Happy 8th Birthday BabyMac!


It’s 8 years ago tomorrow that Rob published the very first blog post on BabyMac. Since then, there have been 1944 more. And over 33,000 comments. Sheesh, that’s some stuff.

There’s few things in this world that I can do well. I can sweep like nobodies business. I make a mean bed, can whip up a dinner party without too much trouble, throw flowers in a vase just so and I do believe that you’d enjoy one of my G&T’s. And blogging, well whether I do it well or not is debatable, but I do LOVE to do it. This huge log of words and images are testament to that.

As much as that little blurred image in that first post is now this BIG kid who can do so much, this blog has grown and changed in 8 years. From its humble beginnings of an online journal for my siblings to keep up with my pregnancy (can you even imagine a world when Facebook didn’t exist?!) to a place to outpour my heart with joys and frustrations of raising small babies and toddlers and balancing work and married life with that. To making the huge life change from inner city life to life in the country. We’ve been through some stuff haven’t we?

So what have I learnt over the past 8 years? Here’s some stuff I thought of:

The blogging community

There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING like the online blogging community. I stand by the fact that the online world is similar to the villages that once existed in communities. A virtual chat as women go about their daily lives. An online place to natter over the back fence or at school pick up, or at the park while your kids run about. It’s just online. This space has been a place for me to ask for help, share ideas, start up conversations and debates, see if I’m not alone and I can honestly say that it has saved me from going completely bonkers on more than one occasion. I have loved to see the community grow and change and adapt as the years go by but remain true at its core of what it is about: helping each other as we all go about this business of being grown ups.


I have made some amazing friendships with people from my blog. People who were just a funny blog comment once or a tweet an instagram snap who have become real life friends of mine and my family. People who I have shared some life changing and fun moments with. That’s an extraordinary thing.

You stupid moll

Not everyone is going to like you. And THAT IS OK. It has taken me quite some time and many an irate email from complete strangers telling me so to get my head around it. My skin is approximately 13,678 times thicker than it was 8 years ago. If you put yourself online, people will judge you and your choices. They just will. Some will even tell you so! Again and again! The one thing I have learnt over the past few years is that people have already made their mind up about you. No matter how many times you go about telling them or showing otherwise, it won’t change their minds. Because they made them up! Even if it’s not true! I can now just laugh (of course after I DIE inside a little bit) that people honestly think I am a superficial alcoholic who hates her children. So long as you are OK with you, the people that actually matter are OK with you, then you are OK. Don’t listen to anyone else telling you otherwise. OK?

Ride the waves

The one thing that remains constant over the past 8 years of blogging is that things change. You know how people like to make plans and goals and all that? Well for me, and blogging, that’s been pointless. Of course setting targets and goals for your stats will work and are good to have, but things move and change so quickly that it’s impossible to plan for it. I see blogging as sitting way out there in the surf, right out the back where the waves don’t crash on top of you (of course you get dumped a few times on your way out there). Sit out there and pick and choose your waves as they come in. Some will work and you will go for a HELL of a ride (joining my agency or being able to go on telly for instance) and others let them pass even though you see others jumping on and having fun. There will be another one soon enough. Tread water and wait, jump in and ride the waves while you can. There are so many more people out there then there was all those years ago, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stick it out. Many of them will get tired and go back in…my advice is to sit out there and pick your waves.

Oh the places you’ll go

Blogging has taken me from the white sands of Whitehaven Beach in QLD to walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC and a million places in between. To being on live TV folding a bloody fitted sheet to getting a weekly spot on a TV show. To chatting with Darren at a Problogger conference opening to creating an app through iTunes. Never underestimate where your blog can take you and dream as big as you want. The bigger the better!


Blogging has allowed me really explore and develop some passions in life. It’s made me a better photographer, a better cook and entertainer. Forced me to get fit. Be a better writer. Allowed me to travel. Be a better Mum and wife. That’s not bad is it?

Who knows where things will be in another 8 years time? I’d like to think there would still be room for BabyMac in there somewhere, telling my stories, sharing some stuff. I certainly can’t imagine NOT doing it. As I said, I don’t make many plans when it comes to the blog, I’ll sit out there, ride some more waves in and head back out there to do it all over again. I’ll dream big: a linen range, a book, hosted workshops (why the hell not?!). I hope I get to meet some more of you guys in real life. I’ll work hard at it and I’ll stay honest.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you, from the very bottom of my heart, to each and every one of you who comes to BabyMac to have a read. Your comments, stories, pictures and sharing MAKE this blog what it is. I want to thank my long suffering husband for his endless support and patience with me and this blog. I wouldn’t be able to go to half the places I have with it without him being there, without question, ready to help me out and supporting me. Making me push even harder. Thank you Rob. So much.

