Miscellaneous 40

Do you like that? 40! Like the gestation of a human being, the old Miscellaneous post has been kicking around 40 times. Huh. I do enjoy writing them…hope you enjoy them too.

I love getting answers to questions on Facebook. It’s such an amazing resource instantly tapping into thousands of people. This week my favourite thing was asking about opening lunch boxes after School. Riveting I know, but I was getting slack on opening them up only to find in the morning that a sandwich and fruit was still sitting in there after I had then prepared MORE food for arvo tea. New rule is to eat what is in there before any more food is delivered. I loved this note that someone had left for them in her daughter’s lunchbox. Thanks for the laugh Sami, it still brings a smile to my face!


I tell you what I did enjoy when it popped into my inbox this week. Two hot homeware items that require attention:

1. Large knitted fruits from Country Road. Available $299 only in store (not online alas) are they not SOMETHING?

image001 image002

2. Aura bed linen now comes in single sizes. No longer will you have to put up with daggy pink or navy options for your kids….you can have cool linen. In single beds! I am cheering. You can check out their range online here.


If I see one more piece of mention of Mr Crackles in my Instagram feed I may just cry. If you are in Sydney you may have heard of Mr Crackles, and if you are there, please go and indulge for me please? It appears to be some kind of magical place in Darlinghurst that serves the sweet, sweet crackle. And pork. In buns. Dear lord I am dribbling just thinking about it.


It occurred to me this week that some of the new readers of the blog may not know of the podcast that I have called Over the Back Fence. I created this a few years ago with my good friend and neighbour, called, funnily enough, Neighbour. Even though she is quite small, she is certainly quite smart and worth listening to for her pithy observations on anything from current affairs to literature to recipes. We chat about all kinds of silly things that take our fancy and if you have a spare 30 minutes in your week it’s worth a listen…like having a chat with a few friends. I’ve had feedback that it’s good in the car (you can download it through iTunes onto your smartphone) or on a walk/run, or while you are cleaning the house, ironing or even while you are whipping up dinner. So versatile! Here’s this weeks episode (remember you can download 3 other seasons too through iTunes here: Over The Back Fence(mp3)

Any brides out there? One of my beautiful friends reminded me of this website just this week…it’s the Anthropologie site for BRIDES. You can imagine how beautiful the gowns are at BHLDN in fact I sometimes just peruse them because, you know, it’s good for the soul. Now someone go order one, and then let us all know. OK? Thanks.


Show time is nearing friends…next week I have to get my registration forms in. I just have to focus on what the categories are that I will be entering. Lemon sour cake perhaps? A pickled cucumber? Perhaps a flower arrangement? I will be getting my game on next week!

I broke my cardinal rule this week and entered Lincraft yesterday to purchase Hell loom (I mean Rainbow Loom) for the girls who have been pestering me for ages to get. It’s bracelet city round these parts – little fucking elastic bands everywhere. WHOLESOME CRAFTY FUN.


They are meant to look like nicely linked, coloured bands and yet most of the time? It looks like this: Small bands that break because someone missed a link and then it falls apart and I have a hissy fit because CRAFT IS HARD.

IMG_6310 IMG_6311

What do you guys have planned for the weekend? We have a pretty quiet one planned – it’s the annual village trivia night on Saturday night in the hall (I am the official scorer) and a visit from my Mum and Step Dad (I have a new topper to pick up from the PO this morning for her arrival). The weather is cooler…just 5 degrees here this morning…and a few signs of Autumn on the way.

Made the occasional sambo on dry bread? Morgan would be very unimpressed if I was her Mum.
Do you peruse wedding sites even though you’ve been married for 9 years or not even engaged?
Been to Rainbow loom hell? Any way out that you know of?

Happy Weekend!


  1. Bree Di Mattina says

    Craft.. bahahahahahahahahahha

    Unfortunately those of us who are android can’t get your podcasts… or Beverly or Bert

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I know Bree…what was I thinking?!! I know that Bev & Bert aren’t on android…will try and work out a way to listen to the poddy though. Looks like the download button that used to come as part of the player on podcastmachine is now missing. Watch this space!!

      • Is there going to be another Bev – or did you decide dying a slow and painful death through writing, styling, shooting and publishing your own magazine was not such a great idea! I was very inspired by you doing it though – Good on you.

        • BabyMacBlogBeth says

          Thanks Sally! Yes, something like that! It was an enormous amount of work (both for me and Rob) with prohibitive hosting expenses…while we were both very proud of it…it was impossible for us to sustain.

  2. Checked out the Anthropologie site for Brides, just beautiful. My 16 year old daughter has her Deb Ball this year and we are looking for dresses. If you or any of your readers can offer some suggestions on where to look, either online or in Sydney, I’d appreciate the help. xToni

  3. Jackie Clark says

    We have the rip off version called ‘Fun Loom’ and after about 2.3 seconds I was thinking fucking fun for who!? And at the rate my kids are making and giving away bracelets I’m going to need a second job to keep up with the demand on bands!!

  4. Love your posts Beth and love neighbour too. She is great. 3 podcasts already this year. Awesome!

  5. My daughter looks like a walking rainbow loom, rubber bands adorn her from head to toe. Kind of a Bollywood look. She is obsessed! She has head bands and hand sandals and toe sandals, just like a rainbow with legs.
    YES! Show time, I must make some feta to enter. My son spent last weekend working on his lego entry. I was thinking of entering the gluten free baking section, wouldn’t be much competition, could be in the running to win the $2 first prize!

  6. My nieces bought along that rainbow loom thingy on Christmas Day, made me some very nice bracelets to go with my Camilla kaftan and kept them and my supervising mother quiet after lunch. My sister meanwhile has rubber bands all over her house!
    Wedding gowns and wedding pics are a joy. Loving seeing pics of older colleagues children’s weddings and grandchildren.

  7. hearing you on the rainbow looms. although I took my daughter down to bunnings and for $8 bought her a tool box thingy with little dividers and a clear top and she has all her bands in that, sorted by colour. our random bands are minimal now.

  8. Amanda Garven says

    Hahaha that note made me laugh out loud!!!! What style. Seriously. I hate craft. Thank the lord I have two boys who think that painting is craft. Love that. Poor underprivileged kids they are. I have to contend with acres of bloody Lego instead.

  9. Rainbow Loom? What tha? mine is all about collecting cards at the mo.. maybe bracelets are to come? eeek

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Keep your head down and do NOT I repeat DO NOT ever mention that you have even heard of this. It will be better that way, trust me x

  10. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Happy weekend to you too Beth I love those fruits aren’t they something special! I love Morgans note about the bread and no thank goodness I do not have to buy loom kits they must be hard to do I remember back In the day when my daughter wanted one of those stupid friendship bracket kits with beards,horribly annoying as Mum ends up trying to make them.Ooh a new topper lovely and no I haven’t listen to over the back fence I will today thank you xx

  11. We buy the bands from the $2 shop and my 2 daughters spend hours watching tutorials on YouTube and then create the pieces themselves, gets me out of the loom hell and keeps them entertained for hours

  12. TheMorleyReport says

    I think we need to make a Topper Drinking game…. Just sayin!
    My weekend consists of an open house (we are selling), a dog hair cut (for my Cavoodle Embee Louise Morley – not me) and signing a contract on a new house for Moi! 🙂 xxx

  13. love the linen. what ever keeps them quiet sometimes.

  14. MotherDownUnder says

    Egads. What is that contraption? I am glad I only have to deal with Thomas and dinosaurs. Although C has taken to “roaring” at people he meets…charming.
    I need no excuse to head on over to Anthropologie! Which reminds me it is my sister’s birthday soon and I should probably arrange to have a little something sent her way!

  15. Margaret Elvis says

    What an interesting life you do lead. Loved that note in the lunch box. My daughter would bring uneaten lunches and we would find them hidden in her wardrobe days later…not a good experience. I think I always ate everything my mum game me but she always made up such interesting lunches for me….no sandwiches.

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