On being a blogger


On the weekend I went up to Sydney to be a part of the 2014 Kidspot Voices. I got to even be on a panel and talk about (over) sharing on social media and a little about my blog and how it was when I started it almost 8 years ago now till now. I love spending time with other bloggers – meeting people in the flesh rather than from behind a screen – being able to be on your phone without people thinking you rude. Taking many, many pictures and talking about stuff that other people in the real world might feel very uninterested in.

It’s a funny thing being a blogger, and having been a blogger for some time now I feel like I might know some stuff about it. I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way, and of course had much success too. For me I thing that I love the very most about blogging is the process of stopping.

And thinking.

And then writing.

And taking the odd photo.

And documenting my thoughts on something.
Or sharing my knowledge on something.
Or telling someone something they didn’t know before.
Or sharing something really cool that people should know about.
Or sharing a frustration about something.
Or just stopping to enjoy a simple moment in my life.

All these moments over the past 8 years have been captured. And whacked in one spot. And it’s an amazing resource for me first and foremost to go back and read through and remember, and of course for many other people to to escape to, or get something from. It’s an extraordinary thing and Rob setting it up for all those years ago was one of the best things that we’ve ever done. One of the things in my life I’ve been really good at.

Blogging is a big part of my life, no doubts about it. It’s my job now. It’s something I work hard on every single day and something that I am pleased I have had success in. It’s something I love and feel passionately about so I probably spend more time on it rather than when I was working in finance…but it’s not everything.

I had a few questions on the weekend about stuff….I hope anyone feels like they could ask me a question and get an answer from me about.

How do I make money from my blog?

I make money from my blog from sponsored posts that are arranged through my agency The Remarkables Group. If I have been paid for a post you will see at the top of the post that it’s a sponsored.  That’s the main way I make money from my blog and I hope it’s clear and transparent to all. I whack it up at the top so much in the same way you can get up to make a cup of tea when the ads come on the telly you can tune out if it’s not your thing. If I have been asked to do a share of something on social media (like Facebook for instance) that is part of a broader campaign you will see that it’s sponsored too because I’ll say so within the post. I don’t have advertising on my blog because I just don’t. If you see me mention stuff in a miscellaneous post, or if I share something from a company on Facebook or Instagram it’s because I want to, not because I’m being paid to. I see it much in the same way if we had a chat in the playground I’d tell you about x or y because I had a good experience or liked it. I tend to be a sharer, always have and most of the time I just want to share cool stuff that’s out there. Because I spend enough time online, I’m bound to find the odd thing.

What happened to BEVERLEY?

Beverley the app that I produced with Rob is in pause mode. She took a whole lot of work that girl, producing enough content for each quarter – coming up with the ideas, then setting up the shoots, then photographing it all, writing the stories, laying them out and then eventually having to flog them took a WHOLE lot of time. Not to mention the time it took to put it together, then have it hosted….all for very little return, all at the same time as keeping the blog running. And still while being a Mum and doing all the other things in life that you have to do. It didn’t make sense to keep doing it (mentally especially as I was going bonkers from the stress of it). So it’s paused. I’m trying to put the content that I would otherwise have whacked into BEVERLEY into the blog instead so everyone can access the recipes, local stories and seasonal ideas there. It doesn’t take away from what we achieved with it. The fact that we had a crack – and did it! That’s something, it’s certainly something.

So you’re not ACTUALLY x, y or z?