Here’s to another 8 years then huh? Hip hip!



  1. Happy blogiversary, Beth!

  2. Happy 8 years BabyMac – you’ve done well Beth!

  3. 8 years, wow!!! I’ve only been reading for about 18 months and I love your blog. Everything about it! I often read along nodding my head in agreement.

    I often think you must be very brave to put yourself out there so much and wondered if you cop much flak for doing so, but I’m certianly glad you do. You’ve taught me a thing or two along the way. So thank you right back at you! Happy celebrating x

  4. Thank you for the laughs and sometimes tears. It sounds like you’ve enjoyed writing Babymac almost as much as we’ve enjoyed reading it. Cheers to the next 8 years.x

  5. I love everything you blog and visiting you is a highlight in my day. Congratulations!!

  6. Beautifully written as always Beth. You have been an inspiration for me and it has been lovely to meet you in real life – not just online life. Congratulations on your 8th Birthday… you’ve worked hard for your success and you deserve all you have xx

  7. And to think I found you via a link from a link….. to a post where there was a picture of you having your ….ahem ….. *bits* sewn up post baby birthing. What a laugh! Happy birthday

  8. Faux Fuchsia says

    Happy Birthday to your blog. It’s nice to have an online scrap book to look back at x

  9. 8 years! That’s a long time to keep going in the world of blog-dom. I wonder what the very first ever blog was, and if they’re still going? I’ll have to see if Mr Google can tell me.

    Well done, Beth. Keep up the good work.

  10. Said it before, you’re a bloody legend Macca. Hooray! Maybe we will meet for realz one day.
    T xx

  11. Mrs Woog says

    Emo! And rightly so. Good things happen to good people. Xxx

  12. Congratulalations. I only discovered blogs even existed a year ago! Love checking in , having a laugh , getting an idea or 2, and would love to get your method of g and t making!

  13. Happy birthday Babymac – I love you honesty and variety. You have a lovely clear and fresh writing style Beth. May you have heaps more happy birthdays with your blog.

  14. Well done, you ‘superficial alcoholic who hates her children’. You made me spit my beer!!! I do enjoy your blog and have even commented a couple of times. Happy Birthday. BTW last Tuesday my daughter had a baby girl, Madeleine. We’re over the moon.

  15. Happy 8th birthday BM! It’s a bronze symbolising beauty and durability which is so fitting for you and this particular post, so say no more huh?!

  16. It is a pleasure to read your blog and I look forward to many more alcoholic, child-hating, linen making, vase filling, cushion loving, city/country posts!

  17. Hooray!

    Eight years eh…gosh what was I doing eight years ago…2006? At uni, living in Melbourne, doing the Melbourne uni student thing. I started blogging in 2008, seems like an absolute lifetime ago! And like Alli I found you all those years ago via a link of a link of a link to THAT post. SO GLAD I DID! Couldn’t agree more with you about riding the waves, I’m SO like that with blogging, especially now as a new mum, just riding the waves, seeing where it all sits with me now. Once things for sure though, that community is pretty spesh, so here’s to eight more (and beyond!) years of BabyMac, keeping doing what you’re doing and hopefully meeting in real life one day. Cheers!

  18. Thank you Beth! You truly are an inspiration. Your photos are truly amazing! I’ll be buying any book your publish!!! Keep it up, you are one amazing lady! Love your work, you rock!!

  19. Kim Davies says

    Stuff the haters! Congrats on reaching this fabulous milestone! I’m off to celebrate on your behalf with the final, previous fudgy-chocolate ness that is the last piece of Anne. And a cup of tea! Cheers to you!

  20. Happy Bloggy Birthday. You are totally ace Mrs Mac. xx

  21. Superficial alcoholic who hates her children……too funny, I love it. The very first post I read of yours was you telling things as they were, no sugar coating and I could so relate….the fact that you didn’t make out you were some sort of domestic goddess was so refreshing (although have come to realize that you ARE IN FACT A DOMESTIC GODDESS). I will hunt you down for a Prosecco at ProBloggers like some sort of crazy stalker….that’s ok isn’t it?

