Things I like {3rd February 2014 edition}

1. Being home. Being away is good, and certainly comes with better nights sleep, but there really is no place like it.


2. A tropical garden. So tropical and holiday like! And unlike mine.

IMG_5781 IMG_5778

3. See? Not tropical. But still lovely…look how my climbing ice berg is doing so well…higher every day.


4. I also have apples(!) growing in the backyard. This year bigger than ever. A little tart sure, but tasty nonetheless.

IMG_5816 IMG_5810 IMG_5812

5. I also like southerly changes that blow in…see this one about to hit us?


6. What’s not to like about new magazines sitting there waiting to be read? I got a monthly subscription for Delicious for the year from my Mother in law. Yessss!


7. And who on EARTH could resist those pink hydrangeas that have turned the most amazing green/dusty pink in the late summer. I mean REALLY, look at them. Neigh!

IMG_5796 IMG_5792 IMG_5794

8. I’m sure I’ve told you about a great flower you can pick up this time of the year that looks great in a vase and lasts for ages…Bells of Ireland? If not, onto it. Gorgeous thing!


9. This fruit bread is TO DIE FOR. I’m sure it’s terribly unhealthy and bad but you need to try it. My Step Mum got me onto it over the festive season…there is a malt one as well. Toasted with butter or just plain dear GOD you won’t believe it’s chewy deliciousness until you give it a go. Grab it in the bread section of Woolies (near the tortillas etc).


10. You have to admit that balsam is a little 1980’s but you can’t beat it in a pot for some colour.


11. I will never tire of being given things grown in people’s garden. Tonight at a committee meeting I got a bag of plums. Just because.


What are you liking today?


  1. Gail Virgona says

    I have one big dream in life. To live somewhere that frangipanis grow in abundance. I have four little frangi’s in pots growing on my back deck and the first one has just flowered. Even the kids knew it was time to clap and take photos. Mum’s favourite flower they all shrieked bless them. I love Nikki’s frangi’s. Just heaven.

  2. Our next door neighbours popped over on the weekend and gave us some peaches from their tree. They apologised that they didn’t look perfect but my goodness they tasted perfect. Nothing quite like homegrown fruit and veg, is there?

  3. ahoy.jenni says

    I love that fruit bread too! It’s so delicious! I usually push the trolley past it pretty quick, not as fast as past the white chocolate mud cake though, I zoom past that.

  4. MotherDownUnder says

    I love frangipanis too…I love when I go for a run and run under one in flower…the smell is just divine.
    Today I am liking that I am am snug in bed and about to watch some Downton Abbey!

  5. Ohhh this post was like a lovely cup of hot tea with honey. Very nice!

  6. Thankyou Thankyou thankyou! found you on a friends fb page. Love your work Beth!! So funny,interesting and REAL…..!! I’m from the Highlands but living in PNG, so nice to hear your stories of the village life one of my favorite “Pub lunches” would to be your local! Just might bump into you one day in Harris farm as it’s also one of my favourite places to pick up that cheap bunch of flowers (love that little bucket) thanks for brining home that little bit closer! Leonie x

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      You’re welcome Leonie…glad to be of assistance! It’s the most perfect Highlands day here today….misty, drizzly, cool and dark – you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world!

  7. After being out at the farm for the last 3 days to survive the heat wave, definetely being home.

  8. Love the frangipanis x

  9. Today I’m liking that I made Donna Hay brownies from a packet for morning tea at work and everyone is coming and complimenting me on them. And I’m just like, “Thanks!”. Muahahaha

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I am enjoying the cool change too,first day without the aircon on in. While and I have the windows open and it is sprinkling so the garden will get watered.those pics are just lovely Beth x

  11. Margaret Elvis says

    Too many wonderful things to comment on individually but must say that white rose is doing very well. I’ve never seen hydrangeas that colour before not ever seen the bells. Apples in your garden! That would be wonderful but the fruit fly over here in the West are just too hard to combat so we gave up on growing fruit a few years back. Fresh picked home grown fruit taste so delicious too.
    The frangipani I really love. Was up at our daughter’s on the weekend and she has them in so many different colours. Me? I just have the one white one but it is flowering so beautifully right now. xx

  12. Kirsty Michalzik says

    Loving being at home with my 11 month old.
    Feeling the changing of the seasons.
    Avocado, salt and pepper on toast for breakfast.
    My strong as hell freshly ground plunger coffee each morning.
    My mother’s group Wednesday morning netball season starts back up for the year today.

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