No. I’m not! Or yes, I am! The thing is, no one who reads my blog really knows who I am, who I really am, except for perhaps my family and good friends who read it and have a pretty good understanding of what makes up Beth. That doesn’t mean that I am portraying a version of myself that is better or worse or not who I really am, it’s pretty close and I hope that if you met me in person you’d go away thinking…yes! That was what I thought she’d be like. But what you see of me here is a pretty limited view. It’s changed from the open book I may have been 8 years ago, but that’s because I’ve learned through experience to protect myself. And my family. And parts of my life. I’m lots of other things besides a blogger. I’m a Mum of kids who are growing up. I’m a wife and daughter and sister and sister in law. Aunty. Friend. Member of a small country community. Parent of a small school kid. And the amazing thing over so many years of online is that I’ve changed over the past 8 years….like most people do. I’ve grown up. I’ve got new passions. New goals. When you put yourself out there on a blog, share a part of yourself like I have done, people will make up their minds on you and there is very little you can do to change that perception. In some people’s eyes I am a materialistic rich bitch who shops in bloody supermarkets, drinks too much and finds her kids annoying. And I can write 50 posts that will show something different, and then one time show perhaps one part of their belief and…BINGO! Told you! In other people’s eyes I am this amazing person who keeps my house clean all the time and cooks and entertains and is all round fabulous. And I’m not really either of those things (except maybe a bit more like the latter!!) What other people think of me is none of my business. It’s not. Nor should you give a shit really. And it’s something that bloggers starting out need to keep as their mantra. Every time I look at a post, or things that I share on my blog my main concerns are ONLY ever with my kids and my husband. My family. My friends. My community. If I am being a good kind person, working hard and keeping all those people that REALLY matter happy? Than I’m doing OK. And I am doing OK.

How long can all this go on? What’s your plans? What’s your exit strategy?

Who knows. I’m not sure. I don’t know.

The great thing about blogging is that things are always changing. The Australian blogging community is vastly different to what it was 8 years ago. It’s like Mars now compared to what it was before. There are a gazillion more blogs out there for a start. Every new one that starts is on a fast track to success. They looks professional. And polished. There’s rarely a shitty blogger template in sight like I had for many, many years. Everyone has a Facebook page, a logo, direction and focus. It’s no longer just just a spewing of thoughts. There are courses to go on, so much to learn, conferences to attend. SO MANY THINGS TO DO. While all that stuff is great and all these conferences that I’ve been on are amazing to learn stuff from experts the thing that I reckon that’s most important and that sometimes is missing is about content. Good content. REAL content that connects with other humans. Content that keeps people coming back again and again. And I don’t know what the key is to that. Sharing yourself perhaps? I’m not sure. Again it comes back to the fine line of protecting your self while still being willing to be vulnerable…it’s tricky. But I believe it’s essential for creating a blog that people want to come back to again and again. A polished fancy looking blog with nothing interesting going on in it is pretty useless. Blogging (personal and parenting blogging in particular) is about human connection. Whether it’s in words. Or in images. A sharing of you.

I don’t know how much longer I will blog for, but I have no reason to stop right now.  Will blogs eventually die and we’ll look back any go…huh, that was pretty cool wasn’t it? Who knows? I’ve never made plans with my blog – take every opportunity I can and ride the waves when they are there to be ridden, keep swimming with it and working on it every single day – and it’s worked out pretty well for me so far, so I’m going to keep doing that. And if you are just starting a blog, I reckon you should concentrate on the content first and worry about how many times to post on Facebook and it’s new algorithm later. Throw yourself in and go along for the ride because it’s bloody good fun.

Are you a blog writer or blog reader?
What do you think makes for a good blog?

And hey, thanks for reading this one. It’s made a whole lot better by having all your thoughts and comments in here. You know that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” thing that Aristotle went on about? Well my stuff is just one part. You guys are another. And BabyMac as a blog is better for having you guys around. So thanks.


  1. I liked this post a lot.
    I think people expect a lot of us as bloggers, that we’re a certain type of person, that our lives are polished or we owe others something.
    I also think there’s an expectation from some new bloggers that they’re going to have instant success, and as you and I both know, it takes hard work.
    Good on you for sticking at it. Sorry I missed Voices – it’s one of the things I’ve missed since being overseas (but I was watching Kings of Leon in New Orleans at the time!)

  2. Gail Virgona says

    Well I for one am VERY glad you blog and hope you never stop. If you stop you might find me on your doorstep for a cup of tea because I’d miss hearing your musings. They are wonderful.

