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Ah May. It’s flying by isn’t it? I just can’t believe how fast the days and weeks are going. Scary really. I’m trying not to panic, just remembering that everything WILL get done. The one thing I have discovered in this very busy time is that the busier you are, the more you seem to get done. Why is that so?

How’s this for fab? Decorating with chux cloths! Had a friend send me a snap of her deco’s for a 1st birthday party…chux! Eat your heart out Pinterest. People are so clever. Crafty!


Did you check out the Met Gala frocks earlier this week? Superior celeb spotting. Such a strange business a red carpet don’t you think? I loved all the shots that show just how strange the posing business is. The ones where you can see the cameras looking at the celebs. Imagine having all those people just looking at you…..eeeek!


Thankfully I’m NOT on a red carpet and instead are whipping up home made sauso rolls instead! Got a tip for you…need to make a sauso roll a bit FANCY? Sprinkle some dukkah on top of the egg wash. Go on! DARE YOU. Takes things to a whole new level. A FANCY LEVEL. And we all know I like me some fancy.


Going with a pink head for the dog vase this week. It’s not to everyone’s liking, but it makes me smile each and every time I look at it.


Rob and I had a BRILLIANT thought the other night. Got chickens? Ever had one lost to a nasty fox? I say name them after characters from Game of Thrones. Khaleesi the white leg horn. Ned Stark the Rhode Island Red. If they were unfortunately slaughtered it would be in a Game of Thrones manner and would seem less, shall we say, gruesome and dramatic? More expected. We thought it was funny at least…

Other flowers around the grounds include: tulips. You just can’t beat them. Did you know that they continue to grow in the vase? Just a little bit, but they grow taller. They do!


Pulled some camellia’s off the hedge in the driveway. They never last long in a vase but I do like the pop of colour. Camellia’s always remind me of my Mum’s Mum, Beth. She was a strong, formidable woman who never really liked me much (called me the devil’s child most of the time) but I see a camellia and I think of her. Huh.

IMG_8126 IMG_8128

I’ve been listening to Chet Faker’s new album and I like it very much. You should have a listen.


What’s the plan for tomorrow? ย I’m not sure what we’ll be doing – we have the gay Godfathers with us this weekend and the girls are in HEAVEN. Right now they are all watching Frozen….I can just imagine the show tunes that will be belted out later tonight. Last night we had a few from Chess…heaven help us all.

Whatever it is that you do tomorrow, to the Mums amongst us, to our own Mums that have looked after us all, to the Mums lost, the ones that are sick, the ones that are holding babes in their bellies, the ones that have lost their children I raise my glass to you. This motherhood business is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s taught me more about myself than anything else. It’s given me unending joy and happiness, pride, love. Best thing I’ve done. Happy Mothers day to you all.

Word x


Ever walked a red carpet?
What flower reminds you of your Grandmother?
Ready to embrace Game of Chickens?
Happy Mothers Day!


  1. Our kids take turns of naming our chickens so there is three distinct themes; names from books (eg matilda – the nine year old); names based on the chicken’s colour (ie brownie, blackie, spotty – the six year old); and names based on machinery (ie excavator and bommyknocker – obviously the 3 year old boy).

  2. Hydrangeas definitely remind me of my Nan, abundance of them at her old house (which incidentally my brother and his family are about to move into, I hope they keep the enormous hydrangea bushes!) My grandma was mad for a bit of a maiden hair fern and ‘string of pearls’ (or ‘rosary beads’) and geraniums. Loads of geraniums. Mad for hanging baskets and loads of pots, I believe she thought succulents were cool way before they were Pinterest-cool.

  3. Geraniums. Every time.

  4. Dear BabyMac, I love you, I think you’re a cool chick, hence my subscription to your posts… But please, please, for the sake of all the grammar nazis out there like me, read this! http://theoatmeal.com/comics/apostrophe
    Peace xx

    • Oh I know Bimmy! Rob laments about it. I am TERRIBLE at it. I try, I really do and yet my head can’t ever get it right. I will try harder though…I know how annoying it is! Thank you for the link ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. We lost two of our chooks to a fox so game of chickens is well underway here. I had to go outside and do a clean up before the kids got up and realized what happened. (they flew away!) it was gruesome stuff.
    Tomorrow I will eagerly await my gifts purchased from the Mother’s Day stall and stashed under beds, can’t wait!

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too Beth I hope it’s a good one and you enjoy it.I love that dog vase it is very cool.My grandmother had all manner of flowers in her garden but mostly roses!

  7. Dukkah sauso rolls!? Genius! Happy Mother’s Day for tomorrow x

  8. And god bless the end of Discus or whatever that comment system called. I don’t know much about these things, but what I do know is that it’s so much easier to comment now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Like you Beth some flowers remind me of my Italian grandmother. I felt at times growing up that I was not her Favourite grandaughter. But the white, sweet perfumed Gardenia reminds me of her. I was 15 and had travelled by myself to Argentina to stay with my grandparents in Buenos Aires for two months. The last time I had seen my grandmother was a very sad time for us when I was four years old and we had to leave Argentina with my family to go and live in Australia. When I arrived at my grandparents place jetlagged, excited, in culture shock and a bit terrified at all the new of Travelling it was like stepping back in time. It was summer I remember there was jazmin flowers growing everywhere. But once inside settled In my room my grandmother had left on the old wooden chest of drawers a small glass vase filled with one beautiful sweet gardenia. It was such a beautiful nostalgic gesture. It was placed next to a photo of me in a hot pink formal dress from my year ten formal. Never forget the smell, or will I forget her. I felt alive and the beginnings of a transformation from young girl to woman. I miss both my strong willed feisty grandmothers. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in Australia!

  10. Fuschias remind me of my Gran. Gaudy pink and purple ones. Popping the buds was one of the things I looked forward to most about going to visit with her. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. We have a piece of the red carpet from the Oscars! My crazy brother in law always goes and rents a room at the Roosevelt to celebrate and keep an eye on the Oscar festivities…I don’t have the guts for any of it, but I did enjoy the gold dusted chocolate Oscar he brought from Wolf Gang Puck’s gala one year!
    I WANT that headless dog vase.
    I love your idea for naming your chickens.
    Thanks for the smiles and have a wonderful Mothers Day!

  12. After a spate of losing goldfish with unimaginative names we decided tough names were the way to go. Loki the Angel of Death and Vlad the Impaler both lived to ripe old goldfish age. It works!

  13. Jose McBride says

    Did I miss a new purchase? I want me one of those headless pug vases ….where oh where can I get one?

  14. ooh that game of thrones name thing is GENIUS. mum named her current lot of girls after herself and her two sister and was none too pleased when she got home from a weekend away to find her headless namesake!
    camellias remind me of my grandma too, kitty, as she LOATHES them and mutters ‘bloody camellias’ under her breath when ever anyone mentions them. hilarious!

    hope you had a fabulous mother’s day

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