Things I like {The 20th May 2014 edition}

1. Autumn everywhere. It’s been a cracker this year…so much wonderful colour. I especially love watching things change each day…forcing me to s l o w d o w n.

IMG_8465 IMG_8464 IMG_8467

2. Suitcases that are now out in my bedroom. New suitcases too! Grabbed some at 40% off on the weekend – I am determined to make 2 bags work for the 4 of us. You can stop laughing now. 3 weeks tomorrow until we fly out. THREE. It’s no wonder my jaw is completely tense with stress.


3. Thank you cards in the mail along with little special home made gifts. Check out that view from her front balcont! Thank you Mel x

IMG_8436 IMG_8444

4. The very last of the roses.


5. Harper’s endless drawings that are gifted to me throughout the day. I ADORE them. And A Respect award for Daisy at School this week.


6. Sunflowers. Because: SUNFLOWERS.


7. The camellia hedge that just keeps on flowering week after week.


8. And some new pillowcases that I had pre-ordered that arrived. Some people might pre-order other kinds of Β (interesting) things but for me, some hot linen will do the trick every time. Can’t wait to get them on!


What are YOU liking this fine Tuesdsay?
Got any packing tips?
Received any lovely snail mail?


  1. Today I am liking having done the laundry and the vacuuming. I am liking having a wee rest now after a simple lunch. I am liking your photos and exciting trip plans. And I am convinced you can make those bags work! Roll things up in each other, minimise shoe options, no real books. Winning! I hope – selfishly – that you’ll at least Instagram from the road/plane/train/pubs you encounter.

    • Oh course I will be blogging! It’s my favourite thing to do when I am away and have so much to share. It’s a special way to document my trip too – you can count on it!

  2. We went to the USA with 2 bags for the 4 of us….came home with 5!

  3. I’ve ordered a topper for our soon to be king bed, which therefore requires ordering of linen. Who am I? And where did my shoe addiction go?!!

  4. Well, if you fit all four of you into 2 bags I will be super impressed. We have just returned from three weeks in the US and we did have to pack for two seasons due to New York still being chilly and we did have extra equipment for my son who is disabled (you can see I am excusing myself already) but we had packed one extra bag in our luggage ( I shall not divulge how many bags we started with) but also had to buy two more. You should see the photo of all the luggage at LAX airport on our return. I bought a limited edition framed picture for my daughter at the Plaza Hotel that I just couldn’t resist and the list just goes on and on really. The shopping was amazing as usual.

    We found space saver travel bags were great and packing pods helped to organise us. Good luck!

    How exciting, 3 weeks to go!


  5. I’m in Europe, Paris and Berlin, and everyone wears skinnies, boots (flat) or converse type sneakers, a baggy t shirt or shirt, a scarf and jacket, either cropped leather or khaki hip length anorak. I brought volleys which are great for walking but I also bought a pair of flat boots in Paris which I haven’t taken off! I have carried a pair of boots that I haven’t even worn once. My advice is to limit the shoes. If you are staying in apartments, don’t bring heaps of clothes because you can wash. In Berlin, I have a brand new apartment opposite a park in kreuzberg, which is the ‘cool’ part of town, which is equipped with everything. I have shirts I haven’t worn and I’ve been travelling for nearly a month. Even though it’s supposedly spring in Europe it can still be cold so a jacket and scarf is necessary. Long sleeved ts and cotton sweaters are great.

    I find my toiletries and makeup take up a lot of room. Leave it behind and buy the essentials, like shampoo etc.

    I also purchased a new bag at 40% off. It’s an Antler with TSA approved locks, they can open it with a key instead of breaking your lock. The thing that I hate about it is that it doesn’t have a side handle so you have to carry it from the top which is difficult because it’s tall. It is hard to get off the carousel and carry up stairs. I don’t have a bloke to haul it off the carousel but I do have a son here who has carried it up stairs for me, complaining. Your pic looks similar so check out the handle situation before you travel. You might want to rethink the purchase.

    Other than rolling your clothes, you can vacuum pack them but it doesn’t affect the weight, just gives more room. I also put my undies/socks/scarves in zip lock bags so if they do open my bag, they are not rifling through my undies!

    Think about what handbag you need to take too. I have a separate nylon travel cross body bag for the kindle and iPad which I have used as a day bag as well. Also a wallet that fits your phone is great for going out when you don’t want to lug a bag. I find a shoulder bag better than a hand held one. I’m not travelling with children so maybe you need a bigger bag. Don’t forget baby wipes, they are the most useful item and they don’t count as a liquid. I clean everything with a baby wipe, the tray on the plane etc. couldn’t live without them.

    Sorry, just saw how long this is. Have a great trip. The plane is a bugger but worth it when you arrive.

    • Loved your comment Poppy – thank you for sharing! I think you are right – lots of tees and jeans and scarves and no shoes! I wanted to take my runners so I could run but I know they will take up space. Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip!

    • Oh and yes – saw the bag has no side handle. BUMMER! The black one does though…

  6. I’m liking my NEW HOME and dreaming up floor plans and colour schemes.

  7. I do love your taste in linen. Where do you find it?

  8. Adelaide’s weather has become gorgeous again and I’m loving the sunshine. Also loving the trees changing colours, dropping their leaves and the crunch under my feet as I walk along. I’m a terrible packer – I always take too much – so the only tip I can offer is to make sure the items you do take mix and match together. Survey Rob’s and the girls’ items – and then cull that shit right down!

  9. Oh hon I feel for you on the pre-flying-out stress. All I can say is, once you’re all packed, and driven to the airport, and you’re sitting on the plane with the girls and Rob and the plane takes off? Just think to yourself, “Ahhhhh well. It’s too late to turn back now!”

