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Gratuitous shots of flowers around my house at the moment:

IMG_6628 IMG_6631

Have you seen a finer display of dahlia’s? Gorgeous things that they are. And as for those white roses? Quick sale cheap bucket at Harris Farm never fails to bring home the goods.


Picked up my prize money from the show yesterday morning and was thrilled to discover that I’d managed to score $6 whole dollars! Not bad is it? I was thrilled that I got a chance to talk to the cake stewardess who oversaw the cake decisions. I cornered Sharon to ask what the judge thought of my two…and it was interesting to see there was  a little controversy. She couldn’t believe that they chose my date loaf given the colour of it compared with the others (it was much lighter than all the others…in FACT they weren’t even going to taste it!) but the judge finally decided to then made her taste it and they confirmed that the taste was the best! As for my shitty lemon cake, she said the taste was the best but next year I have to use a proper cake tin (I thought I had?!) as it looked like a slice. In fact, I think she said “a little slicey”. Loved the inside word on what went down at judging time. We celebrated at the pub with a few drinks put on especially for us by the publican. So kind!

IMG_6652 IMG_6636 IMG_6644 IMG_6645

Speaking of results, I am still waiting on them from Matt for Round 1 of Bite Club. It was interesting to see just how similar the two dishes were that Matt and I came up with given the broad range of things we could have done with the ingredient of mince. Will be sure to announce the winner on Facebook as soon as I get them through. I can’t wait for Round 2…it was great fun and as I mentioned in my post, I have a new dinner that everyone enjoyed (empty plates), that I can add onto the rotation and that’s the main thing for me. Thanks for voting and playing along if you did!


The other week in the garage clean out you know what I threw away without a care or second thought? Our pram and cot. Just like that! Does that absolutely mean that we are done with kids? I think it just might. The strange thing is I feel nothing either way. Do I have a cold, dead heart?

My sister and brother in law showed me this on Saturday night and anyone who has watched Game of Thrones needs to get on board with this (if you haven’t already). It’s HILARIOUS.

Speaking of watching, last weekend the girls chose Labyrinth as our family movie night and it was SO good to watch it again. I loved it as a young girl and am happy to confirm that all these years later it is just as good. David Bowie’s hair is a work of art isn’t it? Speaking of hair, getting mine done tomorrow thank goodness.


What have you got planned this week? Busy one?
How should I spend my $6?
Seen this Game of Thrones thing before?
Got any pretty flowers about at the moment?


  1. Lucy Hallinan says

    Ahhh pram and cot thrown out? Interesting choice for your poor old little sister

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I knew you would say that! Thought long and hard about it but figured you wouldn’t want a 3rd hand me down cot (it originally came from Chris Mac) with teeth marks all over it and then a broken pram that cost us a grand total of $170. SURELY you would want fresh white things?!!!

  2. Reannon Hope says

    Beth I threw out my pram & cot & all things baby related in 2007, then come 2010 I threw out all the ” kid” stuff”. The last part of 2012 saw me pregnant & having to get all that stuff again! And here I am about to welcome a fourth baby just 12 months after that 3rd baby & having to go buy more stuff again…..NUTS!

    And again, congrats on the win 🙂

  3. I bought the Labyrinth for the kids (me) last year and they loved it! It is still as good as I remember it, although I think David Bowie should have worn more supportive undies under those tights!

  4. Lisa Aherne says

    Just home after 3 months travelling. Loved every minute of caravan life, seems strange to suddenly have all this space to deal with! House is full of bags and boxes to be unpacked, never mind the mail. Dogs are happy to have me home. Def need some flowers, will buy a bunch or two of something nice. Congrats on your show wins, not keeping the Mercedes? Good luck also with the cook-off, will try out recipes now I have a full kitchen again.

  5. Margaret Elvis says

    Those dahlias are delightful. No flowers here at all. It’s been too hot to have cut flowers. They just don’t last. I was intrigued by the discussions you had ‘in house’ about how the taste tests won the day for you. What a thoughtful publican you have there.
    $6 is a lot of money so spend it wisely won’t you? LOL No matter how much you won it is the winning that counts and all those lovely ribbons your family has to show off to friends.
    Another quiet week for us thank goodness but getting hot again midweek. Grrrr.
    I have GP appt that day for Vit B12 injection (one each month for 3 months). Ah, the delights of aging but when I consider the alternative I must accept all the pitfalls that come along.
    Hope you have a wonderful week. xx

  6. your cake looked really yummy. Congrats on the big win. Perhaps the winnings could go towards a regulation cake tin for next time to assure another win.

  7. I love fresh flowers at home (although I don’t have them often) and especially the aroma of beautiful roses!

  8. Ahhh Labyrinth! So good! Was it not too scary? I have thought about it for my girls but wasn’t sure.

  9. Krista Warren says

    Orchids…all around my house – they talk to me and I love their smiling faces 🙂 I can’t wait to watch your Game of Thrones funny…I want Daenerys Targeryen to rule the world but am afraid they will kill her off before that happens…had my last baby (3rd) at age 41…I was really sad about saying goodbye to that part of my womanhood once it was all done…knowing it woukd be my last….you really must have a cold, dead heart hahaha. 😉 kidding!
    On a side note…you inspired me to buy and bring home a bright rug for the kitchen…I smile every time I see it…just because. (Love that you are a day ahead of me…you give me all kinds of great ideas!)
    Buy more flowers with that $6…have a fabulous week xo

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I pretty flowers only frangapani’s flowering new plants I am not allowed to pick. Those dahlias look amazing and I love that you one at the show ,hmm your lemon cake tasted the best but they didn’t like how it was presented ,hard judges those,and no you don’t have a cold dead heart I had no worries about giving away my baby stuff at all xx

  11. Miss Chardy says

    Goodbye pram and cot!!! No you don’t have a dead heart, it is a bloody good feeling. I was about to give mine away back at the end of 2009….luckily I didn’t (must have jinxed myself) because…..the surprise package arrived in July 2011….we were done at 2, now we have a 5 year gap from son no 2 to no 3. I am back in toddlerville….needless to say I shouted myself a “tube tying trip” to Brisbane, and still on the pill just to be sure!!!!!! I am so glad to say goodbye to anything baby related…. cot has gone, pram has gone, just need to get rid of the nappies (and the dummies).
    I have been loving your podcasts…. I have a whole new love for my treadmill – listening to you and the neighbor each morning…thanks. You are keeping me sane.

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