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My goodness we had a lovely 4 days at the beach last week. The weather was perfect. The girls fighting was at an acceptable level. There was no phone reception. The sea temperature was about 21. And we even got a stormy, rainy morning on the day we left so we could stay in bed and not feel bad about it. After a cool Easter and feeling well and truly like winter was on its way…it was literally an escape that felt a million miles away…not just 3 hours north. Harps was back at preschool this morning, Daisy is back tomorrow. As much as I have loved the time to slow down and be with the kids, I have to say that they are well and truly ready for some routine and order again. Too much sugar! Too much stuff! Too many options!

Started term 2 off with a bang this morning! We got back from the beach on Saturday lunchtime and after I had unpacked EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY (it’s just the way I work) I fell into a slump. My inbox was frightening. My to do list and desk looked just as I had thrown everything at it on the Thursday before Easter and I was feeling panicked and anxious about the fact that we are going away in just 6 weeks time and I have SO MUCH TO DO BEFORE THEN OHMYGOODNESSIAMFREAKINGOUT. After a few days off the ridiculous consumption of booze and food that happens over Easter, a couple of good nights sleep and baby steps in the inbox and desk I can say I am feeling MUCH better.  Sure, I have a seriously busy time ahead with work, kids, planning for the trip, organising the village ball and a work trip away, not to mention those pesky 5 kilos I was planning on losing before the European summer, but it will get done. Take a breath. Start at the beginning. Make lists. Complete tasks. Don’t beat myself up. These will be my mantras in the coming weeks. And also? A new sticker chart! I actually made it through the last one with 4 ticks a week (except for about 3) which over 4 months is the most consistent I have ever been. This morning I nailed an hour of power at the gym and I feel a gazillion times better. In fact, insert inspirational bullshit image from Pinterest here:


But that crap never works for me so instead I’ll show you my fancy new sticker chart. Complete with wobbly lines made from the kids texta’s! THAT is a bit more realistic for this lady. I’m ready for you MAY AND JUNE. I am!


For any of you that may have missed it on Facebook, my mate Dave who works at AFTRS sent me details of this cool workshop that is being run for kids aged 7-15. With over 20 years of experience working in the animation and film industry, Matthew has worked at Pixar on 10 movies, 2 TV specials, and 6 short animated films. Along with working at Pixar, Matthew has also been teaching children all around the world how to create cartoon characters. During Matthew’s cartoon class, students will learn to draw all their favorite cartoons from Buzz Lightyear, Lightning McQueen, Nemo and WALL-E, to characters in Monsters University.

They are being held in Sydney on 25th May and in Melbourne on 30th May. You can find out more about it here.


I have what only can be described as a “washing situation”. I mean look. DEAR LORD LOOK AT IT. It’s spilled out from the basket, onto the floor. I’m talking Easter guest towels, beach stuff, tablecloths from the Easter weekend, napkins not to mention guest beds that have sheets on them that need washing. The weather is not being my friend too to I’m resorting to clothes horses and dryers. Wish me luck friends, I fear this is going to take some time.


Have you seen this video of the emotional baby? I remember seeing it everywhere a few months ago but I never saw it until my little sister made me watch it. Heaven help us! So beautiful! Have a look:

Emo baby! Emo me!

Now, I picked this up in a quick purchase in the supermarket before Easter in that tricky way where they whack it at the end of the aisle and tell you how it’s on special and you find yourself chucking it into the trolley even though you didn’t know 2.3 second before that it even existed, let alone that you needed it. However! I can report this stuff is the BUSINESS! Spray on moisturiser! Like sunscreen it sprays on – but isn’t too thin – and it saves you at least 4 seconds on doing it the other way and that’s 4 seconds that I need these days. Highly recommend. Onto it people.


My beautiful friend Ruth is doing cooking classes this week. A chicken masterclass nonetheless! If anyone is in Melbs I reckon you should go…she is an absolute legend and one of the sweetest people I know. Details can be found here.


How are you feeling about May showing its face this week?
How’s your sticker chart looking?
Washing pile out of control?


  1. Jay - Moodie Foodie says

    I’m a week back in from school hols (Victoria went a week earlier than you guys) so feel a little more in control this week. Last week was a different story though – can totally relate …… Have a lovely week, Beth xo

  2. I’d be doing a trip to the laundromat with those sheets and towels if I were you! Eastern vic is putting on a beautiful autumn day here so trying to wash the sheets. Pretty sure this may be the last time for a while, so was only thinking about those massive laundromat dryers this morning!

  3. Melanie Pogson says

    I live by myself at the moment (so all my fault), but my washing basket is ALWAYS full of .. things. I have a dry cleaning ‘pile’ in there. A handwash ‘pile’. A ‘I should really give that to Vinnies but might wait until I remember’ pile. Le sigh.
    Sticker chart? I ain’t got no sticker chart. But yours looks awesome and if you’re putting your runners on your ten steps ahead of me!
    All the best!

  4. O Bev, so funny reading this as I have just this very minute hit publish on my latest blog post which is titled “Over Commitment”. I too have been feeling sick about May being just around the corner, I feel physically ill and very anxious. So happy to ready your post and realize I am not alone! Good luck with it all.

  5. OHH that baby is too cute, I want to give her a cuddle. x

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love how you pack so much into your posts Beth I did a ton of washing this morning but as the sun is only coming out now I doubt that it will all dry,towels and sheets too,so will be going in the dryer I’m afraid!I. Don’t have a sticker chart but maybe I should have.
    May already this year is going way too fast at least it will be Mother’s Day and I will have to find something for my fussy Mum xx

  7. Love your miscellaneous posts. I think they’re almost my favourite blog post from you. Just so funneeee. So you, on a computer screen. Spray moisturiser? Well, I never!

  8. Ainsley McArthur says

    Love that sticker chart …. I’m about to tick off a big goal this month, running 100km through April and it is the simple write it down and tick it off methodology that has gotten me through. As for washing, with eight of us, it is essential that I always put on a load in the morning before setting out on the ‘run’!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      That’s fantastic! 100km’s is a great achievement for the month – well bloody done! It’s so simple but it seems to work for me. Write it down. Mark it off. It’s working!

  9. ahoy.jenni says

    I had the washing machine going as I was waving good bye to the guests, then we hit the road for our road trip, and I took my study books as I pictured myself reading a bit here and there while away but of course, no, they didn’t even make it into the hotel room, so now I am panicking as exams and assignment due dates lurch nearer and nearer, so I feel the same about May, basically, SHIT!!

  10. My singing makes my toddler cry too but not in a good way! Yes, with 4 kids Mt Washing has reached new heights. May? June? Looking forward to mine and 2 of the boys birthdays. Not enjoying the cold weather. Despite the fact that I’m a bonafide sook we have 3 asthmatics who spend an astonishing amount of time in hospital over winter. But I try to look on the good side. The ambulance rides still seem fun to my 6 year old and there is a particularly spunky ambo getting round town…

  11. R Sommers says

    I love this quote, “In fact, insert inspirational bullshit image from Pinterest here:” I always think there is something wrong with me when I read about others, “…..sobbing when I viewed, read, watched….etc.” Me, I’m like “Eh?”

    I love the idea of the spray lotion…I’m lazy when it comes to moisturizing and that looks so easy!

  12. A Farmer's Wife says

    I have come to terms with my washing pile – I am always just about one load behind no matter how hard I try. (OK – sometimes way more than one load…)

    I get quite annoyed by the inspirational quotes/pictures etc. Except for this one which still makes me laugh. I put it on the fridge and giggle daily.


    Get your Batman on.

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