  3. I purchased a topper today. I think if some people in my real life had suggested a topper, I would have been all like, “meh, topper”. But you suggested it and I’m all over it like nobody’s business. And that’s the power of blogging! Detailed reports of my wonderful slumber to follow. I know you care. Thanks, friend. xo

  4. Archie Lane says

    This is a great post! Really GREAT! It is honest and open and I for one continue to read your blog for that reason. I am a blog reader only, not a blog writer. I have thought about throwing my hand at writing but always stumbled at the last hurdle. I am an avid reader and I guess for me blogs are an extension of that. I have my favorites I come back to time and time again and strangely they are ones, like yourself, which have been around for a long time. I have watched the blogs grow and as an extension the blog writer grow with it. I have also watched some blogs become diluted once sponsorship and PR agencies become involved and I will then quickly turn off. I find largely the newer ‘kids on the block’ are really in some ways a carbon copy of what it already around. The new players want readers and success rather than thought into posts. They want to reach the ‘blogger top whatever voices’ which is great but forget to engage.

    I would like to ask though and it is a question that has been on my mind for some time. In your opinion why is it that when a blogger gets accepted to a PR agency they feel the need write a post on why they are choosing to be paid for posts? A post dedicated to telling their reader their content will not change, will remain the same and their thoughts for this? I do not understand this thought process. It is like they are justifying a choice they have made? Does that make sense? As a reader I find it a ;little frustrating, but perhaps that’s just me.

    Congratulations for a great part of the cyber world. I for one hope your blog is around for a long time to come. God knows my world of online shopping has increased as a result of your little finds that I just NEED to have! I take my hat off to you, it must take some guts to put yourself out there and well done to those that can firstly do it, have the thick skin to bare it and the intelligence to sustain it.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Thanks so much for your comment – I do love reading yours (not to mention stalk you on Insta). Imagine all the commissions I could get on the sales of goods I have pushed over the years? I’d be rich!

      I think the reason that bloggers end up writing those posts (and I wrote one too) is to not only convince their readers that things won’t change…but themselves! Of course it’s justifying their decision…to their readers but mostly to themselves. Also, I know that I truly value the readers that come here and invest a part of their busy day to come and read and shoot the breeze with me. I’d hate to think that in being paid for posts by brands (which in being selected for an agency means you have a certain number of people that do come to your blog) that I would then take the piss out of that and use them and their unique click to my blog just to make money. Do you know what I mean? It IS annoying. I wish I had just got on with it. We owe no one an explanation for our choices… but I do think that it’s a courtesy thing to say I’m not taking the piss out of you now. Promise. I think?

      Well my thoughts anyway.

    • I love Beth’s blog too, she’s such a great writer.
      I’m a new blogger and I have my eye firmly on two things – writing great, thoughtful content, and connecting with the very small pool of people who are reading my posts. I’d love to follow in Beth’s footsteps, in my own unique way. She’s a great role model.

    • Frustrated says

      Great post Beth… but also a great question Archie. I am all for bloggers being
      renumerated. Especially after years of hard work (and anything digital can be HARD work), but I am finding that some bloggers seem ‘overly confident’ about their voice and true engagement and efficacy. Watching the tide turn against the Mamamia juggernaut is one example. They lost the balance and I see some of these more established bloggers in danger of going down the same path. It will be interesting to see how long the well respected The Hoopla goes once it is all entirely about paid content when there are so many free alternatives. How loyal will readers be?

      The inherent problem of monetising is that some bloggers are losing their impartiality. And humbleness, authenticity and their everyday person ‘voice’ that first engaged their readers. As a small business I have been advised by a lot of bloggers (small, medium and large) that ANY product or service mention has to involve exchange of money. Sometimes BIG money. Enquiries to the agents about partnering with their bloggers had fees of $5K+ being suggested for a dedicated product mention. I am happy for ANY mention – not an entire post but seemingly no middle ground exists or more cost effective tiered pricing options for smaller businesses to help build their brand. It’s all or nothing. Or it is ‘suggested’ you pay for sidebar advertising instead. I guess this is my way of showing them the money (and my loyalty) to get a look in and hope that someone clicks through. Even if I have a great, on-brand, innovative product that might interest their readers.

      I used to work in magazine publishing. It was always a balance between featuring product from the paying advertisers and fresh content to invigorate, tempt, invite and educate readers but lot of it was considered editorial content – yes at the discretion of the editor but not about the $$. What is current? what is new? where can I find it? Content is key. Crap rehashed content = declining readership (Mamamia? iVillage?)

