7 day chemical detox challenge: The results

A sponsored post for Finish Power & Pure


You will remember from my last post that Finish put me to the challenge of reducing the chemicals I use in my home to promote their new range of Power & Pure dishwashing tablets. I decided that as part of my ‘detox’ I would do the following things:

  1. Watch what we eat – try for organic everything (especially fruit & veg)
  2. Lay off any booze for a week (there must be chemicals in there somewhere)
  3. Not use ANY cleaning sprays that I normally use and that I am very partial to – I will create something from google that I suspect will include bi carb soda and vinegar.
  4. Use the Finish Power & Pure tablets with reduced chemicals for cleaning dishes in the dishwasher
  5. Up the exercise output from my normal 4 times to 6 times
  6. Try and drink more water (I am HOPELESS at this)

It’s always interesting trying to break habits that are hardwired into us. For me this week was always going to be hardest with the cleaning products and the normal sprays that I take to with gay abandon throughout the day. Other things I have been working on for longer periods – whether it’s been a few months or even years now and it’s true what they say that if you can work on something for long enough it does become a habit and a change of lifestyle.

So let’s take a look at how I went:


We made this change over a year ago to make a real effort to eat as much organic produce as we can. While it doesn’t always happen (there ain’t nothing organic about a cheeky quarter pounder meal deal on a road trip) it’s been something I am proud we have stuck to. Each week we get an organic mixed box of fruit & veg which has been a great way to support a local farmer’s business but also challenge me to use different ingredients when cooking. I would never have believed my girls would ask for kale chips now, or know what a kohlrabi was before this. This week we were able to use our normal amount in our cooking – I even tried to get a little more adventurous with my cooking throwing veggies into everything we ate. While organic doesn’t always look the best I can assure you it tastes the best. Every time.


Success rate 9/10

2. Lay off the booze for a week

From the start of the year I have been trying to roll out 3 AFD’s (alcohol free days) each week. Some weeks it happens without a hitch, other times I have a bad committee meeting that will drive me to the drink. This week I managed 6 whole days

Success rate 9/10


This was my biggest hurdle for the week – getting rid of my penchant and belief that things aren’t clean unless they SMELL clean aka smell like chemicals.

I took to the vinegar with a passion not seen since I first got my hands on a cream cleanser aged 7 and created a simple 1:4 ratio of vinegar to hot water.


I used this bad boy much in the same way I would use my normal bench/window spray. One key learning was a little more effort is required – but when did a bit of elbow grease bother me?!!

Look at my shiny kettle! All the splattering from cooking dinner came off no worries.


My other new best friend? BI CARB SODA!


I took Bicarb to my sink just with my normal dish cloth (nothing rougher than that) sprinkled it on and a little elbow grease later and all the rust marks were gone and that sink would have Betty Draper catching her own reflection in it! This was VERY EXCITING for me….I don’t get out much these days.

SPRINKLE. SCRUB. RINSE IN HOT WATER. Who knew?! Just call me Shannon Lush.

IMG_8307 IMG_8308 IMG_8309

Also worked well on chopping boards.


Success rate 10/10


I have always been a Finish dishwashing person but have used the liquid rather than the tablets as our old terrace house used to leave marks on the tiles around the dishwasher from residue. I found that the liquid worked well every time and stuck to that – is there anything worse than chunks of undissolved tablets on your dishes? Eeeew! The switch to these tablets was an easy one – the Power & Pure tablets use active oxygen and less chemicals to give a ‘healthier and more powerful’ clean. And you know what? They worked. They did. There were no bits on my dishes from the cleaner or from the food.
Success rate 10/10

5. Up the exercise output from 4 to 6 times

I tried, I really did, my life got in the way. I didn’t beat myself up about it, just resolved to start again AND realise that 4 is better than none right? RIGHT!

Success rate 6/10

6. Try and drink more water

Old habits die hard. I tend to drink water when I am thirsty and that’s about it. I do up the soda water intake when not guzzling wine at night but I’m not sure that counts?

Success rate 3/10

So there you have it – my detox week for all to see.  I was really pleasantly surprised by how well it worked. And I will make the switch to the tablets.

