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I was listening to 702 (ABC) this afternoon in the car on the way back from Sydney where James Valentine was discussing dreams with someone. They were nattering away saying that people are divided between dreamers (well people who remember them) and people who may dream (but never remember them). There have been a number of studies done that show that people who are light sleepers (say if you were in bed and a car went past and the headlights caused you to stir) then you would be more likely to remember your dreams as you have these moments of awakening throughout the night.

Well we all know how often I am awake in the night. Sure there are countless times from Harper (and sometimes Daisy) and of course my ridiculous ability to be able to wake 25 seconds before one of my kids does…why DOES that happen?! Or a dream, a worry, a thought. It’s no wonder my girls aren’t great sleepers, I’m not the best.

But I dream. My gosh, I dream. Always have. I even have dreams that I have been having since I was a little girl who have cities, and towns that I go back to. A whole imagined place that I can tap back into and know my way around. I remember when Rob made me watch Inception last year I was beside myself that someone else had thought of this too! There’s the constant dreams of my childhood home and suburb. The cracks on the road that I can recall. The rooms, the inside of cupboards. The homes of my friends. EVERYTHING just as I left it 25 years ago.

And then last night I had one of those very special dreams. They are very rare for me, but my golly when you get them they can take your breath away. I walked into a room in this very normal dream and there were my Grandparents (my Mum’s Mum and Dad) Beth and Fred sitting there. Waiting for me. They looked the same and I couldn’t believe they were there. I went straight to my Pa Fred (My Grandmother never really liked me, or me her – in fact she called me the devil but boy did I love my Pa), and we had a chat. Not much was said but man did he look so handsome. He told me that he sends me a message on my Birthday every year and did I get it? We shared the same birthday. And then he told me how proud he was of me. And then they got up and left. Just like that.

And I woke straight away. Remembered it. And then went back to sleep hoping to find them again, but they were gone.

I never really think about my grandparents, they have been dead for well over 20 odd years, but it was SO good to see them. Who knows if he is proud, I feel like he just might be and you can be sure on the 16th August each year I’ll be keeping me eyes open for signs.

Are you a dreamer?
Ever have a visit from a friend or family member who has passed away?
I wonder what it all means…


  1. When I was going through a really, really, really bad sleep patch with Lil, I had a vivid dream about my Grandma visiting me and telling me that it will be OK and that she was always there with me in the middle of those terrible nights. I think she either really did come visit me or my sub-concious was looking for a way to comfort me. Either way it worked.

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Sometime nothing and sometimes vividly I have dreamt about my grandparents too I think your pa is sending you a sign Beth xx

  3. Lisa Aherne says

    I was close to my father. Many years ago, long after he had passed away, I was going through a marriage breakup and dealing with all the hurtful friend drama that accompanies that scenario. I was exhausted, miserable beyond saying, holding down a busy job and not sleeping properly. My impression was that I woke, but perhaps it was a dream. My dad was standing at the end of my bed, smiling and telling me that it was all going to be ok. He was right, it was.

  4. Annette Hill says

    Great dream. I loved my grandpa so much.
    I had a bizarre one the other morning – a friend is here from overseas (but I haven’t seen her) and in my dream she and her young daughter and I walked down a dark hallway and then sat in a big room with lots of people all facing different ways and then all these disgusting long long long duck/swan necked creatures came down from the ceiling – oh it is icking me out just typing that!!! They were mean bastards. The end.

  5. I love knowing that other people have vivid dreams too, my husband thinks I’m a bit bonkers with my ability to remember them. I have a lot of bad/sad dreams too, and they are not so fun for either of us – he often has to calm me down after one, or convince me he still loves me, it’s all ok, no one has died etc.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      They are the very worst kind…they seem SO real. And what about when you wake sobbing? I occasionally have those too. See? Bonkers! We can be bonkers together!