      Then there is the issue of sponsored posts negotiated by ‘agents’ who
      profit by connecting those bloggers with big businesses, which has lead to some strange (in my mind) ‘off brand’ connections that despite the blogger putting their best, unique spin on it just lacks the authenticity they worked so hard to develop
      with their readers. Eg. Napisan. Everywhere. At the same time. bulk rate deal?

      Or the other thing l see a lot is clear nepotism. In some blogs the same brands
      feature over and over. In some these are (quite openly) personal friends who’s
      businesses they are helping along (or they get lots of freebies). They hopefully genuinely like the product but it has lost balance. Or the opportunity to support up and coming businesses, build a loyalty and revenue stream to facilitate them spending more $$.

      So from a business perspective my insight and a (general) reality check for bloggers about their effectiveness from the other side of the fence. Some have big readership numbers but what is the quality and ROI for business to partner with them? Canvasing the effectiveness from other small business owners who have sidebar advertising on ‘big’ blogs who spruik ‘big’ numbers as a way of justifying their position and enormous fees has found that most just barely manage to make back the cost of the ad cost. Not masses of sales for paying to be ‘seen’ on the cool girls sites. And the fabulous, fantastic mentions I have had from the reasonably high profile bloggers (who were gifted product) – who’s unbiased but positive words just did not eventuate in to sales. I was surprised. Perhaps their golden words and endorsements are not validated by the paying public opening their wallets. This outcome was also confirmed by the other small business I spoke to. It helps build the brand somewhat but working with bloggers doesn’t seem to support the business and pay it’s way.

      I don’t expect it all for nothing – but it has to work for both sides. So imagine how crippling it would be for a small business if I had taken the gamble locked in even more advertising, paid big for the product placement (in carefully targeted sites) for little actual return on investment (if any). For a small business EVERY penny counts. But only if it works.

      So I then looked to engage a mid-level PR company to help. Most I interviewed have expressed their frustration that the more established (even smaller niche) blogs are ALL about the money. I guess if the enquiry comes from a PR company then the $$ signs light up, but my experience has shown me that it is happening across the board. The PR companies have said they are specifically moving away from more established bloggers to developing more authentic relationships with smaller bloggers (and they in turn win from increased exposure and support of their blog brand). Great opportunities exist to build enduring relationships for both sides. The PR’s said that they have better success getting true editorial for clients with small budgets in digital magazines. Because for them it is about content.

      The thing is we all start somewhere and I think some bloggers are in danger of falling
      off the precipice they have built of their own self importance and egos. I think they have a use by date if they continue this way. They need to evolve as the digital landscape is rapidly changing. For business marketing Facebook is waning (because access to the carefully built audience of ‘likers’ is being watered down to prompt businesses in to paying to secure more likers – what’s the point of paying if only 10% are going to see it despite them choosing to like your page). Twitter is waning. Pinterest is growing. Polyvore is growing. Now it’s about visual and content. Next year there will be a newer, shinier digital thing to play with. A better blog to follow.

      Beth I apologise for the rant. I have been thinking about this for some time. Not sour grapes. Just frustration. I truly admire the words you have written here to describe your position. Your personal authenticity is unwavering.

      • BabyMacBlogBeth says

        Thanks for your comment – sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you. Bloody school holidays! Agree with you 100% on some of what you say…there is very little for small businesses in terms of using bloggers for posts. The thing is…I do think that lots of bloggers do recommend products and businesses that they do like without being paid to do so. That word of mouth thing is a powerful thing. I know so many bloggers that will always help out with something they love without being paid I am constantly doing that on FB or Instagram or in a Miscelleanous post. I will ALWAYS remember that being important is nice but being nice is WAY more important – this blogging circle is actually very small indeed in the grand scheme of things. Thanks again for your comment I have been meaning to get back to it all week 🙂

  5. I must admit I had wondered what happened to Beverly. Love your thoughts on this post.

  6. Reannon Hope says

    This is a great post Beth. I love that say ” what other people think of me is none of my business” & that your blog is really only part of who you are. I still think you come across as really authentic & while most parts of your life are not like mine I love dropping in & reading about everything.

