Things I like {The 25th March 2014 edition}

If you were to see me in person today you might just catch a glimpse of a small, dark cloud that is following me around my head today. I’m cranky and negative and I don’t like it. In fact, there’s not much I DO like about today. I did manage to find 13 things though, I reckon there probably is another 140, or 1400 or even 14,000 if I let this cloud piss off. I’m on day 3, it’s never pretty.

1. A new print sent to me by Tess from Down that Little Lane that I had framed. Note to self, find some butter immediately.


2. The photinia hedges we have around the garden look particularly lovely as all the new red growth comes through. Especially when it’s glistening in the sun.

IMG_7109 IMG_7112

3. New artwork.


4. Happy plants producing fruit.


5. Happy chickens producing eggs. Strawberry is no longer broody – thank goodness.


6. A good sambo picked up for you by a kind husband for lunch. A rueben and a chicken number – we went halves. Have you been to Flour Water Salt in Bowral? It’s very good.


7. Roses from the garden that are almost done, but still so beautiful even in their decay.


8. The Daily Mail on my iPad. Superior gossip.


9. Flowers happy after a decent downpour yesterday. Can you hear them squealing in delight?


10. This stuff you put in after your moisturiser but BEFORE foundation. It’s good. Cheap. I got it from Priceline last week but I reckon that you would be able to find it in a supermarket.


11. This guy. We are celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary tomorrow. This photo was actually taken 9 years ago today…the day before the day. I love him just as much as I did on that day, actually more. SO many day 3’s he has been through…


12. Harper is really starting to write. She asks to write everything…”how do you spell x Mum. Oh yeah, I know T.”


13. Scarf season is almost upon us. Anyone would think I liked grey and yellow.


What are you liking today?
Anyone else on day 3 warpath?


  1. I am loving you loving your print, that really makes me smile :).. also thinking I need some in on the trash talking and mark wright eye candy from The Mail. I am Day 2 but not of that, of solo parenting so lots of feeling sorry for myself and then slapping myself in the face to shut that idiot head up!

  2. I was on Day 3, 4 days ago and went off my trolley over the way my Husband packed the dishwasher (mind you,not very well), I of course repacked it and then threw our cheap Ikea frying pan onto the floor while trying to explain to him why I was so angry. Needless to say a new Scanpan Frying pan made it’s way into our household the next day. Day 7 is actually very calm, serene infact, who am I? I hope Day 3 is complimented with a glass of red tonight.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Thanks Vicki! It’s nice to know we are not alone. It’s going to be peppermint tea tonight I think…peace and serenity and all that x

  3. Emma Steendam says

    Who on earth are those people in the daily mail? Actually, I don’t want to know, ignorance is bliss. Don’t mention photinia in our household…it once upon a time set off the mother of all domestics trying to decide what sort of hedge to plant, things may have been thrown in my husband’s direction. Will have a look for that perfect blur stuff, looks the goods and I usually like garnier stuff, ta!

  4. No day 3 here, but on your advice a topper made it’s way on to our bed today. I can hardly wait to go to bed tonight. I hope you manage to give day three and big kick up the arse.

  5. Lisa Aherne says

    Today I am liking your lovely photos and the fact that I have not had a day 3 for years! I also like that I have a pile of ancient hoarded magazines at least 3 feet high which are destined for the recycling bin. Love myself for this good work. Ahhhhhh…… And dinner is gurgling in the slow cooker….. Life is good.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Lisa there is no better feeling than dumping a pile of magazines into the recycling bin! Why do we keep them?!! Enjoy your dinner xxx

  6. We have a flour,salt,water in Milton,it’s great! I’m loving watching a pair of king parrots in my yard right now doing their thing…:)

  7. Sheesus. I start following you on IG, Facebook, we sort of become “friends”, in a virtual sense, now we’re synced up! Shiiiit.

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Great post Beth I am very pleased I had a hysterectomy when I was 35 because of endometriosis ,do Not miss it at all,love the things you are loving!

  9. I love that butter sign Beth…and it is so true. I have not had much luck with under-makeup over-moisturizer stuff before, I might have to try this. My skin is seriously dry and I would be pleased for anything that smooths and soothes! Happy wedding anniversary, I hope you are doing something special. Love your list.

  10. ahoy.jenni says

    I had a whole week of day 3’s last week. Screaming banshee!
    Glad we live on a couple of acres…

  11. Liking that I went to physio and podiatrist today so all tuned up. You poor love – ever seen a naturopath? Check out Mim Beim at Bowral
    or Sandra Cabot I think at Camden?
    Happy Anniversary!

  12. Loving everything, especial Daisy’s work. Congratulations on your anniversary tomorrow.

  13. Oh I love Daisy’s artwork! x

  14. It has been proven that women are at their strongest physically on day 3. Olympic athletes use the pill to time their main event to fall on Day 3.. It’s true!
    So try your hardest exercise and see if it helps you feel better. Good luck. x

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      That is SO interesting. Who knew?! Thanks for sharing JP.

      • Well apparently sports scientists have known for decades. I once saw an interview with Raelene Boyle where she described using this tactic for the 400m event at the 1982 Commonwealth Games. Incidentally, she won the gold and I was a little girl in the stand, cheering like mad ..

        • BabyMacBlogBeth says

          It’s funny because when I was on the treadmill that morning I ran the furthest I ever had before…!

  15. Happy Anniversary! Just love your post. I’m ‘enjoying’ early menopause right now so almost everyday is day 3 (eek, poor husband). I’m liking longer days right now. It gets a bit grim when it’s dark by quarter to 5. Off to find a bit of blur for myself too. C:

  16. Judi McCowen says

    We share the same anniversary date……we are 36 years…….
    My husband commented that we both must be patient people to have come that far!
    No third day blues for me anymore. Hallellajah!

  17. I started today soooo cranky. Well, I started it really tired and not wanting to get out of bed or go to work, but once I did that’s when the cranky started. I’ve only just realised I was hangry all that time. Woke up hungry, got hungrier then angry, ended up hangry. Feeling much calmer now thanks to wolfing down an almighty serve of beef in oyster sauce from the markets. Ahh, food. (PS: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!)

  18. StevieLauren says

    A revelation has just occurred. I lost my shit last night (ON DAY THREE AND I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT THIS!!!!) and was ‘snake foot’ as my lovely partner calls me on these occasions – being all high and mighty and a right pain in the arse about things that don’t even matter, such as – being a crazy lady about strippers maybe being at a bucks show, mould starting to grow on newly purchased creme fraiche and about too many shots of boobs on an 80’s ski movie. I feel like a loser, but slightly validated at the same time.

  19. Flour Salt Water – I’ll have to keep that in mind for when I meet mum ‘half way’ ( she is coming from Sydney, I’m coming from Canberra) to do lunch. No day 3’s for me because I’m pregnant again 🙂 YAY!

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