website here.


Completely gorged on Game of Thrones last weekend watching the entire 4th series over 3 days. Disgraceful, and oh so good. There’s nothing like binging on a quality TV show. We have moved on to another one though. Have you seen it? Am I going to love it, or LOVE it? I had 3 people in one week ask if I was watching it so I took that as a sign that I need to be. I’m two episodes in and love it.


Speaking of love, have you read my mate Smaggle’s blog? She is hilarious and one good egg. She is currently trying to raise some money for a new bus for the special needs school where she works. Check out the great project she has running to do just that and make a pledge if you can!

Did you see this article on Buzzfeed this week that was doing the rounds? Are you a little OCD like me? Pop over and read it because you will LOVE it. Promise! Read it here.

Anyone in Sydney? Anyone been to Hot Star Chicken in Haymarket? I discovered its existence this week on Instagram and spent far too long looking at pictures of what appears to be a giant schnitty, the size of a human head. There may even be one in Melbourne. For the love of all things good in this world SOMEONE GO AND EAT ONE FOR ME PLEASE. Thank you.


Nothing gave me more joy than seeing pictures uploaded over the last few days of Anne sitting on people’s kitchen benches. She is a VERY good cake, you should totally make her this weekend. Recipe here or click on the photo below.


Lastly, have you heard about The Nappy Collective who have started their next drive? Got some unused nappies at home? You can drop them off to be used for families in crisis that may need them. You can find out more here:

The Nappy Collective from The Nappy Collective on Vimeo.

Anyone else had instagram stuff printed?
Watched Orange is the New Black?

Happy weekend friends. May gastro NEVER be with you x


  1. OITNB is a fantastic show. Watch out for the masterful acting of Australia’s own Yael Stone as Morello.
    I would also suggest Orphan Black.

  2. We are so gorging on OITNB … love it. And Suits. x

  3. Loving OITNB! Only 4 eps into season one but it’s so good, funny, sad, clever. Good to have something different.

  4. OITNB is great – although we were half way through the first series and stopped in order to watch series 4 of GOT!

    Have Anne recipe printed and ready to go tomorrow. Just arrived home after 6 hours spectating at my daughter’s netball gala day… ready to have a cup of tea and a rest now! such a nana!

  5. Christina Howes says

    Oh dear now you’ve done it! I’m going to have to drag my arse out of bed (sick with a cold) and bake Anne…she looks like a cracker! Thanks for the recipe πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for the new series tip, I need something else to move on to. I really liked Weeds, it had some great characters despite the ridiculous story line.
    Have you seen Under the Dome. Its a Stephen King story, not directed by him, its OK, like most shows you get a bit addicted after a few episodes. Not up to GOT or Breaking Bad standards but entertaining nonetheless!
    Haven’t tried instagram printing cause I’m hooked on Snapfish, I make picture books of everything! My friends baby’s christening, my friends wedding, my kids school excursion…I tell ya its addictive.

  7. I want, nay, need that chicken! Looks incredible!

  8. I asked hubby to get OITNB but I haven’t watched it yet. On my to do list! During the school holidays I binged on my forever favourite, Veronica Mars. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it.

    I got a poster made of my instagram pics and i love it. All my dodgy art that I have done. makes it look all professional!

    I have serious food envy at the moment because I am still on sludge (puree) after my surgery. In fact, I will never be able to eat a shnitty that big again EVER so can someone go and eat one for me also. Ta.

  9. Watching Orange is the New Black made me want to be in prison, with all my homies. The show got criticised for being stereotypical but I disagree, it is a BRILLIANT showcase of the rich and varied lives and looks of women. Love it. SO. GOOD. #crazyeyes #dandelion

    Speaking of which, I have found a way to trick Netflix into thinking I am from America. I’m still paying for the service so I’m not rorting anything but ALL of OITNB is on there, along with HUNDREDS of other shows. It’s streaming instead of downloading, which uses less data or something sorry, so boring.

    I’m going to make Anne and I thank you for opening up the door to the factory for us to meet her. That’s one of the best sponsored posts I have ever read.

    I ordered Dave a photobook of his Insta pics for his birthday next week, cannot wait to give it to him! Haven’t seen it yet, it’s on its way from BigW photos online. (!!) Really hope the quality is ok. It’s a hardcover book and on the front is a photo of his shedding flaky skull tattoo just after he got it and I named the book DAVESTAGRAM in a cool teal font and MAN it beats the usual undies and socks he gets every year.

    The video of Harper omg #theferalharpers


  10. The IG magnets look awesome – I will have to check out the site.
    I’m a bit slow with the GOT movement – everyone around me raves on about it, but I haven’t sees one episode…..so I think I need to start from S1 and have a big gorge session one weekend to catch up!
    Carly {Smaggle} ROCKS!
    Happy weekending Beth.
    C x

  11. Hooray for OITNB and The Goldbergs, have you watched The Goldbergs? It is made perfect for us 80s kids and created by Adam F. Goldberg himself based on his childhood (Mum is Bev and an absolute gem!), many scenes were captured via his first personal video recorder and narrated by a voiceover as the adult Adam. Miss A demands I present you and the readers with the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n43fM2wdu5A

    Really happy you got your Prinstagram magnets so fast, nothing better than having holiday snaps in front of all of your eyes. Makes for great chit-chat.

    Love that little dollop of icing on the Anne cake – “job worth doing is worth doing well” and all that.

  12. Hi Beth, I love your blog! Your truly have a gift with the written word.

    Your holiday looked so amazing and I’m not surprised you can’t stop thinking about the special times you shared with your family. The pictures and the places were just beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

    I made a photo book for friends as their going away gift and I used Photodeals as they had a special on Scoopon. It was $105 book for $25 – bargain! But I’m open to new sites. They’re a lovely way to display your photos though and to keep looking back on the memorable moments. Have to do something with our family happy snaps now! πŸ™‚

    I made Anne as my birthday cake for our family roast at Mum’s on Friday night. It was delicious! My daughter enjoyed finishing up the leftover mixture too! My icing wasn’t as thick as yours though, so I’m not sure what I did wrong-maybe too much butter??-but it still tasted yummy!

    Have checked out the Nappy Collective and will drop our unused nappies off to our local drop-off point in the next week or so. Thank you for mentioning it. I wasn’t sure what to do with them, but I’m glad they can go to a worthwhile cause.

  13. Thanks for the kind words Beth – so glad you love the magnets!!

  14. We’ve just finished two seasons of OITNB. Get onboard ‘House of Cards’ with Kevin Spacey…you will love it.
    I was never into Homeland, but after persistence from my friends, I’m addicted xx

  15. I loved gorging on GOT also and felt lost when it finished as Fargo also finished the same week. I’m loving House of Cards, Kevin Spacey is awesome, although last night my partner and I compared it to Tony and Margie Abbott and now I look at it and politics through new eyes.

  16. Yes, OITNB is great. So is Australia’s own Wentworth, the remake/reimagining of Prisoner.
    You’d be surprised how good is it. Such a different look and style to OITNB, I can’t compare them, but we’ve been enjoying Wentworth just as much.

  17. Kristine says

    Umm so I just introduced my family to Anne (and by family I mean me as the baby is only 5 months old and not ready yet for cake and my partner is away!) and I think I have fallen in love! That is the easiest, most deliciously fattening thing I think I have ever cooked! Lucky I went for a run before hand pushing the baby! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  18. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Love your holiday pics I haven’t caught up on All the posts but I will I promise…with time xx

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