    I’ve been reading for a few years now & I can see the change in your content. While sometimes I miss those really open, nitty gritty posts on marriage, kids, life I can completely understand why you need to protect yourself from the shitty people out there. I think you do a great job of sharing enough of yourself without over sharing just for the sake of it.

    Thanks for all the great reads. It’s always great fun visiting you xx

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      The other thing about those nitty gritty posts (I think anyway) is that there are SO many of them when you are in the trenches of raising babies and very small kids. EVERYTHING is just plain harder then. Your relationship with your husband. Your feelings of self worth. Your sleep deprivation. Everything just seems to be harder I reckon. Kids sleeping and playing nicely doesn’t make for a very interesting post does it?! Can’t say I miss it though!

      Thanks for reading Reannon x

      • Reannon Hope says

        I’m sure you’re right about nice, sleeping-all-night kids not being very interesting reading ( or writing ) but it’s good to know it all comes to an end 🙂

  7. Kellie Anderson says

    Love this!! xx

  8. Beautifully and succinctly put Beth. You, my girl are the “real deal” as you always say about other people. You make me laugh, you make me feel, you make me think. Love Babymac which means I love you xxxx

  9. I purchased a topper yesterday because of you. And Woolworths fake eggs! I love this post – your honesty shines in the writing. I agree about the ‘people don’t really know you’ stuff. Thats the thing I find hardest with blogging – my life looks kinda shiny and bright on my blog – my kids look clean and the snippets I show of my house look neat (ish! Not as neat as your floors and polished table!). A few people have commented about how lovely it all looks – but they are only seeing ‘my curated life’! I often post a photo with mess but on the whole – seriously do people WANT to see photos of my crappy mess?! Not really I imagine! My blog is about children’s literature – and I think people come because they want to know about the best books (in my opinion) that they can buy for their kids, they want to know about WHY and HOW they should read with and to their kids – they don’t want to know that my husband spends more time in hospital than at home lately (back) and that my brother committed suicide two years ago. I post snippets of that as well (lots of books on grief!!!) as it’s important that my blog is ‘real’ – but it’s still only a small snippet of my life. It’s a tough one. I feel like I get a sense of who you are through your blog Beth, but I’m always aware that there is ‘more’ to you! I (like the rest of the world) adore Eden Riley also – and we’ve emailed a fair bit as…ummm…we have the grief thing in common! And even though Eden share SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much I’m also aware that even though we email – I don’t REALLY know her – though I’d bloody love to. I’d give her the biggest damn hug in the world then we’d sit and cry about our brothers. Okay rave over. Back to writing book reviews – back in your bookcase Megan!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Thanks Megan! Eden is ALL that. And some. I have blogging to thank for having her as a real life friend. Thank you for your comment…I just LOVE that I have another topper fan on my hands!

  10. Great post Beth, you know I love your blog and look forward to reading every post, I get a little excited each time I see a post “Baby Mac” on facebook. I love your honesty.
    Your honesty was the one thing that made me start reading your blog – the post about Great Expectations, I really needed to read that post a couple of months ago when I first started reading.
    Having just started with my blog I am determined to just kick back and take it slow. I wasn’t going to start until I “knew” everything but have just decided to learn as I go, one step at a time, I know I will make a thousand and one mistakes but I have decided that is ok.
    Thanks for the laughs, you rock.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      You are so welcome! I love that my blog makes a difference to your life in the middle of the outback. That you listen to the podcast on your treadmill. It just makes me smile! Good luck with your own blog….stick with it and keep on keeping on. x

  11. Yvonne Duke says

    Love your blog !!

