Gone to QLD…

I’ve hightailed it north to the beautiful Queensland destination of Noosa this afternoon. Or as I like to call it, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooosa. We have come away for our annual conference for our agency with all our fellow bloggers. Tourism Queensland have turned it on for us with an amazing itinerary filled with things to do and see and LOTS to eat and drink. It’s all going to be a bit of fun I think! I hope to share some of the things with you, take some snaps and show you what’s on offer up here. I’ve only ever been to Noooooooooosa once before, years ago, so I’m keen to have a better look around.

IMG_8625 IMG_8627 IMG_8630 IMG_8633 IMG_8636 IMG_8637 IMG_8638 IMG_8639

Now if you will excuse me, I think I need to go and don my FANCY NEW ROBE WITH MY INITIALS ON IT. Ha! How good is THAT?

Have you been to Noosa?
Or are you a Noosa local?
Where are your favourite haunts?


  1. Oh my god just one of my most favorite places
    Walk or run from Noosa main beach out to Alexandra bay get a coffee a the kiosk in the national park after saunter back to Hastings st say hi to Tibor at aromas from me
    Long lunch at Thomas corner eatery
    Cocktails at Ricky’s & then a casual dinner there
    Have an awesome spatchcock at Locale in the French quarter
    Gelato at massimo a must
    I could go on & on
    Have fun lady!

  2. Welcome to my joint. Hope you get a chance to have a stormbeer this arvo from the surf club.. Clouds are looking ominous..

    And, um, the correct pronounciation is Newsa. (You should be wearing linen as you say it)


  3. My other half if from the Sunny Coast (as he calls it) so have been there a few times. Great part of the world. Enjoy! xx

  4. Kate Royal says

    Ice cream from Mossimo’s is a must – do not fall for the other icecream shops scattered up and down Hastings St. Head straight to Mossimo’s.

  5. Cassie Webster says

    Welcome, Beth! National Park for walk/run, Little Cove for a swim, Belmondos for coffee (it’s a 5 min drive from Hastings St, but definitely worth it), I think you’ll love Lamington in Hastings St (a quirky little shop), Eumundi Markets and dinner at Rock Salt πŸ˜‰ Although I’m guessing your itinerary is already planned for dinners…if you’re passing though, come in and say hi x

  6. Amanda G says

    My home town is the Sunny Coast!! Both of our families still live there. (Husband and I) Very much miss it for its mild winters and beautiful beaches. Can’t wait to see your updates throughout the week and where you visit. Have an amazing time!

  7. cecily maher says

    You will be just up the road ! its v warm days here, sprinkly showers atm and lovely day on the river today in our boat, enjoy your time at Noosa Darling !

  8. Oh Hai!
    Welcome to ma hood.
    Hope you love Noosa as much as I do.
    Love Fleur.
    Ps Insanely jealous about the robe!

  9. Dannielle says

    What a lovely escape. It is cold and wet in the highlands so I am enjoying our heating and being inside, while dreaming of sunny Noosa.

  10. Wow lucky you. Also cold and wet here in Tas-Vegas. We are actually planning to scope the joint out (Noosa) as we are considering moving there in September. Perfect! You can do it for me!! πŸ™‚

  11. Trish symons says

    We will be there at the end of the must – will be keen to touch base before you head OS

  12. Trish symons says

    That’s end of month

  13. Another local here, from the Noosa hinterland. Best thing to do in Noosa is the walk along the track at the national park end around 6 ki think it is to hells gate and back with great coffee at the kiosk and beautiful little cove for a swim

  14. Welcome to QLD Beth. Have a rocking time. Shit, that robe looks good. Can’t wait to see what you guy get up to via IG and your Blog.

  15. Is that gift with the pink tag from Chantelle? I recognize the tag from my gift last week. Looks AMAZING up there, I’ve never been so thanks for the teasing pics! Have a blast πŸ™‚

    • Yes! She is amazing and made everyone something – how?! WHEN!! I learnt all about that event today…looked amazing!!!

  16. Oooo Noooooooooooosa you lucky thing! I bet it is Greaaasshhh. Have fun!

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