Around the grounds: bloom

How gorgeous are these hydrangeas that are STILL going strong almost 2 weeks later? I mean really! What a display!

IMG_6656 IMG_6657

Almost as beautiful as the mottled ones that start to dry. Hard to tell which is my favourite really. Thin and papery and oh so precious.


Speaking of precious do you love or do you LOVE a lotus seed pod? So gorgeous in a vase. Daisy and Harper think that they look like a watering can. All I know is that I got it for $2. TWO.


Went to the nursery yesterday and took some of my own advice and grabbed a couple of new indoor plants as they were on sale and looking fab.

IMG_6680 IMG_6668

Also grabbed some new potted colour for all my window sill planter boxes. They usually last me 6 good months so it’s $20 well spent for the lot of them.

IMG_6673 IMG_6672 IMG_6678 IMG_6669 IMG_6670

And you know what else? Trees are ready to be planted just as soon as these thundery storms pass. This is the Acer Negundo Sensation that I grabbed for out the front. It’s already starting to put on an Autumn turn too!


What’s going on in your garden?


  1. Well we’re prepping the ground for Sweet Pea planting on St Pats Day and have just planted Teddy Bear Sunflowers which are just about the best thing flowers I’ve ever grown (flower heads as fluffy as a teddy bears head!). On another note I see you’ve borrowed ‘Sebastian Lives in a Hat’ from the library- nice choice! Though the picture with his mum as road kill is always a nasty shock in a children’s book.

  2. Emma Steendam says

    You’ve got my green thumbs all a’twitching to get cracking into our new/old garden in our new/old home! I’ve got a list the length of both arms of things I want to plant and grow – more wistringias, star jasmine to climb along ugly fence, replace manchurian pear that carked it in our absence, hedge of avonview lavender, salvias, sedum, hydrangeas to replace also, hellebores for under the big horse chestnut tree where nothing else will grow, prune the existing established camellias… Twitchy indeed. Let’s not even mention the veggie patch. Loving your hydies – both fresh and dried. And those little pops of yellow, very happy 🙂

  3. fauxfuschia says

    it’s all bromeliads and gingers here. Which makes me happy !

  4. Mostly weeds I’m afraid. Impressive weeds though … I’ve got a few that are almost as tall as the back fence.

  5. I am wondering if you should wait until the maple has lost all of its leaves before you plant it? I can ask hubby for you if you want.

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    My fraganpanis are only just starting to bloom and my azaleas have decided to have more flowers weird I know no other flowers out ATM.I do agree about the papery mottled blooms on my hydrangea it looks so pretty that way.
    My Japanese maple is going fantastic out the front in the garden but hasn’t started turning yet….a bit hotter where we live. I will have to get an indoor plant I don’t own any oops! But do love plants inside.i think I am scared I will go all 90s and put them everywhere again!!!

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