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Today I was up in Sydney filming our little segment – Afternoon Delight on The Daily Edition. We discussed forgiving people – can you really forgive if you can’t forget and a couple of Mum’s selling their body images messages. You can watch it here…I rip up the script at the end of it!

Before the show I ducked into Priceline to pick up a few bits & pieces. Mrs Woog started to throw various products at me to buy, and I did of course, she is quite pushy. When I got home after an almost 2.5 hour drive the first thing I like to do is get out of my fancy pants and get that TV make up OFF. She claimed that this water was magical and marvellous and I am here to tell you, it is BOTH those things. Here, pay attention to the bottle:


You know when you use those nasty make up wipes and it feels as though half your skin comes off with the make up? Or when you use eye make up remover and you feel blinded from the chemicals? This does NEITHER of those things. It’s not greasy. There’s no perfume. It gets the many layers of crap off QUICKLY. A squeeze onto a cotton bud and you are good to go. The check out chick at Priceline even went on about it…saying it’s just like Bio something but SO much cheaper. Onto it people.

Do you guys know Sophie from Local is Lovely? Her blog is AMAZING. Such beautiful photos and recipes and life on a proper country farm…it’s really special and well worth a look. Anyway, this week I got sent a cheeky pre release of her new book:

Cover final

It’s just as lovely as you would expect it to be. You can check out details of her book release here.


Have you started thinking about Easter yet? It will be here before we know it…EASTER. Just so you don’t get too panicked that means that it’s almost April. It’s all a bit too much really. We will be home for Easter, as we are most years as there is lots going on locally. After that I’m not sure…I must say that the Easter Long Weekend is actually my favourite weekend of the ENTIRE year. Something magic happens at Easter I think. And it also means that we are well and truly on the countdown to our trip in June. Shit!

As you know, I tackle many important discussions and questions on the blog. I had a question from a reader on Facebook last week which you may be able to help her out with.


Just whose parents do Grandpa & Granny pig belong to? Daddy or Mummy pig. I always thought Mummy, but I’m not sure.

Speaking of kids shows, is there a more annoying one than Sam & Cat from Disney? Actually, ALL those revolting tween American shows? I hate them all. But mostly that one.

I updated the movie post from earlier this week too with all your suggestions. If you plan on having a family movie night this weekend, it’s your one stop post. I’m about to pack down on the couch with a glass of Prosecco and watch Jumanji with the girls right now…so let’s get to it!

Hope you have a great weekend…what have you got planned?
Used this magical make up remover water before?
Got any great plans for Easter?
Having Family movie night tonight? What you watching?


  1. Definitely Mummy pig. In the episode where they go through the belongings in Granny and Grandpa Pig’s attic, Granny Pig talks about how Mummy Pig liked to jump up and down on the bed when she was a little piggy.

    I know FAR too much about Peppa Pig.

  2. ahoy.jenni says

    Ha! Love the Jesus poster!
    Planned for the weekend….sitting an exam (fun..) then champagne on the balcony of a friends new place, with the usual weekend activities of a big bike ride then fish and chips.
    Easter…a huh, I love it too. Visitors coming, have to get my B&B into action.
    Family movie minus kids…watching the movie about Johnny Cash, Walking the Line I think. A friend lent it to me, says its great so we will see.
    You enjoy yours….

  3. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 here….

  4. Meg Bignell says

    Please, what is Prosecco?

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      It’s an Italian sparkling wine…their version of the French champagne. It’s lighter and CHEAPER and delicious!

    • You must be new here 😉 It’s Italian sparkling wine

    • Miss Chardy says

      Meg I was just thinking the exact same thing…how can I not know about this… am I really slow???? What is going on and WHAT IS PROSECCO?

      • BabyMacBlogBeth says

        You have an excuse…it’s not like there is a bottle shop nearby you right? Next time you are in the big smoke grab some – light, sparkling Italian wine (not sweet though) just like champagne but cheaper. You can get a bottle for about $12 from Dan Murphys (well that’s the one we always drink Torresella)

        • O my goodness, this is a serious light bulb moment Beth, I can’t believe I didn’t know what it is….. who am I, I don’t even know myself anymore…. Dan Murphys….. if only we had one nearby, it is like my Mother Ship, Mt Isa probably doesn’t know what Prosecco is either, hence my dilemma. Ha ha ha. Right, I will have to get some in Darwin next week, will have to tell Felicity about it, she will love it. Thanks, what the hell would I do without you??? I really need to get out more. Perhaps I should do a blog post about my new find…once I find it, ha ha ha.

  5. Love the movie list – thanks. Karate Kid is appealing at the moment. Going off to Priceline tomorrow, need said product. Need to update my moisturiser and exfoliate stuff too, any recommendations? And Easter…loads of kid relatives so am planning a Pinterest viewing to get ideas on cheapo eggs (have some egg moulds so might go all creative). Have a lovely weekend. Am loving your Autumn pics.

  6. I’m ready for Easter. I’ve been into Big W and bought a candy egg. I LOVE them. My Lovely Partner is away and back so often with work that it’s the only way I can guarantee a candy egg on Easter Sunday. We’re off to Orange. Never been there before. Any tips anyone??


  7. Our Kids are watching Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2. Husband just said “what the hell is this about?” Ha, Ha! We will be watching Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks after the kids go to bed, true story apparently. Currently drinking Chandon, well deserved after an exciting day at the school swimming carnival.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Those meatball movies are very strange indeed…girls are yet to know there is a second one out yet…I plan on keeping it that way!

  8. Karin O'Grady says

    I have thought about this a lot and they are definitely Mummy Pig’s parents.

  9. I always thought Daddy for some reason. I think it is because of Grandad reminding me of my FIL. I MUST have that book and I’m off to check out her blog. LOVE the video.

  10. Mmmm Mrs Woog got me onto Garnier products when I won a gift pack from her and I haven’t looked back since… its on the purchase list for first thing Monday morning, isn’t it great having a priceline near your work, early morning shopping done and dusted before 8.30am.


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