Things I like {The 15th April 2014 edition}

1. School holidays and the fact that we are now on/in them. This means sleep ins. Later nights. No running around in the mornings. Time with the kids and the tricky balance of still trying to get work and other stuff done.

IMG_7546 IMG_7568 IMG_7549

2. Late starts. We just had breakfast at 9.45am and that makes me happy. And the girls STARVING.

IMG_7566 IMG_7559

3. Dahlias. They just say Easter don’t you think?

IMG_7563 IMG_7562

4. A VERY happy herb garden. With all the rain that we’ve had it’s gone absolutely bonkers.

IMG_7550 IMG_7555 IMG_7553

5. Camellia hedge is coming into bloom and looks fab.


6. Wood is stacked high for the start of the season ahead.


7. The mornings and nights are now cold which just makes me feel happy. And in my skin if you know what I mean?


8. And today there is sunshine! Which means that the washing can go outside instead of in.


What are YOU liking today?


  1. Gail Virgona says

    I love your camellia hedge. That is the business. Talk me through pegs on the clothes horse. To peg or not to peg. Sounds like post to me. I can understand if you’re putting it outside but it’s always felt like double handling to me. I am a non-pegged on the clothes horse.

  2. I am loving that the sun is shining. I have just placed my washing from yesterday outside for some sun as well. I will be hoping to complete my assessment today while my daughters go off to the movies to see Divergent. For my youngest this will be the third time. A little Divergent obsessed I say. But I have to say I enjoyed the movie lots. Have a fabulous Tuesday

  3. Lisa Aherne says

    I am liking your blog. And my washing about to go on the line in the sun, and a good workout with trainer this morning, and coffee coming up and a free day to get some much needed decluttering done. Filing cabinet clean out today, will feel soooo good when it is done.

  4. Archie Lane says

    I am so impressed with that fine hedge work!! Bravo xx

  5. Reannon Hope says

    I am liking-
    The fact I turned a top into a skirt so I have something else to wear for the last 5 weeks of this pregnancy.
    It is only 25 degrees!!! I am so sick of Perth & it’s blue skies & 34 degree days & no rain so 25 is just great!!!
    It’s 10am & my 14 & 11 year old are still sleeping!!! They are having extremely late nights & later mornings. These are the things that are awesome about school holidays- no routine, no expectations & just absolute relaxation.

  6. Beth – I am missing listening to Over the Back Fence on my treadmill (now that I am all up to date on the 2056 episodes I have listened to), I have had to turn to episodes of Sex and the City. But I am loving some cooler weather up here and the fact that the toddler is in bed at the moment so I can clean up the lego bomb that exploded in my lounge room. Enjoy the holidays. We only have a week left.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Sorry about Over the Back Fence. Had a G&T with Neighbour this arvo and she might be heading away with us for a night next week for a podcast…on the road! Silly life getting in the way of important matters like our podcast!

      • Bloody life, it gets in the way doesn’t it. Enjoy the school hols and I will wait in anticipation for the next Poddy!!! I think G&T’s with the Neighbour are more important anyway.

  7. it would appear there is a garment, hung on your clothes airer, with two different coloured pegs. this will bother me until you fix it or i do. the kind of bother that will keep me up at night. i’m weird like that.

  8. Jo-Anne Lloyd says

    I am loving listening to my almost 5 year old and his cousin play hide and seek. I love that my ironing basket is empty….until the washing comes in of course. I am loving that we put the fire on when we got home from swimming lessons as the wee ones were cold. I love that I put my ugg boots on this morning. I love autumn!!!!!

  9. Wood stacked high – in my near future. Cold enough today to have lit the woodfire – we shall make do with a campfire and pizza today as we gaze upon the red moon.

  10. Rainy, drizzly, cool day here so washing inside on clothes horse. Not liking that. But I am liking the fact that I am about to make myself a coffee and possibly sneak some chocolate into my mouth without my oldest child spotting me.

  11. Mmm I miss dahlias and flowers in general. The only flowers that I see (that will grow here) are bougainvillea and petunias (the occasional frangipani).
    Our ‘spring break’ is over and I miss the lazy mornings already.

  12. The sunshine. I love sunshine!!

  13. Loving that Camelia hedge and the late breakfast starts in your part of the world. Here at the moment it is the cool starts, but spectacularly beautiful warm sunny days I am loving. I am cleaning this place up and getting out in the backyard tidying up like a mad woman. You really should grow some Dahlia’s for next season. So easy….here read this Ps. I love your blog. I love your humour, recipes, I looooove your house and I love all the links to the best shopping any one would ever need and I love reading about you. Keep doing what your doing….Its nice. Don’t know if Im ready to reveal too much personal stuff on my blog yet, I don’t think its what it is about, still a work in progress though and I keep changing my mind on what I think I should write about and am thinking of new stuff and ideas all the time….but ill keep doing it as Im loving it and the stats are going up and up so others must be as well. Have a smashing day.

  14. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Love what you are loving Beth!

  15. Today I am loving not being at work. Being able to go to the dentist, physio, do the grocery shopping in the day, walk the puppy at a more leisurely pace and enjoy the sunshine.

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