Miscellaneous 45

Did the show this afternoon which is always good fun. Today I was under the pump as I was in the makeup chair until 2.04pm before going on at 2.10pm…talk about getting the blood pumping! But here it is…ah the magic of television. This week we discussed single women going for IVF, Mum’s having their babies in their 50’s and above and naked celebrities on TV. You know, important stuff. Dan Macpherson was on the show after us and I can report that is is SMALL. Thin and small. Beware of my enormous knockers…they were on show today!

Talking of video clips check out my mate Pat here in his weekly report. I have NO idea what he is talking about, but you know what? I like it. Could he be any more Australian do you think? We were thinking about putting together a radio podcast together called Loud & Mouthy. Thoughts? Comments?

Someone sent me this picture this week. How cool?! I can see a nutritional wholesome school holiday family activity coming your way. How funny that someone actually found a red and white gingham cloth and an empty pizza box to place it in? Oh Pinterest you crazy cat.



You know what? I’ve booked in ALL the travel plans for the trip. All hotels, apartments, car hires are just about DONE. Talk about time consuming…if anyone needs to know where to stay in Scotland I’m your gal. Or your wee lassie. Can’t wait to get there and I’m really hoping that there aren’t too many Fawlty Tower moments along the way. Bound to happen though…am sure it will make up for the memories though no?


Did you hear that Sephora is coming to Australia? Exciting times! I’ll never forget the first time that Mrs Woog took ย me into a Sephora store in NY I wrote about it in this blog post here…that was one special Maintenance Monday. Man I still can’t believe that we did that trip. What a time we had!


Speaking of Mrs Woog, I am staying at her place tonight in fact as we are presenting at the Kidspot Masterclass tomorrow which should be good fun. I’m hoping to meet plenty of new people as well as see some old mates as well. I’ve got a cold glass of champers in my paw right now and I do believe some take away of some description will be coming our way. Delivery! SUCH a treat for a country girl like me. If you are coming tomorrow please come and say hello to me OK? Do you think I can find a bloody hotel room in Sydney tomorrow night? What’s ON?!!


Did you know that this week my good friend Jools who previously just had a Facebook page A Year in my Gardenย ย has launched her blog this week? A new blog to read filled with beautiful photos of her home, garden and recipes. She is the real deal…I am merely a fraud. Onto it people.


Could you listen to stock and station agents all day or is that just me?
Anyone spotted Nessy?
Got some wholesome school holiday activities planned?
Happy school holidays NSWer’s!


  1. That bloke is the genuine article Beth! That pizza is crazy. Happy holidays to you too!

  2. Try the Savoy in Double Bay…………….

  3. Margaret Elvis says

    Oh Beth I feel quite weary when I read of all you do in your busy life. You are an amazing person and I loved the painted toenails. My daughter has hers done regularyly. I’ve often thought of being daring but doubt I could reach mine these days. LOL

  4. Gail Virgona says

    You have the cutest toes!

  5. Gail Virgona says
  6. Look forward to meeting you tomorrow and featuring you on the blog on Monday for Mum Revelations.

  7. Krista Warren says

    I was YouTube watcher #134 of Pat – I love his pink shirt – he made me laugh! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sephora is the best therapy ever and the girls that work there are my BFF’s ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your toes scared the hell out of me ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Jools blog looks fabulous – I’m all signed up ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a smiley face weekend…it must be Tuesday or something like that on your side of the world…loves xo

  8. Love Pat! Reminds me so much of the guys in the Ottawa Valley. I had my kiddo just shy of 40 and boy-bouncing back was not easy. Sephora is the best place ever. Just took by goddaughter there for the first time as a sort of right of passage. She’s hooked. Have an awesome weekend. I’m still 4 hours away from it.

  9. Rebecca @ Wholesome Homemade says

    Great talk yesterday at Voicesof2014 Beth. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Wish I could have had a chat with you… but alas… so little time.
    I can’t wait to follow your blog more.

  10. It was pretty good meeting you…oh who am I kidding, I FREAKING HAD THE BEST TIME EVER! One of the raddest weekends of my life.

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