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How glorious is the weather at the moment? AMAZING! Days with mornings that look like this:


And afternoons that look like this:


LOOK AT THAT MAGICAL AUTUMNAL LIGHT!! I don’t mean to be bossy but I have to say when it comes to good autumn light I tend to get a little caps locky. Just ask my family who are so sick of me saying “LOOK AT THE LIGHT!!” and stopping the car to take photos. I want them to always look at the light.


There’s been a burst of warm weather that it completely unseasonal and I am taking advantage of it. Washing like a mad woman. Opening windows. Going, you know, out in it. Hope you get to enjoy it this weekend.

You know what I am making today? WELL DO YA? Pikelets! AND I am going to make them with buttermilk because my sister in law sent me a text message saying “oh my stars have you EVER used buttermilk in your pikelets” and then she sent me a picture of said pikelets and they were very good indeed. Nice height. I’m onto it I tell you. I’ll be using this recipe but I must say I won’t be mucking around with apple in these ones…it’s the weekend!


OK, time to talk TV/movie watching. We haven’t talked about that for ages and as Steve Tyler said, I don’t want to miss a thing:

  • Real Housewives of Melbourne may not be for everyone but it is 100% my cup of white tea! Whilst the series made me feel a little woozy with all the fighting and bitching and not being able to move on from issues etc etc I was keen to watch the reunions to see if Andrea really was everything she appeared to be. Gina did herself no favours did she? She should have just stopped talking. Well played Foxtel, you did a good job and kept me entertained and keep watching week in, week out.
  • Speaking of Foxtel, I am not ashamed to say that I have started watching Ex on the Beach on MTV. Because apparently I am 22 year old from England with tatts. I won’t explain it all too much, because you would lose brain cells just reading it, but let’s just say Vicki from Geordie Shore is on it and her ex Ricki will be arriving shortly….I can barely wait. OK, I totally can. I never said I was smart.
  • I did not watch Offspring. Is that OK? Can we still be friends?
  • I watched American Hustle with Rob the other night and I quite enjoyed it. Fab costumes and that lead lady (Amy Adams) was SOMETHING. Have you seen it? I had a quick scan of Apple TV last night and it looks like there are a whole heap of new movies to watch which is great.
  • Watched Bridget Jones Diary last night. It just never gets old does it. Got me REALLY EXCITED about the fact that we will be in London in just over 3 weeks. THREE.
  • We are still watching Peppa Pig. That shit never gets old. And there has been a resurgence of interest in Playschool from the little one which pleases me greatly.
  • A friend has some of Game of Thrones on USB and I am *this* close to taking the pirated copies off her and you know how I feel about pirated copies. I heard a spoiler on the radio a few weeks back which made me SO CRANKY so no one tell me anything, until I have seen it. Which I am *this* close to doing.

Last weekend when we had the beloved gay godfathers staying I was shown this YouTube clip which pretty much made me the happiest I have in ages. Combines my passion of the soda stream with wine to make “bloody litres and litres and litres and LITRES of champagne”. We may or may not have tried to do it. I did not follow her instructions and so there was a semi-explosion of white wine everywhere so DON’T do it. But marvel at this fabulous woman. I love it. I love everything about this.

Speaking of love. I have to say, I think Kris Smith might be in love with me. I know! So inappropriate and SO GOOD. Yesterday on set I asked to take a selfie with him to send to mate Mrs M who was minding my daughter for me like the best friend in the world. She even crafted with Harps – who is now expecting this kind of behaviour from me. Thanks a LOT. So I asked Kris, can we take a snap so I can send it to my mate who is busy with my kid while I swan around here and he was like OF course! Come here!

So we snapped away. You know, normal like…this is cool and normal…


Keep smiling Beth, but what on EARTH is he doing? Be cool Beth, BE COOL, BUT IS HE GOING TO KISS ME? You can see my expression of the cat that is just about to get the cream…


And then we basically got married. And I can melted a little bit. I did! You can see that I am approximately 12% melted. I’m sure my friend was thrilled when she got to go get my kid something to eat after that.