  12. Thanks for being so open with your thoughts about blogging Beth. I really appreciated our chat on Saturday. x

  13. The Plumbette says

    Thank you for this post. I have often been overwhelmed with the things I should be doing as a blogger and in the last couple of months I’ve learned there aren’t really rules just advice that you can take on board or ignore. A blog is reflection of you as a person and the only way to maintain it is by being authentic and writing from your heart. This post is so encouraging Beth. And I check in with your blog every couple of days. I love what you share and wish I had met you in Sydney for the Kidspot Voices master class but I couldn’t make it. Maybe I shall see you at Problogger? 🙂

  14. Naomi @ Not Just A Mummy says

    Great post Beth! I really enjoyed your insights over the weekend as well. I’m both a blog writer and a blog reader but, like you said in regards to the way things have changed over the past 8 years, find that my definition of what ‘makes a good blog’ and what I enjoy reading seems to change really rapidly! For me, as both a writer and reader, I’ve kind of adopted the mantra of not being all things to all people. When I first started, I got really confused and I think tried to spread myself a bit thin. I wanted to cover soo much STUFF that it just ended up becoming a bloody nightmare. Lol. These days, I focus more on a smaller pool of topics that I’m really passionate about and guess hope to attract an audience looking for what I’m writing about! Same with my reading, I don’t expect to love everything, even on the blogs I really enjoy. Sometimes I fancy reading more about health/wellness stuff which I might’d be able to get from my favourite personal/parenting blog where as others days I want to connect with fellow mums of toddlers to commiserate over yet another failed toilet training attempt 🙂 Having a diverse reading pool has been a great source of inspiration for me and also keeps things interesting!

  15. I really enjoyed listening to your session at the masterclass on Saturday and it was great to meet you at the cocktail party. Love your work and am a little bit mortified that I spent most of our convo crapping on about Spanx underwear!

  16. It was so great to hear you speak on Saturday… it’s given me hope that there might be a place for someone like me in the blogging world. I don’t have a talent, eg cooking, crafting etc and my blog is my outlet. But I’d like to think I can write, I have a small writing business, where I do content writing, pressers, newspaper ad features, ghost blogging etc, but I would like to monetise my blog as another income source doing what I love. And like you said I suppose it’s just about backing yourself and throwing caution to the wind, and that’s something I can do. Just a question, do you think it’s wise to have an open Media Kit on blog, eg to have stats on nav bar that the world can see? Is it a wise thing to do if I’m looking at approaching brands? Or should I make them ask me for it? 🙂 Thanks for sharing your knowledge and advice.

  17. I love reading your blog, I’ve seen how your writing and direction has changed over the 8 years (even though I only jumped on board a couple of years ago). It must be hard opening yourself up to the World Wide Web, but like you wrote: What other people think of you is none of your business. Thank you for sharing this space and your life with us, all the best for wherever you and your blog is heading xx

  18. I don’t do many comments on your blog Beth, but I do read every single one and over all you give off a fair picture of who you are. I should comment more as I do think you are good value, so keep it coming

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Nah don’t worry about the commenting…everyone is so busy these days…I am hopeless and never comment on other blogs I read too. Thanks for reading Margaret 🙂

  19. Love your blog Beth. Your photos are my favourite. I always love hearing your opinion on this and that. I also love blogging but really feel as though I am not really getting anywhere although I am trying. You and so many other bloggers are my inspiration and I really love the whole blogging community and how we all help each other and offer advice or support or whatever else the need may be. You Mum Revelations feature is on the blog today. I am so disappointed I could not make it on Saturday to meet you all. If you have any tips to steer me in the right direction I would love to hear them. Thank you for your fabulous support and kindness.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I’ll be sure to go and check it out. Thanks again and if you ever have any questions…just shoot me an email x

  20. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Well said Beth I think I would love you in real life as well ,please don’t stop writing ,you’re funny,a great cook and have a beautiful family and home.I am just a blog reader I’m sure no one would be interested in my life!

  21. Love this! What makes for a good blog? A sense of connection & heart – both of which you share in abundance. Well, that’s what I’m called to read (and keep coming back to) anyway xx

  22. You definitely are how I imagined you to be…and yet so much more. Thank you for encouraging, supporting, sharing and believing in us newbies. Your advice and friendship is appreciated more than you could know.
    Cheeseball moment: I have never felt more like I belonged somewhere than in that room full of bloggers at Kidspot. I felt like I fitted in. I felt like I was meant to be there. It made me feel so alive. So me.