  22. I really enjoy your blog, Beth: thank you and happy birthday!

  23. I’ve only been on the Baby Mac train for about a year or two and I can’t wait to have been reading for 8!

    Your writing style and warmth is what has kept us coming back Beth – and just so you know, you ARE good at blogging!! Fantastic in fact.

    I want to buy all of the things from your linen range, right now!

    Thank you for encouraging those of us that are following our own blogging paths, and for creating a genuine community here.

    Here’s to the next 8, whatever they have in store!


    Annette x

    • Thanks Annette – it’s been lovely to have you here. I have no doubts about your own blogging success – enjoy the ride x

  24. Huh! Well maybe all your readers are superficial alcoholics who hate their kids. There sure is a lot of us then…
    Congratulations on 8 years, it is an achievement for sure.
    Keep blogging away!

  25. Ella Spurling says

    Hooray! Consider your linen range bought, book sold + workshops attended. It would be a pleasure to meet you! Happy Birthday BabyMac! I hope you celebrate with cake + champagne. Or G+T’s. Oh, why not both! x

  26. Congratulations Beth. I am not quite an 8 year follower but have loved reading and viewing the space you have created. I love your gutsy attitude, your honesty, your creativity and your humanity. There is nothing untouchable about you online (except maybe your bunk making skills) and I think that is joyful. Keep it up and regardless of the naysayers out there, know you have brightened my day to day xx

  27. Happy eight years Beth! So inspiring! xx

  28. I have taken a lot of this to heart. And you know what struck a chord the most is the Stupid Moll part. I really think you’ve nailed it, people have already made up their minds about us and it’s up to whether we take it on board or not. Eight years – wow hat off – you truly are one of the veterans of the bloggy world. It’s funny I never knew how much I was missing until I started blogging. While the friendships are online in some cases they can be more genuine that those I know IRL. Thanks for sharing your tips and a Happy 8th Bloggy Birthday to you Beth 🙂

  29. Katie Clews says

    Happy 8th birthday BM!!! I’ve only been following you for just over a year and my life is truly better for it.. Love your FB posts, Instagram pics and blog posts.. Love ya work keep it all coming Beth, you are friggin awesome

  30. I first remember reading your blog when you held your sisters hens dinner and have been hooked ever since.

    And even though I have seen you TWICE in real life and never had the guts to come and say hello, I will next time!!!!! Promise I am not a cray cray stalker! (see, even saying that makes me seem that I am!)

    keep on doing what you’re doing, I would be DEVO if you ever stopped!


    • That is some time ago…isn’t that lovely though? Now she is having a baby! It’s so nice to have all you lovely people along for the ride. Thanks Deb x

  31. I love your little space here in blogland. 8 Years, wowsers! What a milestone. Id say there would be a few G and T’s going down on that note. Congrats and I look fwd to seeing what unfolds in the future.

  32. Double thumbs up from your special veggie friend x

  33. Happy blogging birthday!
    I hope you are having a gin and tonic to celebrate!

  34. Happy Bloggy Birthday Beth. I hope you made yourself an Anne 😉 xx

    • The problem with Anne is that she sits on my bench and won’t leave me alone until I completely smash the lot…dangerous! Thanks Son, it’s been lovely to get to know you over the years xxx

  35. Congrats from another Highlander. Awesome effort x

  36. Well done! I’ve been reading and commenting here for a looong time and I hope to be here doing the same thing for a lot longer!

    Congratulations!! xxx

  37. Hooray!
    Happy 8 years Beth! Here’s to the next 8 and beyond.

  38. I can still remember when I found you & sat up reading post after post after post. I loved it all & still do. Thanks for the reads Beth, you’ve kept me company on many a sleepless night or boring lonely day. You’ve made me laugh & I now bake your date loaf quite regularly. You are a good mate, we’ve just never met xx

  39. Happy Bloggy Birthday Beth xx

  40. Happy birthday Babymac, one of my consistently favourite places to visit. Shine on, you crazy diamond. x

  41. I can’t remember how I found you this year, but I sure have enjoyed every bit of your blog. I think you do it very well! I enjoy hearing about your many activities, I like your sense of humor, your daughters are precious. Reading your blog somehow keeps me connected with our son and DIL who live and work in Darwin, soon to be Brisbane. We only see them once or twice a year. Time flies.

