Woke early this morning to a beautiful sunrise. My goodness, I know I keep going on about it, but…this WEATHER. We had our first morning this week where I did not scream at the kids ONCE. The key is getting ready early….a deadline will bring out the inner screech in me. Helped too by the fact that Rob dealt with it (dressing and hair brushing part of it) all. Not being part of it seems to work too for the non screeching by me.


Got frocked up and headed to the Sydney via the Reject Shop and Lincraft where I was trying to source some toadstools. Don’t ask. Sent a snap to Mrs Woog so she could see what I was wearing for the show. Picture indicated to me that brows needed seeing to immediately, so left extra early to be at the Benefit Brow bar before the midday lunchtime rush.


Sourced some toadstools, called Mum, drank a shitty Seven11 coffee, got brows and lip sorted with a tint (brows) and wax (brows AND lip) caught sight of the VERY dark and very LARGE brows and headed into Myer & DJ’s to see what the swimwear selection was like given that my body will exposed to the world in under 3 weeks. Whilst spirits were high upon entering the change room they were somewhat deflated when I caught sight of the front AND back of my body in the one shot under fluro lighting. I actually just laughed. If this is what I look like when I have been working hard on exercise I’d hate to have seen it before. It was funny! Ish. Was so disgusted at the state of the swimmers that I left them on the change room floor without even returning them to hangers and I NEVER do that. Met Mrs W for lunch, ate salad then went and did the show. Here’s the clip:

Left the studio 34 seconds after filming ended to hightail it back down the M5. Any minute past 2.30pm on a Friday adds about 30 mins to the trip. Listened to Smooth FM the whole way home except for some time when I tried to be relevant and cool and listened to TripleJ and heard the BEST cover of The Preatures Is this how you feel by The Holidays. Listen to it from 11 mins onwards. Great stuff! Picked up Thai takeaway on the way home and went hard and fast on the ordering given I was starving and had been driving for hours (all that singing can make a gal THIRSTY). Got home, scoffed it down and immediately went and dealt with the TV make up removal which is quite the business. Donned a soft pant aka PYJAMA…and the weekend officially commenced.


Now I am on the couch, make up off, fresh brows, ready to tackle the weekend. First things first though, I have to read my book aka the Daily Mail on my iPad. Kim’s getting married tomorrow don’t you know? Wonder if her wedding dress will feature a cross stitch motif? One can only hope…


Hope you had a great Friday and that the rest of your weekend is even better x


  1. Jo-Anne Lloyd says

    You know what….every time I see these women I ask…..who are they, where did they come from and what do they do? I have to stop watching ABC4Kids or 7.30 Report..

  2. Meredith says

    I think Mrs Woog needs a bit of lippy on National TV. You have a lovely shade of lippy Beth and Mrs Woog look a tad pale πŸ™‚ Loved the commentary on Brynne! πŸ™‚

  3. I have only just heard about the Benefit Brow Bars from Sonia Styling!!! Will be heading to Brisbane in August and will definitely be stopping by for some serious brow work. Happy weekend.

  4. My husband refers to them as the cardigans. We are having the most beautiful weather here to but I do hope winter comes soon I have new boots and scarves to wear and it feels odd to be in shorts when it’s nearly June.

  5. She looks like a mannequin… I suspect that’s what she was trying to achieve too.

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    You made me tired just listening to your Friday Beth ,and stop being so hard on yourself ,I’m sure you were just in the wrong frame of mind to buy a swimsuit ,enjoy being young,tall and lean and try a tankini xx

  7. My eyebrows desperately need seeing to. My threading lady has left my town, and I need to find another stat!

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