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When I was a little girl there were a couple of times when I was sick from School and my Mum was working that I had to go to work with her. At the time she was doing catering – sometimes at channel 7 at Mobbs Lane Epping (right around the corner from where we grew up) and I still remember the feeling of amazement, bewilderment and sheer MAGIC that came when we went through the boom gates. It was TV! Studios! Lights! THE SET FROM WHEEL OF FORTUNE. It was amazing to me as a 6 year old and just about the coolest thing EVER. I have always loved TV – I am passionate tragic following along with good and mostly very bad shows – I went into the studio audience of Wheel of Fortune with my sister when I was way older than I should have been to be as excited as I was – probably 19 or 20.

Last year Mrs Woog told me we had a chance to go on telly. Channel 7 wanted to have a crack at some bloggers on a panel. TELLY! The real deal. Since June last year every other week we have been heading in there, doing a 4 minute segment and having the most fun someone like me could possible have. I still think it’s magic and each and every time I am in the studio I feel those butterflies I had as a 6 year old at Mobbs Lane. ย I have so much fun. Have a laugh. Dress up. Get hair and make up done. CUDDLE KRIS SMITH. It’s amazing to me that all the time I am just a Mum but I get this chance once a week.

Today I even got to meet KAK. I am unsure of what magical anti ageing potion she is currently drinking, but I want some. I think it’s called Botox, fillers and a good plastic surgeon. Regardless of her face the rest of her looks AMAZING. Go KAK! Note to self: get roots done.


Here’s the show today…what fun! I mean, I used to be a practice manager in a financial planning office. An executive assistant for a General Manager in a big bank.

Today I pinched myself. I did! And did my best newsreader impersonation.

photo 2

Pensive Beverley.

photo 5

Were you ever on TV as a kid? Romper Room?
Simon Townsend’s Wonder World?
Off the Dish (like Rob)?
I was on the promo for Donny Sutherlands’s Sounds on Sunday. I was!


  1. Rebecca says

    I was in the audience for supermarket sweep( I’m sure everyone remembers this ground breaking TV show) when I was 20. My friends and I sadly did not get chosen but could still be seen cheering wildly in the audience. It was a hoot ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jo Kelly says

    I was on the Tarax show Gtv9 in Melb, with Happy Hammond and Joffa Boy. I had to manipulate balls into holes by pivoting the top. Can’t remember exactly how I went, but the prize was a box of Balsa Wood, so I’m guessing it was not a good score!

    • Jo Kelly says

      In the 1960’s I was on the Tarax show Gtv9 in Melb, with Happy Hammond and Joffa Boy. I had to manipulate balls into holes by pivoting the top. Canโ€™t remember exactly how I went, but the prize was a box of Balsa Wood, so Iโ€™m guessing it was not a good score!

    • Ha!

  3. oh Beth you are going to laugh, I did elimination communication with my kids and it’s literally amazing. by 5 months my son was crawling to the potty himself and going with no problem at all. Just think no nappies, no $$, no nappy rash and no accidents (except only once when i knocked a potty over that had some wee in it.) I would do it again in a heart beat.

  4. Living around the corner from the Epping Studios too I went to a few shows there. I was on Romper Room and got to bend and stretch, reach for the stars. I also saw Hey Dad being taped, which in the light of current news is a bit scary. I think it is great you are having such an awesome time each week. Julie

    • Julie we must have been Neighbours! How about the Christmas lights every year?! Well done on all your TV appearances/viewing x

  5. Beth I was on Now You See It!! And I was a champion! ! And went back for the week of champions and everything. Won a mega huge boom box!

  6. Simon Townsends WW came to our school in year 4 and I was one of the kids who nabbed a speaking part. Except when they rang the school to check names there were about 10 girls with light brown hair and freckles do the captioned me “Emma Peel” (an actress). My best friends brothers called me Emma or Lemonhead until I was about 22…..mortifying at the time but a great memory now ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Ha, I was on regional news in Wuqiao (Hebei Province China) for being the only foreigner in town – god knows how the news team tracked me down to the local tourist attraction, Acrobatic World. It was a hoot. I can’t speak Chinese, everything was translated by my friend. Oh, and I was on an episode of a soap, which I have no idea whether it was on air ever, also in China. Pretending to be someone who worked in an engineering office – which was basically what I’d done for the 6 months before I went to China. When I was in primary school I got to be on Mr Squiggle with my sisters as our music teacher worked for the ABC.

  8. Toooo funny!

    I got to do school work experience in years 10 and 11 in the late 80’s at channels 7 and 10. Amongst other things, got to hang out for days on the Home and Away set, helped with props for Double Dare, helped with a Fair where Kylie and Jason were appearing…. but what I’m most proud of? Stalking the Young Talent Time team! Haha.

    Who the hell was I?! Hahahha, makes me giggle (and shake with fear!) now with two kids of my own and all that to come with them.

    • Lisa! You would have had the best work experience EVER! I actually just remembered that I did work experience at Channel 9 when I was at uni! Sat in the edit suite of Getaway with a family friend I think.

  9. No I never have. I look forward to you lovely ladies every segment you are there. Great job Beth. Vx

  10. I did the chicken dance on tv when I was 7. Sadly it was randomly replayed for 20 years. I’m not kidding! I must’ve been one funky chicken.

  11. “Stuff the dishy.” I love your slang.

    I went to a taping of The Price Is Right back in the 80’s.

    • Were you nervous in the audience…I always felt nervous for all the people waiting for their names to be called out!!

  12. Barb Fisher says

    I remember stopping by Wisemans Ferry as a kid, otherwise known as Wandin Valley. Saw Frank, Shirley & Jo filming a scene in the street! I was literally dancing around in the street with excitement. Pure magic for a ten year old.

  13. We are kindered spirits! I grew up not far from where you grew up!

    TV looks like it is fun, I love any excuse to get dressed up and put make up on – the u6 rugby sideline on a sat morning just isnt enough of one lately ๐Ÿ™‚

    xxMrs T

  14. In my teens we went to the filming of Hey Dad and we were also in the Grandstand for It’s a Knockout!

    V ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I wasn’t on anything as a kid, but I have been a contestant on The Weakest Link and The Einstein Factor. Bit of a game show junky. My ultimate one would be The Price is Right. I would have LOVED to be on that one!!!! Ian ‘Turps’ Turpey is/was a GOD. I wouldn’t mind a bit of Larry either. The re-hash they did a while back was lame though. no big wheel. the shame.

  16. I was on one of those promo shots in the opening of Wide World of Sport (I think that was what it was called) that screened on 9 or 10 on a Sunday. Made my day as it was on for a few months (my promo, not the show). It only flashed up for a nano second so I knew EXACTLY when it was coming up.

  17. OMG KAK really does have the best surgeon. She’s an example of plastic surgery gone right.

    It sounds like you’re having a ball on the telly, good for you!

    I was indeed on Simon Townsend’s Wonder World when I was about 7. My toothless self sang “All I want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth”. My 15 mins of fame came way too soon.

    I came across Simon Townsend many years later when I applied for a job with him. He tore strips off me when I said I didn’t have access to a fax machine and he made me cry. Bastard.

  18. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Nope I’ve never been on telly but my kids have foxtel came to their school and they were both on a kids show and recently my daughter was on the footy show (audience only ) you were made for TV Beth xx

  19. jennifer says

    We used to regularly go to the tapings of Good News Week. Miss that show so muchly!

  20. I was on Razzle Dazzle with Rory O’Donoghue (remember him from The Aunty Jack Show?). It was a school thing and the boy who was the catalyst for it didn’t get picked, bummer. I was one of several winners so we didn’t get to pick from the really good prizes. I really wanted Operation ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I was on Romper Room with a broken arm as a kid and then in high school I was in the same year as Miss Helena’s daughter!

    I did a little bit of extra work on Home and Away. I was in awe of Melissa George and had a huge crush on Dieter Brummer who was GORGEOUS in real life!

  22. mrshanksy says

    I made my friend go on Ready Steady Cook, during the “interviewing” process to see if we were successful, they asked who our favourite chef was, Margie didn’t even watch the show!!
    I said “I can’t really pick a favourite but I hate that Damien Head, oh shit, he’s not your husband or anything is he?”
    We got accepted, no surprises, I got Damien Head and Margie got the gorgeous Manu Fiedel – before MKR and he was delightful, I looked like a complete boofhead, cos was so vain went and got fake nails so my hands wouldn’t look hideous and then couldn’t open a jar or hold a freakin knife.
    We had a kindy mums preview party and we’ve all never laughed so hard in our lives – the horror! (at the time totally thought I was killing it – the reality?….. not so much!)

  23. Can’t stop laughing about your afternoon delight. Hell yes, there WILL be sex if your husband stacks the dishwasher ๐Ÿ˜‰ x

  24. You. Give. Me. Hope!

  25. Emily Furlong says

    Does having Mr Squiggle do your drawing count??? That’s the closest I got, but I did get an awesome prize pack from it, stickers, coloring book and a CERTIFICATE!!!!

  26. Yep, went on Romper Room with my sister when we were 5 and 6. My sister was picked to dress “Willy” and as for me, I thought I’d stand in front of the camera and lift mt skirt above my head. Good times!

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