  6. ahoy.jenni says

    Yeah, for sure, I’m a dreamer. I often have dreams of being in a lift (elevator) and it starts to drop….not pleasant. Flying dreams…heaps of them, flying over landscapes I don’t know. Love the flying ones. Catching trains….I don’t like those ones. I’m usually looking for my husband or children or I miss a stop and don’t get off. Grandparents…would love to see mine in a dream. Or going up a steep driveway in a car and its really hard and I don’t think I’m going to make it. I told my sister about that dream and she said it means I am over achieving or striving for something I cant have (typical sister), LOL. (could be right though…)

    • mrshanksy says

      I always dream of a steep driveway or road and the cars is going to slip – sometimes I make it and then we’re out of control?? Sometimes I’m just always trying really hard to get to the top but hoping that I don’t cos I know we’re going to lose control – subliminal message there for sure!

  7. Mandi Jones says

    I’m definitely a dreamer – my favourites are when my nan visits in them, she died twenty something years ago and I still miss her every single day. She stops by a lot less often these days but when she does I smile for days. I also dream about a particular house – a huge, grand, very old fashioned house with attics and staircases and chandeliers – that I’ve been visiting in my dreams since I was a tiny wee thing but have yet to see in real life. A place I’ve been in a previous life perhaps? Who knows, but it’s a lovely place to visit and I feel safe and have fun there and am always just a little bit disappointed when I wake up and realise I’m back in the real world.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Goosies!!! Definitely a house that MUST exist somewhere. Sometime. Have you seen Inception? Worth a look if you haven’t Mandi. It will blow your mind! And hurt it…so hard to keep up.

    • ahoy.jenni says

      In Jungian psychology the house dreams are your mind/subconscious and all the different parts of yourself (something like that anyway). A good sign that you feel safe in this house!

  8. My Mum passed away 13 years ago and I would love to have a visit from her in my dreams. I find I dream a lot about houses, I’m sure it must mean something. And I vividly remember nightmares I had as a child because they terrified me.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Same! I can still remember my childhood ones too. Whenever the girls have them I make sure they snuggle in tight – nothing worse than being sent back to sleep when that’s all you can see/feel in the middle of the night. Terrifying!

  9. stinkb0mb says

    I’m a heavy sleeper but I dream every night and most mornings remember what I dreamed about the night before in vivid detail. I also have dreams where I’m often visited by people who have passed.

  10. Patricia van Essche says

    I love dreams and dreaming. Your dreams are special. Write them down and respect them.
    They inspire us to create and connect.

  11. Krista Warren says

    What a great dream! (My grandparents have never visited me…) I have dreams all the time often waking up tired from them…I wonder what they mean too – being in touch with ourselves on some very deep level I suppose

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I think you are right…it’s all to do with ourselves, parts of ourselves and the people just represent that I think?!!

  12. Susan McCarney says

    Exact same thing happened to me Lisa going through the exact same situation….only my dad came and laid next to me and smiled. I thought it was my son and on waking asked him why he had come into see me (he and my dad looked very alike). He assured me that he hadn’t come near my room…. but when my daughter woke she said she had had a very vivid dream of my dad….that girl was Beth.
    Beth, you were given another wonderful gift the other night…so happy to hear he was well!! X

  13. I love dreams, I have a dream from my childhood and every time I get it I know that my migraine will end (but I will also throw up when I wake up). I had a very odd dream this morning about an issue that keeps running in my head – I cant get rid of it and the fact that it has now entered my dreams really annoys me… I need to get this issue out of my head – any tips?

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      None really. I hate it when fights/conflicts that are happening in my real life come into dreams. It must mean that you have to deal with whatever it is…somehow resolve the situation. Good luck!!!

  14. Yep, I have huge technicolour dreams. I find writing them down helps me find meaning in them. And sometimes I write a question down before I go to sleep about something that’s on my mind and often dream about the answer.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I LOVE that Chrissy! Sometimes I look up hot people just before I go to sleep so I dream about them.

  15. I only dream if I’ve woken up in the morning and then I go back to sleep. And they are always very strange…

  16. Nicky Perry says

    oh Wow Same! I sometimes have dreams that my Nan comes to visit me and we have a really long chat about what’s been happening, catch up on Days of our Lives … is Stefano back from the dead AGAIN! We used to have these chats when I went to stay with her in the school holidays except she would be filling me in. She died when I was 18 (over 20 years ago!) and I often wake up crying because I don’t want her to go. I used to have them regularly but these days they are rare.


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