  23. You make me want to blog more consistently again! Love ya! xx

  24. ahoy.jenni says

    I have been attracted to your blog because I like your openness, honesty, photography, recipes, humour and that you are a sharer (I now exactly what you mean, I’m one of those too, always telling people about things) I like that you don’t have advertising on your blog and that basically you are a really positive person who swears and likes lots of butter. Your blog is a refreshing moment in my very hectic, extremely full on life as a working mother/wife/friend/aunty (not sure my sister in law likes me much so I wont say SIL) so thanks! Hope you stick to blogging for a while!

  25. Loved reading this post Beth. Thank you for sharing! x

  26. “That doesn’t mean that I am portraying a version of myself that is
    better or worse or not who I really am, it’s pretty close and I hope
    that if you met me in person you’d go away thinking…yes”
    I didn’t actually get a chance to meet you on Saturday but the big impression I got over the whole day from the bloggers I did meet is that for the most part they are who they seem to be on their blogs. It was a great and reassuring thing to come away with because a huge thing for me in blogging is being who I am both on and offline, it’s nice to see that it’s pretty much how it is in the blog-world.
    That and that people who seem intimidating are warm and lovely.

  27. Cassie Webster says

    Love your blog, Beth. I hope you never stop writing and sharing 🙂

  28. Oh I wish I could have been there to hang out with you guys! x

  29. I think you in person are just like your blog, but more magnetic and hilarious. I like that you share. It means a lot to me, cos I really enjoy reading. And listening. And whatever, fuck, just I like it, ok?!

  30. Well I just love ya on and off the blog and that’s all that matters to me. x

  31. Thanks so much for sharing your insights on Saturday. Thanks also for understanding where I was coming from with my question about “to rant or not to rant”. Part of growing as a blogger is to know that we’re not always going to say stuff that people will like. Can’t sit on the fence on everything forever.

  32. Gosh what a bizarre funny old world this blogging caper is, eh? I’ve been pondering that a lot lately. No doubt about it, I find it tricky, the sharing, the privacy, the putting it out there and being real but still having a self-preservation policy. I began blogging in 2008, what a different place the blogosphere is now. But I am a different person too, so it’s an evolution together as writers, readers, sharers. I think you’re so right though – when I hit publish I know that I have been true, I have been real, I have written words of kindness or strength or humour or goodness knows what, that somebody might read that and nod along with me, or somebody might think whatever it is they want to think about me, or my family, or my life, or my choices, but gosh at least they think *something*. Right? Maybe? Keep doing what you’re doing, clearly you’re doing something right. I agree that if it all comes from a place of respect and kindness, you can’t shoot too far from success and satisfation.

  33. Maryandlil says

    Yes I blog, but it has been on standby as I focus on my other Running Mums Australia blog and adventure. Its amazing the directions we take and the people we meet online. I never imagined how Running Mums Australia would take off and I am blessed by it every day. I still find time to read your blog always Beth, even if I don’t comment much, as I love it. And I love running to your podcast 🙂 One day it would be lovely to meet you. I think you have a lot of passion and spunk!

  34. Thanks so much for sharing. I agree re: content. As a fairly new blogger but a reader of blogs for much longer, I think it’s the great stories that people can relate to that keep us coming back again and again. When you don’t have the energy to commit to watching a whole tv show or reading part of a novel, it’s easy to commit to reading a blog, which will only take a few minutes and you know you’ll get plenty out of it (because you feel like you know the person who writes it).

  35. Deeply moved by this post Beth. Yes, eight months behind the eight ball but I stumbled across it searching your blog for “blogging how-to” info. Back in April I was in a completely different head space and while I followed a few blogs I was yet to discover the thrill of writing my own. Now I’ve been bitten by the bug, I can’t get enough! But very overwhelmed. So much to learn.

    I love reading your story. I love reading your blog! I feel like pinning this post up on my wall as inspiration. So many times I’ve started to comment on your posts with words to this effect and decided “nah…too sucky…. delete!” Did exactly that on your “Burn one down”. Kept my comment to myself.

    Love your honesty and love that you put it out there. And your words of encouragement for a new blogger like me? Well, that’s what has made the difference this time. Sucker or not! “What other people think of me is none of my business!” Ha! I like it x


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