The mis-send


A few years ago (actually quite a few years ago now) I used to work in a financial planning office. I know! So glamorous! Our small business took on some extra people that had their own business but worked within our office and some of our clients used their services. I didn’t get on all that with one of the people …for whatever reason we were like opposite magnet ends and just rubbed each other the wrong way. She didn’t like me, and made it very obvious and while that was fine (you can’t like all the people all the time) her passive aggressiveness drove me absolutely crackers. For example: it would be a casual Friday and I’d wear some cargo pants that weren’t to her liking. She look down at me and say “Oh gee they are a pockety pant!”. POCKETY PANT. Just say you don’t like me already. Can you see where I am coming from? (this is probably not the best example but one that comes to mind and something that I still laugh over and of course use the phrase pocket pant whenever I possibly can! And you know when you get a bit obsessed with it all…it’s all consuming and not a great working environment. One day, one very bad day I sent a text to a fellow colleague indicating my sheer frustration.

Except I sent it to her.

I didn’t know until I got a call from my boss asking for answers. I have never felt so sick. The regret. The panic. THE GETTING CAUGHT OUT. The trying to explain something that couldn’t be explained. I think I even called her a mole. And because she had no sense of humour she took the moral high ground like you wouldn’t believe! IT WAS JUST WHAT SHE HAD BEEN WAITING FOR. The mole. At least she knew what I thought right?

It took lots of back peddling, and explanation…I even tried to explain I call my best mates moles…she STILL didn’t get it! Needless to say we didn’t work together any longer after that.

Last week I got the BEST mis-sent text message ever. A message from my mate to her husband asking him to come home and BRING THE SALAMI from the butcher with all kinds of kisses! She realised straight away and after she died on the spot sent me another one explaining that indeed he DID have to pick up a salami. SURE HE DID. A photo of said salami still didn’t even put my dirty mind at ease. Haven’t laughed that much in a very long time. Made my day!

So tell me, have you had a mis-sent text/email?
Did you die?
I still stand by the fact that chick WAS a mole.


  1. I have been on the receiving end of several emails lately from new vendors that weren’t meant for me. There is such a sense of satisfaction when I can send them the email back saying, ‘I don’t think this email was meant for me’. The best one are when they are talking about me and my team! One referred to us looking like we enjoy wine , so make sure we take a few bottles next time we meet. They were correct, we do love wine!

    Note to all : if this does happen to you, don’t use the recall email function! It just makes me read the email faster!

    • Ha! I didn’t even know there was an email recall button!

      • I was venting in a text about my siblings’ demented partner. In fact I used the c*bomb as a description. The text was meant for my sister in law BUT I sent it by my mother in law!!! Mucho embarrassment. Thankfully she’s a cool lady and not a pockety pocket mole.

  2. Oh I love it! That’s going to be my new go-to insult, pockety pants.
    Don’t like what I said? Well, you’re a pockety pants!
    Don’t like what I’m wearing? Well, you’re a pockety pants!
    It sounds like a good playground-style taunt.

  3. Claudia says

    Just on Sunday I sent one about red wine ready meals & how sad I was to be eating spinster pie all alone to a lovely handsome man who I have had a crush on forever

  4. So funny that you write this post Beth, because I have decided to go back and start listening to Over The Back Fence from the beginning (I know I really need to get a life) and yesterday was the episode where you were talking to the Neighbour about this very thing!!!! A very pockety pant hey…..o the subtleness…..

  5. I sent my Mum (who hates swearing- says it makes her bottom prickle) a message meant for my brother. I may have suggested he should go and f.f.fornitcate with himself.
    But better one (in my mind) was when I sent my Mum an long email about something that was going on with my daughter’s health (she has no enamel on some teeth). I said that the dentist said that something was basically FUBAR. My non swearing Mum thought it was a medical term, and forwarded it on to my tea-totalling, very religious Nan and two Aunties.
    She was mortified when I told her what FUBAR was.
    Needless to say, no comment was ever made about the FUBARness of my kid’s teeth.

  6. PS I love that you got rid of Disqus.

  7. I once sent a message to a guy I was seeing that I meant to send to a girlfriend that said ‘Tonight’s the night. He’s getting full access to the lady garden.’

    I’m not even kidding. It was so embarrassing. And he replied ‘Awesome! I won’t bother forking out for dinner then!’

    We’re still mates now it was so funny. And he did get full access to the lady garden. I’m a woman of my word.

