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I don’t want to alarm anyone….BUT IT’S APRIL TOMORROW.


Somehow, someway, the days have turned to weeks and months and we are entering the 4th month of the year. That means School holidays are upon us again, as is Easter and then apparently winter. WINTER IS COMING. I’m not sure if someone has a trick to pause time for a wee while? If so, let me off, I’d like a week or so to gather my post Christmas thoughts. Sheesh.

Did the show last week which was fun. Trotted out an old Leona frock that just keeps on giving. We talked about attachment parenting, open marriages and some ridiculous bill in the states that wants couples seeking divorce to get a court order before sleeping with their ex-partners. As I said, ridiculous. Here’s the clip if you are keen:

You know when I planted my veggie garden and people told me not to plant mint because it runs? Well I pulled it all out but yet, this. Should have listened.


Remember when we were at the QT last week and Rob was shooting a thing for them? You can have a look at it over on BERT. And here is a little film with their architect too:

QT SYDNEY x BERT from BERT Magazine on Vimeo.

Cracking day outside today. We’ve had sunshine in the day and then a late afternoon storm with plenty of rain. The garden is loving itself sick. I wonder if I am the only one that thinks that pansies look like little people? Sometimes I have a little chat to them. I do! I swear this one was showing off knowing I was taking its photo.

IMG_7172 IMG_7180

Did anyone see these ADORABLE gold triangle stickers last week from Blank Goods? I mean REALLY. Just adorable. Someone half way crafty would be able to do something with them. Perhaps on some simple brown wrapping paper or on a card? In any case, someone buy them already, or else I will. The whole website is a dream.


Speaking of adorable I did me some online shopping last week from Lark. Got an email from them saying they were having some kind of flash sale…50-60% off or the like and the next thing I know I was adding to cart, ADDING TO CART, checking out and done! All within 3 minutes! Picked up this lamp which is now in the girls room and they are positively beside themselves with it. Was it just me that thought chandeliers were the FANCIEST things in the world when you were little? Something magical about them I reckon.


Hockey season started on the weekend and Harps played her very first game! Only being 4 I thought that she would back out at the last minute, but no, she whacked those shin pads on, mouth guard in and she ran around for 30 minutes and played the whole game! We were so proud. My baby…she is no more. It’s going to be a long, cold season, but the bacon and egg rolls were good and hot and we are ready to embrace it!


Just as I am ready to embrace this new print on the wall.


Are you OK with the fact that it is April tomorrow? Let’s just hug for a moment shall we?
Did you make the mistake of planting mint too?
Has Saturday sport started? Be strong x


  1. Oh my April tomorrow. Everything happens in the blink of an eye. School holidays and the Easter show are upon us. Yay! I love April.

  2. Gail Virgona says

    I LOVE Blank Goods. I haven’t ever made a purchase but I window shop through their site and imagine what I’d do if I was clever.

    Saturday sport. Don’t get me started. My Luca starts this weekend with the footy. Friday night training. Sat morning Auskick. Sunday morning game. That is the whole weekend! And of course the dads go and help (watch) so it’s me at home with the baby and the 4 year old. Friday night is sacred pizza and movie night in this house. It’s sacrilegious to have to go to sport.

  3. It’s going by fast isn’t it? I know it’s not an original thought – but the older I get, the faster the years fly by.
    April is most welcome – not only because it marks the change of season (Melb seems yet to get the memo, top of 31 expected today), but also because the birthdays of two people I treasure fall in April – serendipitously on the same day – that of my niece, who is full of hope, love, smiles, inquisitive thoughts and mischief and, turning SIX, and ahem, moi!
    I cannot get my head around the age I’m turning. I just can’t. Not out of vanity – though I have some of that tucked away somewhere – but because my life path is so different to that which I see lots of people treading. Shouldn’t I be a “grown up” by now? I don’t know what that feels like sans partner, kids, mortgage, busy career… is “purpose” necessary to happiness? Hmmmm.
    Pondering is happening, must be all the time I have on my hands.
    Maybe I need some of those ace stickers for my birthday? They could point the way….

  4. Mint is never a mistake if you have lime, sugar & barcadi to turn it into mojitos.

  5. Little Munch says

    Poor old mint…I love it! The best in drinks of the vodka variety and the scent of it when you are out in your garden is magical.