Speaking of my friend Mrs M, she knitted me an amazing tea cosy for my birthday last year and entered into the local show this year and took our first prize for her knitted tea cosy of my other friend Jools’ garden! ANYWAY, if you are in VIC there is an actual tea cosy festival on from the 16th to the 25th May called the Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival. You can check it out here.

And look! A new puppy! My friend Jools got a new puppy this week and we have been visiting. Daisy is asking me 1287 times a day when we are getting one. That technique of hers isn’t working so well…


So, what’s on the agenda this weekend? Rob is away so I am hanging with my friends Daisy & Harps, we have some shopping to do, some washing, some hanging in this amazing weather, and tonight I am hosting a soft pant party with some girlfriends where we sit around the fire and drink wine and eat something out of a bowl for dinner on our laps like curry, or a stew or something. Β What are you doing?

Have you had amazing weather at home too?
Watched anything good lately that I need to get onto?
Did you love that Youtube clip as much as I did?


  1. I can’t believe you just mentioned the Fish Creek tea cosy festival! HA! It’s all sorts of cool around these parts, get to it people – COSY! Fish Creek is where it’s at (plus there’s the best little store there, 9 Acres, with freaking awesome coffee and delicious things and food goods).

  2. We’re in the UK after you and there’s an incredibly important question I need you to answer: is Peppa Pig World on your agenda? If not, jump on it. Charlotte is crazy excited about it and has watched the tours on YouTube 1,000,000 times.

  3. Linda Jenkins says

    I will be making those pikelets this weekend. Can highly recommend Offspring- love this show!
    Do you have any brands of soft pants you could recommend??? I have a super pair from Intimo but could add another style to my wardrobe!!

    • You know I still wear a soft pant that was from Target when I was pregnant with Daisy. They are my favourite. A long flowly black pair with wise legs, thin material and like a soft turn down at the top. I need to get some more!

  4. I SO get that light thing, that’s me too!

    Almost didn’t watch Offspring this week, it was OK but I get the feeling it might slip for me this season, I hope Billie brings it back for me.

    Soft pant party recipe – this is a winner! http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/1070/lamb+neck+chops+with+vegetables

  5. This was a lovely Saturday morning post, full of lots of good things! However, I am now incredibly keen to host a ‘soft pant party’!

  6. Oh yes THE LIGHT here in Melbourne has been amazing! I’ve been bombarding Instagram with tree and sky snaps because I am #CRUSHINGONAUTUMN so badly. I even read Enid Blyton in the sun yesterday. Gold.
    I love a bit of TV too – Nashville is rocking my world lately and Downton is back – hurrah! I’m loving River Cottage Straya as well.
    Today I feel a bit flat – I was looking at photos of myself as a wee lassie yesterday and I just couldn’t connect with that Year 8 school photo me at all. She looks a bit lost I think.
    May have to rearrange ALL THE THINGS in my living room to perk myself up.
    Overshare? Oh well.

  7. carohutchison says

    Oh Kris Smith! There’s nothing like leaning in to a delicious cheek kiss from an extraordinarily handsome man. And sober too!
    We have family in Fish Creek, such a great spot on the way to one of my favourite beaches at Shallow Inlet, a gorgeous part of Victoria.
    I miss the Australian light, it’s not the same in the States at all. I don’t know if it’s because we’re in the city but the brightness and the yellowness just isn’t here.

    Would it be wrong to put that picture in a frame by your bed??

  8. Thank you so much for sharing the wine lady!! I just laughed so hard that I my children wanted to know why I was crying. Wine lady now makes an appearance on my FB feed and I have shared it to my gay brother-in-laws in the US who love any good Aussie humour.

    You have made my weekend!! xx

  9. Thank you so much for sharing the wine lady!! I just laughed so hard that my children wanted to know why I was crying. Wine lady now makes an appearance on my FB feed and I have shared it to my gay brother-in-laws in the US who love any good Aussie humour.