Remember that Finish are also encouraging readers to undertake their own 7 day detox so are running a competition for you guys with some great prizes:

1st prize: 1 years supply of Finish Power & Pure and $1,500 worth of Breville products
2nd prize: 1 years supply of Finish Power and Pure and $500 worth of Breville products
3rd prize: 1 years supply of Finish Power and Pure

In order to enter the competition you just need to try out Finish Power & Pure for yourself as part of your own 7 day home detox, come back to the blog and tell me about it in the comments. To get your free sample of Finish Power & Pure (there are 100) and take part in the competition then just email [email protected] with your name, address, email and a contact number so we contact the winners!

Get on board with a chemical detox at your place for a chance to win some shiny things that you can clean!!!

All entrants to complete their 7 day challenge and post review by 10.00am, Friday 6 June so make sure you request your sample today!

What ways do YOU reduce chemical use in your home?
Got any other good cleaning tips using natural products for us all?

You can read about the terms and conditions of the competition here.


  1. I SO agree with you about the water intake. If I’m not thirsty, drinking gobs of water actually upsets my stomach. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

    And the bicarb… When we were visiting our son and d-i-l in Darwin last November (they both work long and hard!) I took a scrubby and baking soda to the stainless steel sink and drain pad, and also the espresso machine, which had little flecks of rust all over it. It all came clean as a whistle. I don’t know that they every noticed the sink and dish drain, but our son said that’s the cleanest the coffee maker had ever been in five years.

    • I was so amazed but it on the sink – little rust spots gone! Good tip on the coffee machine…ours could certainly do with a deep clean.

  2. Try this Miracle Spray, Beth. I am on my 4th batch and I find it brilliant. Cuts through grease and leaves my hands soft and my jewellry sparkling. Great for grimey collars and cuffs too. I use EcoStore dish detergent in it which has a nice fresh fragrance. As always, test on an inconspicuous spot to make sure its right for your surfaces first.


    Another way to increase your water intake each day is with herbal teas and fruit infused teas, no sweetening needed.

    Cheer – Joolz

  3. I suck at drinking water. Even worse now we’re here in the cooler weather and I find I’m not as thirsty. Buuuut there’s tea, and that helps.

    I’m a sucker for vinegar, bi-carb and SUPER-hot water. With some eucalyptus oil. Hot damn girl, that’s a fresh-smelling kitchen right there.

  4. Beth – that silver spray bottle… where is that from? xx

  5. I am so not in the right place for a 7 day detox right now (unless I maybe switched to organic chocolate?!) but one thing that is excellent for keeping it natural around the house is diluted metho in a spray bottle. I think it’s about 1:10 metho to water. Use this on all glass surfaces such as mirrors and shower screens, and even tiles. It is awesome for getting a bit of sparkle and doesn’t leave a bad smell.

  6. Oh yeah, and these results always work best when using a microfibre cloth which is also environmentally friendly!

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I wash my slate floors with vinegar,hot water and some eucalyptus oil always and bi carb is great on carpet as a deodoriser,just sprinkle on a vacuum off.I think you did very well Beth a gold star for you!

  8. I teach natural cleaning workshops and I have a few recipes for making your own dishwashing (machine) powder if you would like one?

  9. Ummmm- surely gin is pure? At least that’s what I had heard. That it’s the best alcohol to drink? 🙂

  10. Erin @ Eat Play Bond says

    Ok I am neck deep in my detox week and will report back once my finish tablets arrive BUT i needed to tell you I went into full on research nerd mode regarding homemade kitchen sprays and was quite pleased with the vinegar/hot water with a dash of eucalyptus oil combo and then I discovered that vinegar is supposed to be too acidic for stone benchtops! Just wanted to share and to ask if anyone has suggestions for a homemade stone friendly cleaner?

  11. Most of my cleaning products are Earths Choice but I do keep domestos handy to use in the toilets ( I’m the mum of boys, no need to say more!) but I do cut my chemicle use by using vinegar & hot water on my floors- works pretty well!

    When I’m feeling super energetic & like cleaning the grout in the bathroom ( happens maybe once a year!) I use bi-carb mixed with water & then use a toothbrush to scrub in between the tiles- makes the grout look brand new!

