Last light

As the days get shorter as winter approaches, I start to get into a panic around 2.30. The day is already starting to fade, school pick up is imminent and extra activities await. On Wednesday’s we don’t have anything to rush off to. That means there’s lots of homework, afternoon tea and I have some extra time to let the washing dry on the line before the chill sets in. It’s cold but the light, that late autumn afternoon light, it’s enough to plain take your breath away.

This is what 4.15pm looks like round here.

IMG_8086 IMG_8087 IMG_8090 IMG_8097 IMG_8098 IMG_8100 IMG_8101 IMG_8112

What’s 4.15pm look like round your parts?


  1. Fabulous photos as always. Vx

  2. 4.15pm yesterday looked like three hot, tired and sweaty kids all giving each other hell as we arrived home. School pick-ups during the summer are my least favourite time of the day. There are always tantrums.

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Lovely photos Beth I like to get the washing in earlier than that if I can it is getting cold here too!

  4. Love seeing your autumn. By October we have the first few flakes of snow-yours is a lot more fun.

  5. Gorgeous photos. I like the sound of your Wednesdays. These past few days, 4.15pm has seen me enjoying a hot cup of lemon and honey tea in my backyard with the puppy by my feet. A couple of sick days have been good for this here sickie.

  6. 4.15…all the washing in and blinds closed and heater gearing up. Were nestled in under the escarpment so afternoon sun is short and sweet. I’ve been known to roll a 4.30 dinner for the toddler many a night!

  7. Not as lovely as that! In fact, my place looks like a dog’s breakfast until everyone is in bed. Lovely pics Beth. Annie x

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