  6. High fives for Harper starting hockey! May the force be with you on those long, chilly Saturdays. Thanks for the heads up on Lark and Blank Goods, they’ll have my full attention later…
    I’m actually quite glad we’re bumping into April already. It’s hasn’t been a sparkly year in this neck of the woods, and I’m happy to be getting through it, if you know what I mean. But I’ve always liked April anyway as it’s my birthday month, and I’m generally longing for some cooler weather.
    I love your new print – thinking I could make my own version!
    Have a great week 🙂

  7. I know, APRIL already?! I’m sure I say this every year but boy is this year flying.
    Love your new print! x

  8. Oh jeepers, Winter sport. Makes me nervous just wondering what Otis will choose! Yep, we have running mint, but it’s in a barrel, so really only running over itself! Pretty sure there are talking pansies in one of the Disney movies (Alice in Wonderland maybe?), which could be further influencing your ‘pansies as people’ thought process! Bring on April, though I agree it has come around rather quickly… My 2nd baby niece is due in April, so I am a little excited, to say the least!

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    This year has gone so fast ,April I hope you bring us cooler weather,less storms and some cold nights ,love your print and the lamp in the girls room,pansies do have faces I agree.
    My mint is in a pot.I am one lucky girl all mine play soccer so if I choose to go and watch and if not I get Sunday to myself which is lovely I must admit,I hope Harper enjoys hockey and you don’t freeze to death ,take your knitting to keep you warm Beth xx

  10. Has your wee household yet adopted the policy of giving an item away for every new (luxury/unnecessary) purchase that comes into the home? Obviously, food, cleaning products and straw mats to sleep on are excused. Fake chandeliers and “adorable” gold stickers are clear culprits.

    Help your children to be mindful consumers, not grabbit gnomes.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Shelley! You sound just like a friend of mine…Sally. Thanks for the advice!

      • No, I’m certainly no friend of rampant consumerism, Beth.

        An apparent friend of yours is far more grounded: cf. FF’s most recent Instagram. FF is by no means new to conscious living. Live, and you may learn.

        • Beth,
          If Shelley comes back here to comment, please block! We come for light escapism, not a friggin’ lecture.

          • Laying down the ol’ gauntlet, young Mac? To this innocent’s eyes, you may even be seeking to interfere with Beth’s editorial policy.

            You’ve, albeit unintentionally, now made this a rather interesting area to pause. Which direction will Beth and her followers kick?

  11. The Plumbette says

    In 15 weeks I’m having another baby and I can’t quite get my head around that! I’m thinking in a month or so I will be wishing the time to fly till the birth!

  12. I can believe that it is April – April marks my baby’s first birthday and I don’t know where the time has gone! I can’t believe that I am pregnant again. I can’t believe that my husband will turn 30 in April and that we also said that we would place our house on the market in April… I can’t believe how quickly this year is going and I am guessing that October and baby number two will appear out of nowhere! Oh and our mint runs all the way along the back of our house (but I love it and PIMMS when I’m not pregnant)

  13. Jane Hayes says

    Yeah. Hockey training sucks but not as hard as winter rowing. 530am. Yep you read that right. 530AM
    Ponder on that little gem whilst I snooze a bit. xxx

  14. Hi Beth, It is still March (31st) over here and it snowed this morning, Our garden is white, there is snow everywhere, it is bloody cold outside and the kids have gone to school in rain boots and ski jackets and gloves. It will be a cold year me thinks, judging from the cold the Northern Hemisphere has had and judging from such early snow here in town. Take care and have a great week! chau

  15. I love you.

  16. We’ve got small one starting hockey in the fall-it’s such a stereotype but hockey really is king in Canada.

    Rampant mint can only be overcome by many batches of mojitos-10 years on and I’m still ‘battling’ mine.

    Great lights. We’re desperate for spring here. We got another foot of snow yesterday but it’s well above zero today-hopefully this bodes well.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      It’s a battle I am willing to fight! Hope Spring hits soon…it’s still warm here but soon enough it will get the memo x

  17. I for one am astounded it’s already April. Weren’t we just ringing in the New Year?! I’m ready for a bit of cooler weather truth be told (OK the real truth is I’m ready for a bit of winter fashion), but Adelaide has different plans – 31 yesterday, 36 today. Summer is acting like that one friend who’s had a bit too much too drink and doesn’t want to leave your party, even though you’ve changed into your PJs and are half asleep on the couch…Oh OK, one last mojito then!

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