  42. You are like my favourite book ever. But the best thing is you release a new chapter every day. I never have to go through the post-great-book-mourning-period. There’s always a new bit.

    I hope you don’t stop. I’d really miss you and would probably turn into a stalker and try and become your real life friend in person!

  43. Happy Birthday Baby-Mac, and i too hope you keep writing, love coming here and agree with the poster above who likened it to reading a chapter of a good book a day, well said :-), xx

  44. Hey Beth, I’ve been reading your blog for nearly as long as I’ve been blogging – a bit over 2 years – and what? A superficial alcoholic who hates her children? Some people, tsk 🙂 Good advice by the way about sitting out there, catching a few waves in when it seems right – and yes, there are lots of people blogging these days, but about the same amount of people staying…Congratulations on your 8 years xo

  45. Happy bloggyversary! I love touching base with you and your family. Your recent trip overseas was wonderful to see. Thanks for sharing and letting me go along for the ride.

  46. 8 years! well done Beth. Like one of the other comments I found you via a link from somewhere else. The first post I read was the one with a picture of Rob holding his newborn daughter and you in the background ……you know the one. I just laughed and laughed…big loud belly laughs. I was totally hooked. Thank you.

  47. Real and honest, that’s why I keep coming back to read you. I’ve made tortillas from scratch, tried to get my lamb to fall off the bone just as your does, put Croatia at the top of my travel list, seriously contemplated a topper for my bed, taken my schnitz to a new level, placed Anne in my ‘must make’ folder, admired your clean floors and bed making skills and I too love a flower in a vase and the odd G&T.

    You tell a great yarn Beth here’s to at least another 8 years please….


    • Thank you Mel – I love seeing it all out there like that – we’ve done some stuff together haven’t we? Thanks for coming along x

  48. Congratulations! and yes please, another 8 years would be wonderful. Love absolutely everything about your blog.

  49. Happy 8 years Babymac. Yours is always a place I know I can come and go whenever I can find the time, and always feel welcome. Cheers to the next Eight. xx

  50. Congratulations on such a wonderful milestone Beth! You’re one of a kind, that’s for sure. You’ve always been #1 for me, I just can’t imagine anybody every replacing you. Cheers to you and to dreaming big – and that linen range! x

  51. Archie Lane says

    CONGRATULATIONS to you inspirational lady!

    I actually come here today as I am on the hunt for some new linen and just had to do a google ‘babymac linen suggestions’ as your recommendations are always bang on with my tastes and have never let me down! you can imagine the tingles through my body when I read dreaming big and LINEN RANGE!! OMG!!! Yes you MUST dream that big!

    Cheers to eight more, I have been both fascinated and enthralled with reading your journey! You have made me laugh, made me near cry, assisted my online purchasing endlessly and kept me intrigued. You have a talent and I am so thankful you share it here in this online world called BabyMac. I am sure you will realise your dreams, everything starts somewhere! Just please ensure they lead to a linen range….pillowcases will be fine to start with xx

    Much love and admiration x

  52. I want to write a big, long, soppy comment but instead I’m just going to say ‘happy birthday gorgeous’. You are everything that is great about the blogging community xxx

  53. Eight years? Amazeballs! Congrats Beth, love that you never run out of things to say! 🙂

  54. Happy 8 years 🙂 Love that photo of you! x

  55. Happy 8 years to you Beth!

  56. Happy blog birthday! Hope you had a big piece of that Anne chocolate cake to celebrate. x

  57. Happy 8 years Beth and a huge congratulations. I came across your blog about a year ago now and have been a HUGE fan ever since. (Maybe I’ll even be brave enough to say hello at Problogger this year if you’re there). Without sounding creepy, your blog has been a huge source of inspiration for me, so thank you xxx

  58. Cheers Beth!
    To many happy returns of the day:)

  59. Happy Anniversary BabyMac! Love reading your posts, having a giggle and and without you even knowing it you have been inspirational to me setting up my own blog so thank you. Hope you have a big celebration tonight. Happy 8th Birthday!

  60. Wish I’d found you 8 years ago! You would have made my time with my first newborn (now a sassy 7 year old acrobat in training) in a small country town, listening to talk back radio at all hours of the morning and slowly going insane a whole lot easier!! There are days when the laughs you give me still make it all a lot easier – thank you!

  61. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Happy eight year birthday to babymac and to many many more xx

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