  8. Passive aggressiveness, ugh. I once arrived at a friends thirtieth and she said “oh, you’re wearing that lovely dress AGAIN”.
    We don’t see much of each other any more. 🙂

  9. Me and Dave’s code word for penis is kransky. We walked past the deli counter with a young Tim once, years ago …. and pissed ourselves laughing at all the kranskys. Tim got the shits, and then REALISED WHAT WE WERE LAUGHING ABOUT.

    “Whats so funny about kranskys? Why are you laughing so ….. OHHHH YOU GUYS ARE GROSS.”

    Everybody standing at the deli counter KNEW.

    Have never sent a mis-send but have joyously been on the receiving end of some pearlers. Oh the moral highground!

    • Archie Lane says

      This is funny! My youngest did ask me, when he was roughly 7, in the bank line one day quite innocently ‘mum why are you and dad allowed to wrestle and bounce up and down on your bed and yet you tell us off when we do it?’ hilarious now to look back, nearly died at the time especially when the old lady in front turned and gave me one of THOSE looks!

    • And now I know? KRANSKY. Kransky!

  10. I was away with work and we’d all had a boozy networking dinner. I went back to my room and decided to send hubby a goodnight text detailing all of the things I’d do to him if I was home, only I sent it to my co-worker who sits in the office next to me.

    I knew I’d stuffed up when he replied with “well, this is a bit awkward. But lucky bastard”.

  11. Archie Lane says

    OK so through experience I now double check every email before I hit send! Many moons ago me mistakenly hitting reply instead of reply all did lead my girl friend to discover that her husband was having an affair!! No not with me, but with a girl he worked with. who just happened to be the sister of another friends brother…….oh the wicked web we spin. You can imagine both my horror, that moment of sitting there waiting for the phone to ring and then thinking OMG what am I going to say. I was replying to one of my other girlfriends that yes the affair had been confirmed and it was really time we sat down with her to let her know everything was not kosher, well lets just say no sit down required the email did all the talking.

    In hindsight though I will say that at the time it was horribly uncomfortable, instant sick feeling, but many years later he deserved to be uncovered and she is so much happier. Guess it had a happy ending……….

    Note to all – always…..ALWAYS……..double check if you have hit reply, reply all or forward, trap for young players!

  12. Mrshanksy says

    I sent one about a girl who was a total single white female (like the movie-copied everything I did) whining about her latest copy but I sent it TO her. Mortified!! And I also had a passive aggressive friend who ALWAYS commented on what I wear in that pockety pant manner and laughs after everything she said, as if that made it all ok – I had to break up with her…. Not just for those two things alone but I just didn’t like who I become when I was around her..

    Pockety pant indeed. My husband sent one yesterday, meant for me but TO his mate, “just having a beer Babe, home soon. love you.xx” innocent but his mate replies “i’ll be waiting for you. Mwah!”

  13. The hubs and I often text each other re how far we rode or jogged each day; a little, private competition, if you will. One fine morning I rode as far as The Scooby Doo Pet Resort; quite a feat!! Sent off the text in a playful state of mind, using the lovely language of my tweenager…..”Well hai, Scooby Doo!” Sent it straight to a school mum. You know that split second as you press the send button but realise at the same time and it’s too late?! So, many laughs ensued, and she is quite adamant that she needs no more details of our kinky loved up names for each other. To this day we now drop the occasional Scooby line.

  14. I was due to go out on a date with a guy who I wasn’t particularly keen on (it was our 3rd date) and I was messaging friends to ask them to help me come up with excuses to get out of the date (I know I’m horrible) of course I sent the text to the guy. Awful. Mortifying! I somehow back peddled and blabbered my way out of it and I think he let me cause he really LIKED me. It didn’t work out.

  15. Someone left a flower on my windscreen one day. I was having a text chat with my friend wondering who it was. Turned out to be my ex, Rodney. I text my friend “Damn, no one exciting, just Rodney”. Of course it was Rodney that I text! He didn’t talk to me for a while after that, which was just fine with me!

  16. A friend of mine who is a real estate agent received a photo of a new client’s, er, shall we say SALAMI. Apparently he was mortified and apologised profusely but it worked out alright in the end because she later called him a hyena due to autocorrect!