    Clove oil is good for removing mould in the bathroom ( but that shit stinks!).

    I’m going to email you for a sample of the new Finish. I already use the tabs but it’d be nice to see if they work as good as the original 🙂

    • That does sound like a job for the super energetic! Good luck with your sample – enjoy them. I’ve found them even better!

  12. I got my sample in the mail today via Retro Mummy and after reading this post I am going to do a detox plan now for next week. I’m super motivated after reading your success. 🙂

  13. soooo how did you clean your shower screen with bicarb? .. do u make a paste and use that and then spray with the vinegar in a spray bottle?? … i want to get the confounded soap scum that still invades my shower screen…and taps .. and floor …etc 🙂

    • I didn’t try it on the shower screen as yet – I am sure there are loads of websites dedicated to this stuff – google something like natural shower screen cleaners and I’m sure there will be something there. Good luck!

  14. Michelle V says

    I tried the Finish Power & Pure for just on a week
    It left my dishes so clean I could hear them squeak!
    Knowing there’s less chemicals is a winner for me
    With low allergens and dyes, and it’s phosphonate free
    It removed all food stains, and left no residue
    With instructions simple enough for even hubby to do!
    I was really impressed with Finish Power & Pure Powerball
    And I’d happily recommend this product to all!!

  15. Wow what a surprise! I’m a recent convert to Finish Powerball tablets having bought my first packet six months ago. Up until then, I thought my dishwasher was crap – turns out it was the dishwasher tablets I was using!! I’m a big chemical user and was in love with Powerball so was pretty sceptical about the new Finish Power & Pure with less chemicals doing a good job. How wrong was I? Don’t even get me started on the glasses – sparkling!! Power & Pure are the business – less chemicals is a bonus so I’m definitely a convert.

  16. Lesley Minter says

    Wow! The Finish Power and Pure do ACTUALLY work! VERY.WELL. I must admit I was sceptical, some of the stuff that goes in our dishwasher is pretty yuk. However this worked a treat, even with days old porridge! (If it sticks to the dish like that what is it doing to your insides..). The dishwasher smelt fresh afterwards, a nice smell, not all chlorine and chemically like. Happy days!

  17. Lesley Minter says

    Beth, try the products from Neat freak for cleaning. I can be a bit of a clean freak, and think its needs some chemical’s to work, but these actually work, and smell nice. Just essential oil and plain old h2o.

  18. Vange Langford says

    We are pretty good when it comes to detox around here… use Method products and vinegar and water in a spray bottle has been the go-to spray around here since first born started solids 4 years ago. I used it to clean his high chair tray as he eats food straight from it when he was just learning. Also cloth nappied the next baby for about 6 months because we wanted to minimise our impact on the environment. Unfortunately had to give that up after relentless nappy rash. But we can all improve so I’m gonna give that Miracle Spray a go and also just did a load with Power and Pure.

    I have always been a Finish user since buying our first dishwasher & been given a box of Quantum samples. They have been great but too expensive so we downgraded to Powerball – not as good as Quantum but did the job mostly (sometimes the tablet didn’t dissolve totally or some bits left on cutlery or plate). This Power and Pure cleans really well (like Quantum) – the glasses are shinier somehow & like another reviewer said squeakier for some reason! And, with less chemicals, even better for overall health I’m sure and less impact on the environment. Great product.

  19. Detox has been part of our home for the past 10 weeks. My hubby and I have been participating in the Michelle Bridges 12WBT and have noticed a big improvement in our health and fitness. I thought we ate pretty well, but over the past 10 weeks we have seriously upped our intake of fresh vegetables and fruit as well as exercise. Our intake of processed foods has dropped away together with the kilos.

    With winter now officially here, it’s so easy to forget to drink water, so I’m loving being able to grab a quick cup of herbal tea.

    Inspired by the cleaning sprays on your blog, I’m delving into the world of vinegar and bi-carb soda. These types of sprays have got to be so much better for us than all the chemical cleaning products we use and much better for my wallet too!