    And enjoy the HELL out of that holiday. Fuck that holiday puppy hard.


    • Thanks Edie. It’s not just the holiday stuff – so much work, so much village stuff – I am going to fuck that puppy SO hard x

  10. Two words….Travel Pods!
    Different colours for diff family members.

  11. Rach aka stinkb0mb says

    “Got any packing tips?”

    Pack and then cut everything by half and if you can stand it, by half again [wash on the road, it takes no time and will easily allow you to cut by half and then half again when packing]. You will find that you do not need even half of what you end up taking it you don’t do this, believe me πŸ˜‰

  12. Large zip lock bags. I know it’s not very fancy but I actually use them as toiletry bags these days – 1 for wet stuff ( shampoo ,conditioner, body wash etc) and then styling products in another and just a pretty little make up bag.You can lie large ziplock bags flat across the top of your bag and chuck and replace every couple of days if you like when sh*t leaks ( because it ALWAYS does!). Chuck a couple of extras in too – dirty shoes, cords &chargers … there is nothing they cannot do!

    • I was only having this convo with one of my mates this arvo -great suggestion!

      • and thsie zip lock bags make great vacuum0style packing bags too! I get the big strong ones from Ikea, and put coats/jackets etc into them. You can simply sit on them to push the air out and compact, then zip that seal. Voila – your raincoat/jacket/whatever is now half the volume!

  13. OMG after reading all of those travel tips I want to go travelling!!!

  14. I just adore children’s drawings of any age, especially when they are little. They are super special. How exciting not long until you go on your adventure. I am excited for you. Thanks for those fabulous snippets around your home. V x

  15. You WILL do it with two bags. And maybe a backpack for the girls. My girlfriend just did 4 weeks in the UK with carryon luggage …. for her, hubby and boys 5 and 7.

  16. I’m liking that we finally bought our first home, we finally moved in and I’m going nuts making plans πŸ™‚ The renderers come tomorrow and everything changes. Very exciting but also scary! Never renovated or painted or anything before and tradies speak their own language sometimes but I’m learning. Good luck with your trip, I went home when my girls were nearly 4 and we were so stressed about it all but they did wonderfully. Kids adapt so well. You’re gonna have a ball! xx

  17. How exciting!!
    I am excited for you!!
    We have not been overseas since we had the four kids, so 13 years ago.
    I shall live vicariously through your posts.
    Ah packing light is a nightmare. I flew interstate for two nights on the weekend for my sister’s 40th and I had a case of stuff.
    Had a fabulous time away and lovely weather. Hanging with my sis and her family was wonderful.
    Goodluck with the packing and planning!

  18. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Soo exciting Beth I’m no packer but I’m sure I could do it if I had to,and you will do well I’m sure and what you need you can buy (good reason for shopping)
    Loving what you are loving and I am loving my nearly finished ensuite Reno sick,it is useable,so back to having our own bathroom….yay!

  19. Allyson Wolhuter says

    Ok people whar are travel pods

  20. I cannot speak to you or visit your site until your return. My utter jealousy will overcome me and I shall lay prostrate on the floor in a blubbering mess. You. Lady. Have been WARNED!

    (But, just between you and me, I will read every word and ooh and aah and check web jet every night for a fantastic family deal in 2015…) (But, I shall still be insanely jealous.)

    • Oh I know! It’s always a tricky one…I certainly don’t want to shove it down anyones throat – but at the same time I want me to enjoy it because we have worked really hard and planned it for the past 5 years. Travel blogging is my very favourite thing – it’s a travel journal and a way for me to capture and remember everything. I know some people will tune out but plenty that will enjoy it too!!

  21. Travelled last year in Europe 5 weeks. 2 adults and 2 teenage girls and yes managed with 2 suitcases!

    I bought my packing cells from Katamandu when they had big sale. Best buy ever! Also picked some cheapo ones at KMart. You will never be able to travel again without your packing cells. Everyone was in charge of their own cells and packing/unpacking so much easier when moving around.

    Have a great trip!

  22. You can easily pack for 4 with those 2 bags! My tip is to make sure that each bag includes clothing for the four of you, that way if the unthinkable happens and one piece of luggage goes astray then all of you will still have something to wear!

  23. Me too, Allyson: What is a travel pod? Here in the US it’s a big container you put your furniture in when you’re moving from one house to another. Maybe it’s something you can suck the air out of to compact your clothing?

    Also, what is a renderer (Jen) and what is arvo (Beth)? I need an Australia jargon book alongside when I read this blog! (Love it!)

  24. Thanks, Poppy. Those ARE some good-lookin’ twins!

  25. We managed with the 2 bags for 4 of us last year – we are the same configuration as you only our girls are 2 years older than each of yours. Wasn’t too hard once the girls accepted they couldn’t bring the thousands (seemingly) of costume changes that they go through on any day. My poor husband knew he didn’t have a chance travelling with 3 girls so packed LIGHT. Just loved showing them wonderful new places (to us) and can’t wait to do it again soon. Until then I’ll have to satisfy my travel urge with reading your updates seeing your girls lapping it all up :).

    • Thanks Emma – that is great to know. I think the limited wardrobes will be a good thing – no choice no fights over what to wear. Good in theory perhaps…

  26. I’m loving snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and the kids watching tv.

  27. Packing day…….everyone has packed their own bags, (to the brim, I might add)
    I then go through those bags, eliminate some stuff, because, yes, you can buy something is you need it! I then ROLL all of the clothes! You with fit sooo much more in your suitcases! I amaze them all with the extra space if you just roll!
    Enjoy your trip, I’m so looking forward to looking at your posts/pics!

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