  17. While not a mis-send as such I was driving with a girlfriend, using her phone for google maps when a message came up on her phone from her husband going into explicit detail about how much fun he’d had last night and how when she “gave his friend resuscitation” it was amazing and how when she was playing with his.. Look you get the drift, and I couldn’t help but read it because I’m a speed reader and it’s all right there in my brain now. CANNOT UNSEE. She thought it was hilarious and told him that I’d read it and funnily enough if he knows I’m coming over he goes to the gym now. Lucky he’s a hottie hahaha

  18. Ohhh this just made my day reading this post and all the comments!! Smaggle would have to be the funniest thing I’ve read for a while!

    I’m sure it’s happened to me but none that pop to mind!

  19. A few years ago I had a friend of mine accidentally send me a text meant for her partner in which she called me a cow cos I had forgotten to enquire about something in her life when we were talking.

    I replied with a Moo and she was horrified and then we all just laughed about it and still do. I often just send her a text saying Moo or sign off from the cow.

  20. Tell more people to get rid of Disqus! They might listen to you – mole!

    Mis-sent email to baseball coach telling him I was on my way xx. Oops!
    Plus, not quite a mis-send, but an accidental dial to the ex-boyfriend recently with a very quick hang up once I realised what I’d done. I’d meant to ring my sister to tell her something about the ex. Oops. I’ve since deleted his number so I can’t do it again.

    • I think it’s best to just delete those kind of numbers too. I think DISQUS will be gone from others if they don’t sort out their issues.

  21. Cheekiechops says

    I love these.
    I sent everyone (1000 + people) in our organisation a quick email with a link to my holiday in Venice…
    I was onto our IT department , quick as a flash trying to amend this error to no avail. IT did however delete the ‘global group email address ‘ so no error like this will ever occur again.

    The CEO’s PA was the only person who wrote back and said he enjoyed them and it was nice to see staff enjoying their leave

  22. Lisa Mckenzie says

    This is the best post I can’t remember ever doing this,what a mole that woman was pockety pants indeed!

  23. Carolyn says

    Any excuse to bring out this song again.

  24. I worked with a guy who I did not get along with. AT ALL. Similar to you and your pockety pants friend. I was assisting with an office fitout and everyone in the whole office was being easy to deal with except of course for him. I sent an email to my boss giving her an update and said something along the lines of “Why does he have to be such a pain in the arse? Why is the word yes completely missing from his vocabulary?” and some more other observations along those lines. Then of course, I accidentally sent it to him. Dear god. I got the standard reply of “Don’t think this was meant for me..” or whatever and then I had to fess up to my boss. She thought is was hilarious. I’ve always been extra careful ever since…

  25. I once wrote a text to my husband about my friend that I had the shits with because I only ever seemed to hear from her when she wanted something. Either her make-up done or some waxing (I was a beauty therapist) or a babysitter. Because I was consumed by it all, I was obviously thinking about her when I put in the name to who I was sending the text, I put her name in… Fuck! I went straight to her house because I felt so bad BUT she hadn’t even read the text yet… So? I had to sit there and watch as she read it… Double fuck!

  26. I have had the biggest laugh I have had in ages reading this! I am definitely adding “pockety pants” and “lady garden” to my vocabulary and tomorrow will endeavour to use each at least once. I work in the health industry so I think “lady garden” can be used multiple times. Ha ha ha!

  27. OMG i did this yesterday to a supplier!
    I had been bitching to my husband about a supplier sending the wrong item and both the husbands email and the supplier email had the same subject line…
    i sent to the supplier instead of hubby….bring home your naked bearded goodness and rub it ALL over me…’

    The supplier emailed back saying ‘wrong person……bahahahahahahahaha….bahahahahhahaha!’

  28. After being excluded from a homeschool group, bitchy high school style, I was trying to invite the only nice Mum from that group to a play date. Complete with joke about how cool it is to exclude people.
    Of course instead I sent it to the mole who was the ring leader who had dumped me from the group.


  29. When I was younger and carefree I received a text from a guy I was seeing “casually” that said “Hey Kristy, want to come over we”ll have the house to ourselves.” I was just about to call him and politely tell him he had got my name wrong when I received and identical text with my name in place of hers and then ANOTHER addressed to Sarah, so instead I phoned him and asked how far down the list I was.. I was second apparently, out of a potential 12 because Kristy lived closer. Needless to say I declined his offer and stopped “visiting” he text me later to let me know number 6 had worked out for him. Luckily we both found it really funny and we’re still friends all these years later. He’s actually a bit famous now so I reckon his list is probably far exceeding 12.

  30. Is the comment feature new? I like it, except I have to scroll through all your comments (you have a lot, miss real-thing-blogger!) to get to the comment box. Salami… made my night!

