Eyes of a child

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All you see is cellulite. Roots that need doing. Exercise to be done. Remorse over that food that shouldn’t have been eaten.


All she sees is love. And security. And comfort. All you see is more washing to be done. Hung out. Folded and put away.


All they see is a cubby house. An invisible man. Somewhere good to hide and play.


A place to make shadow puppets on the wall. Or get a drink. I love changing my perspective and seeing what kids do. All the ‘stuff’ that gets in the way of being an adult just isn’t there when you are a kid. I often love to get the girls behind the camera and taking snaps and especially did so recently when we were overseas. I love their wonky landscapes. Things that they find interesting.Wrong exposures and looking upwards towards adults.

IMG_1388 IMG_1260 IMG_1264

Good eye sight and good eye health for children is such an important thing and something that I think about as much as I do looking after their teeth and general well being. Eye sight is such a precious thing – I have seen my own Dad lose a lot of his from glaucoma a number of years ago – it is vital that we ensure our kids keep theirs as healthy as we can.

I recently got my eyes checked again after about 4 years and got two news pairs of glasses one for driving and working and it’s made a huge difference having things sharpened up. Less headaches and general tiredness in my eyes has been a great outcome.

Whilst kids often get their sight screened at Preschool and school or general health checks it’s also important to keep them up to date and make sure that nothing has changed. OPSM have recently launched Penny the Pirate, a new and interactive book and app aimed at kids aged 3-10 that has turned eye screening into a fun and interactive book.


Designed for parents to do together with their children (along with an accompanying kit) you can use the book and app to see whether an eye test may be required. It covers off distance screening, colour vision screening and depth perception screening which can all effect performance at school.

You can find out more about Penny the Pirate book and app here or the app can be downloaded from the app store.

Penny the Pirate does not replace a full test eye with an optometrist, it is designed to help parents identify whether a child may need an eye test. Optometrists recommend an eye test at least once every two years or more frequently depending on clinical need.

Have you had your kids eyes tested or screened?
Time to start thinking and looking at the world again with kid’s eyes.
What would you see if you were looking at yourself?




  1. I have a whole file on my computer called thru the kids eyes.. random shots from over the years that I would happily frame..

    as a side note I rather like you with roots….

    • That’s such a great idea Tessa – need to do that. The roots work…for so long…and then they don’t. They REALLY don’t. Luckily hair grows so the new colour I got earlier this week will have roots soon enough x

  2. What I see is a pretty nice set of legs! And a darling little girl in a pink suit, enjoying the moment with her mom.

  3. Amazingly eye checks in schools seem to have gone by the wayside. Our daughter’s piano teacher picked up that she wasn’t following as well as she should. I took her to my son’s eye specialist and I was shocked at the statistics she gave of the number of kids in school that are struggling with their eyes without anyone picking it up. Often she said it takes to year 3 for the kid’s behaviour to turn because they “hit the wall” with reading and even then it may not be picked up. Kids should definitely have their eyes checked regularly as it impacts so heavily on their learning.

    I shall now step off my soapbox.


  4. My 3 year old son has worn glasses for 2 years and wears an occlusion (pirate!) patch for 2 hours a day. We first noticed a problem after looking at holiday snaps from Fiji. In every sunny photo he shut his right eye. Always the right eye. Looked back through more photos and found that he always squinted his right eye. He has amblyopia. The scariest thing we were told by the eye specialist is that their eyesight “sets” at around 8 years. So if you haven’t picked it up before then it is near impossible to fix. Early eye testing is essential!!

    • Thanks for sharing Leith – very important!

    • this is very interesting, as my son also does this (aged 7.5), and has for quite some time! AND he’s had his eyes tested as a in prep year at school. I just thought it was a bad habit as his father does this, having no eyesight in one eye from birth (the bad eye is the one that squints). I shall google that condition and armed with it will have his eyes checked again!

  5. I absolutely adore this. As adults, we’re so quick to point out the worst that we forget about the wonder. A beautiful reminder.
    Can I just stress how important it is for parents to get their kids’ eyesight checked regularly. My own eyesight would be a darn sight better had my parents been more vigilant as a kid. As a result, I have near-perfect vision in my right eye and only about 60% vision in my left.

  6. This really struck a cord when I read it in bed this morning. My daughter REALLY wanted to paint my fingernails before school but I had to 3 kids out the door and said no. I will make it up to her as soon as she gets home from school. Children are such precious souls and we have to nurture them. Lovely photos!

  7. Love your cossie!

  8. I love seeing the world through kids eyes. It’s all simple and imaginative and happy. They’ve got it so right haven’t they?

    My big boy hasn’t had his eyes tested yet. I’ll put it on the to-do list! It’s not something I would have thought to do, so thanks!

  9. There is a big construction site near our home and I overheard the girls talking about what they thought it was going to be. Lucy said a a city built by and for ants. Lil said she thought is was going to be a massive gaol (?!). I love how they see different things in the world.

    My grandmother had macular degeneration and lost most of her vision. For someone who spent her days reading, playing Scrabble and bingo it was devastating. Good eye health is so important.

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    All I see is a mama who loves her babies!
    Good idea on checking children’s eyes though I have worn specs for driving and tv since I was 24.

  11. Such a great post…sounds just like me, thanks for reminding me to focus on what’s important. Thank you (you are rocking those cool bathers btw) xx

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