    You have made my weekend!! xx

  10. Peppa Pig is in full swing in our house too. And our car, actually. God.
    I too did not watch Offspring much to the dismay of many friends. Whoops!

    You made me laugh, I keep stopping the car for the sunset light and the moon (we live in the Blue Mountains on the edge of an escarpment so get great views) but for some reason it just doesn’t excite my husband like it does me! Olivia loves the moon but she is only 20 months old lol. Must be a woman thing?

  11. Def worth a spot in a frame beside the bed! You lucky ……..!!!!!

  12. I loved the highly professional video on making champagne. Berrie Wineries should put her on the payroll.

  13. I’m in Paris at the moment and the light is amazing. Beautiful spring days, fine and sunny and blue skies. Very like autumn in Australia temperature wise. Have been here a week. It is a beautiful city and I highly recommend a visit.

    • It’s the most beautiful city in the world Poppy! I’m lucky to have been there twice before and I hope to be back again. Enjoy!!!

  14. I don’t watch Offspring either.. I’ve tried to like it but find all of the characters far too annoying

  15. Gibbergunyah says

    There’s a Play School concert at Mittagong RSL this year on the 3rd October. At the last one Jay Laga’aia touched me on the shoulder…

  16. Oh Beth if you love light you should come on down to Tas-Vegas! I remember listening to a well known artist speak when I was a teenager. He had lived and exhibited all over the world and had chosen to live in Tassie purely because of the light. It has a blue tinge and is (We were told) very challenging and rewarding to paint!

  17. Margaret Elvis says

    Thanks so much for the pikelet recipe. Not made them for yonks so just may give it a try as sounds good.
    Everything on here is so interesting so will just say thanks for sharing you busy days wth us.

  18. Cask wine has gone up in price since I last bought it. Sheez…$17 bucks!
    Doesn’t she make you proud to be Australian! She even speaks French…bon appetite!
    (Is she a hoarder? Kitchen was a bit over loaded)

  19. Sarah-Jane says

    I love seeing Autumn unfold in your pics while we are welcoming Spring with open arms here in Moscow.

    • It’s a wonderful thing isn’t it – the whole opposite sides of the world? Never fails to impress! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Spring Sarah-Jane πŸ™‚

  20. Love the wine lady, I might have to try it, but looks like you have to wait a while to avoid explosion! Still laughing about it!

  21. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Loving the light too,loving that Jools got a new dog how beautiful and what a good neighbour you have.Jealous how close you are to Kris Smith.Buttermilk pickets are the business…exciting to be in London in 3 weeks xx

  22. Beth! Kris is CLOSING HIS EYES!! I would be smiling just like you were, I can tell you. London in less than three weeks. So excited for you. And can’t wait for your pics. Larissa x

  23. OMG my heart just did a little flip when I got to the kissing pic, he is hot….. so hot

  24. Loving your posts as always Beth, but I do want to say that as a proud Palestinian Australian it makes me really sad to see people promoting Soda Stream. One of the Soda Stream factories is based in an illegal settlement in my country. Imagine if a nearby country just came in, kicked you out of your home and that was the end, no compensation, not even able to take your beautiful stuff with you. Well that’s what happened to my family, and so a company that benefited from that makes me really sad. I know a lot of people don’t want to hear about politics. But I just needed to say my bit πŸ™‚

  25. I snuck off to bed early last Wednesday night with a herbal tea and enjoyed the first episode of Offspring in peace (ie: without The Husband exclaiming “whyyyyyy do you watch this crap?”) – I think I’m going to make it a Wednesday night ritual.
    The weather has been spectacular in Adelaide…until today. But you can be sure I lapped up all of that lovely warmth and sunshine last week by getting up early to get to the gym (in the dark) and then coming home to walk the puppy as the sun was rising. Beautiful way to start the day.

  26. Fashionista says

    Oh lordy me the wine lady was hilarious! Thank you for sharing that titbit.

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