  31. I mis sent a text to a school mum friend that was meant for my husband. Hubby, kids and I were out one Sunday arvo and he went one way and the kids and I another for some reason. Later I could see him in the distance but could see he couldn’t see us. So I text him (or so I thought) “Can you see us? We can see you!” Instead it went to my friend, who probably shit herself if she was sitting at home (I always imagine by a window) on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Stalkerish much?!?! Still laugh about it!!! 🙂

  32. My husband likes to set funny alarms in my phone…like 2:00pm Take Your Husband To Funkytown.
    In the operating theatre we have an iPhone dock and one day my phone was in it. I was scrubbed and so when the alarm went off I, not thinking, asked someone to turn it off.
    I nearly died when they announced that it was time for me to take my husband to funky town!

    And PS what is happening with Disqus?

    • That is something Rob would do! He always adds into my to do lists: have hot sex with Rob. Who knows re: DISQUS. ANNOYING. I dumped it’s arse. I showed IT!!!

  33. Belinda says

    Received an email recently from a customer letting me know my Donor Sperm had arrived…….poor girl was quite embarrassed when I replied.

  34. In the week leading up to my 16 year old son’s birthday last September I was in complete work overload and meltdown mode. Sent his older sister a text telling her what he wanted for his birthday despite the fact that his slack mole of a mother hadn’t organised him a present. Next thing he emerges from his bedroom with his phone saying “What’s this?” I’d sent it to him instead. Good one mum. I ended up writing a post about it … the fine art of motherly meltdowns aka a lesson in how to be a terrible mother. Bringing home the bacon now has a whole new meaning haha

  35. After my wedding, I sent some photos to an ex-colleague and friend. We had a registry wedding and casual snaps taken by a mate. This ex-colleague accidentally sent a bitchy email to me about my photos, obviously it was intended for someone else. She must have realised straight away and tried to do the recall thing in Outlook, but it wouldn’t work cos I’d already opened the email. Her main comment was that the photos were shitty and we would regret it one day. Eight years later no regrets here yet, but the sender and her husband, who had the full package of professional shots, are long divorced. Living well is absolutely the best revenge.

  36. deb1611 says

    So aaaaanyway…. I sent a text to my husband saying that he must absolutely NOT tell my brother that the specialist had said I needed to be operated “sooner rather than later” and that he was recommending a complete hysterectomy. I said it would be too upsetting for my brother because he was going through some difficult stuff himself, and this could tip him over the edge.

    Yep, I sent it to my brother. Yep, he was very upset.

  37. Walking and texting someone I’d dated just once when he text saying could he ask me something – I realised that I’d started to reply saying, ‘yes, of course you can arse me’ and accidently hit send rather than backspace – I tried to laugh it off but discovered that he really didn’t have much of a sense of humour – as I regularly do things like that I decided that we probably weren’t very well suited.

  38. Emily Furlong says

    Soooooo….. I’d just started a new job and was attending 2 weeks training in another city. I was in total HONEYMOON mode with my new man (who is now my hubby) and in the hour between training and a night out with the new team mates I sent hubby a VERY detailed message about what I wanted to do to him. And when I say VERY I mean make a playboy bunny blush right down to her lady garden detailed!!!! But of course it didn’t go to hubby… It went to one of my new colleagues who I had text earlier confirming when and where to meet…. The blackmail that ensued for the remainder of the training was intense! Still blush when I think about it!!!!

  39. Gah! I think that that woman came to Canada and is now teaching at the school I’m at. How someone can make eclectic sound like a character flaw is beyond me.

  40. Stop it!! I should be studying! These are just so funny I couldn’t stop.
    I am so anal (I am HDing my way through a masters) that I never miss send anything! Never, not once!!
    Boring! I will get a life when I stop studying.

  41. I have two. Both work related.

    Sent an email to my boss complaining about what a bitch my client was. Used the word bitch. My client was the marketing manager of a major fashion brand rhyming with fort mans. Sent email to client!

    Sent an sms to my friend telling him he had a sexy new haircut. Accidentally sent it to Jeff Kennett who I was working with at the time. He replied and said thank you – think this was meant for someone else – but thanks all the same!


  42. Victoria says

    This is a hillarious thread. Now stay with me, my ex recieved a message from his ex intended for her new partner. The general gist of the text was “woo hoo, I found my sexytime cd, we are back in business”.

    Loved it. I still wonder what kind of cd it was that it could completely stall your nocturnal activities if lost? Maybe I need to find one? 😉

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