7 day chemical detox challenge: The WINNERS

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You’ll remember a month or so ago now I trialled a 7 day detox from some of the chemicals I use in my house and that I consume as well as trial out the new Power & Pure tablets from Finish. The results were great  and not only have I converted to the tablets for home now (they clean better than ever as well as having less chemicals hitting my septic tank) I have also discovered the joy of reducing chemicals with my house cleaning with 2 very simple ingredients: bi carb and vinegar. And it wasn’t just me who had the tips…the comments on this post truly are an amazing resource for anyone looking to reduce the chemicals that you use to clean your home.

And it seemed that everyone was really surprised with how good the results of Power & Pure were, considering it has less chemicals. The main comments were that any dishwashers that previously had issues drying worked better, that things that usually need rinsing (like dippy eggs or porridge came out sparkling) and that the less chemicals used in them was an added bonus. Some of my favourites from you guys were…

“Up until then, I thought my dishwasher was crap – turns out it was the dishwasher tablets I was using!! I’m a big chemical user and was in love with Powerball so was pretty sceptical about the new Finish Power & Pure with less chemicals doing a good job. How wrong was I? Don’t even get me started on the glasses – sparkling!!

“I must admit I was sceptical, some of the stuff that goes in our dishwasher is pretty yuk. However this worked a treat, even with days old porridge!”

“I must admit I was a bit sceptical about the Finish Power and Pure dishwashing tablets, but was pleasantly surprised. The tablets cleaned really well (I love that they are in a little plastic seal) and I deliberately popped in a few extra dirty items (I’m someone who usually gives dishes a quick rinse before popping them in the dishwasher). I noticed a big improvement in how dry the dishes, cutlery and glasses were when they came out too. Most of the time we end up having to dry things when we unpack the dishwasher before we pop them in the cupboard. What’s not to like about fewer chemicals in our every day lives.”

Time to announce the winners of the 7 day detox challenge. I was so pleased that there were as many entries as there were and that everyone was as impressed with the product as I was. Finish have chosen 3 winners for some pretty fabulous prizes…so without any further dramatic waits that they are so partial to on reality TV. The winners are:

FIRST PRIZE – 1 years supply of Finish Power & Pure and $1,500 worth of Breville products

Here is her review:
Name: Treena
Review of Finish: Thank you for the sample of new Finish Power & Pure dishwasher tabs. Here is my review: I have been using the wrapper free tablets all week and am having a hard time believing that they have less chemicals in them and instead use active oxygen to clean because they really are fantastic – and no wrapper to boot! Not only is everything spotless and shiny but for me what sealed the deal was that everything is almost totally dry including the plastics. My dishwasher is shocking at drying meaning the unpacker has the ‘fun’ task of hand drying everything but now not so much. Definitely a convert to these little nuggets of awesomeness here. Thanks so much, you’ve saved me precious time when emptying the dishwasher because as wise Sweet Brown once said “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Congrats Treena – I hope you enjoy the products and I’m so glad that you enjoyed the nuggets of awesomeness!

SECOND PRIZE – 1 years supply of Finish Power and Pure and $500 worth of Breville Products

Name: Amy Hannah

Congrats Amy – and well done on the poem!

THIRD PRIZE – 1 years supply of Finish Power and Pure

Name: Sapna

Congrats Sapna – I really hope you enjoy the years supply of product now THAT is a good win!!

Thanks again to everyone for joining in and for those that got a sample of the product I hope that you enjoyed it. Happy cleaning!



  1. Well, I just might have to try that dishwasher product! It sounds like it delivers what is advertised- amazing!


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