Miscellaneous 49

I have approximately 2.3% interest in watching the State of Origin tonight, so it’s a Miscellaneous post for you all instead!

This time in 2 weeks time we will be in Dubai! Frazzled, a little sweaty with the first leg of the trip done. 2 WEEKS. TWO. Apologies for the caps, there will be plenty of these in the upcoming weeks, don’t say you weren’t warned.


Deeply concerned that Peppa and her ‘dangerous feminist ideologies” might be axed. Don’t fuck with Peppa Pig, or you will be dealing with the wrath of a million mothers and 4 year olds.

Speaking of deeply concerned, check out what happened when I opened my packet of Arnotts Assorted Creams this morning:


Can’t see what I’m talking about? LOOK CLOSER.  Line two, position 1: MISSING KINGSTON. And it wasn’t missing because I ate it, it just wasn’t there. Is this a thing? Do they think we won’t see a missing Kingston there? Are they cutting corners because the Kingston is too expensive to make? DO THEY NOT THINK WE WILL NOTICE. Do let me know if you have a fresh packet around. We can only pray that this was a one off. I’m happy to take one for the team if it is the case.

You know what happened the other day? Well I passed my 3 millionth page view on BabyMac! I know that might not be interesting to you, but I have to say it was an exciting milestone for me. Every hundred, thousand, millionth ANYTHING is worth stopping to think about and this one was a big one for me. It took me over 6 years to get to my first 1 million views and then just 19 months to get my next 2 million. Jeepers! All those views don’t really mean anything much, but for someone that spends most of her time tapping away at my kitchen table that means that there are a whole lot of you out there reading. So hi! And thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts on the new Coldplay album? I haven’t listened to it all yet, but I have heard this song and I like it. I know that you’re not meant to like Coldplay if you like ‘serious’ music, but I’ve always liked them. Hey! I like Kingston biscuits and I don’t think they are cool, but they ARE good.

We watched Star Wars the other evening, or perhaps it was The Empire Strikes Back? The second one…or the 5th? Too bloody confusing. It reminded me of a series of photos that were released earlier this year from the actor who played Chewbacca. This interested me. The movie? Not so much. Sorry.

Unknown-1 Unknown

All hail to Rob who will be looking after the girls for me next week when I am up in QLD. Where would we be without Dads? My girls are very lucky with theirs, that much I know is true. Thanks Rob! Perhaps you could knock off that 3rd Star Wars movie will I am away…?


Thank you for all your great suggestions for the ball, the canapés, the decorations, accommodation in Slingers…the knowledge knows no bounds and it is greatly appreciated by me…so thank YOU. Yes, you!

Are you sitting through the footy?
Do you think this Kingston business was a one off or have I discovered something here?
Fan of Star Wars? Cold Play?


  1. Line 2, position one….NOW… YOU …. SEE …… IT……. you were ripped off big time, and a Kingston at that! I would have been more annoyed if there was a shortbread cream missing (is that even what they are called?). Now what is this about Pepper Pig? They had better not axe that one. I know every episode….bing bong bingly bongly boo. Have fun in the Sunshine State.

  2. Emily Furlong says

    I’d be writing an email of complaint!!!! A missing Kingston is like a pavlova with no cream! Sacrilege!!!! I just can’t…. No, I have no further words for this travesty…. My condolences dear Beth x

  3. I have 0% interest in state of origin – not enough to even capitalise it.

    3,000,000 views is awesome Beth! Well done lady. Your blog is totes fun and people who find it tell their people, like I actually did today, so that’s how you get there. One happy, share-y reader at a time.

    On ya!

  4. Monte Carlo says

    Clearly I would not be reading or commenting on your blog if I was a die hard Origin watcher- it’s like watching paint dry, boring. When I have cast my eye over the game all I seem to see are-bare arses from the school boy short pulling / hanging on tactic – What is that? or am I getting it mixed up with that other boring rugby game. Don’t know don’t care.

    Now you really must have way too much time on your hands if you count your biscuits – what are youThe Highland Biscuit Counter. Kingston smington give me the Monte Carlos any day.

    Star Wars – yep I’m with you on that movie marathon – R2D2 isn’t bad, the Gold Skelton thing is ok and Chewy is just cute. The rest can blow off into the Milky Way.

    Phew that’s my say for this evening and thank bloody Christ the noisy Origin supports down the street have stopped their bloody cheering.

    Guess you had better put on your detective hat and investigate the missing Kingston.’it could be your new novel – Beth and The Secret 5 in the Case of the Missing Kingston. Nite


  5. Not the Kingston!!!! My husband has a conspiracy theory that there is “some little parsons nose eating bastard” that works at our local Red Rooster as it is always missing when he buys a chicken from there. Congrats on your 3 million milestone too!

  6. Bravo on your 3 mil views, Beth. And I would give our first born for a box of those Arnotts. We go through truckloads of them every time we visit. I tried mail-ordering some to the States last time, but thought the $40 shipping fee to a bit steep…

    I’m probably one of only three Americans who fell asleep during Star Wars. Boring!
    Never watched another. Sent the boys to see them with Hubs/Dad.

  7. Karen Forster says

    Oh no a Kingston missing! Years ago- about 25 in fact -my dear hubby found a rubber band “cooked” into the cream of a biscuit from another Aussie company. We wrote an absolutely hilarious tongue in cheek letter, enclosing said biscuit, pointing out that the loss of the rubber band must have caused a major breakdown on the production line – as after all it must have been held together by this vital rubber band. Miraculously the State Manager of the company in question rang the doorbell about a week later bearing lots of “gifts”. It was hilarious & certainly worth the complaint.

  8. 3 million views?! Well done. Brilliant stuff. I’m not really into Origin either. Hubby is so he is watching it while I’m in my office reading blogs. 😉

  9. Ahem. I think it was the universe telling you to not eat Kingstons. Can I have the Monte Carlos?
    I only ever enjoyed the first Star Wars. Luke was my hero *sigh*
    I find all the other ones a bit tedious…
    Congrats on the milestone, that’s an amazing achievement.
    I wonder if you had seen a psychic when you were 20 years old and they had told you that you were going to be a successful blogger one day if you would have believed them?

    • I would never have believe that 5 years ago Jenni! And why would the earth want me to stop eating those precious morsels? Surely not!!

  10. 3 million WOWZA!!
    You made me laugh this morning, I hope you let the cookie people know you’re on to them… 🙁
    Have a safe and happy trip (looking forward to your stories!) and I love Coldplay…love ’em. lol. Still trying to get all the way through Lorde and her album xo

  11. Rach aka stinkb0mb says

    No “sitting through the footy” here – thoroughly involved in it, cheering madly at the big screen tv! And that’s as a West Aussie, as a New South Walean [?] you should be ashamed of yourself! If “we” lose tonight, I will personally blame every New South Walean [again with that word, which probably isn’t a word but hey ho!] that didn’t cheer the Blue boys on madly! ;-P

    LOVE Star Wars and I don’t get when people refer to some music as “real music”, pfft music is music, different genres to cater to different tastes! For the record, I love Coldplay!

  12. Coldplay are way cool. I have listened to the album. It’s good. Although each time I hear it I can hear all the sadness from Chris Margins break up with Gywenth. He’s a cute guy, I am sure someone will snap him up. Love a Kingston & Peppa pig. I hope the ball goes well. Congrats on the stats. I think you keep it real & I for one love that, so keep up the good work!

    • Chris Martin even!!

    • Kat I have been thinking about Chris and his getting back into the scene for longer than I probably should. Is that weird? Thanks!! x

      • Not weird at all. I am so glad you brought this up because every time I hear the album I feel so sad for the poor guy. From the lyrics it sounds like he still loves her and that she was the one who fell out of love with him.
        Poor Chris!
        Saw him sing the songs from this recent album in concert on tv the other night and never realised how cute he is!!
        Really way cuter than when he started out with Coldplay.
        I am sure the girls will be breaking his door down 🙂

  13. Well done Beth! You go girl! Sadly I did have the footy on in the background (I was painting my kitchen!). I’m really not a league sort of person, in fact now that we’re in Tassie I don’t even recognise any of the players anymore. I don’t mind the origin series, but I can’t stand the commentators and the rubbish they come out with! I usually put music on instead. I felt like some Mozart tonight, odd match I know but it kinda worked…

  14. Loving the Cold Play album. I don’t care if that’s not serious music. Chris Martin can sing to me any day. PS. You rock – 3 million times x

  15. Well 2.3% interest is precisely 2.3% more interest than me!

    There should be a phone number on the packet that you can call to let someone know about your missing Kingston. I called it once over a missing Caramel Crown and then again for a missing Chocolate Royal and both times they sent me a voucher to buy a new packet AND I got to keep the original packet. What a pig out THAT was!

    Congrats on the 3 million views. I am fairly new to the world of blogs but yours is my fave. Love it!

  16. We were in Dubai day before yesterday….41 deg!!!
    Letter of complaint to Arnotts I say also.

  17. Lisa Aherne says

    Watched Offspring, of course! Arnotts are playing up, they have changed their Gingernuts recipe – not for the better. I have been trolling the supermarkets buying up the original ones. Love Coldplay, have bought Ghost Stories and love it. Mind you I played it first in Les’s car, and he still has it.

    • Oh I didn’t know about ginger nuts…what were they thinking?!

      • We wrote to arnotts re the ginger nuts. We live in Brissie have done for 25years and the ginger nuts we can buy in supermarkets have never been the same as the ones you can purchase in sydney. Arnotts replied that they did a survey of tastes!! And as different cities and areas prefer thicker or thinner etc that’s how they a Supply them. No fat hard ginger nuts for brisbane only more like ginger snaps. We buy bucket loads when in nsw. But griffins make a decent ginger nut also.

  18. Fashionista says

    I have never watched a Star Wars movies. I don’t believe I’ve missed out on anything.

    3 million views, you go girl!

  19. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Well done Beth you deserve to have 3 million peeps reading your blog.I have no interest at all of watching footy or Star Wars…boring!
    How exciting 2 weeks till your big holiday and a QLD break all by yourself….enjoy Beth xx

  20. CONGRATS ON HITTING 3 MILLION PAGEVIEWS! (yes, that definitely deserves caps lock!)
    I’ve always loved Coldplay – I’m not ashamed to admit that – in fact, the Parachutes album helped me through a pretty difficult time in my younger years. I have Ghost Stories and I think it’s fantastic. Heartbreakingly honest and beautiful. Recommended!

  21. I just opened a pack of assorted creams… And thought of u instantly, mine was missing a shortbread cream. This cannot continue, we must revolt, next time it could be a monte carlo….

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