    I must admit I was a bit skeptical about the Finish Power and Pure dishwashing tablets, but was pleasantly surprised. The tablets cleaned really well (I love that they are in a little plastic seal) and I deliberately popped in a few extra dirty items (I’m someone who usually gives dishes a quick rinse before popping them in the dishwasher). I noticed a big improvement in how dry the dishes, cutlery and glasses were when they came out too. Most of the time we end up having to dry things when we unpack the dishwasher before we pop them in the cupboard. What’s not to like about fewer chemicals in our every day lives.

  20. Thank you for the sample of new Finish Power & Pure dishwasher tabs. Here is my review: I have been using the wrapper free tablets all week and am having a hard time believing that they have less chemicals in them and instead use active oxygen to clean because they really are fantastic – and no wrapper to boot! Not only is everything spotless and shiny but for me what sealed the deal was that everything is almost totally dry including the plastics. My dishwasher is shocking at drying meaning the unpacker has the ‘fun’ task of hand drying everything but now not so much. Definitely a convert to these little nuggets of awesomeness here. Thanks so much, you’ve saved me precious time when emptying the dishwasher because as wise Sweet Brown once said “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

  21. Erin @ Eat Play Bond says

    First up, thank you for the cracker sample of Finish Power and Pure tablets, I was not expecting to get such a big pack!

    I have used the Finish Quantum Power Gel tablets since we got our dishwasher, so I wasn’t expecting a significant difference in performance, but these bad boys are outstanding!!!

    Everything is left sparkling clean and smelling FRESH even when I have chucked the dippy egg cups in. Man, that smell is like a punch in the face isn’t it?

    Plus, I am all inspired to cut back the chemicals in the rest of the house which can only be a good thing!

  22. Leeanne Boyson says

    Was very excited when a big packet of the Finish Power and Pure tablets arrived, very keen to give them a go and see if they made any difference. Happily i report that they have !

    My dishes are cleaner, not once have i found any power residue or leftover food on any dishes, the dishes are actually drier too which shocked the pants off me! I would usually have to open the door asap after the load finishes, but i left it closed and they came our cleaner, drier and sparklier without doubt!!

    Have lots left over to keep using, love that they are wrapper free and leave no residue on my hands after putting them in as well!


    thanks again!!

  23. Michelle says

    I try and always make a green choice so Finish Power @ Pure are a great option. A no brainer really, clean dishes and machine and better for the environment!! Everyone is a winner! Thank you for the sample pack.

  24. Michelle says

    I think I mistyped the email address

  25. Nicole Olbourne says

    To say I was skeptical of a dishwahing detergent with less chemicals is an understatement. I try to keep chemical free or low chemical around the house as much as I can but I didn’t think that a low-chem option In the dishwasher would cut the mustard (or the grease!). How wrong could I be?this cleaned as well, if not better, than regular Finish. After a few successful washes I thought I’d reall test it out by putting a casserole dish with baked on residue in. Out it came, clean as a whistle!! I am one very happy lady. Thanks Finish and thanks Beth for the heads up,

  26. Dannielle says

    I am really impressed with the Finish Pure tablets. We normally buy Finish Quantum Powerball tablets. I wasn’t sure how this would go considering it has less chemicals and we tend to be lazy with baked on food. It didn’t quite have the same oomph that the Quantum tablets have but it wasn’t much different. It will definitely have a place under our sink. We love using less chemicals where we can and find the smell pleasant. Thanks for the samples 🙂

    I took you up on your challenge, swapped my nightly ‘I’m celebrating surviving bedtime’ wine for organic peppermint tea. Some coffees for more water with a dash of lemon juice and sprig of mint. We already use method house cleaners but I swapped out our toilet bleach for bicarb and vinegar. Used some vinegar (I hate the smell) and eucalyptus to clean our floors. Our house is feeling fresh.

  27. I’ve tried using chemical free or green dish washing tabs before & was less than an impressed so I didn’t have high hopes for these new ones BUT they are flipping awesome!!! I use Finish tabs normally but the Power & Pure are better- baby bottles cleaner, cutlery shinier, inside of dishwasher cleaner & not once was there a whole tablet or chunks of tablet left behind. I’m converted! Thanks for the heads up & the freebies 🙂

  28. I always open my dishwasher at least 3 or 4 times mid cycle because I have forgotten the odd plate or glass. So what was the clincher for me? The lovely fresh scent….no chemical, hold your breath smell. Added bonus the glasses were crystal clear. Its a winner in our household!

