That was the week that was

Ah friends. It’s Friday. I’ve popped a bottle of red, the fire is roaring and my children, who have been sick ALL week are asleep in beds. Not their own beds, Rob is away and so Harper is playing the part of him in our bed tonight, but they are asleep. Shall we take a moment?





What a week it has been. Full ON. Getting work done…final deadlines being met. Ball preps. Trip preps. Dealing with sick kids. Trying to get to the gym. Committee meetings. ALL OF THE THINGS. But we did it! So let’s have a look at some personal highlights.

1. Hockey club bingo night

I popped my bingo cherry on Saturday evening at the hockey club’s fundraiser in the hall last Saturday night under the fluro lights. What fun! Rob purchased me a fancy dabber and two books when we walked in, and it took me all of approximately 2.3 seconds in to realise that two books were NOT for me. Too many numbers. Too fast. Not enough time to drink. As my friend Mrs C text me the next day “How the BLAZES do geriatrics plat bingo day and night? That was as stressful as A level maths!” And it was. Good fun, but no time to lose focus. I even needed a half time ciggie! Rob tried to make me laugh to make me lose focus and it worked…there was a lost round. All in all a great time. 9/10 (would have received a higher score if I had won a prize of some description. Yes, even the tomato sauce that was on offer).


2. Ball preps have been a plenty. We found a fantastic find at the tip Reviva centre – you know those ugly lights that usually hang in 1987 rental properties in pendant groups of 3? Well we are going to use them! Not giving anything away given that plenty attending read the blog, but let’s just say they will look at least 14% BETTER than they did in 1987. 10/10 success rate.


3. Spent about an hour down at my friends parents farm the other afternoon and even though it wasn’t for long but GOSH it made me happy. Girls in the back of a truck. Clean afternoon air getting colder by the minute. A laugh with friends. Just dead set gorgeous. 100/10 success rate THIS is what we moved here for.


4. I got a beautiful out of the blue text message from my friend Mrs Munro. You know when a friend sends you something just to tell you how important you are to them? Made me SO happy and blessed to have her in my life. Success rate 1000/10.


5. Yesterday Harps was sitting next to me as I was working away (Daise was on the couch watching Frozen for the 3476th time) when she turned and showed me the “very best I have EVER written it Mum.” And it was. Success rate 10/10 Harpie Hoozles. Clever bunny.


6. Did the show this afternoon and got to have my little sis and Harps sit and watch. Can you see them back there? It’s very glamorous isn’t it? Β I called in Aunty to watch Harps who was so pepped up on snakes that ANYTHING could have happened…including losing her shit and or walking on set mid chat. But she sat still, and didn’t say a word. I wonder if she will have a memory of this when she is older? It’s cool. Very cool. I’d call it 10/10.


You can watch the clip of it here too:

And that, my friends, was my week. There was a whole lot of stuff in between, but THIS is the stuff that I remember and that I’ll take with me I think. I feel tired. Blessed. And happy.

And excited! Tomorrow we are up to Sydney for the night and then on Sunday I am off to Noosa for ‘work’ until Thursday. Life is busy, but about as good as I could ever have dreamt it to be. I hope you have a fab weekend x

Played bingo?
Been to the tip lately?
Been lucky enough to get a special message out of the blue this week?
What’s YOUR best bits of the week?


  1. I’ve just been to Bali for a week. A week with a girlfriend who became a mate after stepping in to fill my maternity leave shoes! We had a ball. While away my gorgeous 10 year old daughter had a big stack on her bike and smacked up her face and lost half her tooth. And her dad really stepped up, cancelled an interstate work trip, took her to the dentist to get a crown and still rocked up to the airport to pick me up the day after, yep, feeling pretty damn lucky!

  2. The best bit of my week was plonking down on the couch tonight with my lady and my cat haha. Very much looking forward to chilling out this weekend – why is life so busy.

    I also LOVED getting the new iPhone 5S this week. Is it possible to be in love with a phone?

    Have a great weekend x

  3. Hi Beth, What a busy week and so full of beautiful moments.
    You are very down to earth and that is what keeps me coming back for more. As well as the fact you are a city mouse living the country life. I can relate. Can’t wait to see how you decorated the Ball with the retro lights.
    Here it is Friday morning, I am at work, still dark out and the weekend is near. It will be filled with a few walks with the dogs and the kids, trying to get ideas for my boy’s 7th birthday (mine craft theme), going to friends house for afternoon tea that extend to dinners, some indoor pool times with my kids, some house cleaning and trying to sell my ski boots at the ski club second hand sale. My weekend will surely not be as glamorous as yours… but country like never the less.

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    You have been a busy bunny but I am happy you had some lovely moments in with the sick kids and the ball planning and bingo I agree it is so hard I went once and couldn’t keep up! I thought people went for fun ,but bingo is NOT fun it’s hard too many numbers for me!!!have a lovely weekend and have fun going away for work xx

  5. Meredith says

    Next week can you and Mrs Woog please wear some lippy that is a brighter … the nude look can be improved a lot IMO! The host (not sure her name) had a lovely shade of lippy on πŸ™‚ I am a big lippy wearer so I think I can advise on lippy πŸ˜‰

    • Got it Meredith. I usually wear lippy but it wouldn’t have worked with the top I grabbed as I ran out the door. Onto it!

  6. Best bits of this week for me – experiencing beautiful kindness from bloggy pals online (there were stressed, end of my rope tears at the lappy) and then having dinner with a great friend tonight.
    Tomorrow someone I have never met is bringing me an emergency rations pack because I am almost broke. And some twerps say bloggers are just narcissists!! No way Jose. Not the ones I know.

    I love that.

  7. Lucky you being able to pop a bottle, I got home tonight and realised that I have run out of wine!!! Major disaster!! Had a good week though, albeit a bit busy, the days just seem to run into each other now….time for a snooze….. have a great weekend!

  8. Ahh, have another sip of red for me. I’m hours of work and a ballet recital away from doing the same.

  9. I have had a pretty social week which makes a change and sets me up good n proper for another week of solo parenting on the way. Have fun in Noosa xx

  10. I FINALLY moved into my new home…. so this week has been very special.

  11. My best bit was finally finding time to read your blog! And having a run of course! And Yes, I have played bingo and I was HOPELESS.

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