  29. The chemicals in dishwasher balls has always concerned me. When the cycle finishes the smell of the cleaning agents is often over powering and this worries me in regards to leftover residue on the kid’s bowls etc. It was because of this that I was really interested in your post and keen to try Power and Pure. I definitely couldn’t fault its performance, dishes came out perfect. In regards to my main concern (re. Chemical smell), this was hugely better and I felt so much more at ease at using this dishwashing product. Thanks very much.

  30. I love trying new products and was very happy to have the opportunity to trial Power and Pure. I normally buy Finish Quantum tabs (and recommend them to anyone willing to listen) because they work so well. I have tried other brands and found that they didn’t clean as thoroughly and left an unappealing residue on my dishes. I was concerned that the lower chemical content of the Power and Pure would mean reduced performance, but that wasn’t the case. Everything came out of the dishwasher just as clean as if I’d used the Quantum tabs, so I was impressed!!

  31. our family loved the 7 day challenge & using Finish Power & Pure & we are very happy that we participated. Me ,my husband and our 6 year old were all involved in it.

    We loved that Finish Power & Pure gave wonderful results and our dishes came out sparkling clean after washing . I was very happy with the results. Being less in chemicals Finish Power & Pure has made a place in our heart because our son has bad eczema and we always look for things which have minimum chemicals.

    In the morning on second day, my husband took out the dishes from the dishwasher – he asked me ” why are dishes without any food residue today ” . Then i told him about the challenge and the less chemical feature and he was super impressed….

    our son gave it a thumbs up too because he also feels that less chemicals are good for Mother Earth and for his skin as well. Moreover he said that it is great that we don’t have to rinse the dishes again the morning because Finish Power & Pure cleans them perfectly.

    our family loved the challenge and definitely Finish Power & Pure will be the only thing that we are going to buy for keeping our dishes sparkling clean..

    As part of the challenge our son limited his screen time to 20 minutes as compared to 3 hours per day and played outsied all the time and went to library for reading books. We went out for walks everyday as a family in fresh air…

    I did not buy any ready to eat and cooked meals from scratch , did majority of shopping from farmer’s market.

    Hubby did not drink coke and opted for coconut water and plain water…

  32. Amy Hannah says

    Haphazard packing of the dishwasher drives me wild,
    Always when packed by hubby and child.
    Glasses lay down, bowls on their backs,
    Causes this pedantic stacker many heart attacks.
    Other tablets struggle with the clean,
    Leaving grit and food in between,
    Need to rewash lots of things,
    Marital disharmony and yelling that brings!
    But Finish Power and Pure worked a charm,
    So the family came to no harm.
    Lifted clean dishes from the machine,
    Family were saved from Mummy’s scream!
    A perfect marital aid- one can surely see?
    Finish Power and Pure-the one for me!

  33. I’m a finish liquid consumer through & through, so it was only on your similar comments that I decided to take part. IMPRESSED MUCH!!!!!! I could just about be converted now finish – sparkly clean through & through, no residue of powder left (like the old days). Thanks for the challenge Beth & finish. CHALLENGE CONQUERED & TRULY SUCCESSFUL. JULIA

  34. Oh my, a 7 day detox. Surely I could do 7 little days, just, 1 week, then, If I have to I can go back to my other finish tablets!
    Well, my week is up and my verdict is in, I’m sticking to my new Finish Power & Pure! I have been amazed at the results. Finish Power & Pure have left not only my dishes clean but, my dishwasher too!
    I open the door to beautifully clean, shiny and dry glasses, plates, mugs and cups. And the smell is fresh, like really fresh not chemically.
    You’ve won me over Finish, I’m a convert……..Power & Pure only for me.


  1. […] my house and that I consume as well as trial out the new Power & Pure tablets from Finish. The results were great  and not only have I converted to the tablets for home now (they